Jennings, Lyfe - Busy Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
I call you on the phone
You are never home
You say dat you gone
Handling business
So babe
I heard that everyday
All i can do is pray
You not losing interest
It's hard
2 know you got my heart
2 watch me fall apart
Every time you don't call
It's cool
But don't think I'm a fool
We all got things 2 do
But we make time 4 what we want

[Chorus: x2]
They own own women
They own own women
They own own women

[Verse 2:]
I let you do your thing
Not get in your way
And try not 2 complain
But it's like it's useless
Cause you
Just take it as it's cool
2 continue 2 do
Whatever like I'm STUPID
I'm not
I just love you alot
And I'm not gonna stop
I just need a little talking (talking)
What 4
2 keep my heart on course
Or else I might be force 2 find love somewhere else

[Chorus: x2]
They own own women
They own own women
They own own women

[Verse 3:]
If you don't want 2 be here let me know
"Can I call you back in like 3 minutes"
If you don't really love me let me go
"Yo, you tripping I did not send you 2 voicemail"
"I was on the phone"
Don't keep me holding on
"No, No, No see my phone just been tripping lately"
Let my heart go somewhere it belong
"My momma on the other line"

[Chorus: x4]
They own own women
They own own women
They own own women


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Jennings, Lyfe Busy Comments
  1. Cam Noel

    Going through this RIGHT NOW 😔
    This is exactly why I hate opening up to anyone.

  2. Ld Hodges

    Damn that's what going through right now.

  3. areccus10


  4. Jarrod Brown

    Recently broke up with someone over this..glad it didn't take much to move on

  5. tamara jett

    2019 anyone

  6. Kendra Foster


  7. B.R.E POOH

    2019 still here

  8. 1 LUV

    2019 going through it

  9. TheHummingBirdJaiye

    When this song came out I died. That dial tone was the breaking point 😂

  10. PoundCake 35

    Still listening in 2019 will forever be a classic🔥🎶💯

    Annette byrd


  11. Unique Mii

    Still listenin in 2k19 😍😍

  12. Tiffany Hewitt

    I've been on both sides...

  13. DayaMya Johnson

    This use to be my jam

  14. QTee

    you must be busy.. youre so faint

  15. Tay Harris

    I let you do your thing not get your way not try not to complain but its like its useless you take it as it as its cool to continue to do whatever like I'm stupid 😔 I'm not I just love you a lot I'm so guilty of that rn in mines

  16. Jerisha Evans


  17. Blm Opinionated

    Still listening in 2018

  18. lal Honeybuns

    I will always love this some but what the hell is a "Al-al-al-al-al" LMFAOOO. The more he kept saying it, it caught my attention and I'm just trying to figure out what that mean

    Alonzo Rivers

    He imitating the busy signal noise

  19. Moriah Rhodes

    I been through this

  20. Jaron everett

    nice songs

  21. Danielle Hanson

    2018 and still listening. Love this song. Wish I could go back to when this came out. Life was great!

  22. Skylar Mckie


  23. Edwards Edwards

    2018 still 🔥

  24. CharliesAngel Jonnson

    This dude done sent me this Song told me to listen to it whats wrong with him he's crazy how i freaking got his heart and we havent been together its CRAZY ALL OF THIS LIFE ,LYFE THESE GUYS ARE CRAZY.MAYBE IM CRAZY ALREADY FRFR THIS GETTING DEEP.SCARYYY PIECE OF LIFE HERE

  25. joe black 32 sav

    Chillinh but married in 2018 Louisiana baby

  26. Yakub Mcfield

    If you don't really love me let me know...If you don't really love me let me go....Let my heart go somewhere it don't belong....Damn relationships just to damn fake now gotta go back to high school day's keep fuckin bitches and getting my one's up keep me first always....

  27. Fearheye


  28. Candace Sanford

    He should of said they all busy instead of hey all makes more sense

  29. Quintaviana Smith

    Who still bumping this in 2017??

  30. Sir'Quentin Ross

    Lol the chorus "Hey AL AL AL AL busy" he's actually saying Hey *Ion wan't busy* (slang for "I don't want")

  31. Lele F Baby

    love this song <3 :)

  32. Rai.leshae

    Lyfe music will never get old to me 🖤.....This song will forever be my favorite 😔💜

  33. TRaww Banks

    2017 Listening

  34. Alayah Freeman

    Still Bumping This in 2017 😫😍😍

  35. Bow Wow

    you're always busy

  36. Jennifer Ervin

    2017 Listening

  37. Nisha SoLoved

    my shit still 2017💓😍👐

  38. Gen Serves Cancer

    Man this song makes me feel so bad for my boyfriend.. Haven't texted him since Valentines.. Poor baby.

  39. monay Lenori

    my song hey AL AL AL ..... busy!

