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Space for the Papa

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Jeff Beck Space For The Papa Comments
  1. Pascal Le Dingo

    Coucou soral.

  2. Bah Voyons

    Ou est soral ???

  3. Le Suédois

    Allo Soral..

  4. Caca Saint Germain

    Soral répond...☎


    Je ne prends ni les injures ni les appels masqués. Laissez votre message après le signal sonore, on verra si on vous répond.


    Toi aussi ? J'adore ce passage de la musique, ça fait combattant dans un ring.

  5. Romain Petit

    Merci soral de m'avoir fait découvrir jeff beck..


    Toi aussi ? J'adore ce passage de la musique, ça fait combattant dans un ring.

  6. RocketKirchner

    he opened up with this at the uptown in kc in sept 2019 and it was great !!!!

  7. John Surabian

    ! --_-- !!!!!!!!!!!<3

  8. randall neil

    Get outta here .........anyone can make a bunch of freaky sounds you people need to wake up and smell what music is about .

  9. Un Dissident

    Faut le savoir ;)

  10. Nadia PK


  11. John Surabian

    ! Who Else ;-)) !

  12. ThatsMrMoronToYou

    A listener requested this tune. I'd heard of Jeff Beck, but never this song. I played it for him and was hooked for life. It has that eerie "middle of the night out in the middle of nowhere" highway sound to it.

  13. Kerry Lock

    when he s on he s the best

  14. charlie oscar charlie oscar

    Bonjour, vous êtes bien sur le répondeur d'alain soral.

    Je ne prend ni les appels masqués, ni les insultes.

    D D A B U ド リ フ ト

    merde, jme disais bien qu'il y aurait une reference à AS quelquepart !

    charlie oscar charlie oscar

    @D D A B U ド リ フ ト mdrr, on est ensemble

    Romain Petit



    @Romain Petit Je ne prends ni les injures ni les appels masqués. Laissez votre message après le signal sonore, on verra si on vous répond.

  15. john surabian

    ! ,,,, !

  16. John Raymond

    Incredible sound- psychedelic blues. Keep it alive in the 21st century.

  17. Schlomo Vandyke

    No Words for this... But Goosebumps, Sweat and priceless Feelings. THANKS MISTER BECK ! ! !

    Schlomo Vandyke


  18. 김훈민

    음악의 진리 ..... 시발 쌋다..

  19. Grey Jay

    Beck's ability to make a guitar speak in tongues nobody has even thought of, is what sets him apart.

  20. Mike Caiman

    This mas is a dj but with a stratocaster

  21. L A

    Absolutly Génial!!!!!!

  22. MrFobob



    Fobob -- amen brother !this guitar solo just slashes the whole world in half .

  23. hans wurst

    Space for Pappas Dick.

  24. Brian Ramsey

    Roy Buchanan would love it too..... as well as me pucker!!

  25. Dan Calestini

    Love Eric love jimmy with whole zepp thing but as far as a guitar fan Jeff beck is in a league of his own been my favorite well over 40 years so many albums so many hits just keeps going stopping isn't his vocabulary the best!!!

  26. luiS DALTRO

    cool. credits for the greaaat musicians

  27. Daniel Castillo

    Master virtuoso. Jimmy Page says he's the best there is.... I agree 🆒👍😎✌️☮️🚬🎼🎵🎶

    Vaska X Tumir

    Roger Waters bows down to him, too.

  28. william dechant

    I Once got Oral Sex during this song.. THANK YOU JEFF BECK. :)


    Was he any good? lol

  29. johnTMcNeill

    This, to me, is BECK. Being Beck. Just having fun and making his favorite kind of noise. :)

  30. Kristin Hemani

    One of the best songs. And the most wonderful thing about jeff beck. So humble a wonderful person and seriously true musician.

  31. Joseph Taverna

    Jimmy Page electric guitar nobody beat

    Dan Calestini

    Joseph Taverna yes Jeff beck beat

  32. Kevin connor

    Jeff’s missing a trick here .

    That could be seriously remixed into a club anthem .
    It has all the ingredients .

    Going to see him in Glasgow in June , hope he plays this .

