Jeff Buckley - Everyday People Lyrics

Sometimes I'm right others are wrong
My own beliefs are in my song
The butcher, the baker, the drummer and then
Makes no difference 'bout what group I'm in

I am everyday people, yeah yeah

There is a blue one, that won't accept the green one
For living with a fat one, trying to be a skinny one
And different strokes for different folks
And so on and so on and scooby dooby doo-bee
Oh sha sha, we got to live together

I am no better and neither are you
We are the same whatever we do
You love me, you hate me, you know me and then
You can't figure out the bag I'm in

I am everyday people, yeah yeah

There is a long hair, that doesn't like the short hair
For bein' such a rich one, that will not help the poor one
And different strokes for different folks
And so on and so on and scooby dooby doo-bee
Oh sha sha, we got to live together

There is a yellow one, that won't accept the black one
That won't accept the red one, that won't accept the white one
And different strokes for different folks
And so on and so on and scooby dooby doo-bee
Oh sha sha

I am everyday people
Yeah, yeah

We got to live together

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Jeff Buckley Everyday People Comments
  1. YA *THINK

    <{}> Thank Youuu! Love Grace

  2. Ophelia

    scooby scooby dooby

  3. James C

    Impossible to categorize this guy, I was thinking for a second blue eyed soul but he's so much more than that. He transcends genre.

  4. berçe can

    it is beautiful

  5. Pame Rouco

    Al que le gusta mucho Buckley es que sabe reconocer una obra de arte cuando la ve

  6. kimdotbong

    havent listened to jeff in awhile, really enjoying him even more rn

  7. Not Actually Myname

    So who is profiting from this? That’s what I would like to know.
    He can’t, very unfortunately, so why isn’t his music free access?? I even had to watch a fucking commercial to hear this. He’d hate it.

    Geofanny Yohanes

    When you sign with a production company, they have the rights to your music. That's how it works most of the time.

  8. Jacob Oakland

    He looks like James Franco

  9. Joshua Thomas

    Absolute hero, absolute legend

  10. The Indie Diary

    He took a song I thought was alright, and made it into something spectacular.
    Meh, was just another average day in Jeff Buckleys world. :)
    To think this was just him messing about with something between takes for stuff he actually wanted to put on his album.


    Mojo Reanimated I know this was just a stuff around and not finished, pft what would he want to change to this, superb and beautiful recording

  11. Dario Marietan


  12. nada 8:::0

    o Jeff morreu?

    Marcos França

    Sim, na década de 90 ainda!!


    irineol fggf sim, ele se afogou no dia 29 de maio de 1997 no canal do rio Wolf do rio Mississippi, em Memphis

  13. Noway Youknow lovely...

  14. Adelia Hogarth

    The new release You and I is simply beautiful.

  15. Margeir Ólafsson

    Sly And The Family Stone - Everyday People.

  16. Gil Saraiva

    Having lived under the image of a genius like his dad was/is must have been pretty frustrating .

  17. stevearle

    Also... I'm sure some peeps are gonna say that these are only 1 take demos & "What No Production Values?!?" but something is lost in that process, the finesse gets buried...Audio Verite as R. Fripp used to say.

  18. stevearle

    Still the best simple description of J. Buckley for the uninitiated is- imagine Page and Plant in one body.Much more talent than most and a work/play ethic that took it way out... simply amazing .And then he goes swimmin' w/ his boots on... Yikes...I mean  wow.

  19. Mr. Nightly

    Like a lot of people i suffer Anxiety Disorder, and one of the things that soothes my soul is jeff's voice. It brings me safety. My safe heaven.


    Weep G. same ❤️😇

    Flesh Robe

    D. NightLeniency
    I hear you! Another great remedy of sound is:
    JJ Grey & Mofro, listen to this and heal.

    12 year old me was not good at picking usernames

    Same! he also soothes me when I am sad or upset. he is an angel for me.

  20. cas

    If only this man was still alive ....


