Jennifer Lopez - Ain't It Funny (Remix) Lyrics

[Ja Rule:]
Murda Inc
Haha it must be the ass
That got me like damn
If they get any fatter
Man the rule gonna hafta get at her
And our situation won't matter
I come to make you smile
In the freakiest manners
J to the L.O.
Hello, no I'm not Lee Harvey Oswald
I'm the rule in the shot call
Off the wall
Like MJ in his early days
It's the Inc. and Lopez now

Ain't it funny
It's been awhile since you came around
Now ya wanna see what's goin' down
Tryin' to tell me why ya want my time
Tryin' to tell me how I'm on your mind
See it never had to be this way
You should of never played the games you played
Now I'm seein' that you're kinda lame
Knowin how the situation change

Ain't that funny
Baby that you want me, when you had me
Love is crazy, now I can smile and say
Ain't that funny
Baby that you want me, when you had me
Love is crazy, I'm glad I can smile and say
Ain't that funny

I remember how you walked away
Even when I tried to call your name
See at first I didn't understand
Now you're lookin' like a lonely man
I remember how you did me wrong
And now you're hurtin' cos my love is gone
Everybody gets a chance to burn
You can take it as a chance to learn.

Ain't that funny
Baby that you want me, when you had me
Love is crazy, now I can smile and say
Ain't that funny
Baby that you want me, when you had me
Love is crazy, I'm glad I can smile and say
Ain't that funny

[Cadillac Tah:]
C-A double D, Hi
Double dose my
Fly by, red line
Touch the roast side
Oh I, never been a sucker for joke Ja
Spit the ism, hit em, get rid of em, and you know Tae
Get it gully, and ain't that funny
How they want me, see me workin' wit money
But Cali ain't a dummy
What these brodies want from me?
Cos all I got is G, J.Lo
And Murda I.N.C.

I really wish you wouldn't send me gifts
Tryin' to make me sit and reminise
Tryin' to blind me with your blingin' bling
Thought I told you love don't cost a thing
Hope you realize that now I'm through
And I don't ever wanna hear from you
I had enough of bein' there for you
Now I'm laughin' whule you play the fool

Ain't that funny
Baby that you want me, when you had me
Love is crazy, now I can smile and say
Ain't that funny
Baby that you want me, when you had me
Love is crazy, I'm glad I can smile and say
Ain't that funny

Baby, is that you're girlfriend
I got my boyfriend

[Ja Rule & J.Lo:]
But maybe we can be friends
La da da da da da

Baby, I got my boyfriend
Is that your girlfriend

[Ja Rule & J.Lo:]
But maybe we can be friends
La da da da da da

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Jennifer Lopez Ain't It Funny (Remix) Comments
  1. Pansy Ziemann

    Was, arguably, the baddest woman on the planet in her prime!
    Who Listening to this🔥🔥🔥 in the 2020. It must be the Asssss got me like that. Classic

  2. Bby Pancake

    Who's here cause they momma Had good taste 😜

  3. Meden Moises

    s i'm slaoonlwissllfhgflaa

  4. Meden Moises

    merry mc

  5. Ana Mihajlovic

    Jennifer I am your bif fun and I am live in the Serbia I can your concert my instegram is Anči2710

  6. Lewis Fortney

    must be the Assssssss

  7. J J

    Christina Milian on JLo

  8. sharonツ

    Que buena canción, se me hace raro no haberla escuchado antes :v

  9. MultiCowgirl22

    I thought I told you Love don't cost a thing :)
    JLo and Ashanti :)

  10. Park Avenue

    if you're here because of the halftime show, you're mindless drone and a tool

  11. space invadaz

    what a banger

  12. JmagROCKS

    Did anybody else notice that Ashanti appears in the video at 2:53?

  13. Honey S.

    🎶 classy🔥

  14. J J

    Ashanti on JLo

  15. Bianca Storm

    I still don't know her

  16. Lewis Fortney

    that shake !!

  17. Shani Jefferson

    Jlo talking..Ashanti singing..period

  18. Shani Jefferson

    All Ashanti..

  19. настя настя


  20. Haidon Lucus

    Ok so I’ve never seen Ja Rule before and he looks way different than I imagined 🤣

    Iban Synjri

    Me too 😂😂🤣🤣

  21. Lewis Fortney

    Hell low

  22. A W

    Remeber when Jlo collaborated when cool mf's?

