Jennings, Lyfe - Stingy Lyrics

[Verse 1]
See I'm jealous of your clothes
cause they touch you more than I do
It kills me sometimes to know
That your toes spend so much time with your shoes
And no I don't approve of your lipstick
Maybelline aint tricking me and I see
How eager your panties be to get put on
So when you're gone I tease the ones you did not choose
I don't know 'bout you but I'm

Don't want anything to touch you there
I don't wanna share you with nothing
Not even the air you breathe
Hook your lungs up to me
Let me touch you there
Don't want nothing to touch you baby

[Verse 2]
And I often cuss out your bath water
For every moment you're gone
I almost lost my cool when I heard you bought that thong (I heard you bought that thong)
Victoria Secret can't keep a secret too long
I know what they want so please don't
Be so naive to what your bra does when it's groping you
Cause they like to taste your nipples too
I don't know bout you but I'm

Let me touch you there
I don't wanna share you with nothing
Not even the air you breathe
Hook you lungs up to me
Let me touch you there

See I wash my hands before I touch you
So I don't have to share you with the germs
See my heart is so concerned (so concerned)
Oh So many things I have yet to learn about you baby
Girl I'm

Let me touch you there
Let me touch you there

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Jennings, Lyfe Stingy Comments
  1. Tiffany Black

    2019... The #1 song about jealousy. Stingy Lyfe Jennings#1

  2. Sherlandra Howard

    Still rocking with Lyfe in '2019!!😍😍😍😍

  3. Reshall Morgan

    🎤My man always sing this to me 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶 stingy

  4. junior hicks

    This song got me like this my first time hearing it,and its not,this is my sh*t

  5. Terrence Vassar

    dam someing to no just lov n a man u no its all lov not sex so 1000000000 if u can get past lust an just lov that girl it works with to not 1

  6. sweetnika83

    If you can’t love me like this, please don’t waste my time!!!

  7. Rasool Lewis

    Stickman basketball 07

  8. Ron All

    Yes love this song

  9. Tranicia Jones

    Im so STINGY!!!!

  10. TheMsmoomoomama

    How sway how.. how do you str8 murder the game lyfe.. you like a breathe of fresh air.. I been waiting on you..

  11. KJ Mck

    My dude played this song so much, it scared the shit outta me, but i married him!

  12. Isadore Davis

    So what you saying, you won't her to die!

  13. Andrea Bell

    Gemini!!!!!! you freaky m ..... f !!!! So am I loving this

  14. Durell Ingraham

    great song

  15. Shatila Matthews

    Love this song

  16. Mrs.56825037 Malone

    still rocking 2016

  17. Jasmine Gipson

    my baby dedicated this song to me #mike love you

  18. V Callaway


  19. Kierra Lockett

    One of my favorite R&B Artists. Definitely in the top 5 of my list.

    Corie Little

    Yes definitely a favorite of mine

  20. Christian Strickland

    Rule #1 I'm stingy

  21. Bridget Robinson

    love this song stingy ft lyfe Jennings

  22. V Callaway

    my life story 😔😒😒😒

  23. Moor-ena El

    Aw ma damn. This track OMG this track will take you there. Lyfe you insanely gifted damn. Omg.

    Letavious Chandler

    This shit will make you wanna settle down and just spoil ya lady...#STINGY

  24. Ebony Allen

    that's my man but he even kno it

  25. shelly19422004

    I really like this song! Lyfe is so very really and such a great song writer and artist! I love me some Lyfe!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Tauni Glinton

    I first heard this song in alabama, My friend B (lmao) played this song for me, because she was liking me and shit, but this song is nice and i be like this sometimes!

  27. Tamra Hodges

    This man said..."I see how eager your panties be to get put on, so when you go, I tease the ones you did not choose."

    NOBODY has word play like this guy. LOVE HIM!

  28. Thaii B.


  29. Sassy

    Luge thanks for all the great music. My husband put me on about this track im so in love with it..

  30. jazzmar4

    My shit luv this song!!!!!❤❤

  31. Manny Chinga

    right? he sound like one of them niggas that be all violent/possesive .... u know, thinks u fukin everybody.... cut up all yo panties n shit when ya'll break up..... callin yo mama house, stalking you n shit when u shoppin for new panties at victorias secret! lmfao!

  32. Alicia Griffin

    this the shyt,,,

  33. Israel Serrano

    this song drove me crazy.. when my husband put it on fot me!!!! <3

  34. Reshonda Thompson

    This is like in my top 5 of favorite songs!!

  35. Kadiatu l Kamara


  36. Kadiatu l Kamara

    I am in lobbed with this song I love him ......FREE LYFE ILOVE YOU NUMBER ONE FAN SINCE DAAY ONE

  37. sugafoot820

    ok, but i like gunuwine stingy song also this one is kindda scary

  38. Jessica Serrano

    i'm feeliin this song!!! i wish i had a man/girl who was stingy like this ... to me it shows that they really do love you and want you...

  39. crystal frazier

    I love it...always real

  40. Domonique Boyd

    imma cryyy

  41. Kwanesia Bass

    I love this song, cause I'm sooooo jealous when it comes to mine....

  42. msbeauty2511

    Love this song!!! Lyfe has a creative way of xpressing himself

  43. Saniqua Poplar

    i like this song wierd but good lolz

  44. Krys J

    this so fuckin sexy. omg

  45. mrzpunkin

    kml, iloveee this....
    lyfe out did himself ..

  46. Lisa Nunn

    where was I when dis song came out... dis is my first time hearing this... this is soo different than any other song I've ever listen 2 and I think I like it :)

  47. greatcrazylatina

    this song iss the shitt its weird in a way but also beautiful my gurl would love it i love her more then this song could explain any song

  48. Codename_Slim

    looooove this song !!!!