Jennette McCurdy - Generation Love Lyrics

I found a picture of my mother in her bell-bottom jeans
Flowers in her hair and two fingers up for peace
In that Polaroid she smiles, a grown up baby boomer
Maybe momma walked down the wild side, walking on the moon
And what will they say about us?

I've heard stories about my grandpa, child of the great depression
How growing up broke creates a deep and dark impression
He sits in a rocker down at the Veterans' home
Even when I go to visit, he's still rocking all alone
And what will they say about us?

They'll call us generation lost or generation greed
Or the connected generation to a plasma screen
Or a generation why, enough is not enough
Or maybe they'll call us generation love, generation love

We are children of divorce and victims of dysfunction
We spell check of course and GPS the proper junction
We've gotten pretty good at shifting all the blame
But I think I hear an old song calling my new name

Generation love, not generation lost or generation greed
Or the connected generation to a plasma screen
Or a generation why, enough is not enough
Or maybe they'll call us generation love
Oh, generation love

When they open up our time capsule a hundred years from now
Maybe they will look inside and see we figured out
How to live with less and give ourselves away

Just maybe they'll call us, just maybe they'll call us
Generation love, yeah yeah yeah
We are a brand new generation of love
We are a brand new generation of love, oh

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Jennette McCurdy Generation Love Comments
  1. airashii 108

    Country music is so fucking easy to create oh my god

  2. danielle devine

    why is this so good? usually when disney stars try to sing it sucks but i love this

  3. stempo1

    This is like eating at Taco Bell, It sounds good at first, but then its just Shit City for many hours.

  4. Rachel Chick

    Omgggggggggg SAM SINGS

  5. Beata Kreja


  6. mila games

    do you miss sam and cat

  7. kaio12 victor

    Nou love wem 😭😭loveee

  8. Aldtaz


  9. Sr. hentai•3•

    I miss Sam and Cat

  10. Hannah DB

    Why did YouTube recommend me this in 2020

  11. Carlos Alexandre da Silva

    T amo e a ariana grande vcs sao amigas? O meu nome é ketlyn a cota é do meu pai

    Grᥲzι 111

    Ela não pode te respondermohlkkklkk
    E não, ela não é amiga da Ari.

  12. Dariusz Płomiński


  13. Alicia Navarro

    Beautiful girl

  14. Brian notafan

    first good music iv'e heard in 40 years

  15. edna braga

    Linda te amoooo

  16. Marika Potulska


  17. Marika Potulska


  18. Drama Lover101

    I absolutely love this why couldn’t I have discovered it sooner, this is my new favourite song

  19. Jeremiah Snyder

    Early 2000s-2012 best music generation

  20. helmrs santss

    Queria ter uma filha assim👋🤟👏👏👏

  21. Guilherme Borges

    2020 e eu ainda tô aqui

  22. nando

    Ariana grande vendeu a alma pro diabo, e a Jennette não se rebaixou a isso.

    Parabéns Jennette! 👏

  23. Itz_Galaxy GachaWolf

    It's 2020....


  24. Sara LeBlanc

    This kinda reminds me of reba

  25. Albin Hellberg

    2014:not yet
    2015: still not yet
    2017: naaaaaaaaaaaah
    2019: not yeeeeet
    2020: YouTube: let's recommend this

  26. xXGachaDøggøXx

    Sam Puckett sings?

  27. Itzz Jen Gacha

    i love the songs she sings

  28. Jaxen Kaine

    I love your show Sam and cat so much

  29. CyalaterCyn


  30. Marianna Lalousi

    2020 I just found out she can sing

    Puppylove 7635

    Marianna Lalousi

  31. catlover123

    2020 anyone

  32. GunsNroses Fan

    2020 ANYONE LMAO?

  33. Jazmine zepeda

    okay but why isn’t she a singer her voice is amazing

  34. David Parra

    Freddy is putting autotune to her voice jaja just kidding

  35. Hayden Rich

    Why hasn’t she released more music?!

    Ultra 12

    Hayden Rich she didn’t think singing was her thing, she said it in a video! So she’s a director now

  36. Bree Mixer

    I randomly remembered this song. 😍 I forgot how good this song was.

  37. catlover123

    I think we all sing

  38. Haley Wong

    2020 anyone?

  39. Tam Nguyen

    she deserved an entire singing career

  40. It’s me Abby

    “A grown up baby boomer”

  41. • Dora Chan •

    I love this girl so much

  42. Yasmin Santos

    Que voz! Simplesmente incrível!

  43. Brendondotexe

    When it said grown a baby boomer I was shook

  44. Claudia Silva

    Nem sabia q ela era cantora

  45. Fatma Jaffar

    Who just discovered this in 2020😂

    Denise Covarrubias

    Fatuma Jaffar i don’t even know WHY LOL

  46. Max Craig

    I’m just hearing this why? And why am I not mad at it? It’s kinda really good. I stand.

  47. Mariam Beheiri

    That was beautiful you’re
    extremely talented 💝

  48. IG: Gasunset28

    She needs more songs! Voice is amazing!

  49. Mlg Clips

    Who's wat watching on 2022

  50. Girly S

    This song will be a good song for Veterans Day

  51. I Love Ariana Grande

    I think shes singing very pretty ❤❤❤🌹🌹🌹❤🌹❤❤🌹🌈🌈🌈❤🌈🌈🌹🌈🌹

  52. Irypa5jvw

    Chabon es malarda sam

  53. cattloverr190 martin

    Such an Amazing song

  54. Gleeful


  55. Joyceleen David

    I would love her and Sam chookoon to sing a song together..that would be so nice...

  56. Beef Chimichanga

    Crazy how she likes the BBC 😒

  57. Valeria P.

    She has more vocal control than Ariana Grande and her respiration is better too.


    Hermosa 😍😘😘😘

  59. fortuna x

    Wait- she sings-

  60. Nansumba patience

    I didnt know that she had a beautiful voice. Now I love her more

  61. MAX

    Thanks Youtube for recommend this in 2019

  62. peaXchy_

    This was made when I was 2 yrs old

  63. Tinky Winky

    Hi Sam Puckett it was awesome when you fight someone in iCarly and Sam & cat it was pretty funny and cool

  64. Katiegirl1313

    I love that she went in a country direction when she started singing I wish she continued to make music

  65. Willian Lima

    Vc é linda

  66. Emanoel Belli

    Sam e cat

  67. Michael Rauch

    I'm glad people are finding this gem!

  68. Karla Victória

    Linda demais

  69. miyu

    I Carly looks different in his video

  70. namjin & тαєкσσк

    She sound so different when she sing

  71. Chuck Christian

    She sings good

  72. Francis Atlas

    My child hood crush😍 I'm 24 now lol😘

  73. semaje baker

    I remember when this song came out

  74. The IIzzy Show ETN

    JENETTE!!!! She can sing! Omg! AMAZING

  75. Rebel Gacha

    Sam and Cat omg

  76. Fernando Martinez

    I love you

  77. Ur mother

    As a kid I had a crush on you, I still do.

  78. Curtefah Francois

    This is at the bottom of my like list but i still listen to it daily

  79. Quitting AJ

    Watching this because i really miss the old times from Jennette playing as Sam Pucket.

  80. Jessica Lopez

    Who has Carrie Underwood vibes?

  81. Lesly Mtz

    Omg i remember this

  82. CEO of 2020

    She reminds me of SNSD (Girls Generation) Seohyun

    PS: she sings so well and she can do adlibs so well, im shook

  83. Eternity Love

    right i didn't now she sung

  84. Senada Begic

    I love you Jennett