Jenkins, Katherine - Anthem Lyrics

No man, no madness
Though their sad power may prevail
Can possess, conquer, my country's heart
They rise to fail

She is eternal
Long before nations' lines were drawn
When no flags flew, when no armies stood
My land was born

And you ask me why I love her
Through wars, death and despair
She is the constant, we who don't care
And you wonder will I leave her - but how?

I cross over borders but I'm still there now

How can I leave her? Where would I start?
Let man's petty nations tear themselves apart
My land's only borders lie around my heart

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Jenkins, Katherine Anthem Comments
  1. toothpick4649

    I married into the Jenkins clan in Australia

  2. David Whitehouse

    It just doesn't get any better than this thank you Katherine

  3. enrico bilancetti

    My angel/woman

  4. Kalmykhangook

    donno why but welsh anthem always makes me feel in tears its so beautiful

  5. James


  6. Душан Радин

    Welsh sounds like Sindarin to me..


    A beautiful anthem sung by a beautiful woman. x

  8. Mikey

    It's an utter privilege to be Welsh living on what's possibly one of the most ancient historical pieces of soil the world has ever known.

    Cymru am Byth.

  9. David Whitehouse

    Have listened to Welsh national anthem for 40 odd years at rugby matches and it is always so moving and Katherine Jenkins perfect

  10. IHaveAMigrain AndImStressedØut

    Proud to have Welsh blood

  11. TheCynedd

    Of the people of Great Brittan I do not think there are any more patriotic to their country than the Welsh; I am so proud to be Welsh and proud to display the dragon.

  12. Deus Vult

    Feels gud being welsh

  13. Kevin Chambers

    When 10000 red shirts stand against you with Katherine Jenkins singing for them - be afraid, be very afraid - even if you have a Hakka !! (LOL !)

    Kevin Chambers

    Of course I'm just having fun ! Love Wales - love Rugby - and much love and respect to both ! xxx

    Kevin Chambers

    And to those who think they can defeat Ydraig Goch - lol ! Red Dragon - LOL ! - come on - have a go - if you win, we'll salute you - and if we win, we'll still salute you - just harder, lol !

  14. Graham Lockett

    What an extremely talented young lady Katherine is and even more so singing this incredible Anthem--happy to be a kiwi but this touches my heart.

  15. Riley

    I went to the primary she went to and now I go to her old rival secondary school

  16. Murray Wood

    I am ONLY 50% Welsh (other 50% is Kiwi) but in my heart I am 100% Welsh & will always be...Peggy Wood

  17. Graham Lockett

    I'm from New Zealand,my ancestors from England but my world cup loyalty lies with Wales--this is an amazing anthem.

  18. lunabranwen

    Happy St David's Day. Cymru Rydd

  19. Graham Lockett

    This is totally amazing and as a kiwi so proud to see Hayley accompany Katherine in singing this incredible anthem.

  20. nigel williams

    Make me proud to be welsh...lets have Independence we have more money....

  21. Meir Wise

    My mother was the only tone deaf Welsh Jewess! But this anthem is the most moving.

  22. jake thomas

    War music

  23. Rob White

    Probably one of sports most intimidating moments -standing in the middle of Cardiff Arms Park while 50000 Welshman sing this

  24. Levi Anderson

    Us (Scotland) and Wales 100% have the best Anthems such passion I love it


    Rubbish! I'm half Welsh, but I'd have to give the top places to New Zealand and South Africa. The Scottish anthem isn't even in the top five.

  25. Murray Wood

    I am New Zealand born with a Kiwi Mum and a Taffy Father. My Welsh side is far stronger than my Kiwi Side

    Morgan Dunn

    I hope your eligible for Wales?

  26. Matthew Kent

    The national anthem of the whole of Britain is the English anthem, but each of the 4 countries that make up the UK have their own anthems.

    D Jonesable

    Technically England doesn't have ''it's own'' national anthem. England just uses God Save the Queen, which is the national anthem of Great Britain.

  27. Nils Tebbe

    nice anthem greetings from Germany

  28. karah lou

    It's st davids day

  29. Tim Jones

    Hardd ac ysbrydoledig

  30. Andy Dinwoodie

    Katherine Jenkins could sing the phone book as far as I'm concerned. Brilliant voice

  31. Lé Mon

    So proud of our boys in every game even if we loose

  32. Bob Axe

    As a proud Welshman myself I'm a little disgusted that some of the players weren't singing our National Anthem as even the kids with were having a go. So I say to the players if you can't sing the song don't wear the shirt

  33. Tazmin Davies

    I'm full welsh and i'm so so so proud to be welsh!! I know every bit of our anthem and i know what every bit means and for that i'm so proud! I love you Wales so much, i wouldn't trade the world for you!! ❤❤❤

    Bronson Perich

    Cymru am bynth! From a Maori in New Zealand.

