Jeff Buckley - Kanga Roo Lyrics

When i first saw you
You had on blue jeans
Your eyes couldn't hide
I saw you
Breathing, oh
Saw you staring out in space

When i next saw you
You were at the party
Thought you was a queen
Oh, so flirty
I came against them

Didn't say excuse
Knew what i was doing
We looked very fine
As we were leaving
As we were making
What we were making

Saint John
You were a cool jerk
Oh, i want you
Like a kangaroo

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Jeff Buckley Kanga Roo Comments
  1. Stephen Velez

    OMFG. This is absolutely lovely.

  2. James C

    When I listen to this, I feel like Salieri listening to Mozarts originals for the first time

  3. Felipe N.

    Amazing Performance!

  4. Lorena Martinez Cortazar

    Gosh I wish this video had the beginning that the dvd has!

  5. tattoofthesun

    what year is this??


    tattoofthesun 1995

  6. Tricia Blades

    1994 and I was a London journalist who had the chance to interview this unknown singer launching his first album. I couldn't be bothered and didn't bother playing the CD. I didn't play it till 2002 and then realised what a fool I was. Regrets? I've had a few.

    Lisa Chelle

    Tricia Blades he asked me out twice and I said no.. what a fool I was..

  7. Tricia Blades

    I used to do the kanga too alongside this version. I can't do it as long now. I love you Jeff for this version.

  8. Tim Watt

    What a great big star song and version from Jeff

  9. handsomerube

    7:30 that energy when the band kicks in is absolutely mind blowing

  10. SolamenteVees

    Jeff’s mother gave his Rickenbacker 360/12 to Chris Cornell after Jeff passed...

  11. Sajan Basnet

    I want you just
    Like a kanga roo

    Jeff hops like a kanga rooo

    Thank you jeff ❤️

  12. levoldunom

    Better than Big Star. Fuck!

  13. Lexavax

    Well, that escalated quickly...

  14. David Batt

    I sing this to my cat fed him
    Kangaroo meat and he started hopping, 22 years and he This song still haunts me his bull shit death it's just bull shit

  15. Kara Leigh Lakusta


  16. Kara Leigh Lakusta

    Hahahahaha awesome again

  17. Kara Leigh Lakusta


  18. Mary Chris


  19. Mary Chris

    💞🦋ヽ♡`♪ `、 💕 `、

  20. austin olivo

    in the new jeff buckley book that dave lory wrote, it talks about how columbia records asked him to stop playing this live because they would seriously go one for 20+ minutes. jeff said fuck em and kept playing it. RIP!

  21. Sue Quinn

    I dedicate this great song to my beautiful cat. We fed him kangaroo meat once and since then he started hopping like a kangaroo. Oh its now 22 years since this bullshit happened still can't believe he went in for a swim and dead. It's just not real

  22. creekandseminole

    JB doing covers is almost better than his originals.

  23. Todd Little

    Jeff's version of Kanga Roo is the best imo. I love the Big Star original, which is just this weird, cool little song. This is simply epic.

  24. Nelson Piedade

    simple Beautiful...i mean, angel`s should sing like my point of view,because i Have one, jeff his the male equivlent to Bjork!nothing less!

  25. Thomas Burke - Work

    pretentious version right?

  26. Zoesstuff

    Loving the feedback solo!

  27. Honey327

    05:02 Deep south church music, ...with a little shoutin'

  28. Ian Brooke

    We know that Jeff is a fucking genius, but his band just take it to a different level. They were made for each other.

  29. Balter Acisum

    i miss you...

  30. clumsiii

    First song off this mortal coil's "It'll End In Tears" album -- edit holy weird that was wild -2nd edit: this is a cover just in case - and a reminder how much he reinvented songs -

  31. hardfolk

    I love Big Star

  32. Scocasso Vegetus

    That was cool. They've really got to watch him as they're not always sure what he'll do; always changing things up on the fly, ha.

    Tricia Blades

    I love the way they all watch him "what's he gonna do next?"

  33. Yannik Ho

    Man, this Version is haunting xD I also like it at a lot better than the studio Version, I think everything is just way more exciting, on point and in your face :D imagine a world were Jeff and Led Zeppelin would have made some stuff together...

  34. Misa rai

    there’s always a little hint of eastern influences in his music it’s so lovely❤️

  35. Mea Dish


    Kangaroo, kangaroo - boing boing
    Can I stay and talk with you? Boing boing.

    He said, ‘I’d love to stay but must be on my way,
    But you can be sure that I’ll be back some day.’
    Boing boing boing boing boing boing boing.

    Koala Bear, Koala Bear – scpt, scpt, scpt, scpt
    Can you hear me way up there? scpt, scpt, scpt, scpt.

    Kookaburra, Kookaburra – ha, ha, ha, ha
    Laugh today, laugh tomorrow – ha, ha, ha, ha.

    Sneaky Snake, Sneaky Snake – ss, ss, ss, ss
    Talk to me for goodness sake! – ss, ss, ss, ss.

    Mother Hen, Mother Hen – cluck, cluck, cluck, cluck,
    Consider me as your friend - cluck, cluck, cluck, cluck.

  36. tajchi3000

    Fuck! This is a BIG STAR song...

  37. Hareem Sajjad

    0:14 - 0:24 feels like heaven.

  38. patrick kever


  39. steve hewitt

    Beauty filmage.

  40. Terence Boris

    I never could get into his melodramatic approach.

  41. Maricielo Ampudia


  42. Amrita

    Does anyone else get extremely emotional when they hear 0:15 to 0:25? I cry every time I listen to it!


    i do but from the first song i heard it from have you heard it? Jeff's version is so wild and even scary? idk this song was my 15 yr old record player morning


    I hadn't heard that version before, thank you!

