Jeong Sewoon - No Better Than This Lyrics


Woo ah Oh yeah

Noeul jin golmogeseo eh
Maeilmaeil noraehaesseo woah
I barameul ttaraseo
Neoege dahgireul yeah
Naege meomun sumgyeolcheoreom

Nunbusige biccnan neon byeolcheoreom ssodajyeo
Jichin naui harureul bichwo
Dasi kkumeul kkuge hae oh
Neomuna areumdawo woo

Oh No better than this
Sseureojin nal ireukyeo sewojwo
Neomanui wiro geu hanmadiro
Oh No better than this
Teong bin mameul chaewojwo chaewojwo

Neomanui sumgyeol geu hangajiro

Oh- Oh- Oh- Oh- Oh-

Byeol boda yeppeun neon
Oh ppajyeodeulji nan
Tumyeonghage banjjagyeossji
Woah yeah
Namu arae swieogal geuneuri dwaejun neon
Nae maeumeul seollege hae woah

Gureum sai ssodajin han julgi bicci
Machi neoui songil gata
Jayeonseure usge dwae oh
Neomudo chanranhage woo

Oh No better than this
Sseureojin nal ireukyeo sewojwo
Neomanui wiro geu hanmadiro
Oh No better than this
Teong bin mameul chaewojwo chaewojwo
Neomanui sumgyeol geu hangajiro

Mallo da pyohyeon hal su eopsneun
I neukkimeun mwolkka
Nae gamjeongui dan hana oh
Iboda deo joheun geon naege eopsneunde
Neoman naege issdamyeon
Nan chungbunhande woo

Oh No better than this
Museun mari deo isang piryohae
Eotteon mallo da pyohyeoni andwae
Oh No better than this
Nal budeureopge dulleossan areumdaun
Neoran noraereul bureugo sipeo


Woo ah Oh yeah

노을 진 골목에서 eh
매일매일 노래했어 woah
이 바람을 따라서
너에게 닿기를 yeah
내게 머문 숨결처럼

눈부시게 빛난 넌 별처럼 쏟아져
지친 나의 하루를 비춰
다시 꿈을 꾸게 해 oh
너무나 아름다워 woo

Oh No better than this
쓰러진 날 일으켜 세워줘
너만의 위로 그 한마디로
Oh No better than this
텅 빈 맘을 채워줘 채워줘

너만의 숨결 그 한가지로

Oh- Oh- Oh- Oh- Oh-

별 보다 예쁜 넌
Oh 빠져들지 난
투명하게 반짝였지
Woah yeah
나무 아래 쉬어갈 그늘이 돼준 넌
내 마음을 설레게 해 woah

구름 사이 쏟아진 한 줄기 빛이
마치 너의 손길 같아
자연스레 웃게 돼 oh
너무도 찬란하게 woo

Oh No better than this
쓰러진 날 일으켜 세워줘
너만의 위로 그 한마디로
Oh No better than this
텅 빈 맘을 채워줘 채워줘
너만의 숨결 그 한가지로

말로 다 표현 할 수 없는
이 느낌은 뭘까
내 감정의 단 하나 oh
이보다 더 좋은 건 내게 없는데
너만 내게 있다면
난 충분한데 woo

Oh No better than this
무슨 말이 더 이상 필요해
어떤 말로 다 표현이 안돼
Oh No better than this
날 부드럽게 둘러싼 아름다운
너란 노래를 부르고 싶어

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Jeong Sewoon No Better Than This Comments
  1. pariyeveee tlh

    your voice bless my year

  2. ponyopp P

    도라와 홍피디,,,

  3. Supichaya Sukaum

    What city in Japan ?

  4. ฺBoonyarat Chueawong

    The best song in my winter.

  5. • loser •

    First time listening to him and I’m glad I was recommended to hear him 💓💓

  6. • loser •

    His voice,this music video and the lyrics are so beautiful 😫❤️

  7. psao_am I

    Romantic voice❤

  8. T teru


  9. Soft Stan

    I have been so stressed and depressed lately but listening to jeong sewoon's music has really been helping me and I'm grateful because of that ♡

  10. Syafiqah Sh

    I frcking Love this kind of groove 💕 good job sewoon ah ✨

  11. 아침햇살

    드뎌 기다리던 세운이 이번 앨범이 왔다
    넘 행복해💕💕
    세운이 노래는 내 삶의 활력소
    세운아 쭉 지금 처럼만....더도말고 덜도말고😊

  12. T teru


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    사랑해요 오빵..

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    아직도 듣는다... 정세운님 너무 좋아요 마음이 힐링되요 제 고3을 잘 버티게 도와주셔서 정말 감사합니다💗❤

  15. Catalina González

    I really love this song :)

  16. AniLi-BF

    Their songs are so good to the soul

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    Suaralu tu lo dek renyah renyak krenyes krenyes garing garing gitu di kepala gua 😁😁

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    I love you

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    He always looks so cool when the guitar with him

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    I'm dying when he's beautifully walking over the snow ❄❄ ❄ makes me freeze n just listen to his cozy voice💙

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    don't get hurt Jung Sewoon, stay healty...we always love you

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    I just realized i like this song so much uwu

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    Es tan hermosa la canción, cuando lo escucho no tengo palabras, pero cuando me pongo a pensar puedo decir millones de cosas.

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    y'all stop sleeping on jeong sewoon !!

  30. Jobeth Medina

    so underrated ohmygod

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    Love this voice 😍😍😍

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    I'm late but happy 1 year to this mv!

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    He is so suitable with snow background

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    Just discover jeong sewoon recently.. he's now my fav k-soloist😍😍

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    beautiful his voice <3

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    One of my fav song and MV of Sewoon ♡

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  42. Zahra Shahid


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    No Better Than Your Voice......... 정세운 덕질 짜릿해

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    I just heard this randomly at spotify and I'm happy that I did because I love this song❤️

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    오빠 덕분에 하루 스트레스가 다 풀려.. 진짜 오빠 없었으면 나 어떡해ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ 평생 영원하자 오빠💛

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