Jeff Williams - I Burn Lyrics

Red like roses fills my dreams and brings me to the place you rest
White is cold and always yearning, burdened by a royal test
Black the beast descends from shadows
Yellow beauty burns gold

Mirror, tell me something
Tell me who's the loneliest of all?

Fear of what's inside of me
Tell me can a heart be turned to stone?

Born with no life... into subjugation
Treated like a worthless animal
Stripped of all rights
Just a lesser being
Crushed by cruel ruthless human rule

When it started
All we wanted was a chance to live our lives
Now in darkness
Taking anything we want and we will rise
We'll rise
We'll rise

From shadows
We'll descend upon the world
Take back what you stole
From shadows
We'll reclaim our destiny
Set our future free
And we'll rise
And we'll rise

Above the darkness and the shame
Above the torture and the pain
Above the ridicule and hate
Above the binding of our fate

Come at me
And you'll see
I'm more than meets the eye
You think that
You'll break me
You're gonna find in time
You're standing too close to a flame that's burning
Hotter than the sun in the middle of July
Sending out your army but you still can't win
Listen up silly boy cause I'm gonna tell you why
I burn
Can't hold me now
You got nothing that can stop me
I burn
Swing all you want
Like a fever I will take you down

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Jeff Williams I Burn Comments
  1. Georgi Ganchev

    "Did I just explode?"

    Let's see how many people will get this 😁

  2. sup :3

    I just found this song and it's fking amazing. 1:11 got me hyped xD

  3. J4cob Gallagher

    sounds like a devil may cry song still to this day.

  4. Cole Hunt

    So the Spotify version doesn't swear, this took me by surprise

  5. The Unforgiving One

    6 years later and i still can't get enough

    *I BURN!!!*

  6. ZeroGeminiMaverick X

    Whenever I lose a match in Elite Smash, I blast these in my headphones to cheat ;)

  7. Dr. Ongo Bongo

    I always liked to think junior is doing the rap

  8. princesa fiona

    Nailed it

  9. Ziyad Ahmed

    How typical, a song that’s about a teenage bimbo who’s arrogance, attitude , and aggression are the size of Saudi Arabia

  10. Acid

    what if you
    wanted to play bbtag
    but yang said

  11. Acid

    best girl most badass themes

  12. I'd like to think I'm øptimistic.

    I guess you could say Yang is a bit of a hothead

    I'm not sorry

  13. ruby rose

    Omg this is me when I am angery I'm not lieing

  14. ApolloSynths

    Why does her singing always sound like she's extending her chest voice uncomfortably high instead of going into her head voice?

  15. wilma wessels

    Y'know since the month is called July that means there was possibly a roman empire. along with a Julius Caesar

  16. CronusMC

    I'm prolly 69 of this videos views.

  17. normal derby

    Yangs song is only about kicking ass

  18. Adam Taurus

    I should go on a cooking show, I think I could HANDle it. I'd cut right through the opposition. 😅

  19. Exploding Pumpkins

    I got caught in a burning ring of fire...

  20. Cyrax Android Time Patroller

    1:11 I found a Dragon Ball reference.


    yang is a dragon ball reference

    Cyrax Android Time Patroller

    @Acid Indeed she is.

  21. Kroq Gar

    Despite all the shitty things about the show and all that surrounds it after the first few volumes, not only is Yang my best girl, but this song is my favorite as well! So badass, so powerful, so FUN! ITS JUST A FUN SONG, HOLY SHIT I LOVE IT!!!

  22. CriticalBiscuit

    I now know why i never heard the full song or second verse in any episode

  23. Sam

    0:39 For the life of me, I cannot hear that line!

  24. Christopher Wyatt

    Funny thing is I was reading a Danny phantom fanfiction and this song was a good fit for Ember.

  25. Sir Pugsalot

    I love this song but what the fuck is 2:40

  26. Bella Balms

    Would be funny if songbwas also foreshadowing yangs death. I mean at the beginning it says she over comes her depression. There was a mention of salem or gods. In thr words reign supreme in your dreams. So feel like you could take this song as definitive who yang is and who she becomes by the end of show or when she diez.

  27. Slim Stuff

    WTF?! Super Saiyan? Tf outta here :D :D :D :D

  28. TheJaredPunch

    Back when Yang was one of my favorite characters in the RWBY, good times

  29. AlphaXTitania

    Okay, Yang's full theme is way more kickass than I could have imagined! I also like how the fact that it mentions her going "Super Saiyan" implies that A) DBZ exists in Remnant, and B) Yang is FULLY aware of how her Semblance makes her look!

  30. Jarf D. Dorkis

    The Marvel and DBZ references seal the deal for this as my favorite RWBY song

  31. Ethan Gatlin

    Sing what would you do with a drunken sailor at 1:14. Melody lines sync up. You’re welcome for the curse

  32. Titus 3

    You're burnt toast.

  33. Dovian Falenas

    The best character anime's theme, and best theme of Blazblue cross tag battle too :3

  34. FudoYusei007

    Yu:Allright,time to finish you o-
    *I Burn starts*

  35. Yoda Cockroach

    Everyone gangsta until yang turns super saiyan

  36. Bushy - Music

    This song is hella lit !!!

    ha get? lit ha... ha...

    k i'm out bye

  37. Dorothy Bellion

    if i had the power to add a soundtrack to my life, I'd include this song for every time I needed to pump myself up

  38. vinyl childhood

  39. Yang The Person

    Never watched RWBY but this song sound great. Is the show actually good? Is it worth watching?


    Imo, yes. If ya understand that this started as a passion project with a small team and budget.

  40. Cynical Succubus

    Too bad Yang is now a queer bait character, it sucks cuz she was awesome and had great potential.

  41. Gregory Hutton

    Love the DBZ Ghost Rider And Fantastic Four references

  42. Atlas App Escolar ADG

    Damn a song in rwby with f bombs......


    there was a miscommunication and Jeff thought that it was okay to curse as long as it didn’t play in the show but they later changed it after they found out

  43. Mr Lakiro

    2:06 *”Adachi approves of this song”*

  44. AnimeSection ????

    Not gonna lie I don’t choose to watch or have watched RWBY but this isn’t that bad for an OST

  45. Faquinha

    Director: Yellow, how awesome you want to look like in your song?
    Yellos: *YES*

  46. Carlyn Dollar

    >be me at friends house
    >play MK11; getting a feel for who I main better
    >friend has me try out story mode (on easy lol)
    > get to the last battle of Chapter 1 (Liu Kang)
    >keep losing
    >"You know what would help? Music-and 'I burn' would be a total ass kicking song"
    > finds this video and plays it
    >finally win the fight
    > B) Nailed it!

    TFW when you find a new hype theme for playing fighting games

  47. memeinator 69

    *I thought the title was talking about anne frank*

  48. Persona

    I dont know how much i heared this
    All fired up

  49. Comic Strider

    Badassery aside... Yang always looks cozy and warm... I'd kill to get a hug from her 😂

  50. Matt McCleskey

    To bad in the iTunes version it says burn those britches to the ground instead of bitches and seems you chumps will never learn instead of fucks will never learn

  51. Imma Xehanort

    *BBTAG PTSD Intensifies*

  52. Pika Ice Bear

    Yang mains in Blazblue Cross Tag Battle be like: 0:33

  53. CasmX

    I really enjoy the song but I have to ask. At 0:38 does it sound like a jumbled mess of gibberish to anyone else? Even with the lyrics staring me in the face, I cannot make out what the hell she's singing here. I mean, that might be what she's supposed to be singing but it certainly doesn't come out like that.

  54. Wiebejamin

    I didn't know there was an uncensored version. I didn't even know the original was censored. This um... this was kind of surprising honestly.

