Jepsen, Carly Rae - Cup Of Tea Lyrics

A cup of tea, a cup of tea
I’ve been driving all night, you won’t turn on your light that easily
A neon sign offers some shelter across the street
Guess I’ll drink my trouble down with a cup of tea

You’re over me, you’re over me
I howl at your room like a wolf to the moon going crazy
Ring one more time, I won’t be off [?]
Guess I’ll sit and wait all night with my cup of tea

But it’s getting cold in here, 24 hours dear
Are you with someone else tonight?
Distance was killing me, I thought how surprised you’d be
I hope we make sweet love after we fight

Na na na na na na na
Na na na na na na na
Na na na na na na na

I let it be, try to let it be
I’ll be hot to your touch, you say I think too much, call me ‘baby’
And it’ll all be fine once you are walking up the street
’Til then I’ll sit and wait all night with my cup of tea

But darling, it’s getting cold in here, yeah, 24 hours dear
Are you with someone else tonight?
Distance was killing me, I thought how surprised you’d be
I hope we make sweet love after we fight

Na na na na na na na
Na na na na na na na
Na na na na na na na

A cup of tea, a cup of tea
She’s holding your waist like she’d give you a taste so easily
I won’t cry, no, I’ll just watch, and I will see
And I’ll say my last goodbye with a cup of tea

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Jepsen, Carly Rae Cup Of Tea Comments
  1. E C

    This is so beautiful. I remember finding this during the "Call me maybe" era and falling in love. This hit me in a totally different way 7 years later. Lovelovelove.

  2. sleeping colours

    Every now and then I come back and watch this. Still holds up after all these years. Love this girl.

  3. Sergej Bester

    She's a Angel I had never seen a girl who is beautyfuly as Carly

  4. I am Zukiko

    her voice is so sweet and touching! A simply song that feels like magic ^^


    I love this! First time I have ever heard it. It is wonderful and beautiful. She is such a good singer!

  6. mara coy

    I love this song better than the version of her album 👎🏽. But this one omg! Wish I could find the chords

  7. First Last


  8. Melissa Bertin

    I just love every song by Carly <3

  9. Mabry Reed

    Love it

  10. Auxanne Guilhot

    SO BEATIFUL !!!!!!! <3 <3

  11. Anesty Lane

    i like the song. but her voice is shakey

  12. keithlemon2010

    yeah i'll have a brew thanks milk no sugar ...mmmm :)

  13. amanapart0

    he is awful! i just want to watch carly sing, nothing else. not the guitar player, not his hands, not the bench they are sitting on, nothing.

  14. esterlyne juing

    I like this song..

  15. monica

    are your referring to the camera man as good or bad?
    i wasnt sure. :P could be a compliment. i didnt think
    the camera man was really bad.

  16. Sanne K.

    she looks like taylor swift with blonde hair!

  17. demibeans

    "I howl at your room, like a wolf to the moon
    Going crazy
    Ring one more time, it won't bring your footsteps down to me*"

    At least that's what I hear :P

  18. Lexris IRL

    3 weeks ago last comment?omg....

  19. DOG

    she looks much better with dark hair!:) IMHO!

  20. DOG

    1 cup of tea :P

  21. Jepsie ForTheWin

    LOVE IT!!! AWW

  22. mxttmusic

    why wasnt this Beautiful song released to the public?

  23. May Joy Fernandez

    Love it so much /;)

  24. Starflare5

    If she got up on stage and did a duet with Taylor Swift with her hair like this, I think people would say, "I didn't know they were twins." lol

  25. GFmanaic

    That cameraman knows what we all crave for. hint @ 0:45

  26. Some Girl

    that hair cut looks like taylor swift

  27. Khayi Abdelhak

    Blonde is not so beautiful Black are the best

  28. lydalhy

    Why BLOND??? She looked adorable with her black hair....pitty

  29. aethelwyne03


  30. Lexris IRL

    just 600.000?...let's go to 1.000.000

  31. MadHattery101

    Meh...she's be 27 in like a month I think.(:

  32. Neishii

    quite boring...

  33. brianna lynn

    no she is 26

  34. ScrapperTBP

    You'd be surprised. More and more people are finding Tug Of War. In the Uk a least :P

  35. britt x

    put some lip balm on

  36. Rebecca Chine

    Is it just me or is her hair blonde in this video?

  37. amanapart0


  38. George Nefarious

    Elle est blonde !

  39. Méline Cerqueira

    She's a verry good voice ! ♥ Carly !♥♥

  40. YusefDeeb69

    this made me laugh, but naa, she's a good voice

  41. Andrea Hodíková

    very very nice voice and interesting! Your fan from Czech Republic!