    The Buckley's have cousins but yeah, I agree..

  21. Laslow Greene

    I have this song on a tiny blue record :)

  22. Gillian DeVaal

    I feel like he could've united the whole damn world with his music if he was around longer. this song is so inspiring

  23. F PB

    I'm in Heaven

  24. Jay Coburn

    Along with this release, the fact that they discovered hours of unreleased material from the sessions gives me hope for mankind.

  25. Shobana Bayliss

    Gorgeous....thank-u for the music beautiful angel! <3 x

  26. CHR1SV1DS

    if you like this please check out buckley live at sin-e

  27. george gio

    my tears are dropping when i hear him,angel

  28. Romarina


    Flesh Robe

    Dooby. 😏

  29. Matthew Tata

    A real magician. Just like every other recording of him... Every strum chug, and breath.. All magic

  30. Myles Lenaught

    What an outstandingly talented man. Rest in peace, Jeff. You left much too early.

  31. Mercè Junyent

    Always great Jeff. Thanks for the post! A treasure!

  32. marknorthwest93

    Everyday, people are realizing what a major talent Jeff Buckley possessed.

  33. buckeye mcgee

    It's unbelievable how this differs from Grace. As if the pressure for a follow up was gone and made way to just play. That same spirit of live at Sin-é is dancing on this track and I'm happy.

  34. TheLonesomeChef

    I know a life is more important than anything but I can't help but feel bummed out when I think about all the Jeff Buckley albums we missed out on with his untimely passing. Truly one of the most unique talents to come around.

  35. Ida Vis

    Before I realised, the tears were rolling down my cheeks...


    We all love you Jeff

  36. Brandon Marsh

    I also was not ready for how great this was .

  37. randolphcary

    I saw him for the first time at Uncommon Ground in Chicago. He was touring around with just his Telecaster, preparing for the release of "Grace". He played in front of a pastry case. Standing room only. During intermission I took a bathroom break. When I got out, next in line was Jeff. "How's it goin?"...The truth. I don't care what anyone says, contemporary music has never been the same and will never be the same without him. And it really hasn't gone too far since 1997. There's been only a Few exceptions.

  38. Raymond Comeaux

    By the way, this song is quite appropriate in the midst of the hate that Donald Trump has been spewing. I don't wanna make a Jeff Buckley video political, but, I couldn't help but make that connection.

  39. C♓illi

    ...the long hair who wont accept the short hair for being such a rich one who will not help the poor one🎵🎵

  40. Steven Fely

    lord wanted him away from this Earth. However much we miss him His time is more important...who knows, he could of turned out like a grumpy old man.

  41. Brad Kinowski

    This quality is exceptional

  42. Lisainphilly

    Christmas came early!!!!   Thanks for uploading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Amar90

    Just sitting here with a smile on my face soaking this in...
    I'm In a great mood now...

  44. Jedd Sprosen

    Just cannot wait for the new release

  45. Polopicolo

    I was not really surprised to hear him cover Piaf or the Smiths, but Sly and the family Stone... This is incredible!

  46. krisberlys burbano

    Excelente realmente... desde que lo escuche quede pegada con sus canciones...Lo amo♥♥♥ Casi se me salen las lagrimas : (

  47. phil k

    only thing worth getting this rsd, god it's almost surreal hearing something new from jeff

  48. Mayeth Vergara

    Scoobydoobeedoobee...just amazing!!!

  49. Miguel Elgueta


    apparently he is still releasing new songs despite the notable handicap of being dead!

    ASAC Schrader

    +Miguel Elgueta Funny but these are just unreleased songs and demos

    Jerry Konecny

    Tupac set the bar pretty high though

  50. Venezia Fanner

    Fuck, but I miss this man.


    Venezia Fanner we all do, beautiful soul gone too soon

  51. Faezan Zakaria

    man, i can just imagine this song being used for a montage of everyday people, doing everyday things

  52. Dayane Laura

    Thank you very very much! I'm crying.

