Jennings, Shooter - Summer Of Rage Lyrics

Chaos is hanging around.
Put your ear to the ground and shudder from the sound.
The death machine ain't slowing down.
It's gaining pound for pound.

A gas mask is a good tool in the summer of rage.
The building mass graves within the states.
You and I they'll vaccinate.
They're preparing us for an all out police state.

Hush,hush little child your world is going wild.
Can't trust nothing but the love in your momma's eyes.
Hush,hush little child salvation's in your smile.
Just wish I could be alive to see the whole thing in her eyes.

Our only weapon's total defiance.
Let our love for our neighbors guide us.
Speak loud when they try to silence.
Withhold when they try to fight us.

Hush,hush little child your world is going wild.
Can't trust nothing with the love in your momma's eyes.
Hush,hush little child salvation's in your smile.
Just wish I could be 'round to see the whole thing in her eyes.

Hush,hush little child your world is going wild.
Can't trust nothing with the love in your momma's eyes.
Hush, hush little child salvation's in your smile.
Just wish I could be 'round to see the whole thing in her eyes.

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Jennings, Shooter Summer Of Rage Comments
  1. DSMerkonmyface

    Definitely needs more views , I wonder who controls that lol

  2. warrior350yam

    Never forget 9/11

    Free Alex Jones

    Epstein didn’t commit suicide

  3. swordpoint9

    Great song . Discovered in infowars !

  4. SDaisyTx

    The scene at 1:00 where the TV cuts as the child looks at it.

  5. Tommy Miami

    Hey Shooter come to Toledo,Ohio Huntington Center and do a show you will like the crowd and the publicity trust me

  6. Jeck Simons

    here because of uncle Alex

  7. Michael Kraemer

    It is 2019. And the evil doers are censoring us hard like never before. God save us.

  8. Timothy Ray

    This song came out over 8 years ago. It was almost prophetic. Compared to what we see today, 2010-11 were childs play.

  9. Amy King

    Pink Floyd sound

  10. Ezekiel Whitmore

    Linked from alex jones/bill hicks. Before I figured out he's a Zionist gatekeeper.

  11. Himiko Toga kicks your ass

    with trump as president its coming the police state is nearing

  12. Michael Kraemer

    Alex Jones and Infowars heavily censored. Its 2018. This here is so close... nwo. We must resist the nwo.

  13. The Invisible World

    Got Here only because of Alex jones!!

  14. Mel Gibson

    Research #Qanon

    God Bless America.

  15. Jordan Peterson psychologist

    joe rogan sent me

  16. nightmisterio

    Ft. Myron Fagan 😊👍

  17. invalidcookie

    Oh shit ... Bath time?!

  18. invalidcookie

    Great intro music for the alex jones show.. Hey that 4 year old can read?

  19. Waterboy '97

    Just heard on the radio that "Alexa" will read bedtime stories to your kids. :-\ I immediately thought of this.

  20. Jordan Peterson psychologist

    reminds me of David Bowie

  21. Earl Cockerham

    Truth summed up in song! Prepare the Communist are on their A game,NWO, United Nations,

  22. Aaron Nisley

    another prediction come true

  23. Ben Jenkins

    Hey shooter thanks for introducing me to Carol S. Pearson, we are now friends in my social network.

  24. Billy Collins

    Summer of rage ,man silent tears falling down lifetime of truthhsrd to swallow this mountain that's building up in my throat. Infectious sorrow plagues the countryside tusnami washes over me tidlewaves 'burn

  25. Rye Guy

    this here's a lil different than electric rodeo.

  26. Michael Kraemer

    I for one will not put up with the summer of rage! Still enough American patriotism here to over turn this EVIL! I will die before you take away my guns! My life liberty and freedom!

  27. Cyber Warfare

    love this song mate

  28. joe56984

    This video/song should have 100X the views it does, great song and message!

  29. Carol Waterfill

    A Spontaine This Week Feature

  30. Anonymous Xenc

    Your Copyright Claim is worthless I give you the Finger!
    ';..;' ,.l., Fuck your censorship! You own nothing. Welcome to the Internet..
    Anonymous Is The Final Boss and You Should Damn Well Expect Us!

  31. Mesa97006

    Why the hell would you copyright claim against Police State 4: The Rise of FEMA ??
    Come correct or fade into irrelevance.

  32. Pablo Casanova

    This has a Bowie feel to it. no?

  33. MrHeavychevy86

    I wish I could make this go viral.

    Sumtik MeOff

    Then do so.

    Bad Guacamole

    I thought i was a huge Shooter fan until Shooter pops up in Dark Tower reddit forum.. I had no idea this existed.

