Jennings, Waylon - Right For The Time Lyrics

Almost out of adolescence and into a world we didn't know
Not necessaryly love but in trouble with a fire down below
Looking back for a feeling it's just something far away and long ago
I can still recall the name but she's really someone I don't even know

But she was right for the time
She was right for the time but time has a way of moving on

I do recall a gypsy lady and a younger man in over his head
I was her believer taken in by every loving word she said
It was there for the first time the sweet and the bitter taste of love
When you're young and alive too much never seems to be enough

It seems the young and the innocent are drawn like a moth to a flame
To the wild and the reckless believing they are one in the same
She never found a way to separate the good from the bad
And she never understood that love was all we ever really had

She was right for the time but time has a way of moving on
With her eyes on tomorrow one day she turned around and I was gone
I'd have to say in a way she just might be better off alone
She was right for the time but time has a way of moving on

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Jennings, Waylon Right For The Time Comments
  1. Steel Horse Cowboy

    Adios seniorita ;)

  2. Custom Charly motocicletas

    Es el mejor waylon

  3. solarni danielsen

    good song

  4. Jose Luna

    Beautiful tune,,,as all ways from the hoss,

  5. Julian Sadler

    So sad but so true. Been there myself. A few. Times. It's. Very painfull. I. Really. Don't. Think you. Ever. Get. Your. First love. Waylon's. The. Best. So. Sad. He's. Gone.

  6. Howard Olson

    all about his first wife



  7. the taker

    why saying great tune from Waylon they are obviously all great tunes, 15 yrs you've left us i love you Waylon we miss you.

  8. argee36

    No one could sing a song like Waylon.

  9. James Truax

    tgiho officio

  10. pecvillian

    Waylon wrote it.

  11. J Reina

    I love it. First time I've heard it. Who wrote it?

  12. flatroofer


  13. Ola B

    meget god

  14. pecvillian

    @MrRazorblade999 Yes he did, no doubt.

  15. D'Ascoyne

    He made great music until the end. Such a great singer.

  16. Stephen John Tyler

    Right for the Time is my favourite Waylon album, covering virtually every aspect of his much missed personality and talent. My favorite song on it is the confessional love song, The Most Sensible Thing, though every song is superb and the album as a whole has a coherence which makes it a truly edifying experience to listen to in its entirety. Unfortunately, it has been neglected by the professional arbiters of country music; it is not even available on iTunes in the UK, where I live.

  17. ♥Eden 宇山♥

    She was right for the time but Time has a way of moving on.!what a beautiful lyrics. THANKS.

  18. pecvillian

    @Clavier35 I'm glad you like it.

  19. Clavier35

    I like it so much ...

  20. pecvillian

    @akountreegal Glad you liked it Lin.

  21. akountreegal

    I can't believe I didn't see this sooner...very nice...Pictures of "the man" are awesome...Thank you for sharing...

  22. pecvillian

    @tecloyireland Yes indeed

  23. pecvillian

    Thanks Eddie. Glad you liked it.