  55. Caleb Shepherd

    This is still one of the best RWBY songs

  56. JayAshBran AudioScripts


  57. Mia

    Listens while doing tons of home work rwby soundtrack =😍😍😍

  58. Blackpink Nation

    It’s been years and I still love this song

  59. Mark Sturdivant

    This song has Yang Xiao Long written all over it

  60. Lucifer Morningstar

    how the hell are these songs so freaking awesome!

  61. Kammo Kid

    this song is the reason why I love Yang, just fricken listen wow.

  62. The LLHOTF

    As a marvel fan, I'm actually totally cool of how this song just roasted Human Torch and Johnny Blaze

  63. Mike D'Agostino

    I dont know why but I swear Ive heard this and Caffine before Ive even heard of this show

  64. Nero Sparda

    The theme of someone who got their arm off.

  65. XLDX productions

    "you can't brake me.... "

    Your arm doesen't say the same

  66. Drew Ahrens

    wow, Super Saiyan, Human Torch, and Johnny Blaze a.k.a. the Mother Fucking GHOST RIDER. Hot damn

  67. robert sikes

    Love this song rock on

  68. Vlad 117

    I'm suprised they weren't sued for using super sayian.

  69. Dylan Cunningham

    *This song plays*
    Everyone: I'm in danger

  70. sganime96


  71. Alex Schuck

    I'm on youtube because I don't want to be social.
    I don't need people, besides I drink milk.

  72. Alex Schuck

    Ruby- Daddy, Yang burned me!!
    Tai- Yang, what did we talk about? No human microwaving your sister!!

  73. Shwelpz Justice

    Who can see K' from KOF rapping this...

  74. gameboykidgaming

    This the song for when your character in D&D has a super Saiyan moment

  75. ThyTheGamer 424

    Ok not only is yangs song the only song out of the four thats cheery and whatever but the are multiple swear words i dont mind it but i was not ready

  76. Moonflower 17

    Whoa, language yang!

  77. Calibur Satsujin

    this song is so -c- ool i -l- ove it
    it perfectly suits y -a- ng

  78. Wang Puppy

    I can never hear "You got nothing that can stop me" during the chorus

  79. Reisen Lunatic

    I didn't even watch RWBY but this song is awesome!!! :O

  80. Kalaika Allin

    Up till V3, RWBY was considered PG13.

  81. Andreas Mohr

    This is like a female version of Eye of the Tiger, I love it.

  82. Katherin Hugo The Sound Fury

    Is rwby the future of our world


    Yang: Hey random dude wanna rap with me????

    Random Dude: Hell Yeah!!!

  84. Derrin Errow

    When you play as Ember in warframe and hit 4

  85. gameboykidgaming

    Me when I’m getting beat up by a bully and then get back up and start kicking his ass

  86. gameboykidgaming

    When your playing d&d and a enemy hits you for so many points of damage and then you go into rage (basically going super Sayian) I like to play this song when that happens.

  87. sklerX42

    What's the song that's a mashup of all their themes called?

  88. TheRealQuillKing

    rap segment reminds of lotus juice for some reason

  89. chiffmonkey

    Yang needs to meet Zell from FF8. They're basically the same person.

  90. Bloodbath3321

    I love this song so much.


    The dislikes are her victims

  92. Kara Fischer

    I'm the Yang; let's fight!

  93. Crystaxate

    1:00 to 1:12 is the best part, and the Boy Rap part

  94. Kozmos 6274

    Well, when you do have something precious to protect, you do everything you can even if you are grinded to dust.

  95. Saige Polk

    My semblance would be yangs semblance because you would not like me if I'm upset

  96. sprpirate gmr

    Everybody: omg dbz reference lol. Nobody: what about the human torch reference?

  97. Sapperbounded

    Sometimes I listen to songs like this when I need a shot of willpower.

  98. Zoloko 18

    *listings to this song in the middle of July*