Jenkins, Mick - Consensual Seduction Lyrics

I need you to tell me what you want

[Mick Jenkins:]
I can cut the tension in the room with a butter knife
I handle the heat like an oven mitt
I ain't got intentions beyond what you mention
What you want from me?
I can see the little inclinations, look like invitations
More low key with my natural nature
I will be all on that in like three seconds
Flat out patient, no, don't patronize me if I need clarity
I mean unspoken understandings are indeed rarities
I need, you to (Say it out loud!)
And it's Marco Polo until I'm on your wave
Fingers stray, try to handle her, she say oh behave
I oblige, never have to Obi-Wan
Never have to force facts, the vibe in the room is as thick as a short stack
Still I don't make a move until shorty endorse that
Only portions until she's releasing endorphins
I need you speaking in case I get to tweaking and just seeing distortions
My breath start to shorten, I caution my court
And your instruction important to (Say it out loud!)
We can do the waft if you can't more than whisper
I mean I'll be the yin to your yang (Uhh!)
And if you can't let me know that, shorty how you figure?
(Say it out loud!)

I can cut the tension in the room with a butter knife
(Oooh, ahhh)
(Say it out loud!)
(Oooh, ahhh)

[Corinne Bailey Rae:]
Listen as I issue as we come into this space
My voice is a sweet song and it leads you to the right place
If we flip the script we can make our own magic
Listen to the hear me say it now
Sometimes I go on to say stop
And sometimes I go on to say no
Sometimes I ain't gon' want to say dont stop, dont stop, dont stop
The love we make is in the moment
Changeable like the ocean

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