Jefferson Airplane - Fat Angel Lyrics

He will bring happiness in a pipe
he'll ride away on his silver bike
and apart from that
he'll be so kind in consenting to blow your mind
fly Translove Airways gets you there on time
Fly Jefferson Airplane gets you there on time
he will bring orchids for my lady the parfume will be an excellent kind
and apart from that he'll be so kind in consenting to blow your mind
Fly Translove Airways gets you there on time
Fly Jefferson Airplane gets you there on time

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Jefferson Airplane Fat Angel Comments
  1. lu penzo

    Anjo gordo

  2. Lori Troiano


  3. Dave

    Trans Love in the business!!!

  4. Jay Rice

    Classic. The title refers to Mama Cass Elliot.

  5. Charles Chauffe

    Never good decide what version is better- The Airplane's or original by Donovan. Let's just say thru the years I have listened to both extensively!!

  6. Angelo Valentino

    ooze music

  7. robert logan

    captain  high at your service!!!! timeeeee!!! bob

  8. Max Stemple

    If anyone went to a concert in the 60's at the Fillmore, Avalon, or the Rose palace(Pasadena), this was part of the light show. The best was the Electric Koolaid Acid Test Light Show by Ken Keseys group the Merry pranksters.. Had Betty Boop and Flash Gorden and other cartoons, with strobes and this projection screen stuff. It was made for tripping on LSD, and it was very good. The light shows alone were amazing, and then throw in the music. The 60's were amazing, we should of stayed there.

  9. wubba lubba dub dub

    Well Jefferson Airplane, I am offended.


    The door is over there.

    wubba lubba dub dub

    Nyckname that info might help you to get the fuck out then :)

  10. Jim Harding

    Yes now & always..

  11. Emmaa bg


  12. robert logan

    they did this song better than. started listening to the airplane from day one album. grace slick looked good on stage live.

  13. e-male Bakabana

    Funky !!

  14. whydoievenbothertoputthishere

    fucking amazing

  15. Michael Fenichel

    Rest in peace, Marty Balin...
    Fly Trans-Love Airways.
    Gets you there on time.
    The voice and music of a big chunk of music history,
    with countless fans and memories, has left the room.

  16. Jeff Darden

    Very good !!!!!

  17. jbsamakis

    This is why I'm a seeker. There's a lot to learn under every airplane.

  18. Summer Tea

    Just the oily psychedelic colors is enough for me to hit the thumbs up. I grew up in the eighties with Van Halen and the others but this is special music which I never heard before.


    Yeah, this kinda makes the other stuff pale, don't it? :)

  19. A Pa

    trippy - and you ask me what it was like to be 'spaced out' ? let me roll another one for you.

  20. ricardo rafael porta

    Excellent song !!!

  21. Marcia D

    Still 👍

  22. photoslum

    Nice to have such a great light show

  23. oddy


  24. Sabrine Bdm

    Sounds like the end by the doors 🌻✌🍄☮

  25. Tara Keebler

    This is okay

    ?Fat angel?

  26. Maria Evans

    When I hear even the first few notes of this song, something happens inside me. It just makes me so nostalgic and happy. I wish I could have lived in this era so bad. It's such a tragedy that these incredible eras pass us by and then are locked away forever

    Thomas Bedell

    Maria Evans This song as performed here in their Bless Its Pointed Little Head (great title!) makes me feel like a hazy summer day.

  27. Bree Stanchyk

    Every instrument in this song is played so intense and amazing. Such a trip it takes you on. No pun intended ;) ;)

  28. mLeandro Licursi

    ,love it

  29. Lindsey Murillo

    Gawd, I miss Kantner and Airplane...this stuff takes me back 50 years, "when we were rockers once, and young."

    Thomas Bedell

    Lindsey Murillo When we was stoned immaculate and on the perimeter.

  30. Ramon Yanez

    Want some shrums in you salad ?

  31. garagedancer

    Is this Paul Kantner on vocals?

    Wesley Wilson

    Yes, it's Paul Kantner

  32. Dominic Marrano

    henceforth, i shall be called Fat Angel!!

  33. Keith Leeuwen

    GREAT !

  34. Mad Max 1056 The Road Warrior

    fat angel let me guess u smoked the dope and saw a fat angele

  35. Tom skydawg

    I listened to this so much back then, This and Dead's Dark Star. So thankful to have grown up in this era.

  36. garagedancer

    I'm almost always flying Jefferson Airplane.

  37. wailinburnin

    10,000 of the views at this point, are mine, I love this recording! JA Lives!

  38. Richard Alpert

    This jam reminds me of the Doors.

    Robert Anderson

    lot like the doors the end


    Yeah, Jorma's got that Eastern End thing going. LSD one would suppose.

