Jennings, Shooter - Little White Lines Lyrics

I got a problem seems I could use your advice
Of all the things I need the most and went and got myself a brand new vice
The first time that I did it I did it till the mornin' sun came
And now those little white lines, little white lines gonna sizzle up my brain
I woke up this mornin' didn't recognize my own face
I was lookin' thin and pale, boys, with little lines all over the place
Sometimes I wake up with my woman sometimes another man's girl
And all those little white lines, little white lines gonna set fire to my whole world

Little white lines on the highway
Ill pick you up if you're goin' my way and you wanna roll
All those little white lines pullin' me down the highway
Its a dusty, bumpy road if you're goin my way

Got myself in a little mess got busted down around Abilene
I was goin' way to fast boys feelin' lonesome, on'ry and mean
That judge said: Shave your face boy I'm kickin' you down the line
Now those little white lines, little white lines got me doin 20 years of hard time

Oh no! Take me back to the way it was now boy!

[Shooter talks]

Little white lines on the highway
Ill pick you up if you're goin' my way and you wanna roll
All those little white lines pullin' me down the highway
Its a dusty, bumpy road if you're goin my way

Yes Sir
Oh yes Sir
Yes Sir
No I haven't been drinking tonight
Oh my wife's license I think I left them in my other pants
These pills are for my back... I have a bad back.
You want me to what? I ain't getting out of this car
You want me to take what? What if I refuse
Ah Man you want me to shave my what?
Oh Hell not this again
Hey man these cuffs are a little too tight.

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Jennings, Shooter Little White Lines Comments
  1. William Rickard

    Shooter this is why I have stopped listening to mainstream music and started listening to music by guys like Struggle Jennings, Ryan Upchurch, Colt Ford, Adam Calhoun etc

  2. Charles Dodson

    You are your dad made over

  3. Gannon Phillips

    Angry grandpa ??

  4. Truth_ isBeauty

    I hear a little of his dad's voice in there, resembles him in appearance too. Nice.

  5. Jerry Wary

    Preach it my country brother 👍🤟

  6. Derek Stephens

    He is one good singer 🎤

  7. Jonathan Chapman

    I knew of this long before the punisher

  8. William Wesley

    Check out Struggle Jennings on the Hip Hop Tip... More OutLaw flow..

  9. Hank Hill

    Saw jelly roll and struggle. Awesome song man!

  10. Dan daman

    right on shooter...

  11. Whey Jennings


    Droppin truth

  13. Ken Dixon

    A M E N

  14. Black Vein

    So good..

  15. 79tazman

    There is no Outlaws in Country anymore Waylon and Willie back in the 70's was it now everyone tries to copy them but they are nothing compared to Waylon Jennings in my opinion

  16. Giggler

    The start is good, ruined it with the pick up. Should have kept it low and smooth

  17. Greg Blackburn

    Take note Luke,Jason and Kenny this is real truth about you glitter cowboys on todays radio! Shooter refuses mainstream to keep from being a sell out like his daddy sang against! #REALOUTLAWSHIT

  18. sniperg

    Angry grandpa?

  19. Lord Lhus TV

    Is this song about “Savage Jennings”?
    It would make sense...

  20. Jessie Garcia

    They use to call me outlaw ha ha f I still outlaw I

  21. Jesse Schulz

    How the hell did I not know this SOB existed? Hell yeah 🤘

    charles mayer

    I was just saying the same thing! Lol.

  22. Roger Rice

    He looks like his dad. Doesn't sound like him. Has his own voice

  23. Rain on the Plains

    I love you so much Shooter Jennings. From the beginning.

  24. Mobile Legend Fantasy

    i came here because of AGP salute for spending time with grandpa

  25. tyler jensen

    I think they need to shoot a new video for this song, this song is too important to not have a great and powerful video.

  26. John Coleman

    Hell yeah ... the truth is spoken You're dad would be proud

  27. Jay Edens

    Jelly and struggle showing uncle shooter some love 💯👍

  28. therockkkkher

    RIGHT ON BROTHA !!! but we got to talk about this "classical album" on your label black country rock media.

  29. Hillary Hitler

    A true artist just like his father to bad main stream media don’t make him bigger

  30. eleni Kominos


  31. Ayble YT

    Angry grandpa ??