  23. Laurie J Anzalone

    Love this song

  24. Tacita Morgan

    Wow👠💗🌼❤👁👁nice and nice guys ❤youj👠🍃🔃

    Tacita Morgan


  25. Luca 98

    This song was my shit forever 🤯🤯🤯

  26. J J

    JLo and Cory Rooney wrote the original version of Ain't it funny

  27. J J

    This is the "remix" version written by Ja Rule and Ashanti FOR JLo. They even reference JLo's song Love don't cost a thing 2:20

  28. Girassol Ambulante

    Ja Rule falando no ouvido hein ??? Socorroooo

  29. Thea Hristovska

    here makeup tho....

  30. Diego

    Nunca entendí por qué Jennifer López lanzó Ain't it funny y I'm real como remixes de sus temas originales, si no tienen nada que ver con sus temas originales, Ain't it funny es un pop romántico con toques españoles y I'm Real es un pop con sonido bastante infantil, nada que ver con estos supuestos remixes. Por cierto, ambos remixes fueron muy exitosos en USA y luego se supo que la disquera había pagado a las radios sobornos para que estos se reprodujeron una y otra vez, cosa que aumentó su airplay y también las ventas de los singles, colocando ambas canciones en los alto de las listas por estos motivos, por eso muchos consideran esta etapa de J. LO como un fraude musical.

  31. Leu Mamk

    People watch this video and listen to Ja Rule and Ashanti herself talking about this song. Listen also to the isolated vocals so can hear JLo's in the chorus!!

  32. DSLightning21

    I'm just here for Ashanti; in both the vocals and comments section. ;)

  33. Pitxoncita

    Good times

  34. victor ejike

    It's 19 years ago, but, you always yearn to listen to the song.... it's a bomb

  35. Felix

    Who was the producer of JLO for bowl?

  36. Jerdae Tanner

    Do y’all hear Ashanti voice in the background? I know she help her made the song but Ashanti voice backing up Jlo voice

    Loren Siovahn

    I had no idea, that's dope

    BB 2

    Yes Ashanti was accreditated as background vocal.

  37. Matthew Coates

    Whos here cause ashanti sang half this song and jlo mouthed it

  38. La viejona ***

    She is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  39. Samantha Williams

    Who's here because they love this song, not because of the damn super bowl? 🙄

  40. Kevin Hernborg

    Who is here after the Superbowl Halftime and absolutely love it 😍

  41. MsChicago930

    These comments are hilarious! I love the people who are like “I don’t hear Ashanti!” Lol. I am a fan of both and clearly this is Ashanti singing background. You can tell the difference.

  42. Trayon Robinson

    Jennifer López es una de las mujeres más talentosas del mundo del entretenimiento.

  43. Камилла Аильчиева

    It’s dope

  44. Arthur Patombon

    love this song by queen jlo classic hip-hop song!

  45. kittango

    The lyrics in the more info box are definitely not the lyrics to this song 😂

  46. Siberian Prince

    All I hear is Ashanti.

  47. Diana Leon

    Ashanti is in the video at the end, Next to Ja Rule.

  48. flyingchimp12

    It sounds like she’s not confident in her singing lmao

  49. David Jerome

    That’s Ashanti singing the
    the chorus.

  50. The Dynast Queen

    Legit always thought this was Ashanti, now I know why🤔

  51. Madonna Louise Ciccone

    i love this song

  52. Lewis Fortney

    ✔ lessons learned 💯

  53. Lewis Fortney

    Nah, Nah Notta

  54. Lewis Fortney

    Sling bling. 🤔

  55. Lewis Fortney

    It's so much More !!!!

  56. Rita S

    Love you, Jlo, ❤️

  57. Lewis Fortney

    Maxwella$$, lol

  58. Champions

    Who’s here after that iconic Super Bowl performance !!!!

    Mufasa Sounds

    Champions it was wack ..... that will not be remember by anybody other then latinos


    @Mufasa Sounds than*

  59. Sandra Johnson

    I like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. Sandra Johnson


  61. Lewis Fortney

    Must be the a$$ 🖐 That's a 3,000 $ Puzzle, I'll buy a Vowel, ahh "U"
    It's all of it !!!

