Jennings, Lyfe - Hero Lyrics

Superman can't cook chicken like this, (this)
and Wonder Woman can't french kiss, (kiss)
Aladdin only gave me one wish (wish),

Spiderman don't forgive me when I'm wrong, (wrong)
Batman don't look good in that thong, (thong)
Catwoman don't keep me rock this long (long)

It's a bird, (it's a bird) it's a plane, (it's a plane) it's and angel down here
with no wangs, it's a bird, (it's a bird) it's a plane, (it's a plane) short shorty
it's the hero song everybody sing along.
You are my hero (hero), you don't need a costume everybody knows your name,
the greatest hero (hero) you can make me feel good even when your miles away.
You are my hero (hero) you can make the sun shine even when the sky is gray,
the greatest hero (hero) one kiss from your lips and all my troubles fly away.

Wolverine can't cheer me up when I'm sad, (sad)
Captain America can't slow dance, (dance)
Hulk can't make a boy feel like a man (man)

Aguaman can't work a job with two kids, (kids)
Iceman can't cook soup when I'm sick, (sick)

Wonder Twins don't know how to work this stick (ticka, tick)


Up and away (up and away) off to work she leaves,
back at four thirttttttty, we'll make love till we fall asleep,
when we wake up, she'll put on that cape again,
me and my hero, me and angel, me and my girl and my best friend.

You are my hero (hero) you don't need a costume everybody knows your name,
the greatest hero (hero) you can make me feel good even when your miles away,
you are my hero (hero) you can make the sun shine even when the sky is gray.
the grestest hero (hero) one kiss from your lips and all my troubles fly away. (yeah)

Shorty this the hero song, everybody sing along
Shorty this the hero song, everybody sing ...
Shorty this the hero song everybody sing along,
Shorty this the hero song, thank you for singing along

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Jennings, Lyfe Hero Comments
  1. Tatianna Sykes


  2. Tamar Swapsy

    LOVE Lyfe Jennings

  3. Terry Sloan

    Perfect song 👌

  4. KSOLO_93

    Lyfe Jennings is my HERO still listeining!!!! 2019.08

  5. Adrianna Blake

    The 2019 "Aquaman" does have a job and two kids (LOL). Lovely song.

  6. Jazstyn Jackson

    It is good in 1. 25 speed

  7. Dilyana Petrova

    Dedicated to my mom Gabi

  8. Pamela Odie

    Love this song😘❤️

  9. Rashida Hankins

    When I say I fucking got you that's what the fuck I mean.

  10. ML'Shv K.

    Serene Be 😊🌓💜⚡✨💫💖⚡🌀🎆🎇🌌

  11. Brandon Martin

    This my shit! I have had this cd since the day that it came out and I’m just now getting hip to this song in 2019! 🤦🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

  12. Mrs.Demetria Lewis

    Wow 2019 😍😍 😍 first time hearing this

  13. Cheryl Long

    💯💯 💯

  14. Walena Living,Praying,Dancing 2 God

    Still listening 01/24/19 with my daughter 👩‍👧

  15. Cheryl Long


  16. Carolyn Marshall


  17. Samantha Riley

    I love this song

  18. Leiyah Bernard

    I love his songs

  19. Hope Burks

    Nobody can take Mr. JENNINGS shoes,God bless, one of kind.

  20. Kuffie PowerCake

    Kelly Stillman

  21. Tessie Davis

    This song makes me want to run out and buy a cape. I love it!

  22. Joe Jones

    This is the jank..."HERO!!!"

  23. Ariyanna Harris

    2018 anyone

    I_am H0PE

    Ariyanna Harris Absolutely‼️

  24. Rhoda Grant


  25. Rouser Jamaal

    I like it

  26. here igo

    @FerlineMass @AlmeterMoslarine @DemetraBanks @TywanaHall (y'all man better sang it)

  27. Michelle hall

    Love his music

  28. YoYO16189

    Captain America can't slow dance because he's "waiting for the right partner." Goes cry in a corner.

  29. Andrea Bell


  30. Nashell Brown

    Lyfe gives me life! There's never a time that I can't find myself connecting to his music...

  31. Adrian Johnson

    your are my hero Babbe

  32. Tiffany Ervinameila

    I love this song so much it reminds me of my own hero

  33. Frankie Boston

    I never get tired of lyfe...

    Tiffany Ervinameila

    Frankie Boston I fill the same way

    Tookie Denae

    Frankie Boston 😏😊💁✌🙈♥😈😭😠😇😇😤😤😴😌😌

  34. Trek Star

    I don't know how to feel about this song, because I can't sing it about a guy lol.But Lyfe is amazing. His voice, the lyrics <3

  35. 414MrMilwaukee

    Best R&B song ever and I'm a marvel fan

  36. erica hamby

    my baby 💓💓

  37. Jenia Culpepper

    тнιѕ ιѕ a ғυnny ѕong тнaт I нad ever heard

  38. Renity Jean

    I don't know why but this reminds me of my friend Michael

  39. mya mays

    ooo I love him

    Heather Mcgavock

    +mya mays l miss you

    olivia mack

    +Heather Mcgavock I miss u too I'm on my sisters phone lol

    Heather Mcgavock

    +olivia mack lol l had no idea who texted me

    mya mays

    +Heather Mcgavock Hay girlfriend

  40. Melodie Jai

    hey lyfe, can't mix DC and Marvel bro

    Kat Kulhanek

    lmfao. yessss

    Robyn Gunn

    you forgot Disney

    Tiffany Ervinameila

    Melodie Jai .....?

