Jennings, Waylon - The Real House Of The Rising Sun Lyrics

There is a place down in New Orleans
That they call the Rising Sun
And it's been the ruin for many a poor girl
And my true love was one

She had filled her glass up to the brim
And there for all to see
She danced, she sang the whole night through
For other fools like me

Ah, well, I still remember
I was her only one
Now dreams of love lie buried
Down in the Rising Sun

With one foot on a platform
And the other foot on a train
I'm going back to New Orleans
To wear that ball and chain

Go tell her baby sister
Not to do the things she's done
But shun that house down in New Orleans
That they call the Rising Sun

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Jennings, Waylon The Real House Of The Rising Sun Comments
  1. Eternal Goddess

    Seems like this song is about a girl,

    but this one is about a boy:

  2. firethorn

    Wow... that voice. Easily, EASILY the best vocalist that has ever lived, and he always will be. Sometimes I just can’t comprehend how his voice exists, it’s just too perfect, it soothes my life.
    Oh how I wish every Waylon song had this amount of audio clarity! 😭

  3. Benjamin Taylor

    Most indisputable best voice in the history of country music. Good Lord that man could wail. Listen to Atlanta’s Burning Down, Delia’s Gone, and this and it’s just amazing. I was Raised on Waylon, thank you mom and dad.

  4. Kliq Only

    Remains my favorite song.

  5. Cody Cooley

    Wow, I'm a huge Waylon fan but I've never heard this, amazing, thanks for sharing!!


    This is a different version that the studio 1964 version. Its good

  6. Gereon Rath

    What a voice. Brings me to deepest emotions. Gorgious.

    Heather Bee

    Wow. Excellent. Thanks Connor. Never heard this version. I love it. I don't want to pick nits. . . . but your post has the recording at Phoenix AR. . . I'm pretty sure you meant Phoenix Arizona. (AZ) The only reason I mention this, is that there IS a township in Arkansas called Phoenix. Don't want to confuse the masses. I doubt there is a recording studio in Phx AR; let alone a 7th St. Thank you for sharing.