  42. audiotwelve

    because labels pump their unoriginal bullshit through pretty faces, she was put in creative chains the second she put her pen to their contract.

  43. Tony Villani

    How old is she... She doesn't look 27?

  44. nqhjovi

    Why is this not in her album??? :(

  45. nqhjovi

    Get lost with your sex imagination.

  46. Lilou Lui

    cup of tea !!! ahaha

  47. Martin Vnuk

    i love this girl ....... <3

  48. sophia da silva

    What freaking heck did she do to her hair?her amazing black hair...

  49. Lol

    Thank U soo much.

  50. squamishfish

    his name is Tavish Crowe .,,

  51. Lol

    What's the name of this guitarist?

  52. amanapart0

    someone send the goddamn camera man to film school

  53. Bianca Salles


  54. Shhdon'tCin

    I don't like her with blonde hair but she does look like Taylor Swift. But that's what I thought when I first saw her. Blonde Taylor Swift ! :)

  55. Stephanie Kennert

    After listening to how good her other songs are 'call me maybe' does not live up to her strengths.

  56. Nikki Love

    Love her voice!!!!! ^.^

  57. missmaymay77

    love tea:)

  58. railintion

    This video was made by Green Couch Productions. You can watch the original in much better quality on their channel, GreenCouchFilms.

  59. Sofiane DJEMAH

    The new song of Carly Rae Jepsen on this website - >>>> <<<<--

  60. Leaf CC2013

    really look like Taylor^^

  61. yun

    I tot its taylor swift(coz of dat hair style)

  62. Anisha B

    She looks a bit like Taylor Swift with that hair style!

  63. Louise Bidstrup

    If you don´t mind i would really like if you did that! Thank you!:)

  64. REX 900

    aw haha, no problem! if you're not able to buy them right away i can message you the download links if you like :)

  65. Louise Bidstrup

    Okay, thank you so much for your kindness and help!:)

  66. REX 900

    she's made a full album, tug of war, and an ep, curiosity. curiosity was going to be an album but the whole thing with justin bieber happened and now she's going to release her full album this fall!

  67. Ricky Sylo

    Oh Carly <3

  68. Louise Bidstrup

    Hey. Im a new fan of Carly and i really want to know how many albums she has made? Can anybody please tell me?:)

  69. Emily Do

    Did I just listen to a song about a cup of tea??

  70. Karatetoni

    dude...she is waaay more cutter this way ^_^

  71. Karatetoni

    Not that i didn't know that she doesn't have others she was blonde???

  72. marissa zaccairo

    aw shes so pretty when she had blond hair:)

  73. Q-Ball

    the camera man has got crabs ats how he canny sit down and chill out

  74. Cheyenne Royer

    its crazy how old she is that how young she look

  75. ojedanan

    I like this hair better.

  76. Jessica McIntyre

    I saw her live on Wednesday she's good live

  77. Tiffany Mitchell

    i hate her blond

  78. Joely3912

    Wow.. Well I know who i'm going to see in concert next. No autotune/lipsyncing needed for her :)

  79. Lucas Balestrassi

    good thing she has a nice voice, cause the lyrics are horrible

  80. NRHD gmbul

    i love you

  81. Markster Lew

    She looks better with brown hair.. thought that blonde looks good on her, but not really.

  82. Markster Lew

    Unlike Miley Cyrus.. pff.

  83. snowsk8life

    agreeed ! Way better !!

  84. Roblox Vids


  85. kbbles

    must be so awkward with the camera in her face while she's singing

  86. blackhawks12341

    Hey I just met you...
    oh, wrong song, sorry

  87. Melli Lorent

    This voice is a gift *-* <3

  88. chyt santok

    cute :-)

  89. Fergus Dunaldson

    /watch?v=gd23wuboEPg&feature=plcp we are an aspiring girl band, please watch our cover of call me maybe- link above. feel free to rate and comment. thanks xoxo

  90. Nat

    oh! ... i thought for a while she was taylor swift xD

  91. refinnej1234

    think the blonde is cute... she looks like a gelfling lol

  92. Kristina Osteen

    Am I the only one that thinks her hair is just really light brown? Anyway her voice is beautiful. <3 Fan since 2010. <3

  93. Anna cannon

    she looks way better with dark hair

  94. Bryanna Gray

    I have a girl crush on her like holly smokes.

  95. Chris Kitsios


  96. Chris Kitsios

    I'll be watching u!!

  97. danielem9

    I'm a fan of anyone cool enough to get viggo mortensen as their guitarist.