Jefferson Starship - Mau Mau (Amerikon) Lyrics

Hide witch hide the good folks come to burn thee
Their keen enjoyment hid behind a gothic mask of duty

Put your old ladies back into bed
Put your old men into their graves
Cover their ears so they can't hear us sing
Cover their eyes so they can't see us play
Get out of the way
Let the people play
We're gonna get down on you
Come alive all over you
Dancin' down into your town

You know Tyrannosaurus Rex was destroyed before
By a furry little ball that crawled along
The primeval jungle floor
He stole the eggs of the dinosaur
We are egg snatchers -
flashin' sunshine children
Bunch of diamond thieves

You unleash the dogs
of a grade-B movie star governor's war
While you sit in the dark -
insane with the fear of dying
We'll ball in your parks
- insane with the flash of living

So drop your fuckin' bombs
Burn your demon babies
Rabid lover-feelin' the starch in your grin
Callin' for acid cocaine and grass
And receiving your homemade gin
Sign me up as a diplomat - my only office is the park

You need to be out before you come in
After you come you go
In the midst of Yang is a smaller part of Yin
And when it happens you know -

Whatever you think of us is totally irrelevant
Both to us now and to you
We are the present
We are the future
You are the past
Pay your dues and get outta the way
'Cause we're not the way you used to be
When you were very young
We're something new
We don't quite know what it is
Or particularly care
We just do it - You gotta do it
Let the music do it, take you there
Do it, do it, do it - gotta do it
Something new, something new, something new
New, New

Open your eyes there's a new world a-comin'
Open your eyes there's a new world today
Open your hearts people are lovin'
Open it all we've come to stay
I said, Open it all we've come to stay
I said, Open it all we've come to stay
People, hey you people, everybody
Us young people come to stay
I said, people, on relief
We've all come to stay
Open your eyes there's a new world a-comin'
Open it all we've come to stay
Yeah, yeah, yeah, open it all
Open it, open it, baby,

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Jefferson Starship Mau Mau (Amerikon) Comments
  1. Fooey Yu

    R.I.P. Paul Kantner (period)

  2. Snuffy Ballparks

    Never liked this tune and Baby Tree is kinda lame... but the rest of the album is really really good bordering on fantastic.

  3. Matthew Maguire

    Word on the street is Elon Musk wakes up to this every morning.

    Nivedita Tewary

    Screw Elon Musk. He is a filthy capitalist.

    Matthew Maguire

    Will be soundtrack on way to Mars (with a listening charge of course !)

  4. Michele Harvey

    One of the best albums of all time.

  5. Glenn Morris

    It took me 35 years to really get this blend - but I'm with it now _
    🌞 sunfighters launch the
    Tunes for the trip to Marz


    the bass part is paul playing a guitar thru a bass translator

  7. Doble Helice

    this Album came along just in time to blow the cobwebs out open the eye and learn how to fly..Gemini space cowboy

  8. Diana Spinella Nielsen

    Thank you, Central Park NYC & lp

  9. Keith Leeuwen


  10. bill fausek

    On the lp album - "his hair was perfect!" We're something different...

  11. ARON KAY

    mau mau revolt against trump

    Willie Gordon

    @ARON KAY No revolt against the fucking liberals, Trump is the best thing that ever happened to this country. AOC,Cuomo, Bloomberg, Sanders, Warren,if any of those assholes get in the White House we're in deep shit. At least Trump gives a fuck about America. He's a real patriot. Only self hating guilty whites hates President Trump.

  12. Bruce Blank

    Science fiction revolutionary space opera of the highest order, this gem was nominated for a Hugo award - the only album ever to be so nominated. Check out all the talent on this: from Gerry Garcia to Stephen Stills...a once-in-a-lifetime meeting of the 60's best. The recent passing of Paul Kantner makes you realize just what genius he and Grace Slick were together.

  13. MeloLand

    Wonderful song...

  14. Eliseu Huertas Cos

    I bought it out of the press as an import in's ever since been a best hidden secret and an outmost epical and incendiary album that appeared at the right time in the right place.One of those I never saw again not even among those so call experienced ones...Far Out!

  15. ARON KAY

    i got that album at a record store near venice, calif in the fall of 1970

  16. Michael Lambert

    Just posted this on FB:

    "In tribute to Paul Kantner...

    Blows Against the Empire is a collection that pierced me to the core at many levels as an adolescent. Still does, truth to tell. In its melodies and lyrics you'll hear the zeitgeist of the turbulent 60's and early 70's, the rejection of the values that stole friends, brothers, sons, fathers, sisters, mothers, and lovers, mangled and killed them in an immoral war on the other side of the world.

    In that rejection was much anger, but also innocence and idealism. A desire to sail our wooden ships, or in this case a stolen starship, to paradise lost.

    This opening track is raw, angry and vulgar. It defines what was the generation gap, the chasm between the Leave It to Beaver world of the conformist 50's, and the Boomers, who were by this time the most educated generation in history.

    Of course, there is a danger in romanticizing the movement that gave rise to this music. There were many down sides. But that's not the point here...

