Jennings, Waylon - You Don't Mess Around With Me Lyrics

I blew in from Texas
And you don't know who I am
Most of you could care less
And the rest don't give a damn
But you might take special notice
When you take a look at me
I'm everything you've ever been
And ever want to be

My game is the winner take all
I live on the edges
So i'm subject to a fall
I ain't never been a loser
I ain't never gonna be
I'm like runnin' in a ringer
You don't mess around with me

I've got money in my pocket
I've got money in the bank
If I look like a poor boy
I've got much more than you think
I got a woman on my right arm
Woman on my left
When it comes to women,Lord
I just can't help myself

I know it's not the right thing to do
But I could never change
Even if I wanted to
So if you are a lady
Anf if you always want to be
I'm a living lovin' legend
You don't mess around with me

She's got honey drippin' off her lips
So good you can taste
A walkin' aphrodisiac
Too damn good to waste
Prancin' like a thoroughbred
Out to win the race
It don't matter how good lookin'
Or how good she may be
There's just one foregone conclusion
You don't mess around with me

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Jennings, Waylon You Don't Mess Around With Me Comments
  1. Faye Pinkerton

    Needed a true love like Jessi
    Just did't knowit

  2. chris goodayle

    The best voice ever in country music.
    Waylon was what you called the real deal.

  3. Judd Posey

    Pure country

  4. Shirley Jennings

    Waylon left us great music, sad that he is gone.

  5. Colleen Diaz Diaz

    Grab my hat and boots..'If I look like a poor boy , that means I got much more than you think" Spoken of a true OUTLAW4LIFE💚✌

  6. Barbara Stone

    Outlaw saint all in one lo

  7. James Robinson

    Waylon "GOD. DAM Jennings. R.I.P. THE .MAN

  8. Cheryl Staggs

    no more music like Waylon's I miss u and Jesse u were country when country wasn't cool!

  9. James Mclane

    They will never be Waylon bad ass.. NEVER !

  10. Violet Draga

    WaylonJennings- love his music. Listen to it every day.

  11. Al Barth

    You've been waylonized In 2018

  12. P Gunnar


  13. James Hoffer


  14. Colleen Diaz Diaz

    OUTLAW DOWN!! Life lesson: " if i look like a poor boy i got much more than you think!!Badass!! WAYLON4LIFE✌FTWWFFW

  15. luke nickell

    Waylon is the KING

  16. Coleen Tam

    To the 207 loser critics, i feel bad for you because you have no idea what real country music is. WAYLON JENNINGS4LIFE!!!💚✌

    The Joker

    To the 209 and their offspring! They should all be neutered!

  17. Mark Ortiz

    I want to be this guy👏👍😁😎😎

  18. willyrida

    theres no such thing as a bad waylon jennings song

  19. GUNNAR' / Patty Graffuis

    Thr they are ... & Walon is Still the MAN ...*******

  20. Wehrwolf Spirit

    Dont fuck with me bitch - waylon

  21. Serzh Qesteri

    The only singer who made covers better than the original!

  22. The Joker

    209 times I sat upon the till, flushed. Didn't know it would all end up here! Sorry folks...…….

  23. David Mustard

    I've posted this before but..... You either like Waylon Jennings or you're wrong!

  24. lynn horton

    Dope still love him

  25. 'billyhillbilly13'

    "OUT" !

  26. 'billyhillbilly13'

    master lock!

  27. 'billyhillbilly13'

    honey is your snatch safe!

  28. 'billyhillbilly13'

    "TLA" "WAYLON" !

  29. 'billyhillbilly13'

    im'a RICHARD! Too! they call me ! DICK! WATCH "ME" STEP!

  30. Call of duty bros 656

    Nah!, yah! Bad ass!

  31. Michael Confederate

    Da Man!!! Southern all the way

  32. lynn horton


  33. Ambrose Mackinnon

    My favorite musical hero Waylon Jennings...

  34. Steve Gamble

    A good song for working out in the gym.

  35. Roger Bowen


  36. Hakan Dursun

    Very nice !

  37. 'billyhillbilly13'

    ask your honny about the place that came in !

  38. Trocourt

    Waylon was the man but he also had an awesome band backing him up.

  39. Edd Ter

    You damn sure don't mess with his're best talent Nashville has ever seen..Legend..r.i.p

  40. Rafael Alberto Prieto Vasquez

    Que cancion tan hermoza! Waylon Live!

  41. Bud Buchanan

    I live in the edge so subject to a fall

  42. Edd Ter

    LEGEND..told Nashville to kiss his ass. Played with buddy holly, dukes of hazard theme..Best ever!!ass kicker!!!!R.I.P

  43. Clinical Educator1

    Show em how HOSS!!!

  44. Marilee Denr

    Miss him Had fun as a child playing baseball with him and his band .Great childhood.Great people

  45. gjmaztr7

    I love Waylon's music like a God, up until 1 yrs ago, i only knew his 'Two Good Ol'e Boys' Dukes song, and possibly 3 more, But He 'ripped' off 30% of ex-Eagles Don Henley's "Rustlers Blues" song for this 'You dont mess around with Me' song....Poetic License, i guess. Regardless, i am floored by Waylon's vast plethora of real old, old, and updated songs...amazing.

  46. Buck Shot

    Ladies and gentlemen.... THE Outlaw, R.I.P. Hoss.

  47. Trevor Graham Welch

    Is Jessie married to Hank Jr now ???