  33. George Menasian

    I really believe for the most part you play to understand this guy and appreciate his talent and how he continues to push the envelope not only in his playing but his sound continues to evolve amazing

  34. Dan Calestini

    JD Gragg I'm with you I've been listening to to this guitar god for over 4 decades seen him scores of times never disappointes always amazed with the shit he come up with 2009 live at Ronnie Scott's behind the vail can't get enough of that song great show saw it live in SF at the fox theater fox is in Oakland but only a Bart ride away 👍👍🍺🍺🍺🥃🍺👍

  35. Bearwolf Ex

    This is the main thing.

  36. Paulo Costa

    He plays Rock, Blues, Jazz, Fusion, _what else?_ Ele é foda!

  37. Elaine Dixon

    Oh yeaaah.... That is some sexy guitar playing ...!

  38. Carey W

    This is the first time I've heard this song, although I saw JB live in Memphis in 2009 (or 2010; who can keep track). I love this.

  39. serga2112

    One of the first tracks of JB, which I heart at the beginning. And got a fan! The talking guitar!

  40. topdroog

    First time hearing this. Totally digging it.

  41. dawid260892

    great song to fuck...

  42. brian stitt

    it's jeff 24/7 2k medicine

  43. Thomas Georgantas

    Jeffuckin' Great

  44. Harvy Warlock

    Such an amazing tone.

  45. Greg Graham

    Better than Clapton!


    On a whole nother level.

    John Bennett

    Greg Graham love Clapton but I can’t argue that

  46. sportbuff alo

    all I want to say is        Jeff Beck,     The Master.

  47. Golden Wand Productions

    The entire "You Had It Coming" album is fully packed and loaded with surprising songs like this by JB.

  48. Golden Wand Productions

    This Jeff Beck song some people don't get or like, but for us Jeff Beck fans 'we' understand it perfectly.

  49. floridashorti

    this fuckin ROCKS

  50. Luiz Paulo Rocha

    Fuck yeah!

  51. JacoZawinul

    One of few musicians that has gotten better with age.

    John Bennett

    JacoZawinul too many musicians have aged by trying to be someone else... some past big shot. Jeff carved his Own path. Respect.

    Blue Dragonfly

    One of "few"? Don't you think you've improved with age?

    richard goodhew

    FEW.? Gotta be joking

  52. bitka

    cccuuuuudo :)

  53. John Paterimos

    I am guessing both Jeff's Mother and the Doctor were surprised as hell when Jeff was born clutching his axe as he was brought into this world!!  He hasn't put it down  nor stopped making it sing since!!

    Golden Wand Productions

    +John Paterimos - I would have added "And a pick in his teeth" but he's never used one and still doesn't.

    Basu Scholten

    Your words ring true. But, here's a Rolling Stone interview in the 1970s when he was disgusted touring & claimed he hadn't picked up his axe for 2 mohths.


    Jeff definitely used to use a pick.

  54. 9evilnine9

    2 people have no space for the Papa...

  55. 9evilnine9

    My favorite Beck tune, yes it's hard to choose but at this point in time it's this tune, maybe another tune in a different time...

  56. UniquelyNamedAccount

    Look at that! 21,248 views, and NO DISLIKES! I can see why, but I figured some punk would do it to feel special. I probably just jinxed it :/ ah well, it was a good run.

    Harvy Warlock

    Who cares?

  57. shutterbugblues

    It has always amazed me how Jeff Beck can conjure up insanely inventive solos from simple riffs like this

  58. TheTacoslayer12

    Steve Alexander is credited for drums on this song

  59. King Kor

    HE REALLY FOUND HIS NICHE in this world! Good for him.

  60. fanofgreatguitarists

    According to CD Universe, the drummers for Who Else were Manu Katche and Steve Alexander. Alexander was Jeff's drummer at his '99 Tokyo concert in support of Who Else (released in '99). Regardless, SFTP is a fantastic song and WE is a great album.

  61. Joseph Turner

    oh come on, he is the greatest commander of the guitar on the planet, at least this planet
    nathan turner

  62. JohnAllanification

    Thank's for this ... been waiting for it.


    Chunky ☼ ;-j

  64. ADKfreeman

    rollllliing..sooo hard

  65. scott sileo

    @gibsongold1970 A flat, I think :)


    sounds like Steve Jordan on drums? anybody know?yeah, key of A, its the only pitch I can pick right out!!!!too funny!


    sounds like Steve Jordan on drums? anybody know?

  68. 1Geronimodeleon

    Always goosebumps with this song for me.

  69. Jordan Taylor

    what is this chord???