  32. Maxwell Reinke

    Shooter Jennings is my favorite country singer.

  33. Cristóbal Calderon

    I get home from a long day, put on the radio
    Lookin' for some country soul, but I don't find it, no
    It's a dirt road free for all, some old boys sayin' they're outlaws,
    They dress the part and they talk the talk
    You know they've been taught to walk the walk
    These boys think they're tough like they been robbin' banks
    Cause they name drop Johnny Cash and they name drop poor old Hank
    Hey pretty boy in the baseball hat
    You couldn't hit country with a baseball bat
    Country ain't just about where you're at
    It's about bein' true to what's inside
    You say you're an outlaw with your perfect boots
    That you got from your record label's image group
    Sing another man's song with a big drum loop
    Listen, son, you ain't got a clue
    You can't buy true, tell you what they should do
    They should outlaw you
    Let me paint a picture for you, Nashville in '62
    The formula had proven true, they didn't let nothing new through
    When Waylon came to town, they didn't like his original sound
    They tried hard to keep him down, they tried hard to starve him out
    But he kept playin' shows and pressin' on, chippin' away, song by song
    After years and years of strugglin' strong, he got his chance and he took it to #1
    With "This Time" back in '74, with his band in the back and 4 on the floor
    That one record busted down the door and the record labels had the control no more
    Then in '76 came the Outlaws record, sold the first million in country music ever
    Those old boys with long hair and braids stayed true to their sound and freed the slaves
    And all these years later, the suits got back their grip
    They took the outlaw concept and they re-packaged it
    And there's a million Ol Waylon fans
    Singin' "Don't y'all think this outlaw bit has gotten way out of hand"
    Hey pretty boy in your cowboy hat
    You couldn't hit country with a baseball bat
    Country ain't just about where you're at
    It's about bein' true to what's inside
    You say you're an outlaw with your perfect boots
    That you got from your record label's image group
    Sing another man's song with a big drum loop
    Listen, son, you ain't got a clue
    You can't buy true, tell you what they should do
    They should outlaw you
    They should outlaw you
    Hey pretty boy in the baseball hat
    You couldn't hit country with a baseball bat
    Country ain't just about where you're at
    It's about bein' true to what's inside
    You say you're an outlaw with your perfect boots
    That you got from your record label's image group
    Sing another man's song with a big drum loop
    Listen, man, you ain't got a clue
    You can't buy true, tell you what they should do
    They should outlaw you

  34. Wysteria Herr

    Had the privilege to see him perform this live last week. I sang along at the top of my lungs. It was awesome.

  35. Scott Williams

    I seen that guy walking down the road. He was later taken to a mental hospital

  36. Jose Luis

    I camr bc of angry grandpa

  37. Rain on the Plains

    Shooter, I've said it a million times. Love this song and also your Black Ribbons album. You are so real. Unlike "the system". You are an inspiration to me. Cuz you're not afraid of repurcussions. I admire that. You're not in it for money... just validation. And I sooooo admire that. You are validated by us that see YOU and your talent!

  38. J Headrick

    Still ROCKING IT SHOOTER!!!!!!!!

    J Headrick

    Just saw strugg, and jelly, hell yes!!!

  39. Atanarjuat

    Does he write his own music?

  40. Firebird1984

    I guess Jason Aldean or Luke Bryan made 991accounts to dislike this song

  41. American Man

    Did kids stop saying yes, sir and no, sir or stuff like that. Now, it’s “naw bro” . Where is the respect.

  42. mac423

    When you know your dad was something truly special.. and you see frauds trying to rip off his image and legacy... F Nashville. I'll take the real low man.. the real outlaw... the one thats been forgotten... The one that has struggled. That man is at least genuine.

  43. lukão lindão

    Segunda temporada do Justiceiro se ñ fosse ela jamais teria ouvido essa música muito boa .

    Avp Pr

    Procura pelo pai dele Waylon Jennings...

  44. Anthony

    Completely forgot about this song, cheers Adult Swim for reminding me of a better time!

  45. Brian Burgess

    Country sure isn't what it use to be. But IT'S sure better than country rap.

