Jennings, Lyfe - If Tomorrow Never Comes Lyrics

Tell my mama, I know its been a while since I called you.
Cause I was jealous cuz you favored my brother.
Though we disagreed I always loved ya and
Tell my baby mama it wasn't my intention to hurt her
hope you find someone that deserve ya
I hope there's no hard feelings
If I could rewrite one sentence of my life
I would write the words I never say
tell you I love you every single day
see if I could somehow turn back the hands of time
I wouldn't waste a moment arguing
I'll never put you through that shit again

Cuz If tomorrow never comes
and you never see me again
I don't want yo last memories of me
to be filled with negativity
See if tomorrow never comes
all that fussing and fighting
wont mean nothing when its said and done
if tomorrow never comes

And tell my auntie, that I was the one who broke the TV
I know that it happened in 93'
but I just had to get it off my chest, I guess
and tell my kids, that they will be especially missed
and if there's anything they should learned from this
is life is a gift tomorrows not promised no
if I could rewrite one sentence of my life
I would write the words I never say
tell you I loved you every single day
see if I could turn back the hands of time
I would say what's on my mind
and tell you thank you for being in my life

Cuz If tomorrow never comes
and you don't see my face again (see my face again)
I don't want yo last memories of me
to be filled with negativity
see if tomorrow never comes
all that fussing and fighting
wont mean nothing when its said and done
if tomorrow never comes

I take it back, I take back every mean words that I ever said
out of anger (take it back), and every time I hurt her (take it back)
I take it back, I take back all the disagreements
all the hurt feelings, not believing in you (not believing in you)
tell me what can I do? But apologize to you
if tomorrow never comes
my apologies (my apologies)
for if tomorrow never comes (if tomorrow never comes)
I'll make sure that I'm the one who says how much I can't
I wish I was there

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Jennings, Lyfe If Tomorrow Never Comes Comments
  1. Kima Cox

    I put away 4 people including my mom that year

  2. bigbadmom

    2019 who still living lyfe.💐😢

  3. Southern Hospitality Ent, Mgmt and Marketing

    This song hits you right in the soul!! Oh yeah somebody must be chopping onions in here!! 😥😢😢

  4. Synai Mccrae

    Never heard of this song before

  5. John Johnston

    Words can't fix what I've done I'm pathetic to ask your family for forgiveness is how I feel. Year 93 is when I taped my cousin. It's not your fault. Hope all is happy. Much thoughts and LoVe goes to you guys. 🤷😭🌷

  6. Victoria Chavez

    10/26/2019 I love you TRAVON MARCEL RUGLEY I hope you don't ever forget who u are!!

  7. farra ashford

    love this song he did his thing.

  8. Chantel Sophia Armant

    Yep...I'm crying

  9. Brainchild

    2019 I'm Still listen this song from South Korea

  10. Angie's Vlog Spot

    I love this song Lyfe is a very talented singer and writer

  11. wr513


  12. Michael Mitchell

    This song just make sure u tell your loved u love them dont agru no drama life is precious

  13. shakk77 lewis

    Shalimar we still have gifts for you at the agency.. sitting at the agency with negativity negative: outwaying, if they oppose u then they oppose me!!," writing the words, o"

  14. shakk77 lewis

    If life is a gift, n I believed it was!
    Was, because if u died I guess someone took the gift back! ■
    ANYONE agree?
    The kerchief their wearing is the grim reaper himself, when u die;
    U will not disappear into, " God knows all his children.."

  15. Terry Sloan

    This is the realist song I've ever listen to and it has helped me deal with my mother passing away and I wasn't around or able to tell her I love her because I was a stick up kid and behind bars were I wasn't able to call so lyfe thanks for singing brother you help so many people with your talent God has blessed you . Real talk

  16. Ty Ty Fisher

    He did his thing in Tacoma 👍👍👍

  17. ChrissNonstop

    This song hits the heart and soul, so deep and sad. But that tv part with his Aunty is kind of funny lol

  18. Debora Williams

    I love music that says something. Such an amazing talent... the voice of an angel 😇 Can’t be duplicated or replaced 💐

  19. Logan Schmidt

    still loving this song.

  20. Salenna pearsall

    Very nice

  21. jj.spencer

    Come to Colorado... We'll smoke a spliff and enjoy great music!

