Jeff Buckley - The Man That Got Away Lyrics

The night is bitter
The stars have lost their glitter
The winds grow colder
And suddenly you're older
And all because of the man that got away.

No more his eager call
The writing's on the wall
The dreams you dreamed have all
gone astray.

The man that won you
Has gone off and undone you.
That great beginning
Has seen the final inning.
Don't know what happened. It's all a crazy game!

No more that all time thrill
For you've been through the mill
And never a new love will
be the same.

Good riddance, goodbye!
Every trick of his you're on to
But fools will be fools
And where's he gone to?

The road gets rougher
It's lonelier and tougher.
With hope you burn up
Tomorrow he may turn up
There's just no let up the live-long night and day.

Ever since this world began
There is nothing sadder than
A one-man woman looking for
The man that got away...
The man that got away.

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Jeff Buckley The Man That Got Away Comments
  1. Joseph McGrann

    What a wonderful surprise. I love this!!!!

  2. Owen G

    Got to see him live in NYC. Not only was he a great artist, it was obvious he loved to perform

  3. Luciano C. R.

    Best voice ever

  4. Hidden Charm

    I love this song- love when he sings it and love Francine Reed's version.... so so sooooo much! Thank you so much for posting this!!!

  5. El día que me quieras la rosa que engalana . . .

    OMG if Judy leaves me speechless ... there's no word in my vocabulary to communicate how this his sheer rendition comotions the very touchstone of my soul ....

    Aussiemma 8

    El día que me quieras la rosa que engalana . . . This is a song I want to sing my children to sleep to

  6. milanetc

    Buckley, Nilsson & Fran Healy. My favorite male voices.

  7. Glenn Carmichael

    I am obsessed by this song..

  8. Meagan Campbell

    He sang it for the person he saw back stage that reminded him of this song - and in his comments always said that his music was all about what ever anybody got out of it - what it meant to him was never going to be the same as what it meant to the person sitting next to you!

    Aussiemma 8

    I was in nyc in 2010 and on the last night at my hotel I noticed Gary Lucas sitting by himself after a gig.. I never talked to him but always wish I had atleast asked about Jeff. You can always go back to his music over the years no matter how long it gets

  9. greg bell

    WOW and WOW I've only heard Judy Garland sing that song - Jeff did it a beautiful tribute!!

  10. TheRatIsInTheTrap

    I wonder if he's talking about Rufus Wainwright...

  11. Man O'Neal

    Agreed. Both valuable musicians as well as human beings I'm sure.

  12. unclealand

    Don't know. We never will. But that ambiguity only adds texture to one hell of a performance. Who'd have expected Jeff Buckley to do a Harold Arlen torch song? Can't help reiterating, Jeff Buckley got away, just as his father did, too soon.

    Johnny MFan

    Great music is great music. The popular music that existed before rock and roll was fantastic. The composers were geniuses. Rock and roll is great and fun and everything but never beautiful , the old pop standards were truly beautiful.

  13. Man O'Neal

    You think this has something to do with gayness...or do you think that he was just covering a song?


    Jeff was straight as a die, sorry to disappoint you. Go read a book.

    Johnny MFan

    @WyldeRatttz I tried to listening to I woke up in a strange place, but I couldn't understand any of the lyrics. What are the lyrics you refer to?I didn't like the song very much


    Johnny MFan it could be from a woman’s perspective. it’s about death literally.

  14. unclealand

    Jeff Buckley sang this for all his gay buddies and fans. Like me. And he broke our hearts and maybe his, too, singing about all the one-man-lovers who've lost the man who got away. Jeff Buckley, we needed you a few more years, dude. You see, no one can full your shoes. The irony is, the fact is YOU are the man who got away. Too soon, too soon.

    Johnny MFan

    How do you know he did it for his gay friends and fans? I bet that is not true.

    Proper Timothy

    ***Hot Take***

  15. XMsLindaX




  17. ThomasAV1611

    I think of Freddie Murcury and "Meloncoly blues" from "News of the world"; and what Jeff coould have accomplished with such sweet and exploratorive ranges and influences that made up the Buckley experience. truly one of the greatest musical losses of my generation because all is so unknown of how far he could have gone if he were continued the free excercise of musical liberty without pressure from any label to hurry up and "kick out the jams". He just becomes part of you and stays with you.