Jennings, Waylon - Theme From The Dukes Of Hazzard (Good Ol' Boys) Lyrics

Just'a good ol' boys
Never meanin' no harm
Beats all you never saw
Been in trouble with the law
Since the day they was born

Staightnin' the curves, yeah
Flatnin' the hills
Someday the mountain might get 'em
But the law never will

Makin' their way
The only way they know how
That's just a little bit more
Than the law will allow

Makin' their way
The only way they know how
That's just a little bit more
Than the law will allow

I'm a good ol' boy
You know my momma loves me
But she don't understand
They keep a showin my hands and not my face on TV

Oh yeah

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Jennings, Waylon Theme From The Dukes Of Hazzard (Good Ol' Boys) Comments
  1. Shannon Geis

    That old flag is real pretty, kinda like that lovely Nazi symbol. too bad such good design was used to symbolize stupid ideas.

  2. Lord Funface The Atomic Toaster

    I'm British and I loved this show as a kid.

  3. akeagleTL

    every time I hear this song I drive about 20 mph faster

  4. nwlman

    Another great American show, all the best shows are from the USA

  5. zorro456



    i likeke that song

  7. Carlos Beltran

    that is old school the real deal

  8. Wellch

    bring back this tv show.

  9. healthyamerican

    i live in ohio but my mindset is country western

  10. healthyamerican

    i think the general lee is a racist car because it makes orange people feel funny

  11. Paul T Harrison

    Blazing Speed Guitarist for Hire

  12. Gt racing15

    Every where I go I see a truck with a confederate flag. I give a thumbs up to them.

  13. Trxcxav

    yee yee

  14. Ann Wallace

    rebel all the way

  15. B_MAN_

    Dukes rule

  16. jonathan binder


  17. Matt Bailey

    It is bull shit that they just take it off air because the guy shot up the church the flag did not walk in the church and kill like nine people

  18. julie brtek

    My favorte song and TV show. Two thumbs up.

  19. Shayn Cyprowski

    the Naacp can 💋 my ass I will fly whit flag I want and I do not see a problem with the Confederate States of America national flag the Yankees got lots of nerve the Yankees need to go bugger off and go up north where they belong leave the South alone

  20. Shayn Cyprowski

    this is kim cyprowski i loved the show i would be proud to support the conferate flag i love the south and the ppl the yankees are the one with the racist problem

  21. Shayn Cyprowski

    god bless the Confederate States of America

  22. Diane E

    I grew up listening to country . its rocks

  23. jacques vandamme

    texas ok

  24. Shane Ste Croix

    The south will rise again.

  25. JackyyBoy

    Dukes of Hazzard brought me here xD

  26. acerb45666555

    Snoop puppys kin don't like the old flag. Well' to hell with 'em!

  27. acerb45666555

    Whooop!! No yank could ever sing this!

  28. kcvs41

    im your brother..  we can fix anything  Tower Air!!!!!!!!!!

  29. blast from the past

    Classic, oldies never die, if you like oldies come check out my channel, thanks!

  30. Randy W Curtis

    Dukes of hazzard is cool
    With Waylon Jennings
    John Schneider tom wopat Cathy bash Denver ply bryion cherry chriif Jud
    No Luke daisy Jud coy cancelled Jesse dukes boss lulu Hogg scooter Rosco enos clites miss tisdale . they all cool. & very good

  31. Mat C

    people just don't get it.......its about heritage, not hatred!!

  32. Dean Heath

    I'm from Michigan born & raised.God Bless the South.  Great people with a great heritage.If more of our country was like the South It would be a better place.

  33. ngaire curran

    Great singer. Bet Cash and Kristofferson gave him a different perspective. Never heard this at a hignwaymen concert! That said, he had a great voice.

  34. Chloe Noble

    My little brother love the General Lee and we are having a General Lee birthday party!

  35. Dirk Diggler

    Where can I get that amazing Southern Style logo? Class!

