Jenny Lewis - Bad Man's World Lyrics

It’s a bad man's world
It’s a bad man's world
It’s a bad man's world

It’s a bad man's world
It’s a bad man's world
It’s a bad man's world

Was I born as a promise to keep the peace
Or meet the shame?
Before you split, one thing left
To give me my ordinary name
Give me my ordinary name

Now that I’m still standing
I’ve got something left to prove
Got a bullet left, but I can’t decide
Which scorpion I’m going to shoot
Will it be me, will it be you?

It’s a bad man's world
It’s a bad man's world
It’s a bad man's world

It’s a bad man's world
I’m a bad, bad girl
It’s a bad man's world

I will never forgive you
For what you put us kids through
Remember that night
You tried to take your own life?
When I found you
You were a shade of blue
Success is a state of mind
With a little bit of follow through
And then you failed at that, too

It’s a bad man’s world
It’s a bad man’s world
It’s a bad man's world

It’s a bad man's world
I’m a bad, bad girl
It’s a bad man’s world

Will it be me, will it be you?

It’s a bad man's world
It’s a bad man's world
It’s a bad man's world

It’s a bad man's world
I’m a bad, bad girl
It’s a bad man’s world

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Jenny Lewis Bad Man's World Comments
  1. Arnold M Xavier

    The best thing happened in my life is the hangover Trilogy

  2. vincenzo attanasio


  3. Adamyan Styles

    The hangover 1 2 3 my favourite movies of all time

  4. TJ 5

    I typed "it's Batman's world"

  5. mukayet

    2019 da dinleyen yok mu :(

  6. Paulo Bonomi

    Se beber não case 2

  7. Onur Mazlum

    Hangover :)

  8. Violet Veins

    Errybody can we just give Jenny Lewis some damn credit. Yeah y'all heard it from something different...but gotdamn girl. You reach me on a whole nother level 💜

  9. Hubert2004


  10. Natan_Drake077

    Hangover 2?

  11. wolfpupxxx

    shade of blue... thats how i found my mom...

  12. Surp Nurp

    No one really cares if you found this song from Hangover II

  13. Griffith Johnson

    Best soundtrack song ever.

  14. sorrowsuperstar10

    Issa Batmans World !

    Harley Blanco

    Dang ...

  15. Kevin Patterson

    jelly roll

  16. Naturally a Platinum Blonde

    It is a bad mans world! Glad I married a good one! 🙌🏽

  17. Cristiano Ronaldo

    She's a victim lol

  18. lynne carson

    Cold Case!! Lilly Rush!!

  19. Ana tomie

    Great song, love it but i saw so many evil woman, so this is a bad human world!

  20. Live Love Thailand

    hangover two the best of memories

  21. Christopher M Glow

    Luke 7:36-50 [Full Chapter]
    [ Jesus Anointed by a Sinful Woman ] When one of the Pharisees invited Jesus to have dinner with him, he went to the Pharisee’s house and reclined at the table. A woman in that town who lived a sinful life learned that Jesus was eating at the Pharisee’s house, so she came there with an alabaster jar of perfume. As she stood behind him at his feet weeping, she began to wet his feet with her tears. Then she wiped them with her hair, kissed them and poured perfume on them. ...

  22. Christopher M Glow

    Maria Sharapova & I want you EAGLES IN PA keep celebrating !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxloxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  23. Christopher M Glow


  24. Mehmet Bilici

    came from hangover +1

  25. Charlotte Reich

    Gossip Girl ....

  26. Kosta Starr

    It’s a white man’s world

    Josh Fawcett

    No it's not you libtard

  27. Zane Korrs



    batman's world

  29. cosmonauta spectrum

    change to 1.25...cambien a 1.25 velocidad

  30. unknowuser x

    Gossip girl
    who else?

  31. Drew G

    this song about her father?

    Drew G

    Hey Drew, since no has answered your comment I will for you. Yes, through a little googling I discovered she had a troubled childhood; mostly leading back to her father. She, however, is a survivor not a victim.

  32. Randy Herrera

    Soulful side of Jenny

  33. HorsDagD Sr

    ftw- fck this world

  34. Camila Magneres

    gossip girl 👋

  35. Roby Graff

    Stacy I'm sorry. I'm so fucking sorry.

  36. Gonzalo Manrique

    Esta cancion me gusta :v

  37. Mighty Sullibat

    Very very bad trip

  38. Mighty Sullibat

    Very very bad trip

  39. Sage Rose

    ever since i heard this in the hangover II been looking for this song for awhile now. I've always wanted to try something with it!

  40. GREAT1NE

    Remix I made

  41. vishal shah

    better than Taylor Swift shit

    Slight Nature

    20 times better than the blonde whore

  42. vishal shah

    I <3 her voice & this song's so underrated!!

  43. Yshhh bailey

    Hangover 😂😂😂

  44. Christian Fuentes


  45. Vince Oliver Dagdagan

    love this song make more like it!

  46. F.A.A.M Royalty

    Just like this track,it's dope!!!!