  34. horsefaceemily


    Ezekiel Whitmore

    Oy voy!!! Anti semite

  35. Allen Camilleri

    A hippy stir the pot trip is as far from what one person sad as we are from the equator. this is a project. like someone said,there's nothing knew time and again",Iggy Pop, the stones any one, why W Jr? censored from the air 4 ever in 76? for an album that had only reached 15,000 sales, had no videos. I have the C.D. a friend mastered W Steven King being a radio Announcer setting up a format for 7 of 9 songs.Steven King found W Jr.Wanted in.step by step they show how it comes about.

  36. guillo rivera

    Share as much as possible. The sheep MUST wake up.

    Drew Mcwhortor

    We DID!
    Gordon Duff
    Terror Conference

    Trump President
    WHO is Last?

  37. Michael Kraemer

    Here because of Alex Jones

    Bad Guacamole

    What was that? Bill Hicks, you say?

    Michael Kraemer

    ^Can't read but will think his knowledge is greater than mine. Classic.

  38. Wendy Pettie

    Very Cool Shooter you should work with me sometime I am real Cool !!!!

  39. Randall Weaver

    sounds 70ish hippie guru maina big brother establishment stir the shit bit

  40. SomeOneElse

    still a great song and so pertinent 2016

    Drew Mcwhortor


    HRC Exposed
    HUMA Exposed
    PODESTA Exposed
    SOROS Exposed
    WHO is Last?


  41. Master Sethern

    Freedom must not be very popular, lol... This song has been out for 5 years now, and only 70,000 views. No one is actively looking for freedom groups or nothing. The world is fucked, it's so damn fucked it's impossible. Please, man this is crazy...

    Rusty Shackelford

    @Master Sethern
    agreed,but how are you going to get money and influence out of politics?the American people are too stupid to understand the difference between free market and crony capitalism or as we know it corporatism

    Master Sethern

    @Zap Brannigan
     Good question, considering the Communist run the education system, media, and basically our entire lives. As time keeps going, and education and media continue to brain wash people it becomes less and less of a chance that we'll be able to survive as free people, and return the country back to a free minded Republic, instead of the Globalist/Communistic government it's moving into. I think the only want to fix it would be violent revolution, because you'll never change it through the minds of the people. No one is stronger than mass mandatory brainwashing from 5 until however old you are when you're out of the University.

    Rusty Shackelford

    +Master Sethern I concur,we are on the Titanic and the band plays on

    Master Sethern

    @Zap Brannigan
    Sadly enough, unfortunately, it's going to be a situation where we have to abandon the people that no matter how hard you try to convince them that there is an iceberg ahead of everyone because you've seen the same story over, and over again. You've just got to accept the idea that you can't save everyone and instead you just save as many people as you can and leave the rest behind to be destroyed. Though, I don't necessarily believe quite yet that the titanic is sinking, we're basically only a few seconds away from the Iceberg nonetheless and the Captain of the ship doesn't seem to give a damn.

    Rusty Shackelford

    I hope you are right

  42. Andy aka Rudolf Hessiansack

    When I Heard this 2 years ago = DOWN WITH NWO!!!!

    Hearing it now = Burn out!! And....... How naive n stupid ive been!!

    Still a great tune.....and to the newbie's......TAKE IT EASY......CHIP AWAY AT THE BASTARDS SLOWLY.......and.......DONT GO AT EM FULL BALL/ALL GUNS BLAZI'N.......You'll get there with patience and strategy. Peace.

  43. Susan Colson Morson

    public my comments

  44. Rod Davis

    Hard to beleive this is waylons son but it delivers a good message about what is going on in america.

  45. Brad Collins

    I get chills everytime I hear "They're preparing us for an all out police state."  This shit is really happening people.  Get ready.

  46. vivian greer

    Chaos is hangin’ around
    Put your ear to the ground
    And shudder from the sound
    The death machine ain’t slowin’ down
    It’s gainin’ pound for pound

    A gas mask is the couture in the summer of rage
    They’re building mass graves within the states
    You and I, they’ll vaccinate
    They’re preparin’ us for an all out Police State

    Hush, hush, little child, 
    your world is goin’ wild
    Can’t trust nothin’ but the love in your momma’s eyes 

    Hush hush, little child, 
    Salvation’s in your smile
    Just wish I could be alive
    To see the whole river rise


    Our only weapon’s total defiance
    Let our love for our neighbors guide us
    Speak loud when they try to silence
    Withhold when try to fight us


    Hush, hush, little child, 
    your world is goin’ wild
    Can’t trust nothing but the love in your momma’s eyes 

    Hush, hush, little child, 
    Salvations in your smile
    Just wish I could be alive
    To see that holy river rise

    Hush, hush, little child, 
    your world is runnin’ wild
    Can’t trust nothing but the love in your momma’s eyes 

    Hush, hush, little child, 
    Salvations in your smiles
    Just wish I could be alive
    To see that holy river rise

  47. JoserTheDirector

    cool, begining sounds like blade runner, no dis-respect, sounds great

    The Logician

    +JoserTheDirector Blade Runner was an amazing movie. I don't see how that could be disrespectful.

