Jefferson Airplane - Watch Her Ride Lyrics

I didn't know you were the one for me, I couldn't see
But you were waiting,
For someone to come along to help you out to sing your song,
And I was changing;
All I see is you; All I feel is you for me!

And I would really like to watch you ride;
And always feel you by my side;
I would really like to watch you ride
All on me!

I go stumbling to the sky, and I seem to fly so high
I see you, I feel you;
You have a way of walking 'round your feet they never touch the ground,
And you are shining;
All I see is you; All I feel is you for me!

Times don't change; Times don't ever change for me;
And I know that you could be the only thing in my world,
The only thing that my mind would find;
For love, for love and peace of mind, for me, for me; Oh

Your Shadow in the morning sun becomes my fun, and we can say,
"I love you, love you;"
My morning shines on silver beaches, your light flashes to the reaches
Of my mind, my mind, of
My mind, and my mind it comes alive with you;
It's all that I can do to sit here and let you blow my mind;
Ah! My mind,
You're so fine, in my mind you're so fine, in my mind you're so fine,
You're so fine, in my mind, you're so fine in mind.

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Jefferson Airplane Watch Her Ride Comments
  1. Brian Wilson Good Meme

    Vocal melody sounds kind of like something Jim Morrison would sing with the doors

  2. I.F. Horus

    Ride with me to Baxters, and we will bathe our afters.

  3. Dawid Owcarzak

    That bassline... Those vocals, the guitars... Wow a masterpiece

  4. Giorgos Kontanas

    Forwards from their generation ....HUGE CARRIER ......

  5. Tony Harris

    Grace you blow my mind. The sixties peace and love

    Clayton Tharp

    Hell yes Man!

  6. dreamyblue44

    Oh man, I really love this one, what a great track! :)

  7. ed f

    Jack and Jorma-oh my!

  8. Dan Rode

    watch her ride!

  9. wayne moores

    I have about 1000 vinyl records. If I had to take just 10 with me this would be first on the list. Surrealistic Pillow #2. Have the original vinyl and it still plays well.

  10. Worlds Worst YouTube Channel


  11. Kenneth Palmowski-Wolfe

    Just another reminder of why I worship Jack Cassidy’s bass playing. He wasn’t nicknamed "God" for nothing!

    Ed Lawrence

    Jack Bruce was the best.

    Not Sure

    John Bonham is great too

  12. Wayne Karol

    NOBODY else ever put voices together like that.  Probably the song I most regret never getting to hear Paul do it live.

  13. Dan Scoones

    Typical, unbelievable, soaring Airplane harmonies.

    Donald Scott

    Dan Scoones They have some great songs, but the Airplane’s harmonies are atrocious.


    de leurs discographie ces ce titre que j'adore

  15. Nathan Sciarone

    watch her ride is my favorite song on the album by far

    Sheriff Lophophora

    One of the best for sure... The Ballad Of You Me & Pooneil, Won't You Try, The Last Wall Of The Castle and Young Girl Sunday Blues are awesome too.

  16. bendbadgersteve

    Came to me upon hearing he passed as well.  Cool, cool dude.  Sad losing such an engaged spirit.We're a bit less as humans today now that Kantner's gone.

    Thomas Yaremko

    +bendbadgersteve no, not less but more because we heard Paul's gift. <3

  17. roguenation

    WHR was the 1st thing to come to my mind upon hearing about the demise of Kantner yesterday.

    Jenny Miller

    Me too!

    mar ina

    +frank calero Watch her ride

  18. Tony Harris

    Grace, your feet never touched the ground in my mind...................

  19. Moonpie Shane

    there's a part in the middle where they all hold the note on 'for me' and Grace finishes it off with holding the note longer and doin her thing. First time I heard this I broke out in chills from head to toe. Only the Airplane.

    Amy O'Connell

    I always go back to that part, so much so that I never end up actually finishing the entire song and I just listen to Grace sing that one part over and over lol.

    Tony Harris

    +Moonpie Shane This: 1:54


    Its the resolution of that chord; just grabs ya!


    Yeah, I know what you mean man. I'm glad I'm not the only person to notice these things. All that magic and shining beauty and the album didn't sell that well. Go figure...The whole song does that chill thing to me lol...


    Jorma and Jack were tearing it up towards the end, but Grace was just so beautiful in this song.

  20. Feedurehed

    One of their finest...which is like of their songs!!!.

  21. ppgaspar

    Well, she did have his baby eventually..

  22. Raffaele D'Abrusco

    There's something desperately sweet and sexy in this song. 

  23. Doc George

    Drenched in the stuff! BUT beautifully....

  24. willbar11

    When I first bought After Bathing At baxters i did not like it for some reason but now it is one of my favorite albums it is so fucking awesome and don't know why i didn't like it

  25. Maddison Marshall

    One of my favorite songs of all time.

