Jennings, Shooter - The Gunslinger Lyrics

Stepped off of the train in this town
may look kind of strange, kind of rough all around
You don't know what I've been through
But you'd better not stare better watch your mouth boy
Don't be fool! No need to be scared,
but you need to be aware you think you own this town, huh,
I don't care the emperors they bear,
I'm just looking for some brothers in arms
and the woman with the long dark hair.

But don't call me an outlaw no,
I'm a motherfucking gunslinger
You wanna run your mouth all day long
You'd better keep your eye
on my motherfucking trigger finger
Do you feel me punk?
Do you feel me punk?
Do you feel me punk?
Do you feel me punk?

Some people think they know me
Think they can predict me,
Think they gotta dis me,
When I'm not around and when I come darking the door,
They get weak in the knees and crumble like a castle to the ground
'Cause they know I ain't taking no shit
I got a woman who left me,
white with a heart of cold stone
When they see the black in my eyes,
they see a man so deep in the red that it chills them to the bone.

But don't call me an outlaw no,
I'm a motherfucking gunslinger
You wanna run your mouth all day long
You'd better keep your eye
on my motherfucking trigger finger
Do you feel me punk?
Do you feel me punk?
Do you feel me punk?
Do you feel me punk?

I'm just cold as the day is long
and I'm lost in a lonesome song
so you best just move along
Gotta a right to be wrong

Oh, don't call me an outlaw
I'm a motherfucking gunslinger
You wanna run your mouth all day long
You'd better keep your eye
on my motherfucking trigger finger
Do you feel me punk?
Do you feel me punk?
Do you feel me punk?
Do you feel me punk?

I'm just cold as the day is long
and I'm lost in a lonesome song
so you best just move along
Gotta a right to be wrong

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Jennings, Shooter The Gunslinger Comments
  1. Johnathan-Eric Casler

    Just found this from Facebook, LOVE IT! 19.

  2. Jeff Payne

    I can relate to the gunslinger and outlaw you keep up the good work shooter I know Waylon is proud of you

  3. Mike Rust

    Gotta love Shooter

  4. TheRogueSquid

    Shits brilliant. Awesome stuff.

  5. TheRogueSquid

    5:45 “night night”

  6. Jagdeep Kaul

    Shooter Jennings ain't done yet. Laws no. Shooter has collaborated with Marilyn Manson-sai on a cover of The Doors song The End for the upcoming Dark Tower adaptation, currently being serialised into a television series by Amazon. Shooter and King know each other personally and are friends. Stephen King-sai has watched Shooter's Gunslinger video. King returned the favour by appearing as a creepy voice in between songs on one of Shooter's past albums. For the love of Gan, please Amazon do NOT fuck it up the way Sony did. Sony did a piss poor job at The Dark Tower movie they should be fuckin' ashamed of themselves. So fingers crossed people (what's left of them, get it? HA HA) that Amazon do a good job

  7. Charles Xavier

    Hile Gunslinger!

  8. Charles Xavier

    this video was 100x better than the Dark Tower movie

  9. John Doe

    Great song, fucking horrible music video. Who directed that shit?

  10. Greg Blackburn

    Shooter is a breath of fresh air in the sea of glamorous so called country singers, he's from true roots of country music and refuses the mainstream so keep it up Shooter Ol Waylon smiling down on ya and #OUTLAWSHIT

  11. Gunsquawk 44

    Trash mouth. Awful. Won't never even come close to Waylon.

  12. larry ballard

    Gimme sumpom to drank

  13. DBagg


  14. Jennifer A. Bailey

    Nice job

  15. James Lower

    Holy shit

  16. Nico.33

    Only a 160k views to go for 1 million.

  17. Brittany Releford


  18. Comedy cage CC

    RIP agp

  19. WolfNovels


  20. Barry Alan

    Yeah lets get ALL the hell out of our church's and our streets. Hey shooter even a bad Christian is better than any satan lover freak.

  21. Ginja Boy

    here from rogan

  22. Cody Harris

    This song should have been put in Red Dead Redemption 2 story

  23. 80s Baby

    This song is DOPE

  24. jose spanish

    This ones for eddie and spankerman!!!

  25. Levi Kenyon

    i need to read the books, great video and song, bad ass sax and horn work.

  26. David Johnson

    No! Lose the saxaphone

  27. BigHoss Outlaw

    Lyrical genius ..miss you bub..come back please

  28. billy biker

    I'm a mother fucking gun slinger!!!

  29. Ramborc

    342 people didn't keep their eye on the muthafuckin' trigger finger

  30. 80s Baby

    Love this song from Shooter

  31. Dylan Rodriguez

    Thank you for being so nice to AGP 😔💔 will always have respect for you!

  32. Nick James

    the song is hot garbage but I love the video and Dark Tower reference. I'm pretty much a Dark Tower nerd complete with a full sleeve tat dedicated to the novels

  33. alta pape

    um dumbass rendition, video wise. why would you agree to this ? you must have been high!

  34. Mumen Rider, Bicyclist for Justice

    Love the song.. better with eyes closed imagining Shooter singing to the sellouts.

  35. daniel san

    life of John Marston Red Dead Redemption LOL

  36. david counts

    pure sh==

  37. Kyle Saunders

    "The man in black fled into the desert, and the gunslinger followed"

  38. Clinton Watkins

    100x better than that horrid Dark Tower movie.

  39. Savage Tilley

    Punisher brought me back here. YEARS later.

  40. NecroVMX

    This 7 minute music video was better than the actual dark tower movie

  41. Walker McGraw, III.

    I really wanted to like this song, I expected his work to be more like Outlaw Country.

