Jeff Healey Band, The - How Blue Can You Get Lyrics

I've been downhearted baby
Ever since the first day that we met
I've been downhearted baby
Ever since the first day that we met
Your love ain't nothing but the blues
Woman, how blue can ya' get?

You're evil when I'm with ya'
And oh, you're jealous when we're apart
Good God, you're jealous when I'm with ya' honey
And you're evil when we're apart
Your love ain't nothing but the blues
Woman, how blue can ya', can ya' get?

You're evil when I'm with ya'

I bought you a brand new car
You said "I want a Cadillac"
I bought you a ten-dollar dinner
You said "Thank you for the snack"
I let you live in my penthouse
You said "That ain't nothing but a shack"
I gave you seven children
And now you wanna give 'em back!

Oh, I've been downhearted baby
Good God, I've been downhearted since we met
And listen, your love ain't nothing but the blues
Woman, how blue can ya' get?

Yeah, oh

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Jeff Healey Band, The How Blue Can You Get Comments
  1. Alexis Therain

    I'm a huge fan... He's incredible...

  2. Michael Michael

    I've tried, but I honestly can't find the words that sufficiently convey just how much I appreciate and love Jeff Healey.

  3. Nick Metaxas

    Perfection, that intro made me want to weep. What a talent. Although I thought he’d be taller ....... 😀

  4. Joe Lamonte

    R.I.P. One of the finest

  5. ephen korengkeng

    Amazing blue..

  6. coolbluvudu

    Heaven got a whole lot cooler and a lot more blue when ol’ Healey showed up. RIP Jeff. U r loved

  7. Chris Schmitt

    This man was so amazing. This feeling, ideas and unbelieve playing. Thank god, saw him at two times with the great Sideman Philip Sayce.

  8. jaymac572002

    JEFF HEALEY is One of a Kind !!!

    Dave Murphy Ain’t No Joke on them Keys either !!!

  9. Salvo Cali

    Un Gigante trascurato

  10. That 70's Guitarist

    I had the privilege of seeing Jeff Healey live twice, and after the first time, I couldn't even look at my guitar for a week afterwards, that's how blown away I was! By the second time I saw him, I had become much more confident in my abilities as a guitarist, but I was still absolutely floored by what he could do. One of the most soulful players out there, and his loss was a very bad day for the blues, a very bad day indeed.

    And for all the doubters, Jeff had no vision whatsoever. In fact, he had no eyes; he lost his eyes to a rare form of cancer when he was a toddler, and that same cancer later came back and took his life. The only "eyes" Jeff had were made of glass.

  11. 8dioproductions

    Complete blue perfection!

  12. Susan Reed

    Jeff's feelin' those blues

  13. Greg Mardon

    Wow, wish you were still here♡

  14. Monte Whisenhunt

    Jeff was taken from us far too early

  15. guardduck25

    Miss you Jeff, miss you greatly.

  16. Al JOHNS

    Just as good as B.B.


    OMG ~*~

  18. David Mackey

    Goodness Gracious!!

  19. Kingscrib

    His technique & vocals were unsurpassed. It was a sad day for Blues and Jazz when recurrent cancer claimed Jeff Healey, March 2008.
    ~Greatly appreciated and sadly missed.

  20. B Stone

    @3:31... Ladies and germs... Mr. Joey Gladstone on the drums!

    bruin ruin

    Bradley Stone....Naw, that's the guy who played Stiles in Teen wolf.

  21. Lyn Newman


  22. Bernhard Weber / Germany

    Wunderbare Musik

  23. giuseppe azzuri

    magic artist! great

  24. Eric Hoaglund

    fucking sick

  25. Scott DeMatteo

    Jeff has got to be one of the most amazing musicians on the planet. BRAVO! RIP.

  26. juan gonzalez

    que talento tan increíble para los blues desde tijuana mexico

  27. Zeppolino100

    Hot DAMN !!!

  28. davyboy176

    Sing Guitar SING

  29. Fa3ter ThanU

    Meget bra!

  30. ishurmer

    Just an incredible talent. So sad for anyone to die so young.

  31. Craig McCauley

    Sweet songs!

  32. Craig McCauley

    Great show!

  33. shirley o'flynn

    what a gift!!!

  34. George Prosser

    R.I.P. Jeff Healy ....

  35. Jenkins


  36. Rr Mayonte

    Why does he have a watch?

    Dan Weese

    They make watches for blind people.

    Norris Freedman

    Rr Mayonte -cuz he was a very cool guy.

    Mavis Twice

    Rr Mayonte ...because this is timeless?

  37. John Fair

    This guy was amazing. His phrasing, his leads, his timing, his singing, few can match this. Just the top dogs,...SRV, Albert King, BB king, Freddie King..Jeff was right up there. Being blind and playing in his lap, he never missed a lick. I love him. 

  38. Rafael Sanchez me, the complete name organist on this wonderfull concert...


    I'm pretty sure it's Dave Murphy

  39. Marvin Jerry

    What beautiful chords are these i want to give him a tribute. God bless him

  40. Orest Buciora


  41. Poage57

    The Blues with feeling and heart.  What kind of moron would give this a thumbs down.  Wish JH was still with us, but thankful we still have these videos and his music to remember him by.  What a talent.

    Mavis Twice

    Poage57...only four thumbs down out of 94K ...a cow. It's friendlier than you believe. Cows love music.

  42. Alex Barnett

    the BEST die young. :"( 

  43. Cally-ann

    no words!! wonderful  <3

  44. Lufie Alice

    Watched this most days since I found it... Jeff was so good, I just love his playing.

  45. Lufie Alice

    Fantastic blues player, such a shame he's gone.

  46. RoryAddict

    thank u very much!
    Janis, Singapore

  47. RainyDaysMusic

    Check out my channel to hear some blues covers

  48. Pollutens

    I picture my life as if Jeff Healey was alive, im happier that way, thinking he is still playing gigs around and being THE BEST :DD

    Love you Jeff, your feeling in your music is way beyond everyone elses.

  49. sloopyblue phil

    real NICE

  50. alvarolegal73

    this guy made heaven better! if that is even possible!

  51. Nesmith98

    LOL Jeff is wearing a watch! Great song by a great artist. RIP

  52. Wanda Moseley

    I miss you so much.

  53. TheSvenien

    LOVE IT;;.....RIP .Miss you.

  54. jija128

    First time i nitice Jeff was in the Roadhouse movie, at first i thougy it have to be some funny movietrik, a bliind man playing guitar. Shortly after i found music in my local musicshop and after i told everyone: he is the gratest guitarplayer ever.
    Pure and simply awersome.

  55. grubnetseor

    He was really something else. The licks he plays are so intense, uniquely his and full of emotion. A true loss.

  56. sunp

    haha i love how he takes a sip of coke.