Jeff Beck - The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise Lyrics

Dear one, the world is waiting for the sunrise.
Every rose is covered with dew
And while the world is waiting for the sunrise
And my heart is calling you.

Dear one, the world is waiting for the sunrise.
Every little rose bud is covered with dew
And my heart is calling you
The thrush on high his sleepy mate is calling
And my heart is calling you.

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Jeff Beck The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise Comments
  1. claude vesco

    Bel hommage à Les Paul et Mary Ford, qui ont bercé notre jeunesse....

  2. Dyann Espinosa

    Love this tribute! Jeff Beck is full of surprises. And Imelda May's vocals are fabulous. Saw Les Paul at the Iridium many times and always felt that it was a gift to be able to be in the same room with him (and eventually meet him) and hear the songs my mother loved when I was a child.

  3. Sandbox_Bullies

    never amazed at what Jeff Beck is capable of doing. Hes awesome

  4. Grecco's Music Respository

    Why does the guitar on this song remind me of the old Sonic games on the Genesis? Strange indeed...

  5. scott price

    What ever happened to Imelda? Did she shit can her career? Miss her awesome voice

    scott price

    What ever happened to Imelda?

    Dominic Stafford Uglow

    @scott price She took a break to have a child.

  6. Ray Tsang

    her voice is like Mary Ford's @[email protected]

  7. Gods2ndFavoriteBassPlyr

    This is flat-out UH-mazing!
    Harmony is Superior and pickin is out of this world. I'm Very impressed!

  8. William Laneve

    What can you say ???? Great voice, excellance in guitar technique and long sleeves on Beck too boot !! Great !!

  9. Tony Lombardo

    A very nice recreation of the hit record by Les and Mary.

    Rob Coles

    thats right

  10. scott price

    This is real music .. hope it comes back in a big way .. great performance .. love it!

  11. Ootake Kazzcyan

    Oh this is also interesting. Les Paul and Mary Fords's version is played in rockabilly style.
    The singer is looking after Mary Ford very much and voice is resembling,too.
    Jeff Beck is mocking Les Paul and also amazing and great technique of guitar.
    Have you realized Jeff is playing by finger? Copying Les Paul is very hard.
    One drawback is his sound seemed to be not in good harmony with other players.
    This case an acoustic rockabilly sound is the best not hard rock sound.

  12. Cesare Iurlaro

    Not good as Les Paul one. :)

  13. bennygoodman1000

    It isn't fair , folks...she makes me rave. I trade 10 Adeles for 1 Imelda .

  14. Jean Van de Mark

    This song was written by my Great Grandfather Ernest Seitz. Love this version for sure!

  15. Jose Correa

    No está mal.

  16. killakadafi77

    No disrespect, but this isnt half as good as Carl Perkins version

    Mike C

    It's far better!

  17. Ken Pangborn

    Pretty good copy of Paul and Ford.

  18. yodruker

    What is the singer's name? please answer me. Thanks!

  19. winston cogswell

    what year did Chet Atkins cut the record Teensville

  20. Dimelda Hawklord

    Best I've EVER Heard, including Patsy Cline!

  21. azitaliana

    The video is live, however the video cannot keep up with the audio. That's the reason you think it's synched. It's not.........just not co-ordinated. Happens a lot with live uploads to You Tube.

  22. Patsik

    They must play along with a tape that's carrying the harmony vocals.
    To me the rhythm is not there. The band is following the tape.
    At least that's what I feel.

  23. Karolyn Schalk

    I'm in heaven listening to these two. Sweet tribute.

  24. weirdogilly

    He's not tryin to be he's just respecting the guy

  25. Ken Deskenlo

    Jeff Beck will never be Les Paul

  26. ChileRaid10

    Sure! cuz thats gonna make Beck not fuck up at 1:22

  27. weirdogilly

    put a video up of yourself playing mate and we'll all stand at the back with our arms folded and judge you

  28. weirdogilly

    and me i can't stand the fkn gtr police who play fk all but just wait like vultures for the miniest mistake (which i can't even hear anyway) and try to make themselves big by making out some one else is small. He's a legend and a monster of a gtrist and all of us who bin playing 40 odd yrs or so know it and we know we wouldn't stand a chance beside him. apart from all that bollox he's just an amazing and modest genius

  29. G.C. Helton

    sounds right to me...

  30. chabeworks

    Been a fan of becks for alotta yrs ---but when i started watching these tubes with him and Imelda Mays band I realized just how frigging good of an artist he is especially tributing the great Les Paul---WOWWW!!! these tubes are awesome ! thank you !

  31. David Young

    Your friend is a bragmziger!

  32. Иван Ляньковский

    a friend o' mine said to me: "if they play the guitar but they don't like jeff beck, they go f*** themselves."

  33. ChileRaid10

    This song is so good, almost perfect.Why does Jeff have to F it up at 1:22!! (maybe he did it on purpose but I doubt it)

  34. Davi Gabriel


  35. rednx650

    Thank you for uploading.
    Just ordered the DVD :-)

  36. Jon Doeringer

    Great version! It's not a remake, or an improvement - it's a tribute to that iconic Les and Mary song. And I love her double-tracking. It seems like no one's ego gets in the way on this one!

  37. D J Miller

    got hooked on this stuff watching Les Paul & Mary Ford On B&W TV

  38. Timothy Armstrong

    Nice ...thanks RJ

  39. DazReht

    It's ok, Siri gave me a list of the closest clothes stores around me.

  40. oneoneone5

    Sorry to hear that.

  41. budrakerz

    My god that's clean

  42. Lightnin Hopkins

    @DazReht TMI

  43. Mike Floyd

    This is forced, it's a copy and lacks any original life...boring

  44. Flamecat Phantom

    With that Rockabilly-Music the SUN rose up!!!!! Yeah!!!!!!

  45. DazReht

    i just shit my pants.

  46. Marcus Clements

    @TheMG63 he is a great guitar hearing trouble? It doesn't detract from Higham's ability.

  47. Chiefclinton

    jeff the real man can give is tribute to mingus and gallup

  48. Kobe Schroeven

    @TheMG63: I have to agree with paullubliner. Check out Jeff Beck's tribute to Cliff Gallup! There aren't too many guitar players that can pull that off.Plus, he's been around for quite a while, and paid his dues.
    Darel Higham is without a doubt a great guitarplayer, but I wouldn't go as far as calling him country's finest rockabilly guitarist.

  49. nandip77

    sweeeeeet... :)

  50. notlurking

    @tomthefunky Cool. Hope your enjoying the show.

  51. tomthefunky

    @amh426 Yes, you're right. I have it backwards.

  52. notlurking

    @tomthefunky You have it backwards. It may be her band but the tribute is from Jeff to Les Paul who was very influential on his guitar playing. Its his tribute and Imelda and band are along for the ride.

  53. tomthefunky

    You Jeff Beck fan's don't realize this is Imelda's band. Jeff is the guest here.

  54. azzi guitar

    Caralho velho, VTNC!!! Que música é essa! Fuckin awesome!!!

  55. aoihasira



  56. mdugand

    So Les Paul!

  57. wootoodoo

    Perfect timing from the band and Imelda! Jeff Beck should just go totally rockabilly, its 10 times cooler

  58. Jan Verleun

    How can i send this movie to Facebook?

  59. Ron Shiel

    Really cool and please will the singer give me a hair transplant?
    Loved the "bass" guitar solo