  42. Jerell Vest

    I don't get into his music. My opinion he needs to stop trying to be like his dad. He don't have the voice for country music. He should be doing rock

  43. Grizzly Country


  44. Aceman 69

    Awesome. But that saxophone needs to go. Great playing, but---

  45. Heath Davis

    Don't call me an Out law I'm a Mother Fu##in Gunslinger!!! Shooter is a Fuc#in Badass!!

  46. Rod Daniel

    Absolutely right.. he is not an outlaw . His dad was an outlaw . Get the hell outta here with them gay ass horns sounding like Michael Bolton

  47. Eric Hiscock

    Tomorrow Portland Maine can't wait to see him in concert

  48. Aiden McDaniel

    Love hearing a song like this while watching the barrel of a gun go up some religious cunts trap

    Poor gun

  49. Eric Hiscock

    Can't wait til concert in November in Portland Maine I am a huge fan

  50. Michael Myers

    wasn't there a faster version, it was better than this, and why is the sound so fucked up

  51. Crazy Horse's Only True Daughter

    Williamson, Jackson, and Franklin counties in Illinois.

    Your FAKE BULLSHIT stops right here.

  52. Ryan Bailey

    Sorry but his voice is sub par. Just my .02

    My voice sucks too Lol

  53. Andrew Bringaze

    You would suck your daddy's dick for fame.

  54. Jennifer A. Bailey

    Podcast me again and it can and WILL get a HO lot better for yuns....


  55. Avenged sevenfold is a good band

    I've noticed some subliminal messages he killed the anticrist and his followers I like this guy

  56. 79tazman

    This song is what I think about these Liberals in this Country trying to wipe their mental illness Ideology on everyone

  57. Axel Goldfarb

    Angry Grandpa concert!

  58. Marilee Denr

    I love poetry.Love it...❤

  59. Patrick Richardson

    I wish so much that he would continue songs to finish the story

  60. SmoovGroov

    I didn’t know. Now I do. Don’t fuck wit a gunslinger...

  61. still blaze

    Long days and pleasant nights

  62. Justin Warner

    Play gunslinger!!!!!

  63. Eddie Lawhorn

    Almost all of you I miss reading the message the song is about Lucifer his son in the demon Jezebel the woman with the long dark hair and the red dress that they show in every music video and every satanic thing a lot of Shooters music that's a show people what is going on to open up our eyes yes he did get the idea from Stephen King to look at the main message behind all this stuff wake up

  64. River Sparks

    Fuck me, this song's awesome.
    Good on you, Shooter.

  65. electropentatonic

    This song is so good.

  66. PVT. Dailey Classic

    This is entering??? Alrighty then...

  67. 610statestreet

    To many mushrooms shooter ....

  68. bryanshamrock83

    took him long enough to shoot Rosie O Donnell

  69. Kyle J.

    263 people have ghonneria and the rest have wicked fuckin taste to love this mutherfucker and his pop as well!!!!!

  70. James Headrick

    Walk IT
    No need to talk it

  71. FatalFortuneZ

    Shooter you are so underrated you deserve more subs and love than you get!

  72. Mike Wozny

    Don’t call me an outlaw

    I’m a mother fucking gunslinger !

  73. devinnunley11

    This sucks 😂😂😂 I'll stick to waylon lmao 😂😂

  74. The VCR King

    Who's listening after the death of AGP? R.I.P.

  75. Fourday

    Full diaper??

  76. Mike Oxbig

    Jesus fucking Christ!

  77. Mike Oxbig

    What’s that shit!,your Daddy would roll over in his grave if he Heard this shit.This is in no way the Legacy of our all country.

  78. Mr. Drama Lama

    liked it until the end

  79. TedB81

    Shooter wold be the best gunslinger

  80. TedB81

    but he loved that girl

  81. Mike Miskulin

    It's this music all of it that takes the breath outta me..

  82. Exploring with James

    Bodie California was a good backdrop for this video very red dead

  83. Christian Crafton

    Video looks like the setting of red dead redemption.

  84. Danny Kingston

    Every now and then a man loses his faith in music. And about once a year a motherfucker like Shooter Jennings shows up and lets me know that real music is still being produced. I know this is some country stuff (and honestly I don't like most country music) but on another level this could be considered white man's soul music. Thanks, Shooter.

  85. Derek Fletcher

    He sucks! Basically kid rock. So lame

  86. MENTOL Erwin

    Whoop, whoop

  87. Nick Franklin

    This is a fucked video but the song is awesome.

  88. scyllaandcharybdis

    Don't call me an outlaw!
    I'm a motherfuckin' gunslinger!!


    User image checks out

  89. Tam Da Bam

    He walks like a queer, wears $300 pants, holds his guns to keep his skinny jeans on, checks out a dudes ass in the church, then asks if the bartender has any meat....I had to stop watching there

  90. Cee Cee

    My current mood

  91. scyllaandcharybdis

    I'm the biggest Dark Tower fan in the world and I swear I must listen to this song about 19 times a week!


    I can tell from your profile pic lol. I'm barely on #3 the Wastelands

  92. hoss glover

    Love shooter keeping country real, just like his daddy.

  93. BBK

    The first like 2 min is really good the ending is flourd

  94. butch bragg

    wish the world was this video

  95. Joe Bale

    gotta say years back i watched cmt special on WAYLON i do belive THE OUTLAW is rolling in his grave im open to all kinds but this is pure shit

  96. Chris

    Is the beginning from a book or something? It's awesome