Jelly Roll - Can't Go Home Lyrics

Waylon and Willie 2
They say, home is where the heart is, mama

Made it out of that snake pit
Now snake skin on these boot tips
I see loose lips sank the last ship
So I set sail on a new trip
Some mistakes I never make again
Circle lot no one breaking in
I gotta sit back and try to take it in
I know perseverance, what it take to win
Hard to push when the world pull
When the ones you love they try to burn you
Death coming smell her perfume
Try to make it home before the curfew
I was running late and the doors was locked
And the windows too, no where to turn to
After all the money I done burn through
I woke up broke on a church pew
With a new goal in on a 45
A fire in my eyes and some hunger pains
I spent my younger day just chasing fame
To get burnt by the flames that money brings
Blazed trails and I torched bridges
Ain't no turning back and I've moved on
Home is where the heart is
I've been heartless too long mama

Mama says, you can't go home
You can't go home, you can't go home
Mama says, you can't go home
Can't go home, can't go home

I've spent some time in the house of a rising son
Mirror on the wall I'm in fear of what I've become
Same thing I'm living for, same thing I'm dying from
Mama says, you can't go home, you can't go home
I've spent some time in the house of a rising son
Mirror on the wall I'm in fear of what I've become
Same thing I'm living for, same thing I'm dying from
Mama says, you can't go home, you can't go home

[Jelly Roll:]
Early in the morning breath stanking and yawning
I can feel last night from the dranks and the yoda
Heart beatin so fast I was thinkin its over
Now my first thought is that I hate that I'm sober
Dealin with the demons that I can't get control of
Dealing with the ones that I can't get ahold of
How many day away from commitin a hold up
Till we be patient and even the haters will show love
My brother told me Bubba get that check
And don't worry about bullshit cuz you got next
Then we know when you get it that you gonna flex
Then I'll be overlooked like the New York Jets
Pay attention to them homies when they want for ya
Back biting and acting like they get along which ya
But as soon as you catch a case and end you up in the place
The motherfucker won't even hit the phone for ya
I've done seen them stand tall and I've seen 'em fall
You can't me shit I've done seen it all
I ain't worried about chips, you can keep 'em all
But I promise you this I'm gonna bring it raw
I'm just trying to put my people on
I'm just trying to bounce some property from singing songs
Trying to wake up from the cloud I've been dreaming on
And I ain't planning on going back when I was leaving home

Mama says, you can't go home
You can't go home, you can't go home
Mama says, you can't go home
Can't go home, can't go home

I've spent some time in the house of a rising son
Mirror on the wall I'm in fear of what I've become
Same thing I'm living for, same thing I'm dying from
Mama says, you can't go home, you can't go home
Can't go home...
I've spent some time in the house of a rising son
Mirror on the wall I'm in fear of what I've become
Same thing I'm living for, same thing I'm dying from
Mama says, you can't go home, you can't go home

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  1. Buttcheeks Farts

    No dis A1

  2. Christian Weldon

    One of the realist things out there.. Dmx status.. one for the white boys

  3. Wes Roop

    POWERFUL...i felt this...

  4. Frank Lucas

    free me..

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    simply dope!

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    Damn it boi !!¡¡ ❤️ lookin lit 🔥
    Keep it up baby!! 🥰😍😘💯

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    This is my favorite song I listened to

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    Love it

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    I can't wait to see u with tech 9

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    When you see under covers parked down the block from your trap.


    Real shit

  13. Les Penson

    Alwayz good,all the time \,,/

  14. Stoney Drew

    I just realized... I don't like jelly roll

  15. Gerber Baby

    This shit is awful!

  16. R32 trending

    Now how is there 3.6k dislikes on a song like this. ? Shit GOOD job jelly~roll. keep them coming. good music 508

    Robert Turner

    Without haters we wouldn't know we on our job's 🤫💪🖕🤪😉

  17. Lover Mom

    Luke Bryan

  18. James Thompson

    Love your music. Brings back memories of my teenage days.

  19. Donald Friese

    Mmmm mm mmm can't go home

  20. Donald Friese

    You shut the fuck up Josh okay bitch iam a girl okay I love this song so shut the fuck up

  21. James Ward

    Jelly one of them ugly handsome dudes lol oh and also has some of the hottest bars in the game 🔥🔥

  22. Rebecca Overman

    what did the kid do

  23. Incretable Hulk.

    A lot of these- Youngsters do need to here SO real life shit about the hard life.

  24. Silver Bull30

    Jellyroll speaks the truth

  25. James Myers

    Same thing I'm living for same thing im dying from.... jelly said it all right there

  26. Dale White

    this song speaks to me on so many levels

  27. Samantha Steele

    Miss my mom 💔

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    Looking good Jelly

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    I'm obsessed with a song! And all of the rest of them! I haven't heard a style like this before. Well maybe if you count Yelawolf & Rittz? But they both have different flows and sound. Love them all so so very much! Lol but back to my original thing. The only part that'll make my giggle no matter what mood I'm in, is 🎶"Lose Lips Sink the Last Ships!"🎶 Just reminds me of a fun episode I watched about this girl getting a tattoo in her inner thigh and it was a trashcan with her face smelling something stinky!?! Which if y'all get it you'll understand. Lmfao! It was hilarious! 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤐🤣😂

  32. Greg Irvin

    Jelly spits fire🔥in his verse
    #Real talk

  33. Kyle Dude89

    Y'all two hit a hard note to hit that extends to the damn heart brothers!.!.!! Speaking for myself and I'd take an educated guess that others will agree,keep that lifestyle that is an everday goal...keep sending them good vibes!!!

