Jeff Williams - I Burn Remix Lyrics

Come at me
And you'll see
I'm more than meets the eye
You think that
You'll break me
You're gonna find in time
You're standing too close to a flame that's burning
Hotter than the sun in the middle of July
Sending out your army but you stil can't win
Listen up, silly boy, 'cause I'm gonna tell you why
I burn!
Can't hold me now
You're nothin'
I burn!
Swing all you want
Like a fever I will take you down
Reign supreme?
In your dreams
You'll never make me bow
Kick my ass?
I'm world-class
And super sayian now
You're starting up a fight that you just can't finish
Watch the little hearts while they scrape you off the floor
Bringin' out your rockets, well shoot 'em up, baby
High as you can go, but I'm the one who's gonna soar
I burn!
Can't hold me now
You're nothin'
I burn!
Swing all you want
Like a fever I will take you down
It doesn't have to be this way
Let's kiss and make up and you'll learn
You can fight your life away
I get what I want, so don't bother and just watch me burn
Hotter than the sun
Feel my fire
Pyromaniac, my desire
Thought that you could see the truth
'Til I just burned down the booth
Human Torch can't fuck with me
Johnny Blaze: Suspect B
Strike 'em quick, lightning fast
Melt them bitches down to ash
Gasoline, Kerosene
Strike the match, ignite the scene
Shit will never be the same
Feel the fury of my flame
Beg for mercy: It won't help
Embrace the ending you were dealt
Seems you fucks will never learn
Now sit back and watch me burn
I burn!
Can't hold me now
You're nothin'
I burn!
Swing all you want
Like a fever I will take you down
I burn!
Can't hold me now
You're nothin'
I burn!
Swing all you want
Like a fever I will take you down

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Jeff Williams I Burn Remix Comments
  1. Mystical Invader

    Who tf is this so called "Yang"

  2. TheOne

    inb4 they played this in the next episode of the current season that's happening

  3. Andrea C

    Listen to this while playing Borderlands 3 as Amara with phaseslam and brawler ward shield. Use yellow and black skin and she looks a lot like Yang.

  4. TheNextDecade244

    "Hotter than the sun in the middle of July"
    Joke's on you, this year's July has been chill as fuck around here.


    Me an Australian: Jokes on you, The sun in July is really cold, half the temperature of the sun during November, December, January, February and March.

  5. zaiato

    Which version do you like more the remix or the original?

  6. CHase Milhone

    Remixes suck😡

  7. chinqalicious


  8. FrostyAUT

    Remember when RWBY was a cool, fun and not totally serious series that took inspiration from anime and fighting games?

  9. Sam Gafford

    Stand Name: Plantera
    Stand User: Yang Xiao Long
    Power: A Speed: B Range: C Dura: A Pres: C Potn: B

  10. 9/30 Studios

    Why havent I seen this fight in the series? He was in season 2's intro, but not in the season 2 itself

  11. Panda Uchija

    0:06 I like to much the voice of weiss xD

  12. Piercing Sirens

    im sorry but i would much rather listen to the original. all i hear with this remix is some reverb and the removal of the rap.

  13. Hakurika Le Queen

    Notice!! Who's favorite character is Yang??? I know she's mine.

  14. d34d dud3

    So would this also classify as reverse nightcore? XD

  15. Sr. Gato Desnudo

    this music clip is very diferent than the one in xvideos :T

  16. Q Machado

    You’ll never make me bow, kick my ass 😂 Awesomeness!

  17. Sabotage Sabian

    Omg it actually says I’m super saiyan now didn’t notice till I listened to this

  18. Kushagra Peshin

    I love this song

  19. Emma

    "Hotter than the sun in the middle of July"

    Lol, in NZ where I live, July is winter XD

  20. Tin Chun Long

    OMG!! It is just a-maze-ing

  21. GumballViking

    When you're fighting to the death but them beats lit

  22. Girl Scream Iɴᴛᴇɴsɪғɪᴇs

    Best remix ever!!!!!!

  23. AJ Crew Shadow Star

    Yang, only woman to go super Saiyan

    And this, boys and girls is what we call a badass

  24. A Nightmare On Pokéstreet

    I really need to watch RWBY sometime soon. I only found out about RWBY after watching the Yang VS Tifa Death Battle (loved it, by the way). Right now, all I know about RWBY is what I heard in Yang's Death Battle analysis and that when I hear this theme, I picture Yang making some kind of glamorous and epic entrance.

  25. gonzalo torchia

    Yang is best waifu.

  26. Cidney Forney

    A remix of technically a remix is the actual song.

    Music logic

  27. Pathfinder

    When your health bar is in danger and your semblance activated

  28. Noctsranunノクトラナン

    0:45 *was I here for BBTAG?*

  29. Halkras12

    but she wont be legend as "the legendary super saiyan"

  30. ProudHeroUser

    Thank goodness they took out that horrible rap part! ⭐️

  31. D YellowMadness

    Thank god this version left out the awful rap & the Super Saiyan lyric is easier to ignore in this version.

  32. SOLDIER 1st class

    love at first fight ❤

  33. Misty foot

    please no more yangpuns or should I say tiayangpuns

  34. Hol Your Horses

    That guy in the first pic looks like angry joe

  35. Samuel Nelson

    My favorite version of I Burn, I LOVE RWBY SO MUCHHHH

  36. Chief Big Hand Of The Slapaho


  37. Solitas

    Aw fuck. I can't believe you've done this.

  38. Solitas


  39. Zach Brancato

    Nailed it.

  40. Brandon Rog

    0:15 MAN, you just screwed up....

  41. apocaliptix penguin

    I BURN!
    Yes I know you burn, it catches fire every time someone pisses you off
    Like fuck girl show don't tell

  42. Beastwolf1

    42 people heard autotune and bailed.

  43. Scarlet_requip 07

    Literally my favorite song

  44. ThreeWickedWonders

    lol this show is garbage


    you cared enough to reply faggit


    Nope I replied because you are funny and ironic, why are you here In the first place? so get out.


    dam ur still here?


    That's my same question to you m8


    knock knock

  45. ExpertGamer 999

    anyone ever notice that Yang makes a smell letter "A" when she bumps her fists together

  46. Thief Eli

    "and super sayin' now"
    super sayin'
    super saiyan
    Yang is a super saiyan confirmed

  47. Aeterna117

    I like this because it takes out the cursing part

  48. topbowgunner

    I see way she yangow

  49. Cameron

    So am I the only one who would pay as much money as necessary for a working Ember Celica or Crescent Rose?

  50. Major Etika Fan

    be like yang and crush his wang

  51. Wolf_sinz

    YANG IS TO OP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SUPER SAYIAN TIME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Mighty Mackellar

    Red like roses: why did mom die I'm sad 😢
    Mirror mirror: I'm so fucking lonely
    From shadows: fuck racism equality for all
    I burn: yer gonna get rekt

  53. KallMeQul

    3:00 *violent death*

  54. Death killer774

    but good work

  55. Death killer774

    this song fits the back round of the video but the song needs work I think you may be able to find that's fits better

  56. Ben Keesee

    I liked Yang the moment I met her. And I have Death Battle to thank for making me a fan of RWBY.

  57. Legoman Legon

    That image at 1:44....

    Need I say anything else?



    Shes my one arm-y woman... ;(

  58. CadentClock39

    Yang Has Been Super Saiyan 3 Ever Since Birth. Just Wailed As A Baby And Boom SS3 Hair And All


    she she hasnt

  59. Dazuru

    Hold "K" while watching.

  60. Shiro

    Did they just say Super Saiyan?

  61. Volt Black

    1:22 With CC "Super Saiyan Now" wow..


    **shrug** it's a good symbol


    Johan Son thats actually what the lyric is...

  62. ToxicAndSalty

    so... she's the vi of RWBY?

  63. Ben Keesee

    Today is the one year anniversary of when I was introduced to RWBY and this song, along with the character it focused on, was the starting point for my interest into this series.

  64. Nordfidra

    This song gave me goosebumps

  65. KnightOfSnakes

    I swear I heard her sing "I'll super sayan you now" though I can't find it anymore

    Madi the Insane

    She did. Turn on subtitles, you'll see the lyrics. :)


    *and super saiyan now



  67. I fight for my friends Ultimate

    Pay attention to the lyrics! Foreshadowing of Yang's return in V4.

    I fight for my friends Ultimate

    "you think that
    you'll break me
    you're gonna find in time"

    Yang looked disheartened, even broken, while lying in bed in the final episode of V3.

    "kick my ass?
    i'm world class
    and super sayin' now"

    Adam kicked her ass.

    Clearly, Yang has lost her way at the moment - sometimes, failure really hurts, especially when you feel like you lost a friend because of it. However, in time, I believe these lyrics will come true and she will bounce back and be awesome again. Maybe she'll get a rematch with Adam, even?

  68. Monkey wrench

    Guys: it wasn't Adam!

    Tucker did it!

    Tsyumamatsu TheHavenofGuardia

    Monkey wrench You idiots! Blame it on Tex!

    Septic Jade

    This genuinely is the best comment Ive ever seen

    Thomas Light

    @Pretty Brainless Businessmen He had the high ground.

    waz up iz me Ran

    Bow chicka bow wow! (Is it?)

  69. Michael Hess

    Pink sheep liked this video.

  70. Jex

    i love them stealing stuff from other anime and manga. Wuv it >:3

  71. harry ritter

    I just love how the lyrics include her becoming a super saiyan.

  72. Brailen Marceaux

    Holy shit yang turns supersaiyan wtf I knew she was bad ass but this is shiting ridiculous and why does she wear that plastic wrap skirt is it to look sexy or to have some armor

  73. Blue Tears

    Such a badass song I love it😍😍

  74. Kylie Rose

    I think my favorite part is when it says "I'm Super Saiyan now" XD

  75. Socialist

    Personally I like this version much better than the one where the guy goes all "Jonny Blaze, Suspect B" and crap.
    IMO that just ruined the flow of the song in the full version.

  76. Brandon Rog

    When that beat drops, you know stuff's about to go down.....