    No Fool


  22. Long Tee

    I’m sorry I’m abusive, I’m sorry that I get mad easily and I have deep trust issues. This song got me hurting foreal

  23. it's tay tay

    2019 people

    No Fool

    It's Jess ... 👍

  24. LaRosa Brown

    my uncle is dead now

  25. Hope Burks

    Mom I miss so much, I have so much to tell you

  26. Rosenette Paddio

    Love this song ❤️💙❤️💙

  27. Artina goodloe


  28. nekco miller

    If u can not feel this u got no feelings 💯 man lyfe is my model my number was 268196 I had his CD snuck to me in jail to get me by I'm an true fan to the heart

  29. Julia Vargas

    From August31st. The release 2 August31st performance.must b a meaning behind it. If 2ommorrow never comes.a beautiful song again such a gift 2 da 🌎. Looking 4 ward 2 albulm777. Lyfe Jennings brings something so diffrent then others humbly speaking. Alwayz bringing his storytelling 2 vision life. Who else can do it like mr lyfe jennings bn tastefully. Respect his music100. So sam underated.

  30. LaRica Goolsby


  31. Andrea Butler

    Love you Lyfe...

  32. Rodney Williams

    Lyfe jennings is THE truth

  33. Lacretta Head

    For so many years I needed ur music just to get thru my days and lotsa nights. Smh I'm 😢 as I write. My kids thought u were their father n away 😆 lol. I always sang n cried and got motivation and etc lol. I had 7 kids I raised all mine n a single home n I wasnt a whore a trick I trusted GOD ... Anyhow I'm just a nobody letting u know iiii MADE IT! 😆 N u were there all along even if a song I owe u that! N to u singles from the hood I hope it makes yo body do something good! # myhubbythanku

  34. Hope Burks

    Brother you good in what you do. Now am take off my black hat

  35. Deidre Kelly

    My Love was murdered 3-30-17, this song makes me miss him so much😥

  36. Savannah Morgan

    I love you, you so 💯 million grand

  37. Allie Brown

    I'm amazed I've never heard this song. YouTube recommends everything but never this. 2/12/19

  38. Mercedes Bates

    😢😢💔💔 tomorrow never comes

  39. Marcel Burton


  40. Shanequa Williams

    My guy whoooo

  41. Michael Stewart

    Michael Epps Marvel's never the time just no I don't want to leave you with the fusses the fighting in the organ I want to leave you when I love you for your strength your care of your kindness your sweetness your daughters and your handsomeness your sex in your secured me and been my my knight in shining armor our relationship has been through Rocky Roads but now we can put all that behind we are on our way to move it on up I thank God for you I thank God for you I apologize for whatever we have been through in the last couple of days of the last couple of weeks I just apologized for everything and let you know today I love you I love you I love you Michael from from Lily Lily

  42. Roderick Sosa

    God bless him lyfe Jennings words give people life one of the grates

  43. Larkesha Ingram

    🔥 🔥 🔥 I love u Lyfe

  44. Hope Burks

    Am listens in 2019 forever my brother

  45. Evans Moore

    Man this song b having n my feelings 😢

  46. Ana Gee

    I remember being in middle school listening to this music,
    Here I am 20 years old and I always find my way back here ❤️
    Love this!

  47. Nicholas Adams

    Every aspect of this man's music is church for your heart and soul!


    Any 2019 listeners ? 🎶🎶🎹🎤

  49. Hello!! :))))

    A myrtle' s story.Jesus & his 12 disciples know this well. Never renounce Jesus Muslims will kill you either way.

  50. Anna Maria

    Beautiful words

  51. Cheryl Long

    Powerful song

  52. Paperroute Spazz

  53. Monica Burks

    Been a fan since Apollo...luv your music.#heartfelt

  54. 1975til2012

    “Real” is the only Word left to utter

  55. Dirty Blac

    I listen to this song before every funeral I attend and if you in the streets you know it's been many much love to lyfe man str8 up tomorrow is never promised so show love today

  56. Barb Manning

    This song is so very true.....and Beautiful !!!!;

  57. Fitisha Delesbore

    Real shit lyfe i argue with my grown kids an never think that it could b our last talk so now i tell them an everyone that dont be fools when dealung with fam. friends. etc. but keep love an humbleness in all that we do an say cuz that could b our last

  58. Ranesha Jones

    Facts cherish every moment with love ones #Freemyhusband 💯🏆🤵👰

  59. Larkesha Ingram

    So beautiful Lyfe been your fan from day one.
    Your music touches my soul u and Anthony Hamilton voice is so soulful to my heart and sou.
    Keep it coming cause your music gives me life

  60. Ranesha Jones

    This is why WE ALWAYS HUG AND KISS BEFORE LEAVING #myhubby 😢😢💎💎💯💯

  61. S Spencer

    This man was underrated like a mfer

  62. William Saved by Christ

    I used to listen to all these in prison for years in darkness Thank Jesus Christ for redemption of a filthy evil sinner

  63. jeremiah sams

    Still listening in 2018.

