Jenny Lewis - Handle With Care Lyrics

Been beat up and battered 'round
Been sent up, and I've been shot down
You're the best thing that I've ever found
Handle me with care

Reputations changeable
Situations tolerable
Baby, you're adorable
Handle me with care

I'm so tired of being lonely
I still have some love to give
Won't you show me that you really care?

Everybody's got somebody to lean on
Put your body next to mine and dream on

I've been fucked off, and I've been fooled
I've been robbed and ridiculed
In day care centers and night schools
Handle me with care

Been stuck in airports, terrorized
Sent to meetings, hypnotized
Overexposed, commercialized
Handle me with care

I'm so tired of being lonely
I still have some love to give
Won't you show me that you really care?

Everybody's got somebody to lean on
Put your body next to mine and dream on

I've been uptight and made a mess
I'll clean it up myself, I guess
Oh, the sweet smell of success
Handle me with care

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Jenny Lewis Handle With Care Comments
  1. Andy Kier

    I'm intrigued by the Watson Twins.

  2. Simon-nak

    Jenny has been one of my favorite singer since about 2010. Turns out she was my first celebrity crush. Just found out she's the red head girl in the movie The Wizard with Fred Savage. I saw the movie when i was 7 in 89.

  3. Saskia Albert

    "It is too fast in comparison to the original" "the wilburys dud it better" "the voices should be closer to the original"
    IT IS A FUCKING BLOODY COVER. why even bother to create a motherfucking cover to make it sound like damn original? Are you all nuts?

  4. Shandana A. Durrani

    starts off ok and then becomes horrible. the wrong voices for the wrong parts. roy orbison's part makes this song and ben's version is just god awful. wish i could unhear what i just heard...

  5. Matthew Luera

    No, just no

  6. Esteban Garzón Melero

    No me gusta nada esta versión lo siento, destroza por completo la esencia de la versión original de la canción....

  7. Kathleen Leydig

    Conor Oberst!!!!

  8. Russell Nielsen

    Is Jenny Lewis a nice person?

  9. PopOff!

    Also the harmonizing is seriously lacking.

  10. PopOff!

    There is a reason this cover blows.

    Three words... NO Roy Orbison.

  11. SilentHotdog28

    Holy crap that was awesome, I couldn't say that it was better than the original, but it was a damn fair effort, a little too fast, but I guess it's good to change it up, other than that, top stuff.

  12. keevee09

    It's not veering from the original so much. I agree with MagusMirificus, just a bunch of good fellahs, err, sheilas singing well and enjoying each others company. That comes through.

  13. MagusMirificus

    A lot of you fellows are missing the point here. The guests on this track are Ben Gibbard, Connor Oburst, and M Ward, who are all modern indie music legends. Obviously them and Rilo got together some night and said "Hey, let's record something, that'll be awesome," so they decided to cover the most famous Traveling Wilburys song, since that whole group came from famous musicians just hanging out and making music for fun.

  14. isabel

    still disappointed that Jenny Lewis and Ben Gibbard haven't done any more collaborations past this (and the Postal Service, if that counts)

  15. Alex Stiner

    Eh, dammit, this got pulled from Spotify!

    Alana McConnell

    How come!

  16. nixie NICLA

    I think this is a good remake of a great song. I think Jenny has a terrific voice.

  17. sleepypie

    Well-performed remake. Totally pointless, of course. Sounds like your local female-fronted Top 40 band in your local club, making tips and going nowhere. George Harrison singing, "Oh the sweet smell of success" is fine. He knows. The person singing it here, trying to sound like George, does not know and never will on the level Harrison or any others in the Wilburys did. Pointless remake, an extremely easy song to cover, and countless bands have done that ad nauseum, probably much better. Why is this version played so much in Starbucks? Connections, who you know. A shining example of why everything's already been done, and a whole lot better.

    nixie NICLA

    @sleepypie I quite like this version. It's an ironic comment you make given the lyrics of the song. Isn't it ironic, don't you think??

    Michael M

    Those two "nobodies" as you claim happen to be Ben Gibbard and Conor Oberst. Pretty sure they're familiar with the sweet smell of success seeing as how they're two great songwriters in their own right.


    sleepypie Conor Oberst does not know what the sweet smell of success is? Get informed before you make these kinda comment cuz you’re embarassing yourself. Trying to sound like George lmao take my downvote


    Don't be such a douche bag... Can you do o anywhere as good as this in the cover? George would disapprove of your stupid comment...

  18. Nate Palm

    what people dont get is that this IS the Traveling Wilburys... of our generation.


    @Nate Palm "Traveling Wilburys." The idea is absurd on its face. I mean, really.

    Darin Strauss

    +Nate Palm that's so true; a stiff remake of an old toss-off, done without the 1st's charm or originality. Sounds like this generation.


    well lets not get crazy. there are some good musicians on this lovely cover but to say that is absurd

    Frankie Floyders


  19. MsTinabomb

    Is Ben Gibbard singing on this track?

    Amelia Scott

    conor oberst is too!

    Jenna Meese

    And M. Ward!


    +Amelia Scott oh yes :p unique voice

  20. Carl Bethel

    Great cover, Love it.

  21. 4lifedcfc

    i do get why so many fucking idiots think a cover needs to sound exactly like the original.  jenny lewis, ben gibbard, conor oberst and m. ward
    ! how could you possibly think it sucks?? i feel bad for all you ignorant fools who think this is a shit cover. maybe one day you all will recognize great modern folk musicians, until them have fun with your closed minds


    I prefer this version.Far to many twats on the net.

    Darin Strauss

    +wallerpaul70 this version is a straight copy, with a stiffer beat. how can it be better than the original (which is itself kinda mediocre)?