  48. _KwiK_

    "Can't trust nothing but the love in your mother's eyes."

  49. The Berean Examiner

    That sounds like Myron Fagan speaking in the background towards the end.

  50. Kaiser Ettow

    Haven't listened to this song in 2 and a half years and there couldn't be any other song to fit what's going on right now

  51. mreisma

    Alex jones sent me. Great music

    Jeck Simons

    LOL, DAMN! 3 years later, I was just introduced to this song. He still plays it, apparently. Great song. :)

  52. InfinitySplitDa456

    This is great, so relevant for what we are probably heading into this summer of 2015.

    Heard this on the Jones Show

    Drew Mcwhortor


    GOOD Actor

    4 10 20



  53. Adam Chester

    fucking good fucking shit this is good fuck

    cobalt blue

    @Adam Chester Fucking really? I agree. Even though you have a huge elephant in your room and dont see it. Arms around washington. Huge the sillyness out of the capital.

  54. SIA_ROG

    Great song.

  55. Stokjockey

    Here's to Curfew in Ferguson, Missouri Tonight !!!


    I was there for all of that

  56. Elextacytheband

    Shared this more than 100 different pages and profiles on Facebook, awesome song and message.

    Drew Mcwhortor

    Good JOB ANON
    Did you think you were ALONE?
    IF you were to talk to Q, would you Know?
    WHO IS Q?





  57. Cj Goodings

    Some straight up f****** truth about the state of the union here in the states... Death of the constitutional republic (1776-2001) RIP


    Cj Goodings the constitutional republic died with the act of 1871. What we are seeing is the death of democracy at the hands of something even worse.

  58. Dean Holcomb

    Shootyou have been away from home too long you need to come home for a visit! Love hillbilly red! From Minnesota!

  59. trancebeats101

    So much truth in this song and video, that it hurts... I wish more people could see what's unraveling right in front of them. =[

    Drew Mcwhortor

    5 Years Later
    Trump President
    NXIVM on Trial
    HRC Exposed
    Crimes Exposed
    Bye Bye Swamp

  60. FourOne Two

    The real enemy is inside each of us. Do not lash out at the symptoms.

  61. Dean Holcomb

    No it is how things are! And no it is all the truth! Shoot we love ya . RED!

  62. Rusty Shackelford

    love this video,television is presented to you as entertainment but it is actually a mind control device,most people will laugh at that statement,we as a spieces are doomed if we dont awaken and recognize what corporations are and who they represent,its game over for mankind


    Agreed. Love the name btw

    Rusty Shackelford

    +Stan Smith I see you get a kick out of subversive cartoons as well,the conspiracy is starting to be unveiled lets hope the evil ones plans fail


    I believe it's going to get a lot worse before it gets better but as a Christian I know the final outcome will be the the eradication of wickedness from this earth.



    Lucy Swann's Not So Safe Space

    Love this video! It wraps up what’s been going on for at least 100 years, on a backdrop of intense, truthful music. I admit, having to work full time just to help my husband pay basic bills; had me handing my children over to the State (public school). Being a “zombie” myself after work, lead me to watching television in my living room doing endless laundry, while they played games/watched TV in their rooms. I “got woke” during the confederate movement era. Learned then: NEVER TRUST MOVEMENTS. They may begin with good intentions, but they’re only the stepping stones to total destruction and domination. I realized then that I was paving my children’s road to their future with the “wholesome, goodness” provided on television. I noticed the gradual infiltration of immorality into what I was lead to believe was good. It was gradual, ever so much so. People need to wake UP NOW! It may already be too late. I pray for my people; humans.

  63. Son Of Perdition

    Take it from a Brit,if you Americans give up your guns..... its over.When they destroy America and all that it stands for  they will instigate a world government.

    Rusty Shackelford

    I am glad to hear from a fellow human who is not under thought control,I respect your viewpoint and used to agree with it ,but I am much more pessimistic than i used to be about a second american revolution ever taking place.I believe a much more likely scenario is that the financial collapse will take place and out of that chaos a race war will ensue giving the conspiracy the opportunity to consolidate power through marshal law or possibly they will just use false-flag terrorism and war to keep the peoples loyalty through manipulation of their tribalistic instincts either way i believe you grossly underestimate the level of ignorance  and child like simplicity of the average american lets hope that i am wrong and you are right

    Son Of Perdition

    You would definitely know more about the American public's state of mind than i would,all i know is from the perspective of an onlooker and that is in no way as clear as it would be if i was in your shoes.It's worrying that so many people in the U.S are still oblivious to the truth and makes it harder to stay optimistic knowing that,i feel like i'm already backed into a corner by my pessimism.Part of me knows that it will play out in the way that you state it will,i just try to look on the positive side (such as it is).funny thing is i was expecting to get remarks from Americans that it wasn't as bad as all that,that i was only seeing the extreme side in the info that makes it out of the U.S,sad to see that that isn't the case.

