Jennings, Lyfe - Change The Game (Intro) Lyrics

Ok is this thing on here
Ok it's my turn to talk about it, alright
I want to talk about the Lyfe Jennings project
Album number 3... now this project kind of reminds me of an ephipany I once had back in the old country ya know Jersey.

Now I would hang out at the old arcade and I would be up there watching the little kids come in and they would play the pinball ya know, and they would line up one by one to play the game.

The first kid would play until he was out of quarters then he would have to run up to the counter to get more quarters and he would lose his place. So another guy would step up in his spot, so the other guy would play of course until ya know he ran out of course to, but Then he would have to do the same thing ya know go up front and get more quarters so some of the kids ya know...

I notice that they came with their big bags full of quarters, ya know thinking that they would be able to play the game all day but eventually they would run out of quarters too and they would lose their spot, but low and behold there was this one kid I mean a short stumpy guy ya know not a lot of kind features but there was an ora about this kid ya know something different...

Now you see this kid he bought a kid with him now everybody thought that these two guys were in competition or something, but when the kid would near the end of his gme he would send the other kid to go and get more quarters.
So the guy would be on the game, I mean he would be on the game every day for hours I mean until he was ready to leave he would stay on the game

And boda boom boda bing that's when it dawned on me that this pinball thing is just like any other thing in life just like any other thing the guy who stays in the game the longest is the guy that brings change

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