    Grizzlyadam Smith

    NO WAY....

  48. Papi K

    Hoss you are missed

  49. Marjorie Conner

    I have been around for a long time and he is best there ever was in my life time.  His voice is so great and having seen him in concert in his prime he was always in command, with his personality, voice, guitar pickin--he had it all.  There will never be another Waylon Jennings.

  50. Roger Swearengin

    Old Waylon my hero

  51. Barry Thacker

    Cocky Waylon

  52. Radian Phillips

    He'll ya

  53. Josiah Quincy

    The great Waylon Jennings.



  55. Roger Swearengin

    facebook here this

  56. Jonathan Sutton

    Waylon was and still is the man

  57. Walter Wray Jr.


  58. Matt Adams

    Amazing talent specially considering he had a thousand dollar a day drug habit

    Al Barth

    That's y his so good

  59. Kenshiro_199X

    Country is mostly garbage except for Wheeler Walker Jr and a couple others

  60. LaDon Hilley

    You can't help but like someone who told the "powers that be" to go fuck themselves and did things his own way.

  61. ChuckyT

    Great Waylon stuff... Sounds like MCA studio stuff. They f'd up so much of waymore's songs with that early 80's springy snare sound... too bad Nashville and Bakersfield couldn't have colluded

    Trucker Kev The Paid Tourist

    C Caples This was a shoot from hip see what works album and a unique one at that Tony Joe White is playing on this listen to Waylon's Up In Arkansas from this same album..This song was featured in early 90s movie Maverick. The interesting thing is WMB II had no record label..It was produced by Don Was and it was a one off album only. The big hit and CMT video favorite from here was The Wild Ones


    Thanks for the interesting info. I don't do a gig without doing 3 or 4 Waylon songs. One of my favorite albums is "Ol Waylon". again thanks

    Trucker Kev The Paid Tourist

    @C Caples Sure..😎😎

  62. Kristina Pascucci

    This song is made to be for my son XD


    The thing about country legends they have song titles that make you ask yourself "What's this song about"? Add some great guitar work and badass lyrics and you know the singer is an OUTLAW.

  64. warren washington

    118 people can kiss my ass !!!

  65. Maria Lindvall

    Så bra!

  66. S C

    So much talent and still enjoyed. One of the Greats.

  67. Kaci Joice

    Waylon was and still is a man u don't mess with

  68. valleycruiser

    Hey Nashville.....Tell all your imitation "country artists" (?) to listen to Waylon and then they'll know what REAL COUNTRY ARTISTS sound like !!!! Nashville is a JOKE>

    Al Barth


    Gary Kerns

    If I could, I give your post a THOUSAND thumbs up!

  69. Connie Hillman

    Sitting here re-writing my damaged recipe book (vegetable oil dumped on a cook book sucks) and tapping my toes to some of the best music to ever hit the radio waves. Thank God for music like this :)


    i can power my car on vegetable oil

  70. Kathy Snow

    Perfect !  What an incredible instrument his voice...and he is a master at controlling it.  YUMMMM.

  71. logan keethers

    You don't mess around with a Legend

  72. Ponchito German


  73. Urban Usenicnik

    Lord thank you for blesing me with this brain and this mind, so i could find people and music like this. Amen

  74. Suzie Loo Hoo

    I miss em!

  75. briantravelman

    UGH! I'm trying to find this rock song with similar lyrics. It goes something like, "Be all mine, I'll take you time and time. Ya'll don't mess around, ya'll don't mess around, ya'll don't mess around with me."


    Love to find a man like that.

  77. Dana Blair

    Now a am a out law

  78. dennis drew

    Waylon says
    I live on the Edge so I am subject to a fall,
    Only one forgone conclusion, You Don't Mess around with Me

  79. Alexis Jenkins

    one of his best

  80. Carlos Leandro Vieira Vieira

    Everytime someone who talk about Country music . .....they are doin' fixin' to Waylon Jennings. .
    ..He is still alive in these all Country songs.

  81. James Price

    good UN's

  82. Cindy Garner

    I've loved Waylon & Jesse and The Rest Since I Saw Them At Ceasars in Lake Tahoe In the Late 70's Thanks Dad For The Best Experiences

    Theodore Elch

    Cindy Garner good music

  83. Reagan Arpin

    Amen Brother Waylon

    clyde Ledbetter

    Reagan Arpin he was the MAN

  84. Sheldon Humphreys

    best of all time period

  85. Yvette Chervet

    the best, love all his songs!!

  86. bigrider2806

    rip , a great man

  87. Mikelino Ferrara

    very good country singer his songs get u in the mood for a party...

  88. Glenn Henry

    waylon jennings we will always miss you , thanks for the great music.

  89. LiL_Mac91

    best country outlaw of all time he is country music

  90. Steve Moose

    I love this song. Waylon is the man

  91. Sheldon Humphreys

    king of country

  92. Appalachian American

    it's Waylon don't need to say anything else

  93. Richard Sorgman

    true country outlaw with a big heart damn i (we ) miss him

    Ludvik Drešček

    Richard Sorgman


    Richard Sorgman m this dude was bad as s

    James Gill

    Richard Sorgman zzz😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋

    Joyce Shaw

    I'm great!!!!!

  94. Tommy Skinner


    Lemmy Cash

    Waylon 3:16

    kentucky girl

    @Lemmy Cash Lemmy or God ?