  53. João Vítor M.

    releasing songs from the grave boyss

  54. Aramayis Grigoryan

    can't find chords. anyone help

  55. Amanda Stern

    o m g this is amazing :D <3 <3

  56. Liz Ward

    what a beautiful man....I miss him so....

  57. Ana

    just fell in love with Jeff all over again

  58. Starr Rinaldi

    this !!!
    my heart just shed a tear because I just gotta wait to hear him jam on the other side.

  59. Diego Souza

    mt god, this is a incredible version. I love his voice and the sound is so blues

  60. Kimberly Devon

    Happy birthday Jeff. :(

  61. Gareth Owen


  62. silasdc73

    I love the "Watch out." @ 2:23.
    This guy did it right. Always.

  63. iheareagles


  64. Fergie Hunter

    Thank you so much. Glad you found this and shared it with us!
    Gosh I didn't know I could love him anymore than I already did. He was so lively in this!

  65. Stellar Lar

    "We got to live together." Forever Together. <3

  66. jean paul

    with the events in paris, the song is good

  67. Mr. Bungle

    Sly Stone would be very proud of what Buckley did, if there was a version of Time For Livin done by Buckley I want to hear it!

    The Indie Diary

    I'd kill a baby deer with my bare hands to hear that.

  68. Another Skeleton

    For about four and a half minutes, it feels like he's alive again. Damn.

    Another Skeleton

    @drivethrupoet yep, long time. Always sending this man's music to younger people to keep it alive. (I mean, it's all pretty immortal anyway, but ya know...) 


    +Cloudy Captions ö
    He accidentally drowned taking a swim in a river. Got pulled under by the wake of a passing boat and knowing him, he was probably in boots at the time. It was really sad :(

    Alina Hirtl

    best comment ever! yes, it is true

    Katrina C

    I still mourn every time. Yet rejoice in his voice. And, remember where I was when the news broke of his death. Ouch. Heartache.

    The Indie Diary

    You know what they say folks. Good music, is timeless. But Jeff's probably more so than others. ;)

  69. Erica Beck

    Angels in heaven...
    thank you

  70. Eddie Medrano

    this is so awesome, glad to hear some new stuff. I thought his mother said they had released everything?

  71. Mojodream94

    I dreamed of the release of these Abbaddo sessions and here some songs are arriving soon ... miracles happen

  72. Mojo

    Was not expecting this at all, I'm hooked :D

  73. 0bb

    I wanna hear a better version of You and I (guitar version)

  74. Raymond Comeaux



    Fanboying out a little too hard. Fuck it no I'm not!

  75. Raymond Comeaux


  76. Erica Rodrigues

    Jeff Buckley VIVE! LIVE!

  77. Radeo

    He'd be horrified about the Bataclan.

  78. Pikasde

    Im french, and with recents events in Paris, I find this song very accurate...peace.

  79. Gabby


  80. David Okumura

    Brilliant. Can't wait for the whole album to be released in March.

  81. Savannah L

    I was not prepared for this.


    +John Arundell Ah, okay. Yes, it does make more sense. Sorry if there was any confusion!

    John Arundell

    @aronora I know young people are the future of course! Your mum is a good example that Jeff wasn't really very well known (not hugely famous) right around the world when he was recording and touring for the few years of his career that he was so active and prolific. He was a big star in some places like France and Australia which is where I saw him in one of his last proper concerts in February1996 and parts of USA, Europe and Japan but that's all. He was a bit under the radar just doing his thing with full commitment obviously and without compromise. Artists of the highest quality always stand the test of time so Jeff will never be forgotten forever now :) hopefully more high quality live performances will be released yet because this new album would have to be about it from the vaults insofar as studio recordings go.