  64. Laconia White

    Sing it boy, lol

  65. Underground Slow Jams

    This song helped me get through a very dark time in my life in 2010 health problems relationship problems etc. I shed alot of healing tears to this song and "Learn From This" also was on repeat! Thank you Lyfe!!

  66. TQ M

    Lyfe my mom is going through right now, I'm asking for everyone prayers, and thank you lyfe for this song brother I really was moved by it God bless.

  67. Leaha Wilson

    I wish my childs father would see this.. I just wish he would see I want best for our child ... thank u Lyfe..

  68. R Jones

    Come to the ville....of S.C We Get The Message That God Told You To Tell......WE NEED YOU

  69. Kyandra Spencer

    This song is amazing he express his voice in a amazing way I love all of his songs they all have a story behind them and you can feel his pain in his music

  70. Rob H

    Ive lost my gma, big bro, and last night my bestfriend. Live life humble appreciate the little things. Tell your loved ones how much u love them everyday.


    Man this is so underrated! Sad!

  72. dae lil

    i wish i can write with Lyfe Jennings.

  73. Zollie Rawlings

    This song gets to me

  74. loving life

    God bless You Mom, I miss You so much! Thank You Lyfe!

  75. Lady Blacc

    mane I lve this song. .u only get one time leave life to the fullest

  76. nesha goodlow

    yesss u did yo thing in this one again

  77. zakia billups

    thank you for the reminder LYFE

  78. Oni Folayan

    Let them know today, because tomorrow's not promised to anyone...respect.

  79. Joe Jones

    My brother died May 4 2017 his birthday just passed January 3rd the song just reminds me of something he would listen to

  80. david smith

    This is what real R&B is supposed to be

  81. Deborah Hill

    This song got me thru the toughest time in my life ...I miss u DEMETRICE MARTIN

  82. carasnluv

    Good song when you feel like giving up on life

  83. Ana Melendez

    Rip Thomas Sr. Not a day goes by that your not thought of. Its been 2 years today since you been gone. Our kids and myself miss you so much. And since we didn't get a chance to say goodbye listening to this song feels as if you was the one singing it to us. We love you and miss you everyday.

  84. Diamond numero uno

    This song is a truly inspireing song something that has you thinking about whats important lyfe is a truly phonominal artist 👌🏻👍🏻

  85. Reggie Hardy

    Definitely a lit song.

  86. Rodrick Richey

    to that one she knows I'm sorry an I thank god for this song an I thank the words they just right for you an to you love you an sorry b bless sb 🌹

  87. shakir jett

    I wish I could turn back the hands of time seriously. I done hurt enough people emotionally n socially. I believe in the mental stage I am now I have a lot more positivity to offer. “Y’all” to everyone commenting y’all seriously listen to the words n honor this mans message because sooner or later our time to feel like this will come. Dead or alive it’s your option how you want people to remember or think of you. You have to show people what’s real to you. That goes for any and everything offered in life.

  88. Phay Phay

    Beautiful ❤️❤️❤️

  89. OtsQue Vevo

    #Lyfejennings suscribe to me I support you a whole lot keep it 1k got musuc coming now back to it.

  90. Swirvithan LGoodlingSplatt

    Life Jennings plz do a cover or remix of Childish Gambino's redbone

  91. i move at God speed wake up

    H miracle

  92. TheDManplays -

    When your looking up a country song with the same name and this comes up

  93. Alexis Bowen

    I always loved lyfe Jennings since i was a little girl ❤❤❤

  94. Tony Ponder

    i love this song

  95. Alicia Maria

    LOVEEE this!!!! Lyfe my husband afar lol

  96. Brittany Combs

    I still love ya!!💯💜

  97. Ketha Mcclain

    very inspirational song. I think and try to live like everyday like its my last one .i try to pour all my love inside of the person I'm dealing with but it's hard to love someone that reject you daily. her mouth says she loves me but her actions is something different. I'm lonely although I sleep with her every night.