    (...And Jack Casady demonstrates why he is one of the very best bassists. Omg. )"

  17. MeloLand

    fantastic song.

  18. George Stallard

    insanely good album   sign me up as a diplomat  my only office is the park

    pbruc brooks

    Was that not Cool? 

  19. Stuart Walker


  20. Susan Brown

    Awesome LP...I find myself humming 'Baby Tree' and 'Have You Seen the Stars Tonight' just because it feels good!  If I remember correctly, the first time I heard this was thru headphones! (think: rocket launching).

  21. pbruc brooks

    That Bass line is mind blowing. 

  22. Bill9696V

    Jahan Zeitzev, the musicians in this recording were leading a revolution when this album came out. They weren't into falling off stages smeared with food like Iggy Pop popularized among his coterie so much as they were making governments fall while they told them to eat shit.

    These were people who were leaders in a youth movement that had brought 100,000 people to form a circle around our Pentagon in 1967, and they had helped inspire one million French citizens to bring that nation to a grinding halt with war protests and riots. They brought the Democratic Party to its knees in 1968 in Chicago, and they were doing the same to Richard Nixon when this album was released.

    At this stage of their careers, Nixon and J. Edgar Hoover were pushing back at them, trying to shut up their anti-war agenda.

    Government agencies weren't hounding Iggy Pop, ever, like it came after these particular leaders of that movement. It is odd to see them compared the Stooges, even sonically. They were on different missions on this planet.

    Willie Gordon

    Shut the fuck up you liberal. You go eat shit.

  23. pbruc brooks

    At 3:38 TOOO COOL!

  24. pbruc brooks

    This is one of the Trippiest albums of the '70's. JA was  an incredible band.

    Willie Jones

    pbruc brooks

    You gotta add in Jerry Garcia and members of CSNY, etc


    Jefferson Starship here! No Balin, Jorma, Drydan or Cassidy. Just Kantner and Slick.

    Stuart Walker

    check out "after bathing at baxter's" by Jefferson Airplane!!!

  25. Feedurehed

    Open that door! 

  26. chickenwretch

    revolutionary conspiratorial apocalyptic and eventually destructive. way before Rage against the Machine.

    Stuart Walker

    destructive? too kind to be hurtful!

  27. Zanthxs

    Epic album ... ! Dancin' down into your town ...

  28. pbruc brooks

    Yeah that brought a grin from me; too cool! They had a mansion near Golden Gate Park close within short walking distance where all the counter culture gathered. "Open it open it baby, open that door."

  29. chiefbigwig1

    "Sign me up as a diplomat; my only office is the park."

  30. ddoorn1

    They should revive this song for the Occupy Movement, the Arab Spring, Turkey Uprising!

    We the 99% must get FIRED UP and PISSED OFF and take to the streets!

  31. pbruc brooks

    GET DOWN. This number puts you in the Mood. That Bass line is incredible.

  32. Douglas Coulter

    A close second to Procal Harem's opera

  33. QUOZEL33


  34. Mr. Midshipman

    Beyonce, put up or shut up:) Some people try to hard.

  35. Cynthia Jacobs

    me too...

  36. Ben McFall

    I forgot I knew so many of these lyrics. at "Hide Witch Hide" it came rushing back!

  37. Mr. Midshipman

    You do to much ACID and are hallucinatin G

  38. pbruc brooks

    That Drummer Dryden is also BAD!!

  39. pbruc brooks

    When I first heard this, I was blown out and blown away. That bass line is incredible. At 3:38 that break is just Toooo cool, just like the ending. Kaukonen's lead guitar is BAD!

  40. jackhillty

    their keen enjoyment hid behind a Gothic mask of duty

  41. ARON KAY

    its a fresh wind that blows against the empire

  42. james DAVIS

    a classic love this wonderful album.

  43. Paul Dirac

    Outrageously good!

  44. Devil Maker

    we need this now! starchild

  45. pbruc brooks

    "Sign me up as a diplomat, my only office is the park" then that bass and drums is toooo cool.

  46. pbruc brooks

    Get down! That Bass line is incredible!

  47. bbooz

    stewyy is a party pooper

  48. Janette Bramlett

    This is one of my all-time favorite albums. One of those that you'd take on a desert island...

  49. M Bell

    get out of the way, let the people play ... ; )

  50. Linda Wloszczynski

    I still know every word. GREAT album.

  51. Linda Wloszczynski

    I still know every word. GREAT album.

  52. Linda Wloszczynski

    I still know every word. GREAT album.

  53. SanFranciscoJames

    thx thx thx shonkys

  54. SanFranciscoJames

    @RATTLEY67 yuppers, mate

  55. Kenneth Wayne

    "You need to be out before you come in . . . we are the present, we are the future, you are the past . . . get out of the way . . . we're something new . . . let the music do it . . . take you there . . . open your eyes, there's a new world a comin' . . ."

  56. RATTLEY67

    This song and album turned me on to the Haight love peace acid revolution vibe.It's not over yet.From Auztralia