    Luke Fowler

    *byth ;)

    Amy Smart


    Душан Радин

    Not even for a salami? :-D


    I'm half English half Welsh, and I can wholeheartedly say I love both my countries but the Welsh anthem is always the one that makes me cry ☺️❤️ :')

    Josh Hamilton

    I'm part Welsh, part English too. I will sing the English (British) anthem in a formal setting but I don't support English teams and I find it ugly when it is sung by crowds in sporting events.

    Conversely, the Welsh anthem has a very special place in my heart, oherwydd, "hen wlad fy nhadau" yw Cymru, a mae fy ngwlad yn sicr yn annwyl i mi. I always find it very moving to hear the anthem, especially sung in full force by a huge crowd spontaneously splitting into harmony. There's something very pure and noble about Welsh patriotism, the patriotism of a small nation which has retained its language and heritage and culture whilst being part of a larger country - and for the Welsh, for a small country to have such a successful international Rugby team (and now Football team too!) it is really amazing.


    That's because the other one (God Save the Queen) is the most awful, boring dirge ever sung by anyone!

  35. Morrigan Ravenchild

    I wish we had such an emotionally charged national anthem as like this.

  36. Nick White

    I am English but went to uni in Wales and stood on the Cardiff Arms terraces in tears. What an anthem and every welsh person in the stadium always sings. fantastic

  37. Bruno Leite


  38. Classdojo youtube channel

    Who won?

  39. Mongo Boogie

    Why can't the English have a brilliant national anthem like this !


    When they say happy and glorious they all are miserable!

    Mongo Boogie

    Heck we could even sing it in some sort of celtic pre Roman Angle Jute or Saxon language so as to really make it English , rather than the mix of invader's languages we speak now? Gawd knnows how we'd do that but that would be the ideal.

    Graham, King of the Britons!

    Because its not about empire, conquest, crushing the Scots and monarchy!

  40. Donald Zahnke

    I'm part scottish but I lime thr welsh national a them

  41. LAVAfighter 36

    Côme on wales

  42. Brian Morris

    Sorry it's a man's anthem God bless wales

  43. Rhys Protheroe

    ancestors are welsh------------brought to  tears by the passion and lovely Katherine.PAUL  PROTHEROE.

  44. john price

    I am Irish, but I have stood in Cardiff Arms park with tears running down my cheeks as the Welsh supporters belted this out!
    I did not understand a word of it...but I understand passion... and pride in ones country!

    Jtv Games

    john price I'm Welsh all the are full of pride

    Joshua Barker

    i went to the stadem and i sang and i was crying😢😢😢

    Neil Badger

    For such a small country as Wales and then only a small part of it makes for the Welsh rugby team and then how big they are on the world stage. The passion of the fans as well as the team itself... passion is not a strong enough word.

    In a fairly recent documentary, I remember Shane "twinkle toes" Williams, talking about how he was ready to take it to the all blacks as the anthems played. Legendary fans, players and team..

    ... and all this from an Englishman :)

  45. Tory LaMarche

    I'm trying to learn welsh right now...its so hard to do by yourself! I really want a pen pal who would write to me in welsh, but I don't know how to find one!

    Seaghan Ó Buadhaigh

    Google "saysomethinginwelsh forum". Lots of good people there.

    Cian Evans

    Tory LaMarche I will be your pen pal

  46. 123therealboss

    the welsh Irish and Scots are so lucky they can feel pure but we English who are mixed through marriage with all the different British nationalities are looked upon by not all but more than enough to be mocked, shame on you who do this your heritage is as mixed as mine in this brilliant country of ours , i shout for all my country men when they do battle with anyone but the English

  47. Melroy Day

    i wish i was Welsh.... this anthem is so fantastic

    Taylor Colby

    My best friend is Welsh, I’m from Chicago, I wish I’d been born in Wales.