    Ashok Singh

    This and Lilac Wine


    @Ashok Singh and Calling You and All Flowers in Time and Back in NYC and the og Last Goodbye

    Sue Quinn

    All the time friend

  43. Colin Ashenhurst

    Good cover, but I like Big Star's version better.

  44. Amrita

    Recently fell in love with Jeff Buckley and even though he passed away before I was born I really, really miss him. I would've killed to have seen this live!

  45. Nancy Jo

    A most incredibly creative and indulgent orgasmic journey performed by that sweet thing!!!!

  46. kevtruth

    He makes that song his own. Interesting that JB ended up living a couple blocks from Ardent Studios in Memphis where Alex Chilton recorded it in the mid 70s

  47. minibixx

    Jeff, I MISS YOU !!!

  48. turkisj coffee

    nasıl hayran olunmaz

  49. ghostie7790

    ah i wish he was still alive so that I can see him play!! I was only 1 at this time. :/

  50. Claude Alain

    Oui... il y a une filiation angélique, ainsi que pour Nick Drake...

  51. Angel García

    OH MY GOSH, this is awesome!

  52. The Lotus Temple

    7:16 🤘🏼

  53. Monika Mylonopoyloy

    What the fuck did I just experience?

    Lala Meme

    i know man

  54. Chesterette

    uck, interrupted by some incredibly shrill Katy Perry ear-cancer

  55. Sol Cobain

    Thanks Jeff, you ALWAYS make me feel better . You're my only companion , and somehow when I see you I just feel that everything will be fine. See you on the other side angel !

    Richard Johnson

    Lala Meme well the vast majority of people on the internet tell me to kill myself so it was a fair guess

    Lala Meme

    +Richard Johnson yea well good point, I have the same problem. gotta love this world


    Nobody on the internet has ever told you life is worth living? Well here's one.


    Whats that on your arm?

    Sue Quinn

    You'll only see him if your a believer in Jesus Christ. I don't think Jeff is in heaven. I love the guy. But the only way to heaven is to accept the free gift of eternal life is the blood shed Jesus Christ

  56. cristina russo

    I Love him

  57. m 75

    He makes love whit his guitar

  58. m 75

    Jeff plays guitar like nobody and sings like an angel

  59. m 75


  60. Liam Sweeney

    The fact that the camera never settles on Johnson for more than a half a second during the DRUM solo has seriously pissed me off.


    it's all about Jeff, musicians are only here to serve his genius ! They all stare at him all the time waiting for his commands too ^^

    Geofanny Yohanes

    minibixx they still deserve some recognition, especially in their solo

    Todd Little

    @Geofanny Yohanes they are all making noise together - it's not a drum solo. Although showing Matt a little more would have been nice.

  61. Antonio Gabriel Jiménez Hernández

    i love the way he plays the guitaaar

  62. Simon Gunner

    Very special

  63. hoang cong

    damn this man, his voice makes me feel like i'm knocking on the door of heaven R.I.P Angel, miss you ...

  64. UKSeed Bank

    Michael deserves an award for that badass looping

  65. ember!!

    bring him back

    rider bull

    I discovered him yesterday and I'm crying.

  66. Salomé

    Jeff Buckley's songs are so amazingly beautiful. And he seems to have been such a beautiful human being... If he made love as he played guitar and sang he must have been a great lover too :p

    Pradeep Lama

    That '' :p " in last made my day. XD

    Annette Feeney

    It's a This Mortal Coil cover.

    Daisy Angeles

    Annette Feeney It's a Big Star cover

    OH_I _Will

    More or less an Alex Chilton solo masterpiece...than a Big Star composition...

    Brain Stormer

    This Mortal Coil also covered this song. It was originally by a 1970s band called Big Star. It was written by Alex Chilton.

  67. Doctor Towelie

    They should've left the prelude (a version of Vancouver without any singing).

    Doctor Towelie

    The video they have is half of this song. If you watch the concert in its entirety then you'd know he plays Vancouver that leads into Kangaroo. It's like 11 minutes long and it's, in my opinion(of course), the better way to listen to them. Meaning there shouldn't be a cut, only a long video with both songs

    Luciano C. R.

    @Doctor Towelie I know but, it's too big, to be a prelude, so they are separated

    Doctor Towelie

    Sorry, but I have to disagree

    It's Just Renee`

    Do you have a link or an idea of the search terms that would provide the video? I don't think I've seen it. Thank you.


    I agree. I can tell you've watched this entire show many times like I have. Vancouver into Kangaroo is a good idea for a video

  68. Fixedtoaster


  69. Elle Aime

    Damn, this must be the closer sound that angels play in melancholic heaven.



    Elle Aime

    @Alexis Call Cheers!


    +Elle Aime Cheers!


    I salute you, sir!

  70. ProtestSong68

    Seems youre band is not hip unless you make a Big Star cover.

    Jon Ainsworth

    There was no such thing as hip when Jeff Buckley was alive. Thank goodness!


    hahahaha yea those were the days

  71. Aríete

    oua, cara. oua


    Morning from Australia!


    Morning Alan


    lol Good night Alan

  73. marcos hernandez

    amo tu voz y tu danza de locura

  74. Maria Luz

    G u a u!!!

  75. Diego


  76. Neil Mac

    He's up there with Randy Rhoads making albums we'll only ever get once we've moved on.

    I'm looking forward to it :-)

    Pratish Khadka

    Well u have to go to same store that they sale ...., probably they don't bother selling their music anymore haha cheers anyway!!!!

    Busy Bee

    Neil Mac I believe so too!!

  77. Katie Fenner

    this is L I F E



  78. auguste piccard


  79. Elías Jara

    Thanks !!!

  80. katherinaJee55

    thank you ,who you share these fascination ♫ ♫ ♥ ♫ ♫ ♥