Jenkins, Katherine - World In Union Lyrics

There's a dream, I feel
So rare, so real
All the world in union
The world as one

Gathering together
One mind, one heart
Every creed, every color
Once joined, never apart

Searching for the best in me
I will find what I can be
If I win, lose or draw
It's a victory for all

It's the world in union
The world as one
As we climb to reach our destiny
A new age has begun

We may face high mountains
Must cross rough seas
We must take our place in history
And live with dignity

Just to be the best I can
That's the goal for every man
If I win, lose or draw
It's a victory for all

It's the world in union
The world as one
As we climb to reach our destiny
A new age has begun

If we win, lose or draw
It's a victory for all

It's the world in union
The world as one
As we climb to reach our destiny
A new age has begun

It's the world in union
The world as one
As we climb to reach our destiny
A new age has begun

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Jenkins, Katherine World In Union Comments
  1. Bald Bearded Bloke

    This is a Goodenough cover. Just kidding. Good work Katherine Jenkins.

  2. Shaun van Wyngaard

    Rugby is the best game ever!!! Bringing people and the world together! Springboks winners of 2019 Rugby World Cup in Japan!

  3. Rushil Jivan

    Anyone listen to this after the springboks won? 🇿🇦

    Steve Thea


  4. Dan Rowe

    She's bloody beautiful. Shame she likes the sniff though.

  5. Harri Davies

    2019 its coming home 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏉🇯🇵


    I support 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿❗from 🇯🇵.

    Dan Rowe



    Well 4th isn’t bad 😂🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

    James Paulett

    David Wright Nors 2nd


    James Paulett true but then again I lived in SA for years so loved that they won it anyway 😂

  6. 達史小林

    World cup 2019 Japan Japan Japan !

  7. Mike Sutton

    Fantastic voice Fantastic Artiste.

  8. mdjcsmith

    The Welsh Angel

  9. Wynand De Beer

    I agree with the comments. Katherine Jenkins is perfect in her version of this song. Personally I prefer the version by PJ powers and Ladysmith Black Mambazo purely for the passion and pace. Good Luck Springboks bring it home 2019

  10. angus morgan

    Maybe a few world leaders should listen to this....

  11. Jupiter 4


  12. Michael Gilman

    The magical power of musik and female beauty!!! BRAVO KATHERINE ❤️

  13. luzuko masoka

    My girl friend u sing nice🤠

  14. Ankles

    World cup 2019 AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE !


    Unlucky 😬🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

  15. Keith Jacson

    Hayley Westenra could sing her under the table on that song.

    Willy S

    I dont't believe you !

  16. williegun13

    Hayley does it a million better

  17. Tom Little

    You are good😍😘👍👄👍👌👊✌️✌️💃❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💌💌💌💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💌💋💋

  18. Patricia Griffiths

    Just fantastic,what a voice.

  19. Anemone Linthorst

    Beautiful !!!!!

  20. Stefan Parocki

    The song will always belong to Dame Kiri Te Kanawa, sorry (no offence meant toward Katherine Jenkins). No one will ever sing it better than Dame Kiri either, in my opinion and really this performance lacks feeling and passion (might be the an off night or the audience, the venue or the live orchestra) but I think it really is not the sort of song for her.

  21. Queen Ruth

    we don't only want to see the singing but soul......

  22. sentinel531

    Westernra is far better

    Delon Duvenage

    but this one is the best

  23. Ronnie Stanley

    pj powers is the best in world in union

    Delon Duvenage

    don't agree

    farhana nanabhai


  24. Doniedaff

    The fact that no one has mentioned Kiri Te Kanawa makes me feel old.

    Toby France

    Before my time but for me that is THE version of The World in Union

  25. Rita de Beer

    what a fantastic voice. I can't get enough of her singing.

  26. Emma Bradley

    I'm welsh

  27. Rich Lawson

    Not one for her. She's a talent but can't see why they thought she should be the one that sings it. Lovely lady, lovely song but not together :-)

  28. kitty kat

    watched this and HALEY, HATE THIS OMG

  29. Andrew Mathison

    Just bloody perfect!!!
    A piece of music from the Planet's Suite that I have known since I was a child, now it has a new dimension.
    Thanks Katherine, really well sung!!!

