Jenkins, Katherine - We'll Gather Lilacs Lyrics

We'll gather lilacs in the spring again
And walk together down a British lane
Until our hearts have learned to sing again
When you come home once more

And in the evening by the firelight's glow
You'll hold me close and never let me go
Your eyes will tell me all I long to know
When you come home once more

Although you're far away
And life is sad and grey
I have a scheme; a dream to try
I'm thinking dear, of you
And all I mean to do
When we're together, you and I

We'll soon forget our care and pain
And find such lovely things to share again

We'll gather lilacs in the spring again
And walk together down a British lane
Until our hearts have learned to sing again
When you come home once more

And in the evening by the firelight's glow
You'll hold me close and never let me go
Your eyes will tell me all I want to know
When you come home once more

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Jenkins, Katherine We'll Gather Lilacs Comments
  1. essex peter

    Absolutely ridiculous changing the lyrics of an original song. Don't use it if you find it unacceptable.

  2. AArch

    Mr Ivor must be proud of his song, listening you Katherine... Pure joy and rapt with your singing!

  3. Fred .Michel

    I t6hink it is a British Lane, & not and an English Lane because KJ is Welsh.

  4. Michael Gilman

    charming Katherine, a woman of dreams with a voice from God♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  5. AaronStabbert

    I love that you sing this song with so much passion, Katherine! Your voice sounds so incredible! You look so stunningly gorgeous in this music video too! 😁

  6. Таня Танечка

    Nice video.

  7. townsvillian12

    I am with the others who believe that the substitution of "British" for "English Lane" is a significant aesthetic error - its ugliness stands out like a bug on a wedding cake and instantly distracted from my listening pleasure. Novello was a consummate wordsmith and his ability to conjure precise images and feelings from simple words is probably unparalleled in the history of popular music. "English Lane" immediately evokes in the mind's eye a very specific picture. "British Lane" is meaningless, because there is no such thing as a specific "British Lane". Typical Welsh and Scottish Lanes are very different to those seen in the Home Counties, which I imagine Mr Novello was thinking of. Interestingly, the version by Frank Sinatra, which may be found on Youtube, did not feel the need to move the action to Brooklyn

  8. David Oyama

    You have one of the most beautiful singing voices I have every listen too ! Thank you !

  9. Jane Smith

    Wrong words! How dare they adulterate it for reasons of politcal correctness. It's "English lane" as all of those of us who sing this song all know.

  10. Gerald Davies

    English not British spoiled it for me.

  11. Kadriya Bikbova

    Wow what a beauty!

  12. Po1itica11yNcorrect

    This is one incredibly sexy lady. And her lips! Wow!!

  13. Millicent Dunham


  14. Andrew Ross

    I loved hearing that beautiful voice

  15. seawisedave

    Terrible to screw the lyrics like that! Completely ruins the song.

  16. Mark Stevens

    So the PC pixies have been at the lyrics. It's " English lane."

  17. Wingalaxi

    'British' lane doesn't sound right! I stopped listening immediately, but this version will be good for those who don't like the word 'English' for some reason. Personally, I love it and all it properly stands for.

  18. Гена Исаев

    Ангельский голос,да и сама сладенькая такая,вот тебе лайк :)

  19. corinthian

    'Down a British lane' ? On her version Julie Andrews sings ' shady lane' ! Is there a shibboleth regarding the word English, or might it 'offend' someone who isn't English to even hear the word ? Well, it didn't ' offend the composer, nor notable Welsh singers Stuart Burrows or the late Ivor Emmanuel and anyway, who has the right to do this ? When we next read a new version of Shakespeare's sonnets might we read, 'Shall I compare thee to a rugby ball' or, 'Let me not to the marriage of two oranges' because some idiot didn't like what  the Bard  had written ?


    +corinthian It's a peculiar variant of 'political correctness' and in this song, totally unacceptable aesthetically.


    I could not agree more. 'British lane'?? It sounds ridiculous. Country lane would have been better.

  20. Lloyd Newtom

    played this at my M others funeral yesterday ,she would have loved it Thank You

  21. Andrew Ross

    What a voice of such great passion

  22. Andrew Ross

    What a voice of beauty

  23. marilyn kowal

    Disappointed-I got my CD-Well gather Lilacs isn't on it-the one song I really wanted--there must be two different CDs

  24. Jean Knott

    Down a 'British' lane, I don't think so Katherine.