  34. Scott Knotts


  35. Roger S

    Love from knoxvegas... Well a little city near Knoxville

  36. GrayWolf productions

    All my familys dying there is no home to go back to its a sad fact when no one is rydin with you danny grandpa best friend i miss you

  37. Hannah Fletcher

    My mom was sentenced 11 years in federal proson today .... Mama says u can't go home 💔 im broken... Jelly..this is why we need you

  38. cami walker

    He spittin fire like always 🔥

  39. Tyson Nesbitt

    His teeth look like shit in all his videos. He needs to loose the gay ass grill.

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    Fellas yall keep it up.yall make one hell of a team cant wait for the next one

  41. Roy Holloway

    My hats off to ya jelly knocled it out of the park one hell of a entertainer's keep it up bro

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    October 2019 who here ....
    Rip shaundelle Cayce

  43. John Poole

    18yrs in house of risen sun

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    This is some fire for real.

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    Waylon and willie,,struggle and jelly,,new gen outlaws,,love them or,,well fuck off and die these boys are bad

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    Love Struggle and Jelly and upchurch

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    Since when does SWAT use Smith and Wesson M&P 15-22's?

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    Some of struggles homies told him he gone country cuz of the boots he replied get it right this drug lord status jelly an struggle to the top the outlaws of our generation

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    Jelly roll and struggle both have some good songs y’all keep it up

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    The new Eminem

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  52. CoCo Coldy

    My kids names are Waylon and Willa. They love the intro to this song. Haha love you jelly

  53. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

    God jelly spits so fire and can sang that melody. I absolutely love how they incorporate real life America into their vids and songs. It’s rough on this side of the tracks.

    Chris Panther

    Tiffany Jayne you damn right it is!

    Incretable Hulk.

    you sho right. . Life is hard.

  54. Johnny Dollar

    Jelly roll n Struggle Jennings r two peas n a pod killing it

  55. Dale Tennant


  56. Falcon Blue

    I hate Struggles fit in this video, but if I lost all that weight I'd wear the same type of shit, straight up

  57. No Way

    Deep shit

  58. Xan Der

    This song hits different when you actually live through it

    Ronnie Belvue

    @Johnny Deals sure you did




    Yep for sure man

  59. Lindsay salinas

    How do these two not get more attention. Talent!!

  60. BobsNUTZ. Too Pracht

    Damn! Momma? I wanna come home Please? Momma I wanna A home Y at 55 it just ain't thar for me!!!???? Ain't no selfish shit thar either ! Just happens to be!! Is what it is right now right here and now

  61. Jerome Strawder

    How can someone dislike songs that educate people man.

    #mumblerapfans that's why

    Steve Shaw

    true story

  62. InternetMunchies

    Made it out of that snakepit now theys snakeskins on these boottips..what a opening line...bars



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    Jelly and struggle are the shit wish they would come to WV

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    I love him he is my favorite

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    W & W2!!....MSYCGH, Mirror On The Wall

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    They're lyrics always have a way of speaking to you on they're level. #relatable

  68. Carla Costa

    Sad this is probably what life is like these days. Everyone is poor and struggling. Nothing like what it was like when I was growing up. There was jobs with benefits and incentives. No incentive today.

  69. bmo 420

    My peeps

  70. John Clinton

    Struggle said " loose lips, glass ships I'm on a new trip"

  71. Tresten Archer

    Mom said I can’t go home haven’t been back ever since still runnin the streets and no where to go

    Jerry Lewis

    You can get it right man, just have the strength and determination to get back to what you can become. I'm 56 and I still struggle with the streets but I know hustling doesn't have a retirement plan.🤔

  72. Cody Townsend


  73. Jennifer Smith

    This will forever touch my soul deep 💯❤️🗣

  74. Wayne Wayne

    Times have been rough lately anything would help. If anyone could cash app me anything even just one dollar it would be very appreciated.. $waynewayne517

  75. A Padgett

    The mfr wont even hit the phone for you.... Truth

  76. Jimmy Turner

    im 17 and i love this song i was homeless from the age 13 tell about 3 months ago a nice family took me in and im still trying to get used to home life

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  92. Mr Butler

    Man this song speaks volumes man.. i left my home city to dodge some serious things.. dipped to the midwest to try and start a music career.. i regret falling back into selling drugs out here. I ended up in prison and my mixtape projects all fell apart.. I apologize man, I had you and flameable contribute drop and track and then i got locked.. Its been a long time man. You probably don't remember.. but i went by Dj Hydroholic, And the label was Theraputik Muzik.. when i got out.. you was on like Volume 2 or 3 of your Therapeutic Music mixtapes.. i been watching you grow every since man.. super proud of you big man.. keep pushing for folks like us.. Maybe one day I can have the privilege of working with you again, but here lately me making beats is just a hobby...
    Keep em coming man.

  93. Kathy Nunnery

    Love this

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    He rocked this at the Detroit show.

    Trackwell Studios

    SawedOff Shotty str8 killed it wit the live band

    SawedOff Shotty

    @Trackwell Studios Hell yeah!

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    where that at i need get meds right i be on point.........

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  97. Tiona Linda Nguyen

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