Jennings, Lyfe - Keep Ya Head Up Lyrics

Yea this song was such hell of a song that i felt it was nessesary that i bring it back
And i just kinda like came along with the song;
Here yo boy lyfe Jennings or your boy 2pac

[Verse 1]
Some say the darker the berry the sweeter the juice;
i say darker the flesh the deeper then the roots;
holler fo my sisters on welfare
Lyfe cares, if don't nobody else care
I wonder why we take from women
why rape our women
Do we hate our women
I think its time we kill for our women time to heal our women
be real to our women
we will have race of babies that will hate the ladies that make the babies,
will the real men get up
ladies i know you fed up

[Chorus: (2x)]
Keep ya head up, oooo child things are gonna get easier
oooo hold on

[Verse 2]
I remember Marvin Gaye, used to sing ta me
He had me feelin like black was tha thing to be
suddenly tha ghetto didn't seem so tough
though we had it rough, always had enough
And I realize momma really paid the price
She nearly gave her life, to raise me right
And though you were a CRACK FINN momma you always was a BLACK QUEEN momma

[Hook one]
OOOOOOOO Child of mine
to all the ladies having babies on thier own i know its kionda rough and you feelin alone better days
are coming along

[Chorus 2x:]
Keep ya head up, oooo child things are gonna get easier
oooo hold on

[Verse 3 (kids)]
And when he tells you you ain't nuttin don't believe him
And if he can't learn to love you you should leave him
Cause sista you don't need him
And I ain't tryin to gas ya up, I just call em how I see em
You know it makes me unhappy (what's that)
When brothas make babies, and leave a young mother to be a pappy
And since we all came from a woman
Got our name from a woman and our game from a woman
i know he beat cha down alot when you come around the block
brothas clown alot
but please dont cry
dry ya eye dont let em
learn to forgive and forget you dont need him


[Chorus 2x]

Keep ya head up, oooo child things are gonna get easier
oooo hold on

Keep yo head up
Keep yo heeeeeeeaaaaaaadddddddddd up!

Keep ya head up
This is all I gotta say is keep ya head up

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Jennings, Lyfe Keep Ya Head Up Comments
  1. Anna Maria

    Love this song

  2. Fitisha Delesbore

    Tupak keep preaching

  3. Fitisha Delesbore

    2018 y aint nobody screaming this shit

  4. Playa R

    Nice one...

  5. Ashley Downs

    trill remake

  6. Caleb Tizon

    "Thiz shiatt right hur niguh"yezz sir ....Danielle S from seattle wa. Tafengatoto B.M. for lyfe got that.... luv lyfe trynna keep my head up...

  7. john brown

    @bubz97 read the Willie Lynch letter and you will understand why we as Hebrew men treat our women the way we do. She was the most affected by this captivity. She has know concept of who she is. She looks like a queen smells like a queen, talks like a queen but acts like a Wenchk. Sorry sisters but it's the truth. Look in the mirror. Are those your eyes, hair, nails,.

  8. Dade Slida

    lyfe on dat tupac

  9. learn201028

    I'm HUGE PAC FAN, and this rendtion is soooo HOTT!!!

  10. onika anderson

    lol i love da lil boy singin at da end:)

  11. quelliequell

    Lyfe is the realiest..... hands down

  12. yee467

    @billyburks2007 i said THIS song, the LYFE JENNINGS version
    nd i said the original was better
    i do know wat the song's talkin about
    it's the main reason why i love tupac
    im the 1st person to pay attention to a songs lyrics.. any song

  13. billy burks

    @yee467 How can you say that this song is wak this is a song that inspired a lot of people and if you pay attention and listen to the words of this song it has a special message to each and one of us.

  14. hungandyung

    lyfe jennings done justice with this song 2 pac mad love your still number 1 in my book

  15. yee467

    this songs wak :/
    original is better -.-

  16. sabrinabrown22

    4sho love! =)
    keep yr head up!

    much love to lyfe!

  17. Michael Starks

    this is my shit!

  18. Jon Byrd

    lyfe saved my life

  19. Martell Tha Cool

    Glass City Rise Up

  20. elise-anne Johnson

    i u Lfye and the fact that u can sing a song like this i was very moved...u need to stay up...always i love u as an artist...keep it coming...u have our attention..looking forward too see wat u gonna come with next... i am waiting for u ..ALL HATERS GET BACK