  47. Ricette e tanto altro V&I

    good bye

  48. Daniela Damián

    Gossip Girl 😍💜

    Chel's Ochoa

    Daniela Damián en que episodio sale la canción?

  49. Czotie


  50. Adam Anderson

    I get high to this song tbh

    Rip Tripp

    Real nigga

    Violet Veins

    That's happening rn for me. I feel

  51. saul hernandez

    is a batman s world

    Rose Jaeckel

    Now I can't unhear it

  52. Adam Fawaz


  53. Nihak



    +Nihak Ben i still love it xD


    +Daddy Ahex hahahah enjoy bro


    Nihak Ben yes man

  54. Hickmanchad

    I refuse to eat cantaloupe at a fucking bachelor party !

  55. tallarico

    Name of the song?


    Sarude - Dandstorm ._.


    BatMan's world :D

    Ana tomie

    You're fucking stupid!

    Vladyslava Smolinska

    Darude sandstorm

    User Pam

    @Ana tomie it's a joke man :cheers

  56. jim tomson

    its Batman's world!


    +jim tomson hahaha x)

  57. morendalovex

    Gossip Girllll brought me here !

  58. loron bain

    Best movie ever



  59. rocking

    hangover 2
    what a movie

    Alex R R R

    +reko alotaibi Yeah !!! "FUCK THE POLICE"

    Ghost Of November

    No, this time we really fucked up!

    Ana tomie

    Pritty shitty 😂

    G G

    better than 1st cause more screentime for.chow

  60. william wentworth

    No women have no rights

  61. Keishen Lloyd

    You know, I always thought that this would/should be the theme song for GTA V. It's perfect, man.

    Tha Jack Root

    I don't share that opinion.

    Keishen Lloyd

    Sorry to hear that.

    Blind Maiden

    +Keishen Lloyd Way too classy for a GTA game

    Fabian Silva 505

    I agree with you ... but I've also thought for the trailer of gta 6 ... turn out well with a small trailer as the first that came out of gta v I've thought many times , and I still say that the city would be ideal las vegas(las venturas) Just think about it friend :v

  62. Bowincle

    Its a Batman's world

    Eric Blacc


    mohamed ashraf

    I've written that in the search after watching hangover then i found myself a dum as fuck i mean fuck batman's world

    Cooki The Demonitized BUTTXZ

    hangover in gotham


    Dead XD

    Pogona V

    Now i can't unhear it... fuck

  63. 0137482M.V.

    Am B7 Am Em

    jerko livancic

    best comment ever

  64. Judah

    Just found this song. I'm hypnotized. 

  65. crazykidgetmad

    I always listen to this song when im sad

  66. Airam Cervantes

    amazing :O

  67. 2Good4Radio

    I love this song!

  68. bruggink

    Hangover <3


    yeah man I came that awesome movie
    pretty good

  69. Wayne Spencer

    I hate you lmao I just heard this song and Now I can never here it the same.

  70. Syetactic

    I don't think people recognize this song is about suicide.

  71. recoveryboy1

    this is actually a ridiculously sad song

    Drew G

    recoveryboy1 that's what I was noticing. the lyrics aren't sunshine and glitter

  72. Tib

    BIG LIKE :)

  73. Майя Лиштаева


  74. Shleysn

    not so hard to find out. just listen and try out ;)

  75. Gonzalito Perez

    Green Hat Films xD

  76. Eleanor

    Does anyone have the chords for this?

    Jbo Cash

    Pretty sure you don't wanna see them

  77. sgg25981393

    James Bond opening feel

  78. Misfit Empire

    I know plenty of Christians shot dead or murdered for no reason. This comment is invalid, please leave.

  79. Bo Huggabee

    work video... stupid shit.

  80. Bo Huggabee

    shit that looks like 20 fret, i believe we share the same guitar:)

  81. Bo Huggabee

    i play the same model of 50's j45 she plays! awesome, i wonder if her's is pre 55' or post.

  82. francisoga

    I got here from there too :D

  83. Etienne Lordéau

    learn jokes dude

  84. Macie Sylvester

    wrong you are weird and not funny

  85. Macie Sylvester

    i am not weird

  86. Macie Sylvester

    no you

  87. Brochard Guillaume


  88. Macie Sylvester

    oh i get how it needs to be batman guy who said that batman is not bad dont you watch batman or play the video game well then i get how it needs to be i will tell batman you said that he will get how it needs to be we all get how it needs to be beetween you and batman he will get you after i post ok you can ignore this but who new that me a 8 year old girl could type this much ok lets continue the guy who posted that he might just want leave batman alone for now on because he is mad!!!

  89. Ribo

    No it's not were all good men doing bad stuff! Everything good is bad, Everything bad is good..

  90. elena

    totally agree

  91. adrianTNT

    "Jenny Lee Lewis" :)

  92. AKSebi2

    with picture, ownz

  93. Vadim Margaryan

    It's My World :D

  94. Lin Zhang Xi

    She has a great voice