Jepsen, Carly Rae - Feels Right Lyrics

[Carly Rae Jepsen:]
Feels good waking up in your way
My heart needed a holiday
I bet we can make things slide into Monday
I've been living with no regrets
Love was just a night at best
Two step, making the weekend slide into something

One more night with you always turns to two
Can't help it 'cause it feels right, when it feels right

[Carly Rae Jepsen (Electric Guest):]
('Cause it feels like I've never loved)
Now I got ya, and I only think of you
('Cause it feels like I've never loved)
Now I'd do, boy
Anything to step with you

[Carly Rae Jepsen:]
True fact
Maybe I love you back, don't ask
Nothing I want to say
We know timing isn't right
(Maybe one day)
'Til then, steal me a free weekend
You're my complicated friend
I'm just keeping the dream alive
But I must say

One more night with you always turns to two
Can't help it 'cause it feels right, when it feels right

[Carly Rae Jepsen (Electric Guest):]
('Cause it feels like I've never loved)
Now I got ya, and I only think of you
('Cause it feels like I've never loved)
And I'd do, boy
Anything to step with you

[Carly Rae Jepsen:]
Feels like I've been wasting time
Look at all the things I've left behind
You're the one to change my mind
'Cause it feels right, when it feels right
I don't know a thing I've done
Livin' all my life for no damn one
You're the one to change my mind
'Cause it feels right, when it feels right

[Carly Rae Jepsen (Electric Guest):]
('Cause it feels like I've never loved)
Now I got ya, and I only think of you
('Cause it feels like I've never loved)
Now I'd do, boy
Anything to step with you

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Jepsen, Carly Rae Feels Right Comments
  1. Tannis

    THIS was one of my first favs on the album

  2. O Mexicano

    I love the North American culture! ❤🇲🇽🇺🇸🇨🇦

  3. あ あ


  4. Hoon

    One of the best songs off the album!

  5. Michelle Yenne

    Thanks to Five Below for introducing me to this great song!

  6. shaunchap

    This is crying out for a collab version with superfruit

  7. Crosby Urchyshyn

    My younger brother(The owner of this account, I'm only on here because he left it on) listens to this song on loop at full volume for hours on end and gets really angry at us whenever all five of his family members tell him to shut it off.

  8. julikeah

    What. A. Fucking. Song

  9. Neth The Dracoknight

    Who else in canada heard this in the pride parade ad and searched it up

  10. Antonio Neri

    Mexico loves Carly! 🇲🇽

  11. Ian Osorio

    Carly, I love you so much. I want to meet you!

    Fan from Philippines!! <3

  12. Adit D

    It feels so dang right

  13. workin progress

    Came here from a commercial. It Had good music, had to check it out and it turns out I'm here to stay.

  14. ale gonzalez

    One of my favorite tracks from the album : D

  15. Merter

    hey açış meyk yu misis krayzi so hirız may nambır so kol mi meybi

  16. David Sheppard

    Feels right indeed❣️ great groove 😎

  17. 1Axxonn1

    hey... Daft Punk wants their beat back , thanks

  18. Chris Alan

    This track: *hard climax*
    rest of the album: light cuddling

    Lou Schwick

    because i'll be your girl was SOOO soft and relaxed and not totally psycho

    and how can u call THIS peppy morning routine of a song a hard climax? do u even know what an orgasm IS? if anything, u are talking about no drug like me, a song that is pure sex

  19. Ashneil Malarao

    This becomes even more of a fun bop if you listen to it at 1.25 speed!

    Awesome as usual, Carly!

  20. Bridgit Mendler is BAE


  21. Ruther Rivera

    asa taccone in this song gives me 3 thousand reasons to live

  22. M R

    queen of feeling right

  23. blossflame

    Omg the best track off the album, they are all awesome but this one gives me something special

  24. Kani Garcia


  25. Davi Gamer 2.0

    Se inscreve lá no meu canal por favor

  26. Imthe Creatus

    I'm in the future and this song will be the next single! And it will be a hit! 🙂

  27. Raul Victor

    hinoo <3

  28. Tannis

    This is a fantastic song.

  29. Tannis

    This was my first favorite song on the album.

  30. Tonteiry

    I want a feat between Carly and Pabllo Vittar (the most famous drag queen of the world). It would be amazing.

  31. Brent Stabbs

    Lesson learned: don't work with a bunch of white dorks who think they have soul and will crank their bg vocal over the most awesome, raspiest CRJ we've gotten to date

  32. YungNando

    Now this sounds like her self

  33. ShinjiIkariFTW

    I would dine on this girl

  34. tony mariette

    Bonjour mon cœur 🤵💍👰❤️❤️❤️👨‍👩‍👧🇫🇷

  35. andrewrocks10

    Yaaaas it does feel good. This song rocks. And thanks for introducing me to electric guest...they have some awesome songs

  36. RandomVideos Day

    Nothing much to said, I just like it. This is cheeseeeeeeeeyyyyyyyy

  37. Please do not watch my channel

    "Complicated" is now a five-syllable word. I love it.