    Maddie Xx

    I am welsh I love it 🥰

    snare drummer man

    Agreed it's a beautiful anthem but I would never change my nationality for a song..Be proud of your own nation..Scotland forever 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    Душан Радин

    @snare drummer man I'm a Serb and couldn't agree more with you,but the a liquid silver,man....same as with Gaelige and Gaelic....still i can't find anywhere anything to learn i have shitty memory.

    snare drummer man

    @Душан Радин Gaelic classes are out there my Serbian friend,you come from a beautiful country..It's(gaelic) not to hard to learn.I have the worst memory in the world but I play for "Banna Fliuit Learpholl" Liverpool Flute Band..If your serious about the language get back in touch..Saor Alba (free scotland)

  48. Antonia Wall

    Best anthem iv ever heard

    sameh said

    best anthem

  49. jayjay9122

    This Hag stole Paul Potts' chance!

  50. michael adams



    +michael adams well why did you watch this then?

    michael adams

    cos i wanted to thats why.


    yep , the band and superstars wreck it...leave it to the fans ..they`re the best

  51. Raniero Cicconetti

    Katherine Jenkins in my opinion is so fashinating and has a very passionate and beautiful voice!

  52. Raniero Cicconetti

    Exscuse you, the welsh is a kind of celtic language or it's referred to a Gaelic origin? Unfortunately, in the italian schools and universities we don't deepen the different kinds of languages of the states that belong to the Uk!

    Ella Skye,

    +Raniero Cicconetti  The Welsh language, is Celtic & it's called Brittonic, where as Gaelic is the Celtic language of the Irish & Scottish.

    Raniero Cicconetti

    +Ella Hamer. Good evening Ella! Now I red your kind reply to my previous comment. Thank you very much indeed for your very interesting and precise explanation about the Welsh Brittonic Language and the Gaelic spoken in Scotland and Ireland.

    Raniero Cicconetti

    +Ella Hamer. If you want, you could subscribe to my channel and maybe send me a request of friendship on Facebook. Thank you so much! Excuse me, are you Welsh?

    Ella Skye,

    +Raniero Cicconetti  Yes, I am Welsh, & I have subscribed to your channel.

  53. Raniero Cicconetti

    Warm greetings to you all, and mainly to the welsh users. I believe that the female singer in the previous video clip sings magnifically and is so gorgeous to me! Exscuse you, is she welsh?


    +Raniero Cicconetti Yeah she is welsh - Katherine Jenkins

    Steven Gould

    Raniero Cicconetti ,,

  54. Raniero Cicconetti

    Hello everyone! Despite I can't understand the words of this anthem but I really like its sound and the sincere and so honest pride and dignity of the entire welsh people that I clearly noticed seeing the previous video clip!

  55. likoni02


  56. intentions666

    As a Welshman I confirm she's a fame hungry, fickle bitch with a flat arse.


    Awesome Anthem, indescribably beautiful and so uplifting

  58. Hammers Hamilton

    Always a few ignorant men who don't know to remove their caps/head gear during a national anthem.

  59. Steve Boshboy

    At the beggining ...WTF !!!!!

  60. bigdognumber12

    Gee, Hanson looked young there.

  61. 1294DS

    What language is being spoken at the beginning of the clip?

    michael adams

    +1294DS WELSH


    haha I thought it was spanish

  62. Mark Cynic

    How to kill an anthem. Get some fame hungry bint to lead the singing. Cunt.

  63. Tom Greene

    The best singing /anthem at any rugby match?....they are welcome to sing it over here in Ireland ...welcome to win?? ...not really!

  64. Cellan Davies-Harding

    Well as I am welsh you can see by my name this anthem is over 150 years old so its one of the oldest anthem

  65. Juliette Laidin

    That was ages ago. Just looove the song

  66. Connor Priday

    proud to be welsh

  67. viva Palestine

    Poetry in motion


    How embarrassing for us, to have a International Communist and deviant load up our Anthem.

  69. Aspen idk

    Im not directly from Wales, but my great grandmother was and its a beautiful language. Proud to have that heritage :)

    Aspen idk

    @***** Why? Does it really matter?

    Kathy Stephenson

    +Jack Moore    I'm sorry she was so snippy to you, Jack. I, too, am of Welsh descent and extremely proud of it. I am 50% Welsh, 50% Irish and 100% Proud Celtic!! Have a great day!!

    Aspen idk

    @***** I am so, so sorry i replied that way. I used to be an extremely rude person, and i have no memory of saying that but i am sincerely sorry i acted that way. Ive grown up since i replied that way, and im just so, terribly sorry. 