  77. Chipp Zanuff

    I literally used this as my kickboxing match intro.

  78. IFHQ

    six words and a colon: Staticor

    Bram Cano

    as fun as the Staticor are, you can't actually punch with them equipped; they go back to holstered when using quick melee. one can only hope we'll get a secondary with staticor-like placement that *stay* there when "holstered."

  79. Tim Gibbons

    This on my fighting game playlist

  80. turtle

    I Think The Ppl Who Pushed Dislike Thought It Said "Dis I Like"

  81. Damon Fyrian

    I'm not usually a fan of club music, but this is the one exception.

  82. Okage

    28 Tifa Clones disliked this video...

  83. Taylor B

    Remember when Yang was a one-woman army?

    Now she's just a one-arm-y woman.

    Misaka Worst

    Barb, is that yoooou?

    Michael Reuter

    Barb would be proud


    TOO SOON!!


    @Sonagi Han i-
    holy shit.

  84. Kyle Manocchio

    Man this remix is incredible. But nothing will ever top the original.

  85. RWG



    Russell Griffin she'll get it back when Adam's crotch has been fused to the back of his neck over his head by pure heat, and not before.


    Unless Blake kills him in a softer way first, in which case that works too.

    Tsyumamatsu TheHavenofGuardia

    RWG But she's already gone through her Golden days. Give her some development... Oh, wait.

  86. Robert Black

    Yang Xiao Long everyone! Give her a hand!

  87. Shini Ryuga

    gotta hand it to them, this is a great remix.... Hahaha.... Hand...


    (punch) NOT THE TIME.

    Zach Brancato

    Dude, don't get all up in arms about this.

    Thomas Light

    I'm sure her fellow sayain Gohan it was worth a thumbs up or, just one...

  88. GhostBear3067

    After watching the Volume 3 finale l hope they get Yang back to this attitude soon

  89. Bugbot

    Weiss becomes a whale at *1:00** - **1:12* lol

  90. Kite2014

    Someone really had to work their hands to the bone to make this huh?

  91. Celestial Wing

    Why does she get so pissed off when her hair gets messed up?


    Some women REALLY value their hair. They like to keep up appearances and don't like it when people mess with it. I should know since I have 3 sisters and they all love their hair.


    +JW_Gojifan really creepy insane women though.


    @Emily Buccella
    I wouldn't go so far as insane but they're like walls when it comes to their hair.


    tbh im glad I don't know anybody like that.


    @Emily Buccella
    I'm sure a lot of people know some women like that.  I mean one of my cousins is a cosmetologist because she likes hair so much.

  92. Millie Bunny Z

    yang xiao long cx little yellow dragon idk yellow might be wrong.

    Robert Black

    +Lily Usagi Little Sun Dragon

  93. PatPrime95

    I want this to play when Yang gets revenge on Mercury for framing her.

    Cosmic Christopher

    @Jake Trollston
    Ya know, I guess that is a fair point. But as a Maiden, wouldn't you do anything to insure your survival so you can help others regardless of the circumstance?

    Jake Trollston

    @Cosmic - Chris With that in mind, my money is on the maiden's not being trained to be too strong as to have them regain attention in the public eye. Afterall, that's also another reason to put a cap on the powers too. People would start getting curious if out of nowhere places blew up and there was one lone survivor every time.


    Reading this after the end of vol. 5 and laughing my butt off....her reunion fight with Merc was pathetic...

    Spider Riszer

    JW_Gojifan Mercury has robotic legs and Emerald is currently passed out cinders probably frozen in 1000 pieces after raven throw her off the edge of a cliff NEO will never die she’s the best character in the series and Roman got eaten by Grimm

    Spider Riszer

    JW_Gojifan oh phyyra is dead

  94. Alex G.

    The next DeathBattle should be Yand vs. Natsu


    no just no

  95. Maanit Aman

    Tifa sure snapped in this battle, amirite?


    Basically you can attribute Adam Taurus to Sephiroth.

    Ethan Saucier

    Oh. I didn't realize that was a "boss fight." Also, if fights in this show were called "boss fights", that definitely wouldn't be the first one.


    +Jerberus If Adam is like Sephiroth then its only natural that Yang got owned, Adam is much more experienced and battle hardened than any opponent Yang faced. On the other hand Tifa always got owned by Sephiroth, even in Dissidia, she was about to get killed but Cloud saved her.
    But as for the deathbattle, i liked it, Yang won thanks to her aura and nothing else.


    For sure you are on my line of thinking. No one was there so save Yang so she kinda got screwed.


    Ohh excuse me I meant to say No one Decided to save her. *wink wink*

  96. HowlingGamer


  97. terminater9889

    I guess you could say Mercury's leg got burned


    That made me crack up...


    +SaunbyPhoenix just like Mercury's leg?

    FamousLastWords 2005

    It was Roasted!

  98. VDX

    I burn remix uses mirror mirror's music, Yang and Weiss are the ones who are chosen to go the furthest in the Vytal tournament, coincidence? I think not.

    KingMaster TOG

    +GeorgeDCowley freezerburn confirmando?


    You never know.

    scythe watch

    Freezerburn confirmed!