  36. Anonymous ™

    Well, first time i heard the song, is from chasing the criminal:

  37. Charlie Johnson

    I live in Wisconsin and I have the Agsact replica of the car

  38. Jacob Carl

    RIP Dukes Of Hazzard you will be missed

  39. Cindy Buffington

    Hee Haw! hun get it down, best theme song.

  40. Jonny Rogers

    bring the south north

  41. Jon Kelley

    This was Jackass before Jackass.

  42. William Smith

    u can take the flag off tv just try to take mine off my back or out my yard. amen southern folks

  43. Curtis Beard

    Long live freedom.

  44. Jason Haber BMX

    My favorite show and song (and movie)

  45. RamRyan •

    the civil war 2 is coming

  46. Anonymous Troll Hunter

    Narrator: Just another day here in Hazzard county. Them Duke boys are at it again. Got Rosco on their tail again.

  47. Amanda Back

    I what it back

  48. Jedi Master Joe

    Alabama sucks dick go ole miss

  49. NightmareMarine Roblox LABS

    Southcarlina Mates ;D

  50. FalcorProductions

    Two good ol boys wouldn't change if they could fightin the SYSTEM like a two modern day Robin Hood!!!!!

  51. Bryan Strouse

    yhe yhe

  52. Chris Woollett

    One of my favorite shows ever. Unfortunately, politician correctness got the show off the air in the US just because of the flag on the car.

    If I remember correctly the famous orange car was #1 in some list of iconic famous cars that also included KITT in the list. I think KITT came in at #2 in that list.

    I remember watching this show all the time while growing up in the UK. It was on BBC in the 80's, Sky 1 in the 90's, the UK TNT channel (on nights when WCW Nitro and WCW Thunder wasn't on) in the 90's and on the UK Bravo channel in 2005.

  53. TheVietnamGamer

    I live in Virginia and I show my southern pride

  54. Jess

    saying that the confederation flag has to be burned because of slavery is like saying that the German flag has to be burned because of Hitler or that the Italian flag has to be burned because of Mussolini. this flag isn't about slavery, it's about history, culture, it's about a population.

  55. gatorstick45

    Yeeeeeee haaaaaaa......................until the hate preaching Socialist-Progressive-Democrats ban everything of good and family values.....
    Folks of Judeo-Christian heritage need our own Country again free of Leftist liberals

  56. doughesson

    At 1:05 Blasphemy!

  57. Jim Guppy

    Could somebody please clarify for me as i've had no luck getting a clear explanation, what's the debate over the confederate flag and what triggered it?

  58. doughesson

    Just the other night,I heard someone blowing a Dixie car horn.I just looked at the car next to me at the light,which was full of "young urban males" and said "Hell yeah!"

  59. OldSchoolWalkthrough

    never saw the series but just played the game haha isnt that weird. never even knew this is a series

  60. Fred Scheetz

    this was the TV show theme liked at time when I watched

  61. Michael Waukau

    hee haaaa

  62. Jamie Hunter

    It blows my mind to think they call the south racist haters when the s.o.b. that started all this bs was on video one week earlier burning the USA flag that kid is the one with the problem not the south it's clear to me and I live in California never even been to the south GOD bless Yeah I said GOD BLESS don't like it then KISS THIS !

  63. Harvey Harris

    was it the flag or all the guys wanted to see Daisy in those shorts?

  64. Lancelot Link

    I use to really like this show. The car stunts were awesome for TV at the time. I think it was the first season when they jumped one of those cars 2 stories high and if you slow mo it on the DVR there is a guy driving wearing an old school helmet slamming into the ground and the Chargers rear end would always collapse because of it length. Good show.

  65. McKinley Mitchell

    Daisy Mexican Duke

  66. shitzhead 34

    I think I'm old. I miss my 69'charger, more than Daisy Duke.

  67. Chris Peeks

    We shall rise again!!!

  68. Curtis Beard

    Been in trouble with the law since I was 4. Been in prisons (plural) most of my life. Been making my way the only way I knew how. Been out almost 10 years. Waylon, Willie, Jessie, and the outlaw movement gives me something to do other than bad things.