  26. Doc George

    My FAVORITE Old Love Song....

  27. Doc George

    My FAVORITE Old Love Song....

  28. Doc George

    My FAVORITE Old Love Song.....

  29. Antoine Strider's Headmusik Hour

    The first time I heard this song, I felt like dancing. Trufax.

  30. SeattleLA

    I am a big Airplane fan, for over 35 years, but I don't know how anyone could rate any of their great works above Pillow.

    Sheriff Lophophora

    That's because Surrealistic Pillow had the most famous singles but it doesn't mean It was the best album. After Bathing showcases a more mature band with a more complex sound and it is one of the greatest masterpieces in psychedelic rock music. I love Surrealistic Pillow too.


    Because some people have different taste in music than you.

  31. Roodoo Zefreak

    @MegaSoulSearcher hey dude, they're Jefferson Airplane.

  32. Roodoo Zefreak

    @willminkorea for me it's their best album, by far...And I'm sure I'm not alone :-)

  33. royalnaz1

    great song one of favorites by them.

  34. Darrell Musick


  35. JELLYJIM11

    this song kicks ass

  36. William Sandoval

    Thats the SKU# or something to label the album for sales...

  37. Steve Kasiaras

    HOT DAMN!!! Their best album! For me this = psychedelia. This and the Dead's Anthemn of the Sun.

  38. robnap828


  39. Tony Harris

    Control tower to Jefferson are cleared for take off!

  40. Madelyn Feller

    oh!! how I love Marty Balin!

  41. Tony Harris

    The colorful 60's blew all our mind's...Peace and Love!

  42. Vector Template

    @gbcallahan - I can't take responsibility for what others post, and I don't pay much attention to ratings... LOL...

    And it's not like I said the others were not talented. Obviously they were a very talented bunch all the way around. Just IMO Grace and Jack are talents that transcend that particular era, in a way the others don't.

  43. Tony Harris

    Grace, you have a way of walking 'round...your feet don't seem to touch the ground!

  44. Tony Harris

    This song fucking TAKES OFF!

  45. Chuck Harvey

    Wow. Kick it Jack. Terrific work. Marty, Grace et al

  46. fabrikk60

    @flamesounds - There's also the stream of colourful little Acid blotters trailing out the back of the plane.

  47. fabrikk60

    My big sister had this on a 7" single. Loved it when I was 8, especially the little bit of whistling at the beginning. Jack's bass work is still some of the best anywhere!

    (Hey - why the end cut off?)

  48. Michael O'Regan

    hell yes- what cool bass - good music to chill too ;)

  49. Tony Harris

    My time machine........ "60's, please!"

  50. corey buck

    this song rocks

  51. danettecute

    @vectortemple--Spare Chaynge is
    second part of this song.

  52. Vector Template

    @danettecute - my all time favorite Airplane cut.

  53. Vector Template

    @DocGeorge4U - yeah - flipping that record was always a challenge....LOL...

  54. Vector Template

    @tonkehar - Jack was one of my boyhood heroes but I never got off too much on Hot Tuna - without Gracie and Paul they did not have the rich full sound and excitement of the Airplane. I love Baxters, Bless its Pointed Little Head and Crown - IMO those those capture their sound and greatness best..

    The Airplane were a very talented, very intellegent, very creative bunch of folks who played hard rocking, ear crunching, mind bending, innovative music.

  55. vergegenwaertitung

    this is a great song. i LOVE Kantners songs! but this song kinda sucks on bless its pointed little head. if you want a bad ass live version get the one in LIVE AT THE FILLMORE EAST

  56. Vector Template

    For me the high point of the song is when Gracie and Jack lead them out of the bridge and back to verse, starting around 2:05

  57. Vector Template

    This is a love song....

  58. Vector Template

    Absolutely - a shame it's butchered up here....
    IMO Baxter's was the best rock album of that entire era - I thought so 40 years ago and I still think so now, and I listen to it a lot. I've probably listened to this song 1000 times and it's been playing in my head for all those 40+ years, but who's counting. This cut and the instrumental that follows are masterpieces.

  59. Doc George

    IF you were listening to the album, this would be the first song on the second side, provided you still could flip the of my very favorite love songs........

  60. GopalaJaiJai

    Jack on bass is amazing. Prelude to more bass leads trading licks with Jorma.

  61. Gregor von Kallahann

    It's not underrated by the Airplane cogniscenti!! It's them at their quintessential acidic best.

  62. danettecute

    this was my song---flows and wow!

  63. Dinklebob

    i have been listening to this song on repeat for the past two days...this song is wonderful!!!

  64. Jessica Bathea

    This is like my fave song by JA, like wow

  65. jackhillty

    paul may have had more sublime moments but he never sounded like he was having more fun than this.

  66. willminkorea

    Underrated album.