  40. Shantana King

    Love this song❤️😍

  41. LaKyvia DeJanette


    Jerel Taylor

    LaKyvia DeJanette "GO DJ, cause that's my DJ"... let me find out

  42. Mariana Castro

    2016 listening 💕💕💕

  43. Babegurl 1

    we all got things to do but we make time for what we want

    Laila key

    Babegurl 1 period

  44. Jacquelyn Vargas

    sorry my interruptions was on new phone lol

  45. Jacquelyn Vargas

    sorry my interruptions was on new phone lol

  46. Conceal Don't Feel

    be sounds like eyor the donkey from winnie the pooh. he is still a great singer though


    I love this song :)

  48. Tyasia Steele

    al al al al

  49. Tyasia Steele

    I thank about my life

  50. Courtier Montgomery

    is that kandi on the female speaking part sounds just like her?

    Sista LovelyK

    +Courtier Montgomery I swear, I said the same thing when I first heard it. I still to this day think it sounds like her.

  51. Tommy Lee

    you gonna miss me when I'm gone

  52. Miracle Jacobs

    My life right now. Guess I'll give up.

    Giordani Jean-Baptiste

    dnt do that hold on

    Ah’niyah’s World

    Fuck that you deserve someone who wants you!

    Shantana King

    Miracle Jacobs keep your head up💍❤️️

    Kendell Douglas

    Miracle Jacobs dont give up yet

    Wendy Turner

    BAD babyVLOGs Exactly U Need Somebody Who Gone Support U

  53. Tometa Bendy

    Hey Al-al-al-al
    (Hey al-al-al-al
    Hey al-al-al-al

  54. Monique Weilacker

    Awesome!!!!!! I wish I wrote it

  55. leeroy4022

    Just got done going through this. She was really wanting to get with me and even wanted to go on a date but in the end she never answered my calls and she just up and stopped texting me after awhile in till she finally said that she was talking to someone else, gave it my all too. Whatever :/

  56. Chubby Panda

    Wow this song is so true....

  57. Blue

    brings back soo many memories

  58. Fro Breezy

    loved this song. I use to bump this faithfully lol


    2014 still the jam! i will c u at the concert tom lyfe im so excited!

  60. Canisha Jones

    I wouldn't mistreated him

  61. Canisha Jones

    I wish I had a men like this 😍

    Brynda Ellis

    Canisha Jones I know that's right

    Shell E.

    Canisha Jones right! He would never even have to feel this way.

  62. Tiffany Hill

    Those lyrics are so true

    Zyliah Marina

    Whenever I'm going through something bad I listen to him to cheer me up. Everything he says is so true.

  63. micaela ward

    my current situation

    Christopher Hayes

    My current situation and I'm married

  64. Max Shogi

    real music

  65. Tiffany Hill


    Kendell Douglas

    Tiffany Hill in going through it now

  66. Paris Walters

    This that shit frf r

  67. milyfeizmuzik

    Been here....glad it's over....NEXT!!!! LOL....

  68. Dump Sangster

    lol same with my boyfriend

  69. mamad diningrat

    You know that horrible stage when your brother (who’s been a loser always, I’ve gotta tell you) gets a beautiful girl to fall in love with him in a couple of weeks? Shit, that just occured. I am aware I ought to be pleased for him nevertheless I would prefer if it was me. He revealed that he applied the the Cupid Love System (Google it). I wish to disappear inside of a cave as we speak...

  70. Bryant T

    I'm listening this in 2013!!!!

  71. laura lyons

    Hell ya

  72. Heather Prater

    Like If Your Listening To This In 2013!! i love this song!!

  73. Michael John Jr

    like if your still listening to this in 2013

  74. Haynes family daily

    this song goes out to my so called boy friend ....

  75. Blaze DahBomb


  76. MsRatchetChick

    Is that woman's voice Kandi's from the group Xscape

  77. Haynes family daily

    this song goes out to my boy friend .

  78. oatmealbrownie09

    What happened to the accoustic version of this that was on you tube?

  79. Roderick Lewis

    I'm living this song and tried of it

  80. michael keyes

    follow me on twitter @michaelkeyes8

  81. Coco Andrews

    listening to this song in 2013 (: <3

  82. quaqua ellington

    i love all his songs teach u about life and wat we as ppls go throw everyday

  83. MegaRomeG

    Yo, sometimes this shit be too real...

  84. empressjay1

    story of my lifeeee :/

  85. JLGEE423

    The Story to My Relationship .

  86. Thomas Gugliucci

    Listenin to this in 2012 <3

  87. xGracie Thoe

    Listning In 2k12 <3,

  88. aikala lewis

    i love this song its some real shit like if true

  89. daniel brown

    this my shit

  90. chaunce badd

    this ma shit

  91. Hilllover24

    it song is so ture