  69. Austin Frazier

    As a child growing up in the South in the 80s this was required watching.

  70. Med Tech27

    If American doesn't wake up soon were in more trouble than you can imagine. All of our civil liberties are being removed right in front of us and were are being told what's acceptable and what isn't. I don't want to watch gay TV shows on every other channel on TV but I have the ability to change the channel and watch something else. Just as someone else does if the Dukes are on. I pray for American every night. It's time we take back our nation. No matter the cost.

  71. cc ccc

    great song!

  72. Curtis Beard

    Vote for someone other than a politician if you want our country to turn around...The good old boys Waylon sings about isn't the good old boys the politicians represent.

  73. Loretta Richards

    watch all the time

  74. Sara Nicole

    North Carolina and proud to be from the south

  75. Inkblot Games


  76. Giggidygiggidy12

    Jessica Simpson ain't got nothing on the original Daisy Duke. She'll do in a pinch though.

  77. Danny Pristavec

    the majority of these idiots that are whining and claim to be offended by the confederate flag couldn't even tell you what it truly represents. they are bandwagon riders! most of us could easily say we are offended by Malcolm X t-shirts, mLK shirts, posters and whatnot but you don't hear us complaining. why? Because it's called freedom of speech and the right to believe and represent whatever we choose! It's called being an American! more Americans are slaughtered everyday under the Muslim flag but no-one is demanding that flag be taken down. America is becoming too passive when it comes to standing up for what we believe in. Be proud, Be strong and stand up for our constitution.

  78. Jackson Bridges

    Sweet Home Alabama

  79. Chris Sargent

    I miss my mom

  80. Kenneth Mcclure

    one feck nutcase and a icon gets defaced god bless the general lee😢

  81. garysmusiclist

    The show was not serious enough to warrant censorship by the tv networks. I love the Dukes, especially Daisy....Yee Haw!

  82. scott layton

    About Rebel not about slavery!!

  83. David Nicholson

    Torrent the you know what out of this show!!!

  84. Arthur Ponzarelli

    Why oh why couldn't Dylan Roof have been holding a poster of the Kardashians?!

  85. Curas1

    ye haw!

  86. nnorwood2

    My childhood heroes growing up as a kid.

  87. Bobbie Linder


  88. miss t

    "but she dont understand why they keep showin my hands but not my face on t.v."...hahahaha! luv it!

  89. Bren Kelly

    god ..i loved this was so brilliant for a kid to watch,,had as i got older i discovered waylons mucic trough the theme song..he was a fantastic artist..."Dreaming my dreams" is amazing,,,r.i.p.

  90. Simon Peters

    To put the "new" Dukes of shit with the Originals is a sacrilege. Waylon and the South. Ain't that som'tin?.

  91. Slacker Slacker

    just good music folk's ... enjoy and remembered the good old times...... hell yea

  92. ManDaBro

    Just the good ol' boys
    Never meanin' no harm.
    Beats all you never saw
    Been in trouble with the law
    Since the day they was born

    Staightnin' the curves
    Flatnin' the hills
    Someday the mountain might get 'em
    But the law never will

    Makin' their way
    The only way they know how
    That's just a little bit more
    Than the law will allow.

    Makin' their way
    The only way they know how
    That's just a little bit more
    Than the law will allow.

    I'm a good ol' boy
    You know my momma loves me
    But she don't understand
    They keep a showin my hands and not my face on TV

    OH YEA

  93. BadgerCheese94

    I hate the confederate flag and what it stands for (an old fashioned south, which was racist and bigoted, not a modern south which is forward moving) but removing it from this show is dumb and nothing short of censorship and being overly PC.

  94. yo mama

    yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

  95. derkommissar3

    What a great version of the song.

  96. Gabe carter

    Them Duke boys are at it again

  97. Steve Panther

    Mountains never got them or the law just liberals

  98. raiford70

    if this flag offends u leave