Jeff Beck - Peter Gunn Lyrics

Every night your line is busy,
All that buzzin' makes me dizzy.
Couldn't count on all my fingers
All the dates you had with swingers.

Bye, baby.
I'm gonna kiss you goodbye
And walk right through that doorway.

So long.
I'm leaving.
This is the last time we'll meet
On the street going your way.

Don't look surprised
You know you've buttered your bread.
Now it's fair
You should stare

At the back of my head.
If you write a letter to me,
My former friend
Don't you end

With an R.S.V.P.

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Jeff Beck Peter Gunn Comments
  1. Mark CreekWater

    If you don't look at any other part of this video, look at the slide trombone from 2:48 to 3:40 !!

  2. Mark CreekWater

    The drummer is ready: you can see it in his eyes ...

  3. johnnybegood 3

    Jeff Beck Great Stuff !!!

  4. Kevin Porter

    Very good rendition.

  5. Les Allison

    Ooooor Man , it do not get much better than this.

  6. steffon ballone

    if you listen to music at all, it don't get any better than this . this is from the days when the real stuff was played. real people playing real instrerments. if you are hearing this then you are in the glorious minority. do the world a favor and stay where you are.

  7. stonemere

    Terrific cover.

  8. tackyman2011

    Trombonist slicing, dicing, and spreading the icing.

  9. Astrid Olearczyk

    I love the version by ELP... for me its the best

  10. Grgy Gantz

    The drummer rocks.

  11. Dominique Descottes

    Phénoménal JEFF BECK
    l'un des plus grands guitaristes de la deuxième moitié du XX siècle

  12. Jim Hartman

    Jeff's dressed like one of the Blue Caps from Gene Vincent's group

  13. Dick Danger

    Trombone man is kicking serious ass with that solo.

  14. David Hall

    Phil Collins on the drums and Dr. Johnny Fever on the bari!


    I think that is Lou Marini on the baritone sax from the Blue Brothers...don't know who the drummer is but I don't think it's Phil Collins.

  15. thomas Prior


  16. voronOsphere

    Audio and Video out of sync?

  17. Arctic Light

    I've always thought that this piece was played too timidly so this is closer to an arrangement I'd enjoy playing on drums.

  18. James Bach

    I played Trombone in school and never ascended about the level of crappy. The guy playing the trombone in this piece is off the hook good! Wow! That is what I aspired to be back in a day and never came remotely close.

  19. djf750

    not bad, not bad at all

  20. Peter Taylor

    Is that drummer earning his wage or not? My goodness!!

    Jeff Slade

    Phil Collins

    Goldie Stewart

    @Jeff Slade no not Phil collins

  21. Michael Moore

    A Shot in The Dark

  22. Fiodor Fiedorowicz

    Hot as hell

  23. Clark Kent

    Check this out. The music

  24. Jim Chapman

    Thank you Henry Mancini

  25. Francesco Alcozer

    Subscription ... 982 ...! *NASHVILLE BOOGIE* Gibson Guitar cover by *Bert Weedon*

  26. Francesco Alcozer

    The great guitarist Jeff Beck performs with great emphasis the great success of Henry Mancini, borrowing the more rock version of Duane Eddy. Cordial greetings. *PETER GUNN* Twangy Guitar cover by *Duane Eddy*

  27. The Bishop !!! Of Westshore

    EXCELLENCE ! I've always loved JB since the 70's. GOOD FREAKING JOB !

  28. Lulu Gurl

    that was great!

  29. Rick Ducharme

    How effing good was that? Dude with the sax rocked that house but good, and no worries. Then Mr. TromboneBazooka kills it. The whole band beat, bitch-slapped, and flat out throttled that sucker for all it was worth, and then some, and proceeded to burn the whole house to to the ground, just because they could.

    Amazing performance. Sometimes it's so good you never want it to end, and for me that was one of those times. I know it was 2011, but you just know Beck is still full of surprises. Too good!

  30. James Wilson

    Wait, Jon Lovitz blows tenor sax? What? What's that you say? Leo Green? Never mind.

  31. Rick Ingraham

    Bad ass...knock it down boys

  32. Fernando Passuelo

    Metade é da banda da Imelda May... Guitarra, baixo (atrás), trompete e bateria.... show!!!

  33. John LaStrada

    Even Jimi Hendrix and ELP covered this magnificent Henry Mancini tune (talk about a guy who should be in the R&R Hall of Fame as an influence) -- but on this night, Jeff Beck and his band owned it. A superb ensemble piece, the way it was meant to be played. Sax player just kills it and then not stopping there the marvelous trombone player sends it into the stratosphere.

    The Big Band/Swing musicians in Heaven are giving you a standing ovation guys.

  34. rickