Jenkins, Mick - 1000 Xans Lyrics

[Mick Jenkins:]
I mean I'm only smoking weed because I'm stressing heavy
All this water in me
I just pray the Lord'll bless my levies
Lessons let me know I shouldn't be so careless
In some circles misconceptions make 'em think my inspiration herbal, it's not
I mean sometimes it is
I mean sometimes I'm tweaking and laughing 'til I hurt ribs
And then sometimes I'm speaking of passion and my purpose
Forever creeping until I'm peaking through valleys and skies
That's the heavens, I mean I'm trying to get high
Some claiming cloud 9's, I'm floating around 11s
Rose grown in the alley
No stems for the thorns
Cause those buds is from Cali
I'm thinking about it different than y'all
Poker face but I'm thinking appropriation wherever approached, with statements of how high I go
I mean the buzz could last a lightyear
And thinking all the time bout how they never let you shine
And leave you mindboggled
I played boggle at a young age
So a nigga know words
Met Mary when I got to know her
See we would flirt, it's on the daily now
Damn near made that girl my lady now
Without a nigga just might go too crazy
How it come to this, uh

It's just the motherfucking drugs
I can't shake it, it got me shaken
I feel like I'm breaking everything I've touched
It's just the motherfucking drugs
I can't shake it, it got me shaken
I feel like I'm breaking everything I've touched

[Mick Jenkins:]
1000 Xans'll make you sleep good
What you drinking, don't forget you gotta eat good
Cause food is a whole ass drug
I mean Ronald is a old ass plug
And he chopping rocks for cheap to keep your whole ass stuck
And the days is a fucking maze through the smoke screens
I'm amazed how we never gave, blowing smoke rings
For the pain tryna acclimate
Give a fuck bout accolades
Ginger for your shorty, treat the water like a cabernet cheese
At the fact that we see
How they lie to our faces and still we choose to believe
I've been exposed to new spaces, it's getting harder to breathe
The black Neo of this Matrix
Directing homeostasis
But still all my homies bleed
No pay phones it's getting harder to leave
Tobacco leaves, run the trees in the breeze these days
Rolling them shits with ease these days
Only thing that put greenSLLIME at ease these days
And they still claiming it's the easy way, yeah
Only thing that put greenSLLIME at ease these days
They still claiming it's the easy way

It's just the motherfucking drugs
I can't shake it, it got me shaken
I feel like I'm breaking everything I've touched

I've never been afraid of heights
I've never been afraid of lights
I've often got lost in flights drug induced
Fall asleep in mistransition, everyday I wake up wishin'
I can barely see the sun shine through
Cause it's the motherfucking...drugs

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Jenkins, Mick 1000 Xans Comments
  1. GeminiEye1

    3 years later and I still cant stop listening to this album.

  2. lil psy

    Met Mary when I got to know hurt

  3. boo saY


  4. Delgado Corleone

    Boring 💤💤💤💤💤💤💤

    Russell Robinson

    Wake up sleepy lol

  5. wbabe2012

    I knew this was produced by KAYTRA that beat is undeniable. That synth.

  6. Mr. Okoro

    I dont get why this is being severely underlooked.

    Herc TV

    its to
    real for most

  7. Dalton Hamilton

    mick over kaytranada is too nice
    world aint ready for this yet!

  8. Chops

    It's just the motha fuckin drugs...

  9. Chris Nunn

    Everything Kaytranada produces turns to gold!!!

  10. 24HR MOB

    Mick jenkins is from the southside of chicago, Yet he brings u deeper then the inner city, must be the alabama in him.

  11. Kgosi Mosiane

    Mick Jenkins is setting a precedence with this album. The consistency Mick Jenkins retains on each song is astounding. I think I became more of a fan now.

    Promoting Sounds

    definitely, mick is so damn good on each song which is so rare nowadays

    Bryant Turner

    Promoting Sounds this dude the MIND very talented dope brotha can't for Mick Jenkins and Ravyn Lenae she did her doing on the track Communicate



  13. Zuko

    free your mind

    Promoting Sounds

    drink more water

    might Guy

    Promoting Sounds we have fluoride in the water which is a neurotoxin

    Existential Error

    Drown yourself.

  14. Dezz Carter

    This shit is like the waters 2.0


    it really aint tho

  15. MoFi

    love kaytranandas music. always listening to him at least once a day

  16. Video Account

    Hey promoting, do you remember a fan named bdyls? He would always comment on your vids a while ago. Like maybe 9 months ago now. If so, that was me. I've been here since around 20,000. Keep up the great work my man

  17. Skywalker

    mick jenkins is dope

  18. Video Account

    Hey man