    Rusty Shackelford

    well as i said most people in my country,and that includes those with advanced educations in most instances,are extremely childlike and terribly dumb when it comes to human nature and understanding what the lofty goals of the founding fathers were  and how  the writing of the constitution was to act as a check and balance to the inevitable reappearance  of tyranny that is always the instrument of the few.


    Thanks mate! I see a lot of comments from Brits and Australian's who think they know Americans and think firearms are the root of the problem. Those two stances tell me they know jack shit.

    Hole-Saw Bear

    Hang in there, We're waking up. We'll help you get your country back once we're done taking out our trash.(edit: grammar)

  64. curvain

    needs more views

  65. Uplifting Comments

    Im going back to sleep wake me when it is my turn to die.

  66. Edward Collins

    And yet we awake. Got the time, Cuz? Ever present Now, Brother.

  67. Edward Collins

    But I prefer Raisins.

  68. Edward Collins

    Yeah, but that was 3 weeks ago. It's an outmoded opinion.

  69. chikenguggitz

    It's too late to wake the masses.

  70. Carl Wilkinson

    Best song ever and intense as fuck!

  71. Oh Noe

    Alex jones show brought me here :)

  72. FinnPicker /Juho Joru

    From Finland. Do not give up! Fight back your government and overthrow it.

  73. Steve Smith

    @FreestylaBoy, we are not planning to. They have to take them by force only.

  74. Steve Smith

    @Jose, gun related crime may have reduced but you fail to mention that your precious gun ban cause an increase of 300% of other violent crimes. Therefore, your argument is invalid. Cars, knives, baseball bats, and tobacco causes more deaths than firearms. And most gun related crime is in cities that have the most strict gun laws. Gun control does not work. Period.

  75. Daniel Jones

    Shooter, never give up this type of music, it what defines you from all the other self obsessed BS artists in the world.

  76. Sir Comrade

    Down with the Police-state.


    awesome sound

  78. Dan Fernandes

    More "civilians" in the US die from guns every year than soldiers in the US Army. The number one cause of death in the US Army is suicide. Tens-of-thousands die each year through gun related incidents in the US; compare that to the country I was raised in - England - and you get 51. 51 deaths by guns last year compared to 83 deaths by guns A DAY in the US. Your logic is laughable.

  79. Dan Fernandes

    Great tune. But these people regurgitating Alex Jones - a man that is still alive despite shouting out shocking truths; something more powerful & famous people have died for for saying a lot less - don't realise how much they have, & I'm afraid they've become decadent. A greed & lust for materialism.

    I live in Thailand but grew up in London from a middle-class background. I'm self-employed with not a penny's help from anyone & here, although people have less, they're happier. Itsara as we say.

  80. Trent simmons

    ur an idiot. 1 word. bush

  81. Will Edmonds

    long live the republic

  82. YUup di

    Good song

  83. Dusco25

    They need to do a redo on the video badly.. showing the police state it self

  84. Dusco25

    awesome song but the video is pure shit

  85. deakon452876

    4 more years pfff. dont tell me you follow alex jones to. the mans a fraud. if you really want to learn information i suggest looking up real heroes of america like JFK, Robert kennedy, MLK, William cooper. not some phony fraud who just wants money.

  86. Jonny Augz

    this brings tears to my eyes

  87. grimgrudge

    what do you mean 4 more years??

  88. Ronniegotohelget

    Makes me feel like I'm going to die in 7 days.

  89. importsstillsuck

    intro is pissing me off....hurry the fuck up.

  90. 1049 393

    deconstruction is different than destruction. It has knowledge of its own undoing at the end of time.

  91. MasterWitchDoctor

    the police state is here, only thing holding back complete tyranny is the right to bare arm which is why they're trying to take our guns. I advise everyone to bury them until the take over starts. We can beat them and will, and don't let drones scare you, I'm an open source software engineer, I can bring them down with my laptop just like Iran did last year. They're not invincible like they'd have you think.

  92. MrGrowsontrees

    The cremation of care.

  93. FreestylaBoy

    america don't give up your guns. From Norway

  94. Andr3asAces

    yea this is just sick

  95. ChernovFan100

    Thought so...

  96. infamousinjun


  97. BETalvi85

    Wait for it...

    BE Talvi, 2012