    Aspen idk y


    Ooh, snap! My great-gran was from Ebbw Vale :)

  70. dagda54

    Cymru Am Byth!

  71. john riley

    wonderfull wales should have independence too


    @Ross_AFC Europe is better off from the EU

    Taryn edwards

    Mae hen🐴🐩

    Charlie Catesby

    Their entire culture and people are bound up when the the rest of Britain...Don't be so bloody stupid... Nobody here wants to hear your left-wing crap I'm proud of my entire family that come from all parts of Great Britain (My surname being Jones) we don't need people like you pushing the Semetic agenda...

    The x rod Vloger

    Yes especially after England flouded our streets for fresh water and they never used it

    Spunky Sanchez

    I know people will hate me for saying this (even though I’m Welsh too). Wales technically isn’t a country the same as England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Wales technically is part of England (I can feel seething Welsh hatred as I type that)

  72. Catrin Lewis

    And you'll notice that everyone in the house sang as well?  My American compatriots, get a clue.  THAT'S WHAT NATIONAL ANTHEMS ARE FOR!  Everybody sing!

    Andrew Ongais

    But, but... our national anthem is an absurdity.
    It makes little sense and is best sung by drunks in a pub.

    Start with poop... and end up with poop.


    You're asking a bit too much. In Wales, everybody knows how to sing. 

  73. Quantum Dizzy


  74. Quantum Dizzy


  75. Lauren Smith

    Really makes me proud to be welsh seeing all the children singing.

    One Direction Lover xx !

    Yeah :)

  76. navnig

    I'm not sexist but Land of my Fathers should only ever be sung by a male choir.  It doesn't sound right any other way.

    fred karno

    I am sexist and I could watch Katherine Jenkins sing for hours.
    Sometimes I even turn the sound on.

    Frank Fraser

    @fred karno She is beautiful

  77. john powell

    Beautiful anthem by beautiful singer

  78. aaron291SDL

    Mon the Scotland!!!! Fuck yer whales lol

    Cian Evans

    aaron291SDL I thought the scots and Welsh liked each other 🤔

  79. Joshua Meauta

    This anthem sounds so sad snd really cool

  80. JohnPanto

    Cytuno yn hollol Completely agree !!

  81. EmralltTywysog

    If you thought I can't pronounce our anthem you are wrong. I just meant unable sing at all because I'd be very emotional...Blame the government for that. The whole time I was in school Welsh wasn't in the curriculum, I took it upon myself to learn it. I think anyone who was unable to learn Welsh at school should learn now. It's everybody's negative attitude to our beautiful language, claiming they wouldn't need it to travel the world when that isn't the point. We should look after our language!!

  82. David Pemberton

    kathrine jenkins is fit

  83. JohnPanto

    What Anthem do we sing in 2030 when insufficient Welsh speakers are about ?

  84. welshcourtland

    She was so lovely back then.As a miner from Neath I worshiped her but after her comments about her butty thatcher I will never buy another cd or watch her again.Shame on you kath.

  85. Liamers95

    She sings god save the queen more often than this!! Haha

  86. EmralltTywysog

    Even with the singers it turned out quite nice, but I really prefer just the choir and the crowd, it makes me cry every time I end up just miming the words so I don't sound like a toad :P

  87. laftw93

    put hands or guns to your hearts ? lololol

  88. DecultureReturns

    "hands in there hearts"


    There are many things wrong with that part of the sentence and you know it.

  89. iPushFatKids

    I promised myself: one day I'm gonna have a threesome with them

  90. Dorothyellen w

    This is a people with choral singing deep in their blood.

  91. Toby B

    I thought Hayley was a kiwi?

  92. Sean Kelly

    Bucket list with my young son. Preferably against the Boks. Then a trip up to Scotland to hear that Anthem.

  93. Clive Mainwaring

    Kathryn is absolutely amazing, regardless of her hair style.
    This version of my homelands national anthem is by far the best, and shows the power of her voice.
    Diorch a Fawr Katherine. I'm proud to be WELSH.

  94. Fishing Wales

    Proud to be Welsh

  95. SunshineonLeith2016

    fair enough sir but the Welsh precede you by about 2000 years.

  96. Hugo DBPHuguenot

    Is that, "american put their hands in there hearts dickheads,"or did you mean "american put their hands in there hearts dickheads."

    Charlotte Fisher

    Hugo DBPHuguenot you said the same thing twice

  97. tablaqueen

    Of course she is Welsh! She grew up speaking Welsh so it's not so hard for her.