Jennings, Waylon - The Most Sensible Thing Lyrics

I've taken chances on everything in my life
Even against all the odds I've rolled the dice
Count me in on any deal that comes around
Right or wrong never slowed me down.

I've always loved you silent but strong
Deep down in your heart you've always known
It's just that I've made more mistakes than any man under the sun
You're the only sensible thing I've ever done.

Never complaining back when the times were bad
Even when your faith in me was all we had
Loving me wasn't worth the price you paid
Darling, I've been wrong this is all I can say.
I've always loved you silent but strong
Deep down in your heart you've always known
It's just that I've made more mistakes than any man under the sun
You're the only sensible thing I've ever done.
You're the only sensible thing I've ever done...

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Jennings, Waylon The Most Sensible Thing Comments
  1. Silas Orion Ss

    Y’all just whiners yes rip agp but this is not about him, the song is not from him, talk about the song and the guy who sings it.

  2. Thomas number one blue Tank engine

    This is for agp and Waylon

  3. Thomas number one blue Tank engine

    Yep I am from the angry Grampa tribute video

  4. Vv Gyug

    Rip AGP 2020

  5. Jack

    All I can hear is agp voice

  6. Jack

    Stop comments about agp this is Waylon Jennings !!!!!!!!


    RIP "AGP"

  8. James - Fortnite

    Miss you AGP

  9. Johannes Maier

    Love agp forever

  10. Victoria

    Rip angry grandpa I miss you very much 1950-2017 love you 😍😇your family wants you to come back even your fans like me I really miss you I love you angry grandpa

  11. Harrison Hadley

    RIP Waylon Jennings 1937-2002 and AGP 1950-2017

  12. Harrison Hadley

    RIP AGP <3

  13. Nathan McLaughlin

    R.I.P AGP

  14. Jett Usrey

    Agp is better than the original

  15. rimakuja

    A most beautiful song really, a gem by great Waylon :) We have to thank dear Eddy in the heavens for putting up is wonderful video :) ~Stephan ~

  16. Lukeson

    this will always be AGP's favourite song.

  17. Karla Natomagan

    Rip agp😟❤

  18. Albert Marais

    Grandpas are not AGRY Its just the way they are sometimes RIP  gandpa

  19. Grand Thief


  20. The Coolsparks

    Rip Waylon Jennings and agp

  21. Randy H

    Waylon was & is great,

  22. 47 47

    Not better them angry grandpa's

  23. Oscar W

    AGP ❤️

  24. Art painting

    R.I.P AGP

  25. Art painting

    Angry grandpa singed it better

  26. random black kid with glasses

    This song sad

  27. MrHomestarJughead

    Angry grandpa

  28. Doom Destroyer

    I miss angry grandpa so much he will always be in our ❤

  29. Dawn Langley

    Rip APG

  30. Roxanna Morales

    Miss you agp

  31. 壮大なゲームの主 MagnificentGameLord

    I liked agp,s version better

  32. Anthony A

    I'm in shock of how similar Jennings voice is next to Grandpa's cover.

  33. Hydro Playz

    RIP Grandpa, you'll be missed

  34. EMA Aviation photography


  35. Emberly Curran


  36. MrCampop

    AGP did it better

  37. Legends Never Die 04

    Rip Agp😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  38. Keenan Escobar daily Vlogs


  39. nathan Lane MTB

    R.I.P agp

  40. Marcus Walker

    Rip AGP

  41. john hobson

    Waylon and Willy legends 💪💪

  42. Robert PutLastNameHere

    RIP Angry Grandpa & My own grandparents as well😭😭😭

  43. Carlos Arboleda

    RIP ANGRY GRANDPA and Waylon Jennings 🤘❤💯

  44. cory vought 95147

    Rip agp you aways did have great taste for music i love this song and i listen to it when ever i feel sad about you love you agp


  45. 3301 records

    Amazing.. Beutiful voice..

  46. MineCraftSteve1125

    AGP remix is better... Rest in paradise AGP...

