Jennette McCurdy - Break Your Heart Lyrics

Ohh Ohh
You stood there on that sidewalk, infront of God and everyone.
You told your goodbyes and I could've swore I saw you smilin, while I just came undone.
All your friends who watch the show.
You wanted your freedom and now you don't.

Well I'm gonna break, break your heart on the radio.

I didn't want to have to do this, waste a perfectly good song.
I'd rather be singin' about a love I can believe in and not one that's gone wrong.
It's all for you.
Yeah...It's HEARTFELT you grow fine, pay back is HELL.

Well I'm gonna break, break your heart on the radio.

And your tellin' me you don't want to us to be over.
You better pull your cot over the shoulder's.
Cause I'm gonna break, break your heart.

Yeah, I'm gonna break, break your heart on the radio.

On the radio...

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Jennette McCurdy Break Your Heart Comments
  1. Matilor ASMR


  2. Matilor ASMR


  3. Robert Hawks

  4. Amanda Garcez


  5. Amanda Garcez

    a novice♥

  6. Tiffany Perez

    stsaff myfenbesmeback Love you



  8. Kellie Anne Devlin

    I love this one cause yeah

  9. Sri V

    I wish she still sang on the side. If she just like released another album or two here and there, I wouldn't mind :) By the way, LOVE her new show, Between!

  10. Michael Serota

    Jennette Is An Angel!

  11. pegasusgoddessgirl iz awsomest


  12. Kevin Moore

    holy shit I did not know she was a sinter

  13. Montana Forrester


  14. Panda Kun

    She's an awesome singer! Amazing songs too! Why she doesn't keep going? Love her!

  15. Charley van der Salm

    Jennette is one of my favorite singers. Along with Sabrina Carpenter. <3

    Lihi Amsalem

    OMG mine too

    hannah s

    She's not even a singer.

  16. Arianator Moonlight

    I love Jennette :'3

  17. VRR

    i love jennette world best song in the world

  18. antonia hernandez

    because I had to finishit ¡carly I dashed I love

  19. lifeonmars

    Jennette i love you

  20. Grace Ferrington

    Love her amazing song amazing voice and amazing girl.

  21. Jessy Mendoza

    ariana & McCurdy *have to make A song 2Gether!! on the real thoo nd Fuck --Miley ja xD

  22. Jackie H.

    really love her... she´s amazing... wish I had people like her near mee.. :)

    Idy Foster

    i never even new that jennette sings well now i know she is really good

  23. Rafael VMG

    Beatiful Song

  24. Taylor Miller

    Rock dweller...

  25. Judith Garcia

    what if you are?

  26. Rafaela Lima dos Reis

    Amo essa voz *-*

  27. Luzimeire Oliveira

    Linda musica.Linda cantora.
    Love Jennette McCurdy

  28. Corie Baker

    Truly Brilliant!

  29. Bella Izzy

    shes waaaay pretty! I think shes one of the prettyiest singers eva!!!!!!

  30. Myrthe van Bemmel

    13 boyfriends in 1 year? She has dated 6 fucking boyfriends in her entire life! I love them both. Stop fucking comparing people.

  31. Bryn


  32. Romyna Contreras Antón

    Sure! Jennette deserves more that many...

  33. MyInsuffurableMind

    ..Someone tell me... HOW Taylor Swift is more famous/popular than Jennette? Jennette is obviously the BEST country singer EVER. Her voice is so beautiful and she doesn't ALWAYS sing about some sort of break up like Taylor does, seriously her songs are getting OLD. Jennette sings about things that truly matter to people. And honestly, after I learnt just HOW many guys Taylor has dated (13) in one year she doesn't deserve to write those songs about heartbreak. She just doesn't. Enough said.

  34. Dhiulia Machado

    - Perfeitaa, admiro você Jannete ;)

  35. Gabriela Dantas

    eu amo essa musica

  36. Lucy Lee

    Love her

  37. Romyna Contreras Antón

    Amo su manera de cantar... su voz es tan bella como ella. La admiro tanto... es una gran, gran artista.

  38. nick kleijzen

    damm what a perfect voice and a beautiful girl

  39. nick kleijzen

    you don't know what beautiful

  40. Annasmith1011

    Alright look, I understand it's your opinion and that you'r intitled to one but if you don't have anything nice to say then keep it to yourself. There are many people on here who love her and thinik she is pretty, thats there opinon. You guys may collide but you don't have to post mean comments about her if you don't like the way she looks then go to another video and not post. That post was very uncalled for so you think she's ugly? Keep it to yourself and and leave her alone. Good day now!!!!!

  41. Claudya Adryenn

    I love it!!!!!!!

  42. disneynephilimdivergentandawiz

    i <3 it when she says 'break'!

  43. disneynephilimdivergentandawiz


  44. disneynephilimdivergentandawiz

    c'mon! lets take a trip to the mirror now! OH WAIT! ooops! shes much better than u! -_-

  45. ciara nuño

    no te imaginas como la quiero yooooooooooooooooooooooo la amoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    como actriz y cantante

  46. Rosalie B. Rowan

    My favourite song :)

  47. Brodiger

    I Love the electric Guitar at 2:08

  48. Tamara achternaam

    with all those amazing songs explains she is a great person

  49. Tamara achternaam

    I wish all the ppl were like Jennette!!:(

  50. mroptimistic1001

    Simple and to the the heart of the matter. This is how a good song should be. Love her voice!

  51. GirlFromAnotherWorld

    Jennette is an angel.

  52. Belle Marcia

    No! She's natural

  53. Cassie Malia

    i think jennette used to be a brunnette

  54. Tamara achternaam

    nobody can love her the way I love her soo much!!(L)(L) but I cant meet her uugh

  55. Amire Moore

    Fell In Love ! (:

  56. Cassie Malia

    shes gorgeous

  57. Mikan787


  58. Rachael-Leigh Holden

    No she isn't!!! I bet she's more beautiful than you!!!

  59. Krista H


  60. Jason Daly

    oh shit your ugly!

  61. inhvmqn

    i dont like this version y like more the one that is live country

  62. Diana Miranda

    amazing video, I loved it!

  63. Nerdy McCurdian

    <3<3<3 LOVE JENNETTE