Jennings, Lyfe - When It's Good Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
We go through our changes like
Anybody else do
But the difference is
I love you enough to not judge you or rush
Into premature decisions

'Cause if loving you is wrong
I don't wanna be... wrong
But this feeling is so strong
It overrides what I want
It makes me weak, it makes me see God more
But your ways to handle the wars that we go through
Instead of running out, shame on you

'Cause curiosity killed the cat
But this old dog ain't having none of that
When it's bad it's bad

When it's good
Let me say that one more time
I say... when it's good
It's really, really good
When it's good
I said... when it's good
It's really, really, really, really good

[Verse 2:]
We're going through our ups and downs like
Any other couple
But the difference is
I never been the one
To get mad and run
At the first sign of trouble

And if forgiving you is weak
Then I guess that I'm weak
Or maybe I'm just growing becoming better at showing you
It's okay to make mistakes as long as
You admit you were wrong
And we can move on
And let bygones be bygones

'Cause curiosity killed the cat
But this old dog ain't having none of that
When it's bad it's bad

When it's good
Let me say that one more time
When it's... when it's good
Baby it's really good
It's really, really good
So good, so good
Nothing's ever been this good

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Jennings, Lyfe When It's Good Comments
  1. Savage Conquest

    "I've never been the one to get mad and run at the first sign of trouble."

  2. Samantha Maugans

    This that shit baby #Lyfe all day

  3. Cheryl Long

    💯💯 💯

  4. SAM L

    My favorite all time artist

  5. Lexie Marshall

    My babe of 10 1/2 years asked me. If I could pick just "ONE" song to describe us. What would it be? And I picked this song. What can I say when it's bad it's bad but it's good it's really really good! He could always change it from bad to good! #theloveofmylife

  6. playboy playboy

    I Listen to this song 10times tonite already

  7. Felecia I

    That is a good song very good

  8. Mike Lee

    This is one of the realist songs I ever heard.

  9. Shawn Williams

    Lyfe Jennings songs have real meanings🔥

  10. Lavoris White

    I was just telling my girl this the other day. Dam Lyfe you the truth. One of your biggest fans

  11. Giordani Jean-Baptiste

    this man rite here is a great artists its like he reads ur mind because he damn sure answered the problens between me and my girl

  12. anastasia woods

    how do you guys know hes not a good dad who on here carried his seed ill wait

  13. anastasia woods

    man they sleeping on my baby


    do you have The Tree of Lyfe Album

  14. Lamel Jarvis

    Why is this guy not a mega star

    De Sorrell

    Because he speaks and writes about the truth! The music industry ain't ready for Lyfe Jennings! I rock with my boy!

  15. Jimmy Jenkins

    If forgiving you is weak, then I guess im...weak! 👍👍REAL MUSIC!

  16. Rica Boone

    I loveeeeeeee this song , Lyfe is truly blessed .

  17. Charlene Perry

    I love all of his music...Songs have a meaning.. Love you lyfe Jennings

  18. Andrea Allen

    He sung this> When I think everything is bad...."It's Really Gooood!!!! Thank You Lyfe. Your music really gets down in my spirit. Love Your Music...

  19. CPowell

    Sometimes it's so bad, but I love him anyway.

  20. CPowell

    I love you enough to not judge you....that's so powerful.

  21. jacqueline west-locke

    You put your heart & mind & soul into all of your songs love all of your music

  22. iMATCHhisFLY

    I swear this is my life right now.. ugh 

  23. Bernice Grant

    Amazing!! Love his music since the 1st album.

  24. Marlon Hanna

    love this

  25. katrina ambrose

    Will always loooove this song!

  26. Eric Cortez

    Always been a fan still a FAN......lyrics= meanings

  27. Tommy Tom

    Alot of people have a gift, some just have talent. Lyfe Jennings has the gift when it comes to musick. (that touchs the heart & soul).

    Andrea Allen

    @Lovely Harris nobody's perfect because everybody makes mistakes I've made makes with my children, but you always repair that damage. Just keep in mind. God Is Not Through With Him Yet. For clearance. He have repaired the relationship with his three children, and he's taking a break from touring because he don't wanna be away from his children. Now that's a Real Father!!!!!

    Black Seed

    Nicki hughes's not always the father being good to his's the mother getting in the way of him being ...Sometimes

    Kaiyyia Jackson

    Tommy Tom yesss!!!! I wish he go back to makig music like this

    Chester Jennings

    Kaiyyia Jackson never stopped making it. People stopped wanting it.

  28. Bobby Chavis

    Love this

  29. what if I'm D1

    This is so my life right now!

  30. Kea Newton

    He always speaks what's real. Luv his music

  31. Montica Rawls

    #myjam love yu Lyfe Jennings keep doing what yu doing big fan...

  32. Crystal Moore


  33. Dollean Ray

    Really Really Good....Loving this Song

  34. Claire Kelly

    Lyfe Jennings is the truth. He makes such inspiring music!♥ He's one of my FAVORITE R&B MALE ARTISTS!♥♡

  35. sunshine

    Love this song this is me & my husband of 17 years he say this to me all the time. You speak truth love it!!!

  36. Rainey Davidson

    Love it my love

  37. Christina Knighten

    Describe my relationship now to the fullest

    I love my rdv 4ever wen it's bad it's bad but wen it's good its really really good

  38. Kenny Williams


  39. laurin s

    I absolutely adore this man music.

  40. Dionna Phillips


  41. Paris Jackson

    Oops type.... the men in the world today, need to listen to this song!! Thanks lyfe!!!

  42. Paris Jackson

    The men in the wotld today, needs to listen to this dong!!!! Thanks lyfe!!

  43. htown4lifetv

    the jam

  44. Dakiem David

    love this tune

  45. Angela Johnson

    This song is amazing!

  46. Takia B.

    I love this song!!!!

  47. Renita Williams

    Love it

  48. Isyzz B

    This Cd Is On Fire & I'm Loving It 2..A Lyfe Fan 4Eva!!!!


    did you like tree of Lyfe

    Isyzz B

    S0rri I'm s0 late replyin bacc but wrk keepz Me pretti busy but Man 0 Man did I L0ve the "The Tree 0f Lyfe" 0f c0urse I have My Favz that stay 0n repeat: I L0ve U, She D0n't Wanna, Rite N0w & Pretti Is💗💗💗💗..Wat b0ut u??

  49. T.A. Battle

    Vintage Lyfe Jennings. He says so much in his lyrics. Maybe the best lyricist in the game today; while be one of its top vocalist.

  50. shai dune


  51. Queen Louallen

    Yes! My Ultimate favorite on this album !!!! <3