  46. Anonymous

    Wow, way to cut others down to boost yourself up. Big chip on his shoulder is what I hear. Big EGO. Nice to pay respect to your dad though. I did just hear his slam of Garth Brooks though so I may be hearing his distain for others who he deams aren't country enough. I say I love all the good old country music. I've been a country fan since I was a kid and I am 53. Love Willie and his dad and the Highway men and Alabama, George Straight .... I don't like the real pop sounding music. But I do love some of the new Artists. Miranda Lambert, Toby Keith, Keith Urban are all great. I did like some of Garths songs too. I say listen to what you like and let people sing what they want. The more music we have to choose from the better.

  47. Brittany Howard

    Song was made on my b-day

  48. MattO Photo Chattanooga

    Shooter is the man for his time and place, he just fits right in there. Abide on brother.

  49. Ninja Yoshi [GD]

    Who came here from agp? Angry grandpa

  50. Matt Curlee

    I was brought here because im a shooter fan

  51. Rain on the Plains

    Shooter you are special

  52. Rain on the Plains

    Awesome vid. My feelings exactly

  53. Daniel Callahan

    Hell yeah Shooter!


    Damn Shooter put up some new videos brother!!

  55. nordzville

    Epic Classic and Forever Relevant

  56. lovin every minute of it

    I have not been listening to a lot of country music, but I honestly love the style that have been bringing ....its amazing BC it brings the southern comfort of great Southern rock with a blend of new generation styles and beats....job well done !!! I LOVE THIS ONE

    Andrew Jutrzonka

    lovin every minute of it I have listened to country music my whole life and I’m only fourteen and I love his music especially family man album. The long road ahead song is like this but it’s my favorite. Shooter is all I listen to.

  57. Barry Alan

    whaddatheymean I can't get drunk with my friends even get a fist fight while talking my women into racing ol'boy before we fu%%

  58. Shane Faulkner

    Omg this is awful video but awesome song

  59. Ricky Hunt

    Shooter Jennings
    Chris Stapleton
    Whiskey Myers
    Eric Church
    Scott H. Biram
    Cody Jinks
    Sturgill Simpson
    The White Buffalo
    Eric Strickland
    Tyler Childers
    Uncle Lucius
    Colter Wall

    Yay It's Ed

    Where is struggle at

    Marshall See

    Ricky Hunt
    Hank 3
    Stapleton lead any list
    Ones the devil and the other is a saint
    No ones judging which tho😜💪🇺🇸

    Edward Hill

    Now that is a hell of a lineup. Thank god people still know what real country music is

    Dirk Diggler

    If anyone listens to and enjoys the named artists and calls themselves a conservative I got news for u...ur not a conservative. Last time I checked conservatives were against drinkin (in excess) ,druggin, fornicatin, and every other good ol plain fun American thing they write and sing about. Maybe go check out luke or Taylor to listen to while u stroke to Fox news. Just a thought.

    ratherb fishin

    Im gettin old but Hank 3!!!! Cuz im cruzin these backroads runnin for my life cuz the sheriff wants to kill me cuz i fucked his wife!!!! The only good mosh pit ive been in since pantera at ozzfest... and country as hell!!!

  60. Ricky Hunt

    Shooter leading the Charge against Bullshit Country just like his Daddy did with Are you sure Hank Done it this way. Like Father Like Son.

  61. Ricky Hunt

    This is the Song that turned me on to Shooter Jennings years ago still my favorite by him. Love that he called out Bullshit Outlaws like Jason Aldean, Justin Moore, etc. Of course Shooter is a real Country Artist leading the charge at the manufactured Country by Nashville like Luke Bryan, Blake Shelton, Florida Georgia line, Lady Antebellum etc. The Revival becomes stronger each year with New Artists trying to make Real Country Music like Chris Stapleton, Whiskey Myers, Eric Church, Sturgill Simpson, Cody Jinks, Etc.

  62. Kane Mckane

    The punisher brought me here 🔥

  63. Mateo Campos

    Angry Grandpa brought me here years ago with the Shooter show prank, not Punisher. Miss you Grandpa.. The only death on a Youtuber that broked my heart.....

  64. jennifer pesak

    They never said that name comes in many styles with tears and pain comes with the name “OUTLAW” hope they are ready for it...

  65. Jesse Bookout

    Awesome song Shooter!!! We need more real outlaws!

  66. Jeremy 77

    Surely they made him wear the devil worshipping illuminati shirt, it's a damn shame.


    What makes u think so?

