Jeff Beck - Vaya Con Dios Lyrics

Now the hacienda's dark
The town is sleeping
Now the time has come to part
The time for weeping

Vaya con Dios, my darling
Vaya con Dios, my love

Now the village mission bells
Are softly ringing
If you listen with your heart
You'll hear them singing

Vaya con Dios, my darling
Vaya con Dios, my love

Wherever you may be
I'll be beside you
Although you're many
Million dreams away

Each night I'll say a prayer
A prayer to guide you
To hasten every lonely hour
Of every lonely day

Now the dawn is breaking
Through a gray tomorrow
But the memories we share
Are there to borrow

Vaya con Dios, my darling
Vaya con Dios, my love

Vaya con Dios, my darling
Vaya con Dios, my love

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Jeff Beck Vaya Con Dios Comments
  1. Martti Suomivuori

    This is clockwork stuff, the backing tape does not forgive any delays. What a lovely lady, what a lovely group, the joy of doing it!

  2. Richard Crowell


  3. Pkia 1050

    Fabulous !
    All great singers in one !
    Up the 'Dubs '!

  4. Samiaji Judistira

    Eternal Song

  5. Rekku9

    As usual, Beck spoils this otherwise adorable rendition with his awful guitar "solo".

    Svein Bjørneseth

    Fuck you

  6. Janine Bone


  7. Bill Eberline

    Les Paul was a friend of mine and he left me with a better knowledge of the music instrument business!

  8. John Ross

    What a performer, what a voice she can seduce anybody

  9. Youtube Music

    What a wonderful voice Imelda has absolutely stunning. Jörg Jendis

  10. jim webster

    I remember buying this on 78 by Les Paul and Mary Ford, for my mother I wonder where it went???

  11. ifm12345

    Where do the backing vocals come from?

    John Greene

    They are on 'tape', as pioneered by Les Paul.
    Google 'Les Paul and Mary Ford' to discover how multi-track recording got started. 😎


    @John Greene Thanks

  12. Cynthia Madrid

    This must have been on the hit parade in the 50s ...
    Traveling Rodeos... In a car...

  13. Lans Lay

    Absolutely beautiful and very well done!!!🇱🇷💗🇱🇷👏👏✝️✝️✝️👍👍🌹❤️❤️🌹🌹❤️💓💗

  14. Joseph Perreault

    Talk about a sultry voice. Honestly never heard of her. Beck is so complete. His dynamics are so great here. He can get out the way and doesn’t have to be the 6 string guitar slinger. . He knew what folks wanted to hear. The vocalist. Sign of a true professional.

    Andre Minnaar

    Welcome to the club

  15. Zorro gets love

    She is so improf,and natural

  16. Luiggi Michael Riwu-Kaho

    Smooth is beautiful🎶🎶

  17. Erna Wiyati

    Love song beautiful 🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷

  18. Abe Jucar

    Songs of yesteryears will never fade,I love it 😃😆😊



  20. norma jazz

    Now the hacienda is dark,

    The town is sleeping.

    Now the time has come to part,

    The time for weeping.


    Vaya con dios my darling,

    Vaya con dios my love


    Now the village mission bells

    Are softly ringing,

    If you listen with your heart

    You'll hear them singing:


    Vaya con dios my darling,

    Vaya con dios my love


    Wherever you may be

    I'll be beside you,

    Although you're many million

    Dreams away,

    Each night I'll say a prayer

    A prayer to guide you,

    To hasten every lonely hour

    Of every lonely day


    Now the dawn is breaking through

    A gray tomorrow,

    But the memories we share

    Are there to borrow


    Vaya con dios my darling,

    Vaya con dios my love


    Vaya con dios my darling,

    Vaya con dios my love

    Look at my channel

  21. joe caploski

    Jeff Beck and Imelda May the perfect combination !!!!

  22. Manfred Fürgut

    I thank god for such a Voice.

  23. Samiaji Judistira

    Simple, pure and beautiful. The way it should be. Thank you for uploading this video.

  24. bill madden


  25. karl Kruger

    Anyone know of a song that sounds something like ' cara ma wona marie' appreciate any help.

  26. Paul Keyton

    She's great !!!!.😊

  27. karl Kruger

    Just listened to every copy of this song on u-tube ,& this is the best imho.

  28. Mark Wall

    Major talent

  29. gerald hone

    That has to be the sexiest song ever!

  30. Mark Johnson

    Brilliant and moving tribute, Ace job!

  31. Reidar Brosvik

    Veldig flott. ...:)

  32. Barbara Williams

    Feron Husky “Gone”

  33. I Am Christopher

    🌹 Jeff Beck and Imelda May

  34. braidiedog

    is there nothing this woman can sing?

  35. Cvetan Cvetanov

    какво въздействие може да има една песен

  36. dougie7uk

    Great tune beautifully sung by Imelda

  37. Felix Octavianus

    the feeling that i have when she sing this song, bring back memories and the same atmosphere when i've heard my mother humming this song 35 years ago, Rest in Peace Ma...

  38. budzelek

    Imelda :) Kocham ją :)

  39. Danut Arghiroiu

    Iti unge sufletul.

  40. Daniele M.Gaillard

    Merci patrice , j'aime beaucoup . Ta voisine de table de ce samedi 4 juin . Dany

  41. Adelin Pâques

    La musique de
    Thank you for posting!
    Ever good day.

  42. John Benn

    WOW WOW WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    From a 72yo Aussie fan.

  43. dorotheaeli1

    Just discouvered Imelda May today. Can't stop listening. I am a fan now. Thank you!

  44. Михаил Петрович

    My favorite tune

  45. TACOYO

    Jef Beck and Imelda May! love this unforgettable song!

  46. irelan long


  47. Gerry 70

    I love Imelda´s Voice sooooooooooooo much....... beautiful KISS

  48. calimarcello .Peralba

    très beau, beaucoup de douceur ..

  49. Lars Jönlid

    Oh my what a tune !!

  50. ВИА Червона рута

    Красиво !!

  51. tan a

    Vaya Con Dios...

  52. Victoria P


    Aivar Uueda

    Eta prekrasno.🍰🍓

  53. NaturalBornSkeptic

    When I watch Imelda and listen to her sing, all I can think is "God, that babe is hot !"

  54. Lauren Peot

    I have figured out the "Synching" issue!
    For the Les Paul/Mary Ford portion of the set, she was singing along with some backing vocals she had recorded earlier.
    So, EVERYone is playing along with those backing vocals -- and EVERYone is in the pocket.
    All you musicians know how difficult that can be, right?
    Just another example of Jeff's respect for the music and wanting to get as close to the original magic as he could.

    Oh, wouldn't that have been something if Les could have attended his 95th Birthday Party, as originally intended?
    I am sure he would have enjoyed Imelda's efforts immensely.
    They would have had to tie him in his seat, probably!

    Along with "Live At Ronnie Scott's", "Jeff Beck's Rock And Roll Party For Les Paul" is a must have for just about any music lover.
    Jeff Beck is a fascinating, emotional powerhouse, is he not?

    "I just try not to be boring..."


  55. Rocio Estrada

    We need more artist like imelda

    Bjørn Åsmund Vaa

    Yes :-)

  56. pamela knight

    I love this  version!

  57. doowoppyify

    Imelda, guapa!

    Jeanne KOLEN

    what acharming beautiful lady and sublime singer

  58. doowoppyify

    How sexy!

  59. Lena Drugac

    Enjoy this beautiful song,Imelda amazing vocalist,with heart,feeling the best,,...from Slovenia Ivo

  60. marietta meister

    this song make cry,bud i dont tel you way.

  61. Mischtchratzer

    I'm not married, yet  :-))))))

  62. Michael James

    Don't say you don't like this or I'll haul off and hit ya'

  63. Franco Jason Di Palma

    This is beautiful. Thank you Jytte. Loved it.

  64. Jytte Nhanenge

    Great music, I love that song

  65. Raymond Lau

    Imelda showing some depth 
    in the various styles that
    she CAN SING.



  67. PLDB27

    What's great about this version is that Imelda doesn't try to change the original while remaining true to her own style...Great work.

  68. Bolo Acevedo

    I loved it !!!!!! thanks for share it, wish you well.

  69. John Greene

    @Bruce S, Check out 'Walking in the Sand' from the same show. I am a third rate guitarist and I can't play that :)

  70. Bruce Smith

    Imelda was the main attraction here. Any 3rd rate guitar player could play this. Imelda was the main attraction here. Beck is good but Imelda stole this show.


    Bruce Smith i think he showed class by not overplaying it ... its a hard song to emulate Les Pauls guitar in this tune but ya, Imelda nailed it... even better than Mary Fords singing...but props to Les who recorded the original in a Hollywood apt’s bathroom to enhance the echo !!

  71. Mischtchratzer

    Amen...... I fell in love.......

  72. Nor Wester

    BULLSHIT... Sorry, but part of what makes Jeff Beck so amazing is his love of his supporting musicians and without Imelda may this would have been a pretty different concert. Yes, I' a guitar player so I get loving the guitar, but if you can't understand why people are fawning over Imelda then you;re clearly NOT a musician. Get up on stage some time and see how it goes if all you do is twiddle around on the guitar... .

  73. kaz

    love this song imelda you sing it beautifulx

  74. rleary1

    Yeah, I agree about Jimi too. I loved it years ago when I'd play Voodoo Chile on stage and people in the club would tell me, great Stevie Ray song dude! ??

  75. John Greene

    and Mary Ford !!!

  76. Jada Jack


  77. LFA I Nightkiller

    happy new year imeda ...

  78. Dimelda Hawklord

    Sorry if I sounded critical...I have noticed zero syncing issues on anything posted from this fabulous concert, and have nothing but praise for any of the songs. I believe someone else had mentioned some syncing issues they had noticed when THEY viewed. Perhaps bad internet connection or streaming issue for them, and was, in obvously a feeble attempt, suggesting getting the DVD to view this gem in its entirety, which $-wise is not easy these days.

  79. John Greene

    buy it indeed, if you can afford it. The purpose of my putting this up was to, hopefully, make people aware of both the talents of Les Paul/ Mary Ford AND Jeff Beck/Imelda May. The availability of the whole gig is made clear !
    I would hazard a guess that any syncing issues are with you seeing as how i have had, to date, nearly 135,000 views with no complaints until you !!
    Keep smiling :)

  80. Dimelda Hawklord

    Buy the concert video to see a well-synced masterpiece by EVERY performer. Beck the greatest!

  81. dil bert

    The tribute is for Les Paul, but Mary Ford was a tremendous part of his life, and so, Mary's voice (very well portrayed here by Imelda May, unless I listen to them back to back it's hard to tell them apart) IS a big part of Les's works.

  82. Berbigãodailha ilha

    o que é bom fica um braço

  83. danilo arias flores

    Bravo - si no me equivoco esta canción también la cantó Nat King Cole

  84. Betsy P.

    Beautiful version, just beautiful.

  85. Chazz Hamilton

    The deal is, that Les & Mary were inseperable in their "pop" career. I grew up with this music... God Bless Jeff Beck, & also Imelda May, for this tribute! It's priceless.

  86. John Greene

    well said ! I couldn't agree more.
    the reason i put this particular song up was that it demonstrates yet another playing style that JB masters with ease.
    on this one show he plays rock, jazz, country and rockabilly and would probably rather be at home with his cars !!!
    i saw the Jeff Beck Group often in London in the late sixties (whenever Jeff turned up anyway)

  87. rleary1

    What's up with all the Imelda May props here? She's definitely a fantastic singer but this whole concert/tribute to the great Les Paul is about GUITAR & Les Paul organized by JEFF BECK. I'm a guitarist and I've always loved Beck's playing especially in the early days with Rod Stewart .Between the 3 Yardbirds, I always thought that Beck was #1, Jimmy Page #2, and Clapton came in 3rd. This is IMHO so no disrespect to any of any of these guitarists. Peace

  88. Dave Bliss

    Great performance from the whole band here.

  89. A9b862

    This woman has Class, Class, Class and the bands not bad

  90. MrMarblemania

    PERFECT performance by a PERFECT Imelda May

  91. KandakeAmanirenas_and_MatriarchalChoctaw

    Nice. Causes me to fantasize how I'd love to hear Mary Margaret O'Hara sing with the same musos. ArtEden48, thanks for posting. : )

  92. tomthefunky

    I waited tables at the joint. Management is corrupt. Tip your server personally.

  93. CountrynIrish

    Wonderful Song ! Love it ! This is a fantastic version of the song, and she sings it beautifully ! What a fabulous voice she has ! The band are amazing also ! Magnificent Video ! Thank you so much for sharing this awesome upload ! 5*****+

  94. Goran Hecimovic

    O my God.....Imelda I love you!

  95. Goran Hecimovic


  96. Carlos Nells

    jeff beck amazes me...had no inkling he could play these chops...her voice is way beyond purty.

  97. Phil Hall

    Obviously, there is nobody else like Imelda out there, We must thank God for her. Her voice is so sweet, and her back up is superb, talented. Ireland, you have such a superstar.

  98. fredo gumbo

    U don't see singers like Imelda on crap factor. She'd shit all over Si Cowell's cornflakes, that's for sure

  99. Alessio Castaldi

    @arteden48 thank you very much arteden48, I'll do as fast as I can :D