Jennings, Shooter - The Flying Saucer Song Lyrics

Do you know who you are?

Late last night, a searchlight
I saw a ball of fire streak across a midnight sky
I watched lower and lower, shrink and sink into
Into the silhouette morning
It wants to die

I said "Hey, you know I've got a lot in common with that light, alright"
Like a light with a fire
My life streaks across my span of time
As seen by those who live their lives
In search of light to help them
Through the long, dark, night, right

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Jennings, Shooter The Flying Saucer Song Comments
  1. tekola

    Great cover of Harry Nilsson's song

  2. bruce copeland

    I dig it

  3. Susan Colson Morson

    That it. I staying in tonight. See. If I cannot navigate to laptop etc. I not ready to drive wonder car