    Tookie Denae

    Melodie Jai 🏧🏠😁⛲🏤😌⛪😘😏✌🏫🏫🗼🏧🏣⛲🏤🏥🏥⛪😏✌🏫🏩🏫🗼😎😭

  41. Jermont Lankford

    lyfe Jennings speak some true fact

  42. KenDaysha Jones

    Lyfe Jennings actual tell us the truth about life unlike now artist they they thuging, talking all kinds of nasty set example for the people

    trippy. clout

    KenDaysha Jones shut your bitch ass up

    Tookie Denae

    KenDaysha Jones 😘😏😀😊😊💁✌🙈♥😢😢😅😅😎😎😭😠😡😒😤😇😌😴😴😩😉

    Tookie Denae

    KenDaysha Jones 😘😏😊🙈🙈♥😢😅😅😎😎😭😠😠😡😇😇😒🏥🏤🏣🏠🏩🗼🏢🏢🏫🏫⛪⛪🏣⛪⛪🗿⛲🏤🏤🏬🏧

    Osiris Simmons

    faZe vortex Bro chill out that's a female

    Shinny Money

    KenDaysha Jones
    It very true he speak real shit

  43. Seth Spaulding

    Ok... I was thinking of singing this to my girlfriend on valentines day until... It said the thing with batman and the thong like what even lol

    The 'Bey' Legacy

    Seth Spaulding, hey!!! maybe you could sing Lyfe Jennings, "She Can Have Whatever She Needs."

    The 'Bey' Legacy

    Seth Spaulding, CORRECTION!!! The song is actually, "Whatever She Wants."

  44. Missing Innocence

    i love this song even though, i don't have a hero

  45. Ja Sai Porter

    I love Lyfe!!! This is the first time I've ever heard this song and this song is really touching and I absolutely love it!!!!! Thank you babe

    Kaneesha Armstrong

    His work is amazing!

  46. Morgan T

    i have come to love lyfe jennings alot... I grew up and am still growing up on him and I love it.

  47. Andy La


  48. Davison Video

    This is hilarious. Perfect for the superhero interviews I just did at Comic Con.

    Tookie Denae

    Davison Video 😘😏😀😊😊💁✌🙈♥😢😅😭😭😠😤😒😴

  49. Kyce, Jackson

    I really lik dis song "u are my hero"

  50. ankica naseva

    That bad stage when your nephew (who’s been a loser for a long time, I have to say) gets an incredible girl to fall in love with him in 3 weeks?! Shit, that just occurred. I believe I should be happy but I want it to be me. He explained he applied the the Cupid Love System (Search for it in Google). I wish to hide inside of a cave at this moment.

  51. Ninia Butler

    I love all his songs...This song is so deep , it has alot of meaning .....

  52. Ninia Butler

    I love this song ,everyday I have too hear it.....True...

  53. Justin Jackson

    this gone be my wedding song.

  54. Justice Kemp

    Me an my babe holdin on 12.18.12 3

  55. Sponge Bob

    Love it

  56. Tammra Mcclay

    Good hope this ill last a lifetime.. without no drama..

  57. isha okray

    Lol ":)

  58. jakotsusoulmate

    Actually, Bat man looks fabulous in that thong.

  59. MissJade

    ooops meant to type 13 not 11. Lol

  60. MissJade

    I'm 11 years old and think Lyfe Jennings music is inspirational. I have listened to his music for years and have always loved it and his voice. I talk to my friends about him and there like " who is Lyfe Jennings?" Then I think "oh yeah I guess my mom is the only one who plays him in the car and in the house!!!!" Thank you Lyfe i really appreciate it!!!!

    Mary Brigg s

    Warth up

  61. daisy bell

    Love this song makes me laugh

  62. Brie’Chardonae’

    my bae ringtone 333

  63. Tabitha McGee

    This man in so soulful, and I always enjoy everything his hands touch...

  64. 504Diva

    Glad he is home.

  65. Khris Alexis

    I have to say this is my favorite song by him...he is my favorite singer

  66. De’Mya Tabb

    iM 13 Nd iKnow All of the lyfe songs and it's really touching and he just tells you about Lyfe

  67. playerstar14

    The rest of them girls aint nuthing compared to her

  68. playerstar14

    This is how I met my first Love!!!! im 17

  69. riona smith

    im 13 and i love lyfe jennings music it just makes me forget about my problems

  70. Sharron trumon

    i am 13 and this is amazing video i feel like lyfe is trying to show everybody can be hero even without a costume he is a very inspiring person i hope everbody relizes that even the people who dnt like him.

  71. A. Chat

    this song tho...

  72. Coffiegirl00

    Imma be 12 in may and so tht means im 11 and i love lyfe jennings i grew up listening to him and i understand where he comes from and he is just my inspiration

  73. Kwanesia Bass

    I love anything Lyfe Jennings... he is an amazing artist... with great talents.

  74. m1rv1suals

    I'm 12 and I still listen to him :)

  75. Johny walker

    Im 16, & i really enjoy lyfe jennings music its very meaningful and inspirational .. Everyone thinks since im so young that the newer generation has no taste in music but im here too say that i do lol.

  76. Kerri Berri

    @TheSamibabi Uhh..those people wrong..i'm younger then you and i know this whole song:))

  77. Lala133skuxx

    This song is absolutely beautiful <3

  78. Jan Brown

    Good vibes!!

  79. Loria Pollard

    1 idiot doesnt have an hero....Sad!

  80. Jonathan Hutcheson

    i luv dis its my favorite song

  81. Nazia Patterson

    Haha i love diszz song:))

  82. Myoesha Rushing

    kick a*s

    Millicent Hatcher

    Myoesha Rushing I missed kids s 0 mish have said my kids 5 yaer5 the not be I good now to be dAy in life can boys who l0ve me Mich and girls momma l0ve u God u to