  30. David C

    My vote goes to Hayley - she sings it with a better tempo for an anthem and her backing is much more stirring. But Katherine has a glorious voice. Try listening to her singing Requiem for a Soldier - it always gives me goosebumps

    Karen Hsu

    David C yeah this person sounds too opera

  31. Horst Diptner


  32. Josh Ellis

    Katherine Jenkins has the most beautiful voice ever and this songs is just magical

    The X Factor

    Yeah True, it's amazing

    - Simon Cowell

  33. Brandoon Dunkley

    Happy St David's day

  34. grumpy sod

    Enjoy both Katherine and Hayley doing this. Why should anyone choose to compare two great singers rather than just enjoy.Agreed, Paloma's version is less than memorable.

    Steve Thea

    Who owns the song

  35. Peter Gunton

    do for me. xx

  36. Acdragonrider Videos

    Why does it sound like I vow to thee my country? XD

    Riley Hibbert-edwards

    the time for your email address

  37. Martin Clarke

    I came here 'cause I'm not fussy on the 2015 version.


    Do you mean the version by Rhydian Roberts? I quite like it.

    Itinga Nicholas

    Ria Halls 2011 version 👌

    Captain Hindsight

    1995 version still is still the best.

  38. kymerah

    itv should have went with this alot softer and better sounding

  39. oswald wellman

    I find this rendition pretty but uninspiring compared to Hayley Westenra's interpretation. Just a personal reaction. Doubtless others will reverse that preference.

    oswald wellman

    +Kevin Dhirajh I'm sorry Kevin, I'm not familiar with that rendition.

    Acdragonrider Videos

    +oswald wellman I like Katherine Jenkins :P

    oswald wellman

    +Acdragonrider Videos So do I and a few thousand others.You're not unique.

    Josh Ellis

    Katherine Jenkins is always the better one and the best

    oswald wellman

    +Josh Ellis. Hi Josh . Do you always imagine your musical perception is infallible ?

  40. les strong

    paloma faiths version is modern and excellent

  41. Dylane Lindsay

    World in union

  42. Peter Evans

    Give me Paloma. This is just so obvious. Paloma has a nice edge to it. Plus the more I listen to this rendition the more I want to start singing the hymn "I vow to thee my country"

  43. Allan Dawes

    Katherine seems to be rushing it a little. Should be more of a pause between lines.

  44. Ben Garside

    Ha ha - shakespeare4bears I have just done exactly the same! :-)

  45. SMC01ful

    Why the hell did they use Paloma Faith when there's hot totty like this with far better voices. Did you see the idiot they had rapping over the top of the tune in the opening ceremony? I don't mind rap, when it's good. However, the lyrics were bloody trite, and when it ruins a perfectly good tune and the singers efforts one wonders who the hell is programming at ITV.


    +SMC01ful Well said. Totally agree about the opening ceremony.

  46. Lord Nelson

    Anyone heard the new version by that ghastly PALOMA FAITH? It's fucking horrible

  47. shakespeare4bears

    I came here to get Paloma Faith's nausea inducing warblings out of my head.

    Robert Hazlett

    +Kyle Turnbull Me three!


    This is good, Paloma's is good. It depends on your perspective. Change is good.

    Robert Hazlett

    @Calum Rhys Jones
    This is good. Paloma's is different and, in parts, shrill. It doesn't make for good sound bites in show promos.

    Dylan R. N.

    +shakespeare4bears Hahahaha..... too true. Me too.


    So glad I met a fellow anti Paloma Faith protester we could march on Parliament and demand her banishment for crimes against music.

  48. Martin Benford


  49. beremill

    Lesley Garrett's version is also on You Tube - the best?

  50. craig chalmers


    BoredGamer BuGGaTon

    +jeff sparky Actually in classical music it's just called breathing. The amount of breath control required to sing most lines in one breath, especially leading onto each other, leaves a tiny portion of time with which to catch ones breath and you don't have enough of it to take the mic away without also effecting the music either side of the breath. But breathing renewal sounds cool XD

  51. agentflipflop

    I'm a true blooded kiwi but gotta say Katherine is fantastic


    what is the but for?

  52. Ed Greene


    Poppy Warner

    Ed Greene "Then you remember Islam"...

  53. Clare Day


  54. Joe Williams

    Jesus Christ

  55. Kate E. Bilsborough


  56. Sean Walker

    I love her sparkly mic, I love the orchestra! Her singing is crap in my opinion 

    James Clark

    Get your hearing tested!

    Dave Martin

    her singing is crap you must be a ridiculous rapper lier who cannot understand talent

  57. Manfred Kraus

    BRILLIANT   !!!!