Jennifer Lopez - Booty Lyrics

[Intro - Jennifer Lopez & Pitbull:]
Big, big booty
What you got a big booty
Big, big booty
What you got a big booty
Big, big booty
What you got a big booty
Big, big booty
What you
(Ain't that a freak)
Big, big booty
What you got a big booty
(My baby, you're gorgeous
I mean you're fine, you're sexy
But most of all you are just absolutely booty-full)

[Verse 1 - Jennifer Lopez:]
Have you seen her on the dance floor
She got the boom, shake the room
That's the lightning and the thunder
You wanna meet her, you wanna touch her
See the light in her eyes, and it starts to make you wonder

[Pre-Hook - Jennifer Lopez:]
All the sexy girls in the party
Go and grab a man, bring him to the dance floor
Go on let them jeans touch you while you're dancing
It's his birthday, give him what he ask for
(Let me show you how to do it)

Big, big booty
What you got a big booty
Big, big booty
What you got a big booty
(Shake that)
Big, big booty
What you got a big booty
(Go to work)
Big, big booty
What you

[Verse 2 - Jennifer Lopez:]
The way she moves
I know you want her
She like the fire, get you right
That's the lightning and the thunder
You wanna meet her, you gotta touch her
Hold on tight for the ride
Cause you know you wanna love her



[Verse 3 - Pitbull:]
Booty, booty, booty, booty, booty everywhere
Look at her booty, stop, stare
They love that booty, hell yeah
The way she twerk it, not fair
She got a booty, that'll swallow a thong
And if you do it better do it dirty all night long
Booty, toot it, boot it, you know the plan
So much booty, she could supply the demand
I wanna take that big 'ol booty shopping at the mall
I wanna pick it up and put that booty in my car
Baby your booty is a movie star
Oscar award winner of them all
Now give me that

[Verse 4 - Jennifer Lopez:]
Mesmerized by the size of it
You can fight it if you like take your time
I can guarantee you'll have the time of your life
Throw up your hands if you love a big booty

[Outro - Jennifer Lopez:]
Big big big big big big booty
What you
Big big big big big big booty
What you
Big big big big big big
(Let me show you how to do it)
(Shake that)
(Go to work)


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  2. TH3 RAV3N

    Damm she's really desperate

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    Die kleine Gummipuppen hat zum Schluss nur noch gemacht was ich wollte... Gähn.... Langweilig. Und das für 120 Eur die ich ohnehin wiederbekommen allerdings nur I. FLASHMOP.

  4. Melanie Murczak

    Um der Leistungsgewährung Arbeit zu machen reichen deren Skills aus aber nich um an den Vermittler ranzukommen. Da habe ich nicht nur tuffige Ideen. Da muss man die Polizei anrufen und dafür braucht man Zeugen. Eine Strafanzeigen muss über den Rechtsanwalt erfolgen. Ich wollte nur Kosten und Arbeit verursachen.

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    The Súper Bowl reminds me this song. I guess I’m the only one. Anybody else? @sabio28

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    iggy looks like abella danger ngl

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    J Lo: hold my booty

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  17. ELhwery Google



    I feel like her time for this was 1997-98 after Out of Sight came out , or even the Taco Kisses Era of 2003. At this age it seems needy to me, but no doubt she looks amazing for her age.

  19. Typical Jom

    I remember my virgin days...nostalgic

  20. Mack Jorgensen

    If J Lo wasn’t a pop star she’d be a porn star

  21. Daniele Di Lorenzo

    Daniele Di Lorenzo

    come disse gildo quando il dottore gli chise di suoi tic nervoso: prima o poi un dito in un occhio glielo infilo

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