  62. Lewis Fortney

    Funny asf when they don't know they speculate 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  63. Mary. A

    Why doesn’t Ashanti get any praise! Jlo is where she is right know bcuz of Ja rule and Ashanti

  64. REAl REAction

    Oh, this is about to GO DOWN

  65. parlonspeu.parlonsbien 2020

    Bon son lourd 2020

  66. Nik Pudding

    Throwback I was 7 when this song came out

  67. K X

    Jlo looks stupid.... No black in her


    Who's here after "Superbowl Halftime show"?

  69. Billy Ray Santos

    Nope, Ashanti is only her background sounded j.lo and all the rumors about her voice is just always a rumors.

  70. Elizabeth Par

    At least Ashanti makes a cameo

  71. Elizabeth Par

    JLo is beyond gorgeous.

  72. Cabbage with internet

    I wanna find a comment from 10 years ago.

  73. Nicholas Warren

    is that a Craig mack sample?

  74. Lorena Nieves

    Yo buscando este tema del SuperBowl 2020

    Sorianny Cavadías

    X2, de hecho, había escuchado la otra versión y no me cuadraba

  75. chris nick

    So are we gonna ignore she's lipsyncing Ashanti's voice? 😒

  76. Aesha Alberts

    Al I hear is Ashanti yikes, I thought it was JLo when I was younger


    I wish I had much time like you for trashing artists on YouTube. Ashanti is boring and her music is crap. She would NEVER make this song a hit. Outside US no one knows her. She was glad that this song went to J.Lo. By the way, that was documented as well. J.Lo performas the original version of Ain't It Funny and that song was 1000x better than this

    Latin Power

    @Aesha Alberts *you're very ignorant. Talk when you know!*

    Aesha Alberts

    irina1296 Not reading your comment lol good day


    @Aesha Alberts I know, the truth hurts!

    Aesha Alberts

    irina1296 Your delusional rant was the “truth”, ok FAN 😂

  77. Daniele Di Lorenzo

  78. NaNa Jones

    why don't have this mix on Spotify
    they don't realize the hit that they left behind

    Latin Power

    *Yes it's on spotify!*

  79. Napalm Man

    MTV was once about real music and fun to watch/listen to...

  80. Michelle Wells

    This my video 💕

  81. drr

    Damn, I need some Ja Rule ASMR

  82. chocolate con leche

    Whos here before the super bowl?😌

  83. Norman Arrington

    We ALL here because of the Super Bowl Show. Ja Rule always knew the real Super Bowl Champions haha!

  84. Ron' Rico

    Song been stuck in my head, since the Superbowl... Never thought she would have did this song.... but glad she did 💖🏈

  85. Marane Plaza

    I remember as a 15 year old girl, this was my jam and I loved this video a lot because of her green top and pants outfit, and her violet ensemble matched with violet eye makeup ❤️❤️❤️ I particularly bought a green floral mesh top just to try to copy haha and til now I love violet eyeshadow 😍😍

  86. Sheila Agwa

    Time Tunnel 2 My ChildhooD Teen YearS Back In Da Dayzzzz

  87. swavezmartin

    J lol still fine of course but back in these days dammmmmmmmm

  88. Shyla Williams

    1:17 Lesson Learned

  89. Ann Holl

    This video could be released today... So nicely done.
    Cant get over the makeup😍🙌

  90. Veronica Sanchez

    One of her best songs from the early 2000’s!!!! Over 15 years later, she’s an Icon now.

  91. ama vi

    my favorite song from jlo

  92. Sammi Sammii

    Sounds better than Ashanti would.....

  93. Bryan Mcwhite

    2020 Rules forever Jennifer Lopez Rules forever.👍❤❤❤❤❤👍.

  94. Irish Kabyle


  95. Bianca S

    [Verse 2: Jennifer Lopez]
    Ain't that funny?
    It's been a while since you came around
    Now you want to see what's going down
    Tryna tell me why you want my time
    Tryna tell me how I'm on your mind (On your mind)
    See, it never had to be this way
    You should have never played the games you played
    Now I'm seeing that you're kind of lame
    Knowing how the situation change

    [Chorus: Jennifer Lopez]
    Ain't that funny? (Ain't that funny?)
    Baby, that you want me
    When you had me
    Love is crazy
    Now I can smile and say
    Ain't that funny? (Ain't that funny?)
    Baby, that you want me
    When you had me
    Love is crazy
    I'm glad I can smile and say
    Ain't that funny?

  96. Matthew LaMacchia

    I'm back...

  97. Josue De Jesus

    Super Bowl brought me here !!!