  67. Alexander Murphy

    This struggles brother or something?

  68. Wild Bills Customs


  69. Myra kay Poncho


  70. Authorized User

    that hipster shirt and the name shooter doesnt make you an outlaw

  71. Charles henson

    Diamond in the rough

  72. Jeanne Everett

    Waylon was the best of the best. Love this video.

  73. Myron Magruder

    You know he was thinking of Luke Bryant when writing this lol i hate pop country

  74. Rain on the Plains

    wow your lyrics are amazing.

  75. MRDH33.0

    Guess ol hank didn’t do it this way

  76. michael tompkins

    Hey Shooter, grew up listening to your dad. You bring it all back. Keep going.

  77. Victoria Steckler

    Jim Brown I love you!

  78. Wild Bills Customs

    Yeah think there so tough would not make it through the ROUGH !!

  79. Reuben Kincaid

    New to Shooter's work, and I'm only a minor country (outlaw only) fan, but this is EXACTLY what the country music industry (ie: Nashville) needed to hear in 2011. Doesn't seem like they got the message, though. I can't listen to ANY "new" country, but I'll sure be checking Waylon's son out now. Kudos!

  80. KC Tanto 8

    Shooter is 100% right!!!! Theese soft sensative singers today think they r country music. Well look at what ghey drink for one : mineral water, THEY SHLD B DRINKING JACK DANIELS LIKE THERES NO TMRW, HANGING OUT DAY & NIGHT N ROUGH ASS BARS, NOT DANCE CLUBS, USE HARD DRUGS, HAVE A DIFFERENT GURL EACH NIGHT. POP SPEED TO KEEP U GOING, GET N FIGHTS. Now none of that stuff is good for u, but it will bring out the best. I feel so sorry for these singers & bands this day and time, THEY GET MADE FUN OF & LAUGHED AT. Their taking the easy road. KID ROCK WAS THE LAST COUNTRY, ROCK AND RAP SINGER TO COME OUT, THERE HASN'T BEEN 1 SINCE HIM. THIS DAY AND TIME U CANT TELL IF ITS A MALE OR FEMALE SINGING. The people today r just too scared to hurt peoples feelings. They have no balls & kick ass atitude. Its all yes sir, yes mam, im sorry i said that. They need to b fuck ya i said it & if u don't like it , who cares. They nd to get wild, roudy, get drunk and high as a Georgia pine & jam out on speed & keep going just like ALL the old timers did. U know what gave u that sound u tapped ur foot to, or kept a beat? Thats right, ALL that stuff put n one plus a killer rough voice. WE NEED THEIR SPIRITS TO COME GET N US TO GIVE US THAT SOUL SOUND. PLEASE

  81. Sherri Mitchell

    His dad would be so proud of him

  82. Timmy Rex

    Straight from The Punisher s02

  83. doordieace5high

    Waylon brought me here. Not some stupid YT or Punisher nonsense.

  84. Daniel Chico

    Shooter is bad ass

  85. Jesse James

    Wow bro your right we should outlaw him

  86. Randall Gardner

    Was fortunate enough to share the stage with this guy last year.. great artist .. super cool guy ... and his band are some of the nicest folks I’ve met .. hope we get to do it again..


  87. Misty Lynn

    Great track Shooter

  88. Sherri Mitchell

    His daddy would be so proud

  89. Blueberryking

    Yeah fuck Luke bryan

  90. Th3AngryPooch

    I love the song but I don’t understand why he gets on artists for singing other peoples songs when the old artists sang other people’s songs too (not all the time I’m just saying)

  91. Fabrice Axele

    The Punisher season 2... Thanks a lot NETFLIX! Who else got an account???

  92. Justin Smith

    I'd say this is the most true song today I hate modern "country" hardly anyone is actually country anymore it's all what I call pop with a southern accent it's to the point I don't listen to the radio anymore just the stuff I grew up on like hank and waylon

  93. ღ Naru 幸せの花

    The punisher...

  94. tj NightmarE

    I've been listing shooter jennings for long time BC of his daddy not like y'all come from BC y'all herd from a show are angry grandpa and thats how figure out about angry grandpa BC of shooter

  95. Christy Thornton

    Swing ! Batter , batter swing !

  96. Micah Elliott

    If y'all want country radio check out the BEAR in North Carolina