Jennings, Shooter - Last Light Radio 11:57 PM Lyrics

Time's winding down friends. The witching hour is almost upon us.
I can't tell you how much I'll miss our night rides together.
When I push back from this mike and get out of the
old chair with a broken seat, that's when the sadness starts.
The moon is full tonight, and the silence is rich.
In our time together we've seen crooked politicians
hauled squealing into the courts,
we've exposed toad stool hypocrites to the light of day.
We've even won a victory of two for human rights.
We said "Yes We Can" and for awhile, yes we could.
Sometimes we fought the law and the law didn't win.

But this time, they've divided us so they could conquer us.
Remember one thing though: they can muzzle me,
but they can't muzzle the love and truth in your heart.
Lies will still be exposed and injustice can still be overturned.
It's not too late.
The truth can still set you free.
Guard the love in your heart.
Guard the truth.
Here's another truth.
Here's When the Radio Goes Dead.

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Jennings, Shooter Last Light Radio 11:57 PM Comments
  1. Ben Jenkins

    Stephen king as whil o the wisp

  2. Evolutionism requires FAITH

    Its time to use our voices and put a stop to the governments BS befor its to late..and repent and find Jesus Christ he is the only way to heaven