  47. Ice_wallow_come

    Rip agp 😓😢

  48. Event Countdown

    Angry Grandpa did this better..

  49. DT 2000

    I really like Waylon Jennings but I kinda think that Angry Grandpa sounds better when he sings it.

  50. Nico Ancheta

    AGP R.I.P LEGEND 😢😢😭😭

  51. yokai films

    Who came here from angry grandpa

  52. Superfly

    Its so country af 😷 but RIP agp 😭

  53. WolfNovels

    The father of Shooter Jennings was AGP's favorite singer before Shooter was, huh?

  54. KingGreninja766

    Angry Grandpa R.I.P

  55. Bobby Silano

    Picture angry grandpa telling GOD to shut the hell up.

  56. 1harrysson

    the thing is that agp does this song better. any one with me here?

  57. Cameron Weston

    AGP will be missed

  58. Shiny Fruit

    I thought AGP made up this song at first.

  59. Angeline Forian

    Rest Easy Agp

  60. Deathcore Radio6

    I like AGP song better it’s more sad tbh this song seem litttle more happy

  61. Eazy E

    R.I.P AGP. Don't bother the others in the heaven too much.

  62. alpha and omega fan

    I like waylon jennings but angry grandpa did it better

  63. Hkitty1971 Minor

    Love you AGP I cry when I hear this song rip

  64. walter watts


  65. 3301 records

    No one got it... R.I.P ANGRY GRANDPA.. "ITS NOT THE END.."


  66. JVLITZ

    Rest In Peace Angry Granpa 😭

  67. SithLord192 MarvelVillain

    Rip grandpa, gone but never forgotten

  68. Melvin Poppy

    Rip agp

  69. RED KING

    Theres this guy Named “dude55” who doesnt have no clue who agp is and doesnt care that agp died and asking why are we calling waylon agp or charles green

  70. David Anwar

    Who's here for agp RIP

  71. Aled Llyr

    -Youngins -

  72. M99GFX-TV


  73. antonio jukič


  74. ToyHippie

    RIP MR Charlie Green aka AGP

  75. Nephalion ¿

    RIP AGP :'(

  76. Baydzone


  77. TheGabrielGonzales

    Rest in peace AGP

  78. Honky Tonk Dalton

    AGP and Waylon are together now. I'm sure he's singing with Conway too.

  79. Phoenix Ramsey

    RIP AGP, I miss him so f*cking much😥😥😥

  80. Genos

    Rip agp youll be miss

  81. Araceli Quijas

    RIP Angry grandpa we will always remember you

  82. Mf 16

    Rip Charles Green

  83. J-A

    A.G.P....Us Youngins Miss you.......... :*(

  84. JAGUAR-17

    Angry grandpa is listening to this in heaven right now...

    Random Comic Fan

    DxUNFORGIV3N Or singing it with Waylon.


    Random Marvel Fan

    Famous people or famous YouTubers have a special place in heaven



    Your right Famous people do have special place in heaven...

  85. Aviciis Legacy

    RIP AGP 😩

    Aviciis Legacy

    dude55 he died to? 😫

  86. scott inglis

    Angry Grandpa brought me year. RIP.

  87. TRASH FM

    Rest in peace angry gramps. we know you're raging on up in heaven.

  88. koolaidmoonwalk


  89. James penkert

    Rip AGP and waylon u were two legends

  90. Shaheryaar Daily

    TBH agp did way better

  91. Rebel Regan


  92. Danny DeVito

    Rip angry grandpa

    Stan Smith

    RED KING you have actual brain damage. That’s what he’s talking about.

  93. martin

    R.I.P AGP ❤

  94. nevan free

    RIP Grandpa 💔 young’n forever

  95. wrestlingluva

    Grandpa had a fantastic taste in music. Sing it up there with Waylon AGP! ❤💔

    Aled Llyr

    dude55 It's not hos grandpa it's Angry Grandpa he is a internet sensation I've been watching him for years he recently passed away from cirrhosis of the liver :(

    Aled Llyr

    dude55 Go fuck yourself