    LoverOf Great Music

    This jam reminds me of the Jefferson Airplane

    Doug Walker

    Yeah! It's so NOT like the Doors, except for superficial D-modal raga-guitar similarities :>)


    You’re right actually. The guitar is kind of similar also at 5:02 the percussion is just like the percussion from The End by the doors.

  39. ARON KAY


  40. tom d

    Donovan wrote  "the Fat Angel" which refers to Mama Cass Elliot of the Mamas and Papas.  In Donovans version he whispers "Cass" several times and he says "Fly Trans Love Airways" 2x then changes it to "Fly Jefferson Airplane".  Jefferson Airplane covered the song and extended it 2x longer than Donovans version and turned it into a psychedelic masterpiece. Was in high school in San Gabriel Valley when this song hit the airways. Very good times for music.

    Mark Lichtenberger

    another thing, I heard a story that "Jefferson Airplane" was the name of a dog that was in the studio where Donovan was recording the album, and that was the reason for the improvisation...

    Greysky Dawg

    Indeed it was a good time for music.

  41. Sonny McCloud

    three fifths of a mile in ten seconds

  42. Jerry Johnson

    Donovan came up with this tune


    Jerry Johnson they probably decided to cover it being Donovan made a nod to Jefferson Airplane in the lyrics

  43. Yussel Valle

    Woooow, now I love this song 💙👍

  44. Brix Montiell

    Rip Paul Kantner
    thanx for leave us your legacy

  45. Maria Evans

    I'm transported back in time to decade I never lived in when I hear this.

  46. Garrett Nolin

    How does one create these inky anomalies?


    What you need is an overhead projector (of the old-school Beseler variety), a series of clear, curved clock faces, a bit of mineral oil with oil-based dye (candle dyes work well), a tiny amount of water with water-based food coloring, and a good deal of isopropyl alcohol. Choose your colours, mix them in bowls, add them gradually to the largest clock glass (making sure not to overfill, because the next-largest size will flatten out the liquid, and if it's too full it will squirt out the sides). Most of it should be the water-based colours; just use a small amount of the oil colours in drops to add contrast. If you use too much oil colour it will be too dark. Repeat this step until you have two or three layers of glass on top of the projector's fresnel lens. You wiggle them up and down, side to side, and in circles to create these patterns. You may also add bits of gel slide cut in interesting shapes, or even large gel overlays. In many cases, film projectors (the actual 8mm or 16mmm type, with actual reels of film) are run in the centre of the screen to add additional psychedelic effects. Have fun!


    @fuzzballzz36 Sounds like you are an expert, must have done it. I was going to reply "oil and food coloring" pressed onto an overhead projector.


    @cellgrrl And you would be right, it just has to be done in the right proportions. Usually undiluted food colouring is too dark, some water has to be added. Thanks for your kind words! I wouldn't describe myself as an expert because I've never done it for a living, but I have been researching this for decades because the look of a liquid light show has always been captivating for me. I have two overhead projectors and have done light shows at home and with my band in small clubs since the early '90s.


    @fuzzballzz36 Ah, then you are using it in a more professional manner than I had experienced. My knowledge only extends to a bunch of freshmen living in a dorm on a college campus who probably put the display together in 30 minutes with no prior knowledge. lol Now the real question is where these guys were able to score an overhead projector...probably "borrowed" it over the weekend from some lecture hall. BTW, this was during the day, the late '60's, and I must say, they did a pretty good job of it! Just think, in the '90s this must have been a really cool new visual effect for your patrons! Best of luck with your band!


    @cellgrrl I think it's really cool that you and your friends did it in the late '60s when it was all happening. :-) And you're right, it looked like something new to the '90s/'00s crowd. I explained to a lot of people that this was the way it was done in the late '60s in the ballrooms. Best of luck to you too, and peace!

  47. Steve Amaya

    Great song kinda reminds me of the end by The Doors

  48. wayne moores

    RIP Paul. We are losing them all. Just a bad month. Loved the Airplane. Always was my favorite band. Still have all the original vinyl and play it all the time.


    I have not seen them live since I didn't exist back then. But I do have all their vinyl records. Great band, deserverd way more recognition. Surrealistic Pillow is simply one of the best records of all time.

    wayne moores

    Oddly just pulled out some Airplane over the weekend. Played Surrealistic Pillow from front to back over a bottle of wine. Days such as these. Cheers bud.

    Sam Iron Dog Belly

    wayne moores Good idea !! Airplane has and always will be one of the Greats !!! Thank you .. You Tube !!! Good Stuff !!!

    A Pa

    yes it was.

  49. Black Murphy

    RIP Paul.

  50. Lepotadneva

    RIP Kantner, say hello to Fat angel!

  51. 1960jack

    One of my favorite Airplane songs. RIP Paul

    Thomas Bedell

    1960jack This was written and first performed by Donovan.

  52. The Laguna Tuna

    Later paul. Thank you for coming...


    It was so freaky that he and Signe went on the same day.

  53. jayburdification

    Sung by The now late Paul Kantner.

  54. Mike Collins

    RIP Paul

  55. buckananda

    earth angel

  56. Magicka Luxor

    Acid & Lava Lamps

  57. Kim Tindell

    If memory serves me correct the line about the silver bike is a jerry garcia ref. who arrived at sessions on a silver bicycle . Thanks Maisie Pink

    I'm just the messenger

    +Kim Tindell it's Albert Hoffman on his 1st trip riding home on his silver bike, NOT Jerry.

  58. aoxo99

    Boy were those the days. The answer to today's problems can be found in there somewhere.

  59. Lawrence Grijalva-Palmisano

    Dr hoffman would know what the song is all about !
    He would have 25 reasons to give you !


    +lawrence grijalva-palmisano Come back Owsley, the World needs you badly.

    ShootAtHer SpareNoArrows

    +lawrence grijalva-palmisano lsd 25

    Martin Schüpbach

    Albert Hofmann

  60. Robert Sousa

    This song is perfect

  61. Leonard Dixon

    Composed by Donovan

    kate davenporty

    +Leonard Dixon that's right!


    +Leonard Dixon And raised to legendary status by Paul Kantner's arrangement.

    kate davenporty

    +ZavnorZ indeedy,R.I.P Paul.

    Doug Walker

    One of my fave tracks on Donovan's "Sunshine Superman" album.

    Doug Walker

    Oh yes. Donovan rules! But the Airplane's version of this song was spectacular, with Jack Casady playing electric guitar for the rhythm-guitar part in "Fat Angel", and Paul Kantner playing the 'drone part' on another electric guitar, tuned in dropped-D open tuning. His goal was to replicate the tamboura drone which Donovan had used on his original recording of "Fat Angel", and, by repeatedly picking the strings and turning his volume knob up to 10 and back down again, Paul made the strings 'drone'. Paul also sang lead vocal on the song, and Marty Balin gamely played the original Donovan bassline (!), with Grace backstage taking a break for a refreshing adult beverage :>) Spencer rocked, as usual, and Jorma's solos remain an amazing example of mid-60's electric guitar 'raga-rock'. In this song Donovan, of course, created the first known modern-rock 'name check': "Fly Jefferson Airplane, get you there on time". (And don't forget: "Cass...s...s...s" :>)


    Amazing Psychedelia! very trippy ...

  63. Aitor Hidalgo

    Just see the video and song for the first time and im still thinking what I've seen


    +Aitor Hidalgo don't think, just feel... ;)

  64. John Kennedy

    What's this song about?

    john .miller

    @John Kennedy You had to be there man.

    I'm just the messenger

    +John Kennedy Cass Elliot and LSD


    +John Kennedy fat shaming angels

  65. Erik Psicodelia

    Muito Massa !!!

  66. steviedreadio HIM

    come down...!

  67. Railana Martins

    Universo cosmico...

    Railana Martins

    massa em vendo isso ai no microscópio ^^

    Fabio Gopfert

    +Railana Martins isso não é um microscópio... o nome da tecnica é liquid show...procura que tu aprende a fazer rapido...

    Railana Martins

    @Fabio Gopfert Valeu 

  68. Scofflaw Phredduhr

    Weed smoke it if weed had it !

  69. Scofflaw Phredduhr


  70. SpiralEye Electric

    Hello can Maisie Pink comment on where this Joshua Light Show video footage is taken from? This is outstanding that it exists. Is it a film of the light show during a Jefferson Airplane show, or some other time? Or some other light show? Excellent, thank you for posting this.

    the Upsetterer

    Great question, great juxtapositional art, the great art of the 20th century. Thank you MP and SEE. Good thinking. You just keep on stinking, Butch, that's what you're good at.


    filmore east

    Robert Chouraqui

    extracted from a JOSHUA LIGHTSHOW DVD

  71. arthur kyriazis

    fly jefferson airplane gets you there on 1968

  72. Bruce Horn

    Oh, hell yes! 

  73. puddypuss

    havent heard this for a while. still good. used to have this debate with the milch about which was the best track on the lp, like you do when youre 16. I just about preferred 'bear melt' to this. grateful dead also used a bit of donovan, on 'alligator', ie. there is a mountain.

  74. midyearguru

    We are flying at an altitude of 39,000 feet...............Captain High at your service"

  75. LoneWolf

    swimming in the space :D

  76. IGNETRON144

    How was I happy to that "unearthed" this treasure! I realized that it was with of this group started ALL! modern music this now alive. God forgive me-the Great Google translator :-)

  77. Black Panther

    que viagem


    Real... Faz com que tu se sinta nas nuvens, num universo totalmente alternativo, em que as energias são sentidas de uma maneira maximizada e totalmente tranquila

  78. va3hry

    WOW! Great tune. I love the Jefferson Airplane. At 57 years young I'm enjoying this music more today than what I did in high school. Nice video. Thank you.

  79. tippimail1

    From one of the greatest live albums of all time.

  80. Tio Xela

    mt Brisante Brother e.e

  81. Sailor Barsoom

    Done in the days before CGI.  Pretty amazing when you think about it.

  82. Lawrence Simmons

    I was in Haight Ashbury in '96 - still had its charm. JA still a life-long favourite band. Will the A's go one better this year and make the conf final?  

  83. Blackwaterdogs

    In 1970, I lived on E. 7th St. (about 200 yards down from McSorley`s), and just around the corner from Fillmore East, which is where I usually spent a couple of nights a week. I remember Joshua`s Light Show (later to become "Joe`s Lights"?), as well as Pig`s Lights....they were quite mesmerizing....perfect for those times & conditions.... BB King opened for the Airplane one night....incredible show !

    arthur kyriazis

    whoa. i am not worthy.

    comfortabley glum

    @arthur kyriazis LOL....You're probably not James Worthy but worthy nonetheless...I just happen to have been to some amazing concerts....Seeing Dylan is a small club with less than 100 people in maybe 1990 was memorable...It was a VIP pre tour show & he was on fire...Normally, he sucks in concert esp. the last 15 yrs....I'll also brag about seeing The Who in Maui at small theatre as they just wanted to do a club type gig...And they played all early day rarities like 'Pictures Of Lily' that made it so amazing...OK, enough boasting lol

    Lawrence Grijalva-Palmisano

    +comfortabley glum I saw captain Cabbage and the lost chicken orchestra at the filgreen in BA.
    I also saw the amazing bumbley brothers band with ozzie ozgoode as the opening act in Brisbane


    +Blackwaterdogs Marc Rubinstein ran the Pig Lightshow, he's got a channel here on youtube.. I used to help out with Glenn Mckays Headlights, from San Francisco, that did the lightshows for the Jefferson Airplane and the Grateful Dead.. Glenn was a real artist, and pretty much started the liquid lightshows back in the mid 60's. I think that's whose work is on this video..

  84. René Milan

    So, is this footage of a contemporary light show, and if so, do we know who made it and when it was performed ?  Reminds me of Headlights.

    Frenchy Capalini

    I found it under Joshua Light Show liquid loops.
    The Jefferson Airplane loves you.

  85. heehawluck1

    Another Donovan classic.

  86. veronica garcia rugel

    ME GUSTOOOOOOO.......(y)

  87. Kraig Larson

    Def with the weed the BEST sing while stoned! Yum! WzoW!

  88. davidh2136

    Love it...I can feel the Rush going up the Spine..

  89. unknownrollingstone

    That was intense

  90. Gregory Freeman

    When I turned 50 I said, "Fuck it"! Got my long long hair now.....60 years old....Gimme a head with hair, long beautiful hair ( a home for the fleas a hive for the buzzin' bees).......

    David Cozy

    Hey, it's great that you've still got hair (says another old guy).

  91. whosajigaya

    Yeah, I've heard of Silk road before but that is actually a pretty good idea to try and get a hold of it :)

  92. gordon mcwattie

    100% guaranteed to work, and safe, from a friend of a "friend... :P

  93. gordon mcwattie

    Hahaha.. Look up "Silk Road" I will say no more.. ;)

  94. whosajigaya

    If i could get a hold of it, I would, lol

  95. gordon mcwattie

    Take some then... Lol

  96. whosajigaya

    Man, I wish I had taken acid :(

  97. Michel Polizzi

    Beautiful bubbles Medusa, well done! Nice editing too!! :-)

  98. tippimail1

    Glenn McKays Headlights used to do shows for the JA,Grateful Dead and others in the SF bay area when this album came out.R.I.P. Glenn.Great version of Donovan's song.

    Donald Gehre

    First saw the Airplane and Head Lights with Buffalo Springfield in April, 1967 as a benefit for the new gym at USF. Magic.

  99. wayne moores

    cus its live

  100. Anthony Monaghan

    Prefer the original by Donovan, nothing against Jefferson Airplane, but this version is a bit ropey. They sound wrecked!

    Thomas Bedell

    Anthony Monaghan Anthony: you are perfectly entitled to this opinion. Yes, they are way out on the entire album. We were all with them. Riley, dopey and innocent, immaculate.