    +John Arundell I think it would be fair to say many have heard his rendition of Leonard's song whether it be because it was featured in a film or show. He's most known for Hallelujah too, to the degree that people confuse it for being one of his own. You don't need to tell me about him though :) I've done my research and learned a lot after discovering Buckley. Yet I must admit it's definitely cool to talk to someone who's seen him live


    +John Arundell it might be interesting for you guys to know that his song 'Grace' has actually been on the GCSE music course for a little while which meant loads of people my age discovered him and learnt a lot about him and his style. I know loads of people in my class including me became obsessed with his music :D

  82. NathFilms

    God with a guitar in hand

  83. jojo595901

    Song out of his tomb, thanks god thanks jeff !!

  84. Mayeth Vergara

    ♡ this

  85. cool girl

    Everytime I hear this man sing something inside me dies. He makes me feel out of this world for a moment. My favorite of his works is "lover you should have come over" it's so overwhelming that I have to pause the song and come back later to listen to it again. I wish he was alive. I hope he is happy where he is.

    Lena moo

    Lovely comment, exactly how I feel!

  86. Lonnie D. Hillyer

    This is very, very cool!!! But, it just reminds us of how bad a mfka Sly Stone really, really, really was/is.

  87. Brenda Luna

    beautiful like everything he did

  88. Sharon rummer

    I've missed that voice

  89. Louise Barry

    Just leaves you wanting more, really...

  90. Catness Productions

    Awesome :)

  91. Melody Cantrell

    I love this sfm! Can't wait to hear the rest !!!!

  92. Devora Clark COHEN

    Seems so strange to hear this version when I am still full of the original. Hallelujah is my favorite by Jeff.

  93. Ay Jy

    😪😪❤️❤️❤️ You live on, in our hearts Jeff.

  94. Ealbor

    Excelente cover, con un toque muy característico de Jeff.

  95. Alice Riobueno

    Does he says Scooby doby doo? xD xD


    yep lol

  96. RobbieGnr1

    Don't see any mention of this being a SLY and the Family Stone cover

    lastofus mcgill

    +RobbieGnr1 I know man im with you and I love the original but please take into consideration that this was probably Jeff having a beer and playing a few covers for the laugh with no intention of it ever being heard outside that room but just appreciate the sheer beauty of Jeff's voice and the absolute haunting presence that hearing something previously unheard from the dude has on people
    R.I.P Jeff

    Trev Moran

    +lastofus mcgill Apparently a few of these covers that are due to be released in March '16 were initially recorded for sending onto producers as a kind of outline for how he wanted some of his own material to sound on "Grace".


    +RobbieGnr1 It may have not been mentioned on here, but I'm assuming a good amount of people coming here heard of the news based off of reports that an album was being released, and each report I read said the songs were "covers" minus his own.

  97. mariiacafe

    It breaks my heart to even think I will never see Jeff live. He was an amazing artist and a beautiful, beautiful soul. It is rather unfair that I don't even get the chance to meet the person who changed me in so many different ways. I feel like crying any time I think about this. I truly admire and appreciate the fact that someone like him ever existed. I am just unfortunate that that someone died exactly the year I was born. It is kind of funny how ironic, cruel and amazing life can be.

    Jacob Amor

    +Savannah L he died the day before I was born


    I was so lucky to meet him and he was special. I believe his spirit lives on through his music and the people who love his music. He was an amazing soul and wrote the most amazing thing to me before playing in our studio. I'll never forget how beautiful he was inside and out and how he gave all of that to his music and was still a fun, funny person, not taking himself too seriously despite the depth of his art.

    syg B.

    +lizmies12 aw i kinda want to ask u more about what he was like..what a pleasure lucky u :). he will live on as long as his music and works are loved and appreciated

    George Samuel George

    lizmies12 I really would like to talk to you about your experience with Jeff. i met a woman who saw him in 1996 in Melbourne. i will never have enough of Jeff. Forever grateful for his music!!

    Jackson Jack

    mariiacafe art can do that

  98. Jon Gomm

    "I....I...." and my hairs all instantly stand on end.

    Manuel Benítez

    +Jon Gomm You should do your own version of one of Jeff's songs sometime, that would be amazing!