  38. Daniël \V/

    I love this type of songs 😍
    Anyone further suggestions?

  39. Baby Bluex


  40. Shook AF

    *Isn’t this song sample from : Ces soirée la which is also a sample from a song name : Cette année la . An old French song ?*

  41. Solange Mora Claro

    My favorite song« realy like you»
    Great Carly

  42. Adrian P.


  43. Kani Garcia


  44. gamesleg

    Not usually a pop music kind of person but honestly this album is a bop

  45. latenight cashews

    i love how this track starts out

  46. Kani Garcia


  47. JD Walker

    A banger

  48. Kani Garcia

    Carly ❤

  49. anthony moura

    i love it

  50. モラレスマイルズ

    I bought!!

  51. -ˏˋ ωнiτє -ˎ ́


  52. min

    this is a fucking bop, if this song is not a single i'm gonna sue her😭

  53. ChillKanna

    I’m glad electric guest are getting more recognition

  54. Sam S

    Second best song on the album imo (first one being Want You In My Room), it's soooo catchy.

  55. Eden Gallagher

    the feature fits so well

  56. dany

    This is what Taylor wanted ME! to sound like

    Eden Gallagher

    no, she wanted it to sound like it does sound lol

    Roberto Moreno

    anna ou


    @Eden Gallagher well....

    Jamie Ryan Storey

    Eden Gallagher - Whoosh.

    Cecília Marques

    Can we compliment an artist without dragging other, please?

  57. cphaura

    The very beginning remind me of "take me or leave me" from Rent

  58. Verrai

    Totally deserves more views! Extremely well produced and gives great summer vibes!

  59. colinazilla

    I was listening to the album in the car and when I saw that Electric Guest was on the track my jaw nearly hit the floor. I love EG and CRJ so much so it was such an awesome surprise to see two of my favorite artists collaborate. Keep rocking Carly!

  60. kittykatana

    the chorus gives me such cyndi lauper vibes I love it

  61. W R

    This dead ass sounds like a Meghan Trainor Treaf Myself type of song

  62. Gantz Legend

    Love this song and want you in my room. I needed positive vibes and this song makes me happy.

  63. GaByViXP

    electric guest *-*

  64. Evan S

    One of the best songs on the album.

  65. Bruno Albuque

    Foi amor a primeira vista ❤️😍

  66. Bruno Albuque


  67. Anne Lov


  68. serenerhapsody

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  69. Michael Jenkins

    queen of pop!

  70. natys bb

    Buena vibra 🎧🎶🎵

  71. Eddy Pop

    Que bella cancion☁️🍃

  72. Fo Haus

    Yass this is it. DON'T SLEEP ON MS,. JEPSEN

  73. Dang Dude

    Ooh that base

  74. The Boy In Neon


  75. Dulcita

    I'm here for Electric Guest

  76. sán giun

    I hope you can take much more love than now.Believe in present,your day is going to near... :)

  77. jimmynala

    This album is incredible! Was worried it wouldn't match Emotion. But wow! I needn't have worried. So bloody good!

  78. pencilcase


  79. Tannis

    Right now this is my favorite one but my favorite changes every week. So far this is my fav though

  80. Jordan Rivas

    Like if you’ve been jamming out to this album all day and don’t want to stop.

  81. SuperChiko4000


  82. Jonathan Luna Rodríguez


  83. Criativa Macrame

    Electric Guest ❤❤❤❤❤

  84. Sada 41


  85. Claudia Alejandra

    Electric guest 😍😍😍😍

  86. Louis Ceresa


  87. Neff R.Morales

    E L E C T R I C G U E S T 👌🏼

    Loreli Cifuentes

    I wished asa came out with an album of their own but damn this song is Soo good.

    Neff R.Morales

    Hope come soon my friend. It's a good song c:

  88. Morgen McCameron

    only here because of electric guest, but this is a jam

  89. ali baehh

    perfect summer bop - actually for all seasons. queen is coming through!!!!

  90. Matome frans Mogoma

    Love from South Africa

  91. DON'T Wanna

    kiss from poland

  92. Niix.

    This collab is ❤️. This feels right.

  93. Timothy Johnson

    Go Carly Rae Jepsen good one great collab ft. Electric Guest Feels Right is a great song I like it this tim wife sharhonda listening on Fri. 5-17-19.

  94. უწმინდური მამაო ღორმენ

    the queen of pop for shizzle

  95. skylear charming

    OMG, my favorite band an my favorite singer, i cant belive it

  96. うゲさ


  97. Juan Diego

    Love from Colombia, my queen😍🇨🇴