    I have my opinion.


    I not have a closed mind I have ears and so...

    Why is it lesser..

    Three words, NO Roy Orbison.

    Twiggs McGee

    Lol, when did it become cool to shit on a person because they feel like it's a poor remake?

    Someone's a bit triggered.

  22. El Zombie de Berkeley

    The twins look like the sistes from "the shire" 
    damn I even think they got the same color dress plus they are all in hallway....


    i don't think they look that much like hobbits

  23. Matt Kennedy

    This cover is quite simply.... SHIT!?

    Nick Bernard

    At least it has a scent, you no-scent weirdo.

  24. El Zombie de Berkeley

    Hmm ....Are they resemble the twins sisters of the shire???
    it looks like they are to me, if so, AWSOME!

  25. davidakadb

    Not bad, but nothing compared to the Wilburys

  26. IndieRokkers1111

    Those douches at Pitchfork continues to hate on Conor for singing Dylan's part in this song.

  27. NillaWafer88

    Love me some M. Ward

  28. Sloop Splattums

    I like this mostly because of Conor, and secondly because of Ben. The ladies voices are kinda so-so to me, though they do sound lovely. But aside from, I wish Conor and Ben would do a duet just together, not with the ladies. As in write a song together and sing it! God, that would be so amazing, it'd make me so excited if that ever happened.(:

  29. kerstmanneke82

    you're supposed to sing it, not read it

  30. mysteryguy1234

    agreed... as much as love Jenny Lewis's stuff this comes nowhere near the Traveling Wilbury's version

  31. CHUCKLOVES1969

    you have driven down a street that is a ------------- Dead End.
    you need to turn around and go back home...where you belong.

  32. Trevor Battaglia

    "lose"... you meant "lose", not "loose". and you use too many "---". there's no need. also, never claimed anything i said was factual. again, it's my opinion. here's a fact though, seeing as you like your facts, you still suck.

  33. CHUCKLOVES1969

    you dont say a thing about thinking this cover is...'great' in your first right there you loose all credibility with twisting your so-called facts. your comment DOES criticize the whole song though as per my response.
    sounds to me ==like you have some kinda personal problem with this ben guy.
    so please.... leave me out of your--- little hissy fit.
    and next time..learn how not too----fall flat on your face.......thanks.

  34. Trevor Battaglia

    didn't realize it was a crime to voice an opinion online. don't get me wrong, i think the cover's great. i just think ben's part is horrible. so, long story short, you suck.

  35. Trish Klobchar

    OK, there he is.

  36. Trish Klobchar


  37. 123missmurder

    seriously! Finally someone who also thinks Ben ruins this song.

  38. CHUCKLOVES1969

    why dont you just listen to what you like, and stop being such a twit.
    i think the production is very fun, and true to the spirit of it's roots.
    if everything sounded the way 'you want' sure people would complain too you have done.,,,so take that into consideration next time you dont like something.

  39. Trevor Battaglia

    love jenny! this cover would be a lot better at the original tempo and without ben gibbard. his voice is so pouty... in a terrible way.

    dear ben, please stop opening your awful mouth to make sounds. thanks.

  40. Adam Kelleher

    this sucks compared to the original, even to one of Tom Petty's live versions

  41. Earth Trillion

    bad. to me. don't like. too fast. this confuses me,

  42. CallMeOgmios

    Jenny sucked my balls.

  43. Ben Wright

    @nvsfilmandmusic why did you even take the time to write that? lololol

  44. kilgoretrout321

    wow hate death cab.........what a perfectly stupid voice.

  45. Nolan Schneiderman

    I don't buy this cover at all. The original song was meant to be tongue and cheek, and these guys sound so overly dramatic. i am fans of all of the singers in this cover in their own territories, but they sound like crap compared to George Harrison, Roy Orbison, and even Dylan in his bad years. Sorry not onboard this bandwagon

  46. mark bade

    Good Cover....

  47. YoseMiteEmery

    ahh i love conor :)

  48. lolbucket

    Not as good as the original by any means, but this is awesome and it's good to see the Wilbury's haven't, and will not die o:

  49. Gunslinger48

    @starryeyedocean Yes it does. Ben Gibbard. Love this tune and he totally makes it ten times cooler.

  50. starryeyedocean

    .....does this have the singer from death cab in it?If it doesnt, it sounds scarily like him O_o

  51. Coleman B

    @Abbytater sorry meant to hit thumbs up and it won't let me undo! Sorry!

  52. TheGarrison89

    Jenny Lewis is by far one of the most beautiful singers of our time! I Loved her in the Wizard when we were kids, I've enjoyed growing up with her movies and music in my life.

  53. 99marshmellows

    well Connor! THAT was a surprise! Great song

  54. bradleykmacdonald

    Nowhere near as good as the original. Nothing will ever beat Dylan, Orbison, Harrison, Petty, and Lynne.

  55. wallerpaul70

    My wife hates covers.She thought this was bee's knees on sliced bread

  56. Gabe Mittel

    Good, not as good as the original but still good.

  57. mewmewgoesthekitty

    This isn’t Jenny Lewis and the Watson twins…It’s the people listed above, and it’s for an album she did called Rabbit Fur Coat, MEOW. However, there are songs on there with the Watston Twins, but this isn’t one of them.

  58. Jay B

    i hope you have a cd out... or hopefully coming out at least

  59. Dee West

    I think one person mistook the thumbs down for thumbs up.... silly person! :)

  60. deerdance

    my mind has been blown.

  61. daphnehatesderby

    At first I was all liek:
    "Wow! This cover is amazing! It has jenny lewis, ben gibbard, AND m. ward!"

    And then Conor Oberst started singing, and I was all liek:

    And then I was all liek: