Jeff Williams - Wings Lyrics

One life is not a long time
When you're waiting for a small sign
Patience is hard to find
Shadows seem to fill your life

Don't be disappointed
Don't let your heart break
Don't spend another minute in this way
It's okay

Dry your eyes now, baby
Broken wings won't hold you down
You'll take flight soon, baby
You'll be lifted up and you'll be there

Twelve hours is a long night
When you're searching with no hope in sight
Aimless on the inside
And the damage makes you want to hide

I know that it seems pointless
I know that it feels fake
I know you can't stand the thought of being stray
One more day

Dry your eyes now, baby
Broken wings won't hold you down
You'll take flight soon, baby
You'll be lifted up and you'll be there

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Jeff Williams Wings Comments
  1. Alannah Brown

    Fly high Monty ❤️

  2. D Karantza

    Just gunna pop in
    2020 is near
    Music is so dear
    Monty you did great
    But Casey is the one who sang

  3. Ashton Sowden

    This song’s my life if I was to describe the sensation, regardless beautiful music

  4. ThatYoutubeGirl

    2019 anyone?

  5. Mia Milles gosh. A sad, depressing song starting with lovely piano and sweet vocals from Casey relating to Monty's sad, sad death at such a young age and having only been married for a year...😞😢😥

    Volumes 4+: Haha, teaser! We're gonna bury RWBY with him, and then resurrect it into a zombie, meaning, it *sucks*
    Jeff: Okay. I can make a horrible transition after 1:54 to ruin the song just like you ruined the show.

  6. Mike D

    Very few songs can make me cry but... well damn

  7. The Abrupt Canine

    Just imagine this, the final Volume of RWBY and Wings plays in an epic hopeful orchestral version and that's how it closes? Amazingly full circle ending that'd be 😍😍😭💖

  8. Hush Child

    Play this at my funeral please.

  9. SaltyLazuli

    Me: *Listens to song
    Mind: Pyrrha

  10. kusni

    This song returned in Volume 5 Episode 13, where and Yang and Blake stare dumbfounded at each other.
    You can hear it in background. That's fucking powerful.

  11. Tord

    I’m really sad right now, I had a funeral today, and my sister isn’t here because of a trip to DC, and I’m just err with my mom and dad not knowing what to do.
    I really wish that Monty would have lived longer though.. we all do.
    You will be missed Monty Oum along with countless others.

  12. chinqalicious


  13. Weiss Schnee

    Rest in Peace, Mr. Monty Oum. 🕊

  14. Weiss Schnee

    Wings is not a Bumblebee song. It's a Monochrome and Ladybug song.

  15. Sanu Wolff

    It's Raining-Roy Mustang

    I still feel heartbroken

  16. omri tusubary

    this theme is so soothing

  17. zomborg

    When I see comments like rip Monty,pyrra,Penny I think he did such a good job makeing people care for this brilliant story that when he passed they are remembered with him

  18. chloe retana

    NARUTO chat 1 friends

  19. Lancer

    Bumblebee confirmed


    @Elina Carmina shit sorry.


    ​@Weiss Schneeyeah, I do. The only characters it fits is Yang to Blake. Ruby wasn't mature enough to be this way with Blake, seeing the metaphors. Weiss despised Blake and the Whitefang to be comforting, so she wouldn't work. You could imagine Sun singing this, but males are not represented by Casey. So that only leaves Yang. The song is one person comforting another. And which character would do that? Yang. She is a Momma Bear. (heh, get it? Cause Goldilocks?) But seriously, she picked up a motherly tendency ever since she was practically a mother to Ruby. (Side note, this is probably a stretch, but could the wings be referencing a Branwen heritage...)
    So if it isn't Yang, who is singing this?

    And Ruby is the main protagonist. Of course she got more focus.

    Weiss Schnee

    @Lancer Yeah, Ruby would NEVER comfort a person in distress. Ever. You're just a blinded yuri fanatic who can't get your mind off of hot lesbian sex. You're probably one of those people who think that Shine is a bmblb song.


    @Weiss Schnee In volume 1 Ruby? No. She doesn't have this protective nature and maturity. Also, I am a lesbian. It's only those horny teenage men whole like that "hot lesbian sex", which is creepy btw! (why is it considered hot is a wonder). And no, shine is obviously about Jaune/Pyrrha.

    Weiss Schnee

    @Lancer Being a lesbian doesn't exempt you from being a pervert. Nor does it exempt you from being a massive asshole.

  20. TigerBrine16

    the font reminds me of MCD (minecraft diaries by Apmau)

  21. 안혜인

    Every single songs of RWBY"s actually really depressing. Except for Yang's.


    This s actually also Yang's song. Well at least, she sings that.

    Depression mode activated.

    Weiss Schnee

    @kusni This isn't Yang's song. It was never Yang's song.


    @Weiss Schnee Well the only evidence and reference (All That Matters reference Wings) ever given to this song points out on Yang.

    So I'm not changing my mind, until CRWBY says it's from someone else's perspective. Or until I get some evidence to counter the reference.

    Weiss Schnee

    @kusni All right then. Same for me.

  22. Garcia Solis

    "No matter how bad or sad our lives can be never stop smiling to the wirld."
    - Emiliano Garcia Solis

  23. C.J. G

    R.I.P Monty Oum 😢😢😢😢😢😢😔😔😔😔

  24. Toa Arky

    Monty wherever you are thank you for this amazing anime... you and your beloved creation will always be remembered... (even though I never got the chance to meet you.) We love you Monty

    Elina Carmina

    RWBY isn't an anime.

    Toa Arky

    @Elina Carmina look it up, yes it is!!!..

    Elina Carmina

    Toa Arky It’s a Western cartoon, not an anime.

    Toa Arky

    @Elina Carmina it counts.

  25. Ramen 404

    This song still hurts me in 2019

    Weiss Schnee

    There there 🤍🖤

  26. WillHelm

    R.I.P Monty Oum 1981-2015 "Keep moving forward" -Monty Oum, You will be missed

  27. Ivy Brynn Becker

    I kept on thinking it was "straight" instead of "stray", and I was like...BMBLB!!! but then I saw it was "stray" and I was like...blake is a cat faunus...stray cats...IT'S STILL BMBLB!! (and yes, I know this is yeeeaaarrrrsssss after you made this, but it is the fist lyric video for this song that shows up, so that's all that I needed to check the lyrics.)

    Weiss Schnee

    This isn't a Bmblb song, you stupid, stupid moron.


    @Weiss Schnee Wait, so who's song is it from characters? This is about Blake and it's from Yang's POV.
    All That Matters (which is also Yang's POV on Blake) referenced this song. Also it does not make any sense for Ruby or Weiss to sing this. Ruby was with Penny that whole arc and Weiss wasn't even interested in finding Blake. She was still kinda "bitch" V1 Weiss that everyone hated. (?)

    Elina Carmina

    @kusni Your points don't make any sense.
    1) Ruby was looking for Blake with Penny. Throughout the entire scene, she was telling Penny how she wanted Blake to talk to her about her problems, and she was the one who interrupted the fight between Blake and Roman.
    2) Yang didn't say anything to Blake during the finale. Heck, they barely talked at all in season 1.
    Besides your shipping bias, you have no proof this is a Yang-to-Blake ship song. Personally, I don't think the song has any specific POV, just Blake's friends reassuring her she doesn't have to feel alone or "stray" anymore.
    I bet you're one of those unintelligent people who say "Shine" is a Blang song, too.


    @Elina Carmina As I said, since it's referenced in another song, which is from Yang's perspective (All That Matters).
    I think this is really arguable theme, to me it just feels like, if "Wings" had nothing to do with Yang, then I don't see a reason to put that reference into her song, that's specifically about Blake.
    But I guess, as I said, that we could argue on this forever, until someone from CRWBY or Jeff/Casey confirm who's the "singer" of the song.
    I just believe that Jeff is making songs for RWBY with real passion and actually is trying to describe characters as much, as he can. I can't see him just throwing "wings" into Yang's song without any proper reference.
    (Including all wings and flying themes are only in Yang's songs (armed and ready, gold, all that matters) and 1 special song "Cold" which is tribute to Monty <3 )

  28. potitishogun2961997

    Casey's voice has come a long way. Her voice sounds pretty robust and robotic in volume 1, even if it's pretty impressive for her age. Now, in 2019, she sounds a lot better. She'll have a bright future ahead of her :)

  29. Luke Deakin

    I can just imagine Ghira singing this to Blake between either volumes 4 and 5 or 5 and 6

    Elina Carmina

    Aww, that's really sweet.

  30. Trevor Hensley

    Keep moving forward.

  31. just another spawn of the devil, fuck.

    Jesus, this song

  32. MinNin

    have they really predicted his death?

  33. Zentrain

    So sad FeelsBadMan

  34. SeerOfTime

    This song is depressing.... And hauntingly beautiful.

  35. Blue Quartz

    I can’t stop thinking about having this as a lullaby for my child ( if I ever have one )

  36. Garcia Solis

    Also goosebumps anyone?

  37. Lucky Slob

    I know you can't stand the thought
    Of being


    Elina Carmina

    Are you retarded?



  38. Kali Belladonna

    Monty died too young. It's been almost 4 years now but the wound still hurts. He was a great man.

    Rest well, my friend. Although I admit I didn't know of his existence when he was actually still alive, I felt like I knew him. Personally. It sounds stupid, doesn't it? He put so much of his heart into his work. And to quote the lyrics of "let's just live",



    And the next line is "so let's just live."

  39. Jess Nguyen

    When I was listening I thought I heard at 4:04:

    "I know you can't stand the thought of, being straight, one more date."

  40. I'm Not As Think As You Drunk I Am

    Bruh, listen to this song in the middle of the night laying in your bed with headphones on and the volume low

  41. HealyHQ

    Rest in peace...

  42. Melinda Sisk

    Love this song RIP Mr. Monty oum your work is inspirirational . I was feeling in a very dark place then I watched RWBY . FOR THAT

  43. Garcia Solis

    I ran out of tissues does anyone have more?

  44. mineralmango

    It's almost 2019, but we will never forget Monty. Hope you are having the best time ever in a much happier place, Monty! RIP...

  45. Dave Marx

    Years ago I remember seeing a video where John Mayer basically trolls some of his more impressionable fans by telling them he designs his songs to *make* girls cry at specific points. He had them listen to a few tracks and raise their hands or say "cry" whenever they thought those points were.
    That was kinda dickish.
    Anyway I'm a dude and I can honestly say... I'd have to keep my hand raised during this entire song here. Beginning to end.
    I don't know if that's due to the song itself or the circumstances surrounding it ... both the fictional events and the unfortunately real one.
    But it's still true.
    This song makes my eyes water.

  46. Nathe Aiksona

    Here's to you. have a good one.

  47. Elina Carmina

    You all need to get your hearing checked by a doctor, because Ms. Casey clearly said *_"stray",_* not straight.

  48. Skye White

    This song almost sounds similar to the song called Everglow by Coldplay.

  49. alex the narcoleptic goat

    Monty who ever you are i want to meet you
    Was this made in his honor

    Nocktuk Daze

    logan pual
    He died back in 2015, so....

    Elina Carmina

    Monty Oum is the creator of RWBY who tragically passed away in 2015.

    alex the narcoleptic goat

    Oh thats sad

  50. Sterza343

    Sobs in the corner . Being a robot sucks.

  51. Sterza343

    Sterza : As a robot myself I feel sad....

  52. Connor Martin

    “The goal is not to live forever, but to create something that does” -Monty Oum

    RIP my friend

  53. trashattreble _


  54. Hellofreeze

    "Can't stand the thought of being straight"
    Oh wait everyone's crying
    And so am I

    considering this is likely from Yang's perspective...

    That's all I can say on the matter


    DNGR either way it's another song that could point towards bumblebee being a thing that's gonna happen


    *vigorously nods yes

    Nocktuk Daze


    Weiss Schnee

    Is this comment a joke or are all of you really just that stupid?

    She said _STRAY,_ you dunce!

    Nocktuk Daze

    99% sure it's a joke.
    I've seen...certain people take obvious jokes seriously, so I'll still doubt

  55. Lad Curious

    After listening to All That Matters I've been tearing through all the saddest RWBY songs and I'm a god damn wreck

  56. Gemmie


  57. Olive Juice

    I know need to go listen to "IBurn" to cheer me up

  58. Sweetie_lady _once

    We will always remember you Monty, we will never forget you

    Thank you for all you have done

  59. Delia Bailey

    This came out five years ago. We've all changed so much since. We'll keep changing, day by day, week by week, year by year, we'll all change. For better or for worse is up to us. We just have to keep hope and remember what's important.

  60. 0919killer

    Cassey Sings "Dry your eyes now baby" that´s where I can´t hold them

  61. Miuletz Mitzu

    The fact that this is a bumbleby song makes me fall harder for the show and the ship xD

    Nocktuk Daze

    Miuletz Mitzu
    The notification for the reply came up but I'm not actually seeing the reply

    Elina Carmina

    This song isn't about bumbleby.

    Nocktuk Daze

    Elina Carmina
    Damn right!

    Weiss Schnee

    This isn't a bumbleby song, you dunce.

    Nocktuk Daze

    @Weiss Schnee
    Now, now, Weiss, play nice
    (I'm sorry, I won't do that again)
    You wouldn't that Ice Queen name to catch on again.

  62. Kelly Pineda

    This brings back a lot of painful memories for me but in a good way to remind me of how far I have come

  63. Lindsay Skinner

    How has nobody heard this in like 2 friken years! Seriously people its like monty died so you began to care but now you've all forgotten about him and rwby! You all are
    F😇😇😇😇😇😇 losers😠


    I cried so much while listening to this, Monty! We miss you so much your baby rwby has grown Doge deep into our hearts

  65. Kalmi nii-Sama

    Just wait, one day, Mounty will come back reincarnated and he'll have the best show ever created. One day. 😢😢

  66. DreyAnime

    Rest In Piece...may our love ones enjoy the afterlife and will always be missed.

  67. Izun kana Midoriya

    I loved it especially at 4:33

    Izun kana Midoriya

    And 4:43

    Izun kana Midoriya

    Plus 4:45

    Izun kana Midoriya

    And 4:49 And you'll be thereeeeeeeeeeeeee

  68. Alex Vraa

    Am I the only one who heard "Can't stand the thought of being straight"?

    Elina Carmina

    That wouldn't even make any sense both in the context of the show or out of context.

  69. Dutch Men

    Anyone else feels a little depressed listening to this song

  70. Tiffany Nguyen

    I'll have you know that I listened to this song and only cried for only 20 minutes.

  71. xTFLogical Ohio

    was reading a RWBY story on wattpad when this came on during a sad part....sat and cried like a little bitch.

  72. Bananaers

    Omg so this came into my head in 8th period and I almost screamed what song is this and now I stopped and realized it's wings

  73. Katherine Garlock

    Before reading the lyrics, I thought it said "being straight," not "stray"

    Elina Carmina

    But that wouldn't make any sense.


    Looks like Yang is thinking with her Lesbi side!

  74. RoyalSpagetti

    Right in the feels

  75. Ether Exorcist

    rest well Monty, you deserved better my friend. may you forever be in our minds and in our hearts.

  76. Darth Tyler

    I think the most tragic thing about Monty's death is that his animation philosophy was pretty much scrapped in volume 3 and 4.
    The sun in V3 E1 is a perfect analogy for his influence, a big, bright star that failed to cast a shadow over those who were under it.

  77. Star Cake

    this song is sad.......

  78. Everlight VanBlue

    This songs makes me cry 😭

  79. Poop Emoji


  80. Shen N. Annagins

    This is your daily reminder.
    That contrary to popular belief;
    You do IN FACT have feels.

    This psa was brought to you by me.

  81. KallMeQul

    Touching song. I'm glad I'm finally getting around to memorize this. (Seriously, this was in Vol 1! Why'd it take so long?)

    Also, the misheard lyrics that I hear kinda breaks any sad feeling...
    -I will regret spreading them... I'm not gonna share the lyrics... Just let the people cry in peace...-


  83. ThatOneKid0203

    To this day, this remains my favorite song in the show.

    Rest in piece Monty.

  84. Cymruambyth Guards

    For Manchester...

  85. Dylan H

    When Monty passed, my friend and I managed to get this played on our morning announcements, and the backdrop was the picture of the team and his signature. This song always brings me back to that. He was my inspiration and every time I feel like I have no chance of accomplishing my dreams, I think of his words, of how damn motivated and talented he was. Monty may be gone, but he will never be forgotten

  86. Rapid Shadow

    R.I.P Monty Oum.

  87. Benjamin Winterton

    Sad sad sad song.

  88. Rebecka bean

    did you know that this song is about lesbians

    Weiss Schnee

    Are you stupid? This song isn't about any kind of romance, straight or gay.

  89. J-Rod Berg

    With all the heartbreak in the world, it's hard to go all the way through the song without crying.

  90. water

    Jaysus christ almighty.

    *bows on one foot, raises katana with two palms, and plants ren's symbol in the ground with it while weeping a tear of respect.

    Rest in peace, Monty, you amazing man, you.

  91. Britten Armstrong

    I am the 666 comment so I guess I make a wish ? I wish for a dog

  92. Tammy Fremgen

    I feel like this was foreshadowing v4

  93. Nicole Taylor

    I was listening to this while looking at the stars and I could've sworn I saw the stars shaped into a butterfly ❤️❤️💖💝💗💗

  94. MewDenise

    so what character is this for?

    Enrico Nobili

    MewDenise probably is about jaune.

    Joanevie Marus

    MewDenise I'm pretty sure it's about Blake, after her and Weiss were arguing about the White Fang.

    Elina Carmina

    It's a Blake song.

  95. RikkiTikkiJenni

    2 years.

  96. nico

    rest in peace, monty. you will never, ever be forgotten. you were my hero since seventh grade. I will forever love you, Monty. I'm sorry I can't say more, I'm crying too much to think

  97. Corban Shew

    Wow, it's been 2 years.. time flies. Hopefully Monty found peace knowing that we keep his memory alive with RWBY. Rest now, and fly to the sun..
    RIP Monty Oum. June 22, 1981 - February 1, 2015

  98. Matt Scallon

    Is this for Blake

  99. Matt Scallon

    12 hours is a long night
    Weiss and Yang searching for blake