    Sweet Memories

    I Hate this version and the people who sanctioned the vandalism of a beautiful English song!

    Sweet Memories

    Oh Yes your right. Because she might offend her Welsh listeners? They would be laughing at it because they love music and respect the creating of music. Ivor Novello was a Welshman for God's sake!! I'd like to stick those lilacs where the sun dont shine!!


    The Welsh are notoriously anti-English racists. I saw Jenkins in concert in Singleton Park here in Swansea, and she kept having digs at the English conductor, Anthony Inglis, which would certainly be deemed racist if they were directed at any other group, including the Welsh. Jenkins clearly cannot bear to say or sing anything positive about the English. By the way, a far better rendition of this song is the Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth version, available here on YouTube.

  25. marilyn kowal

    In Canada we have  to wait  until January 27 to hear the rest of this beautiful song

  26. Olivia white


  27. Peter Fagerlind

    This is  absolutely wonderful Katherine. But why did you change the lyric from "down an English Lane" to "down a British lane"?. Politically correct but NOT the original lyric as written by Ivor Novello.

    Katie Morgan

    Because she's Welsh! 😉


    Ivor Novello was Welsh...

    Sweet Memories

    Peter.....Its like taking the scissors to Ivor's heart. He would have been incenced! Please people who dont know this song but liked it, the lyrics have been vandalised for reasons of political correctness. There are other versions sung by people who RESPECT the music of Ivor Novello. Sorry but im so bloody angry!!

  28. Dave Collins

    'Down a British lane,' you've got to be kidding!

    Peter Fagerlind

    It is almost sacrilege to change the wonderful lyrics of Novello. This is just political correctness gone mad!

    Sweet Memories

    You can just hear her arranger saying "Hmmm....don't you think Down an English Lane is a bit strong Dear? I mean we don't want to offend people and while were on the subject dont you prefer Roses instead of Lilacs?" What a bunch of PC Rotters. Jenkins should be ashamed of vandalising a Welshman's song!!

  29. 1940 dell

    Decca, please, please, please, release this official video to USA & in format for mobile & iPad. Tiny trailer bit was wonderful

  30. noquiero nombrex


  31. Rebecca Newman

    Cool! I'm singing this for the Festival of Remembrance in a few week's time! Need to get learning it.. x

    Bobby Caldwell

    You will be very good I'm sure

  32. Michael Elliott

    I am a massive fan but not sure about this one I think I would have preferred something like Schubert's Ave Maria....but I have ordered numerous copies of the new Cd for Christmas presents and am really excited to hear many of the other tracks on the CD which you have let us know you have recorded. x .

  33. Marta Machado


  34. Cory Kent

    So the official video is not the full length of the song? This should say clip of the official video, and personally I am tired of getting only snippets of everything. Most artists release full length videos of their popular music.

    Jonathan Croley

    Cory Kent he full length video would just be more of the same: miming to a poor orchestration, soft focus claptrap!

  35. marilyn kowal

    A beautiful song-brings back memories--Cant  wait to hear more

  36. 1940 dell

    Heard the short intro of this & it is beautiful. Hope the official video is soon available in USA & also for iPad & wireless. So looking forward to new recording, "Home Sweet Home"

  37. Helene Van Vuren

    So beautiful Katherine! Counting the weeks till the release of the CD.

  38. Deborah Grabill

    Oh yes the beautiful woman to go with the beautiful melody and seeing the ring makes it ever so special to know you are married,  living your "happily ever after!" 

  39. Deborah Grabill

    So beautiful, Katherine. Lucky to have VPN to see shows not available in US.  Such a lyrical selection Will rapidly become a favorite.

  40. Liana van Aswegen

    Beau-ti-ful!! The song, video, and you look lovely too :-) x

  41. George Atta

    wonderful Katherine =D

  42. Zoraide F C

    The voice of an angel, love you Katherine !

  43. Michael Ross

    What a perfect match, Ivor Novello's beautiful sweet melody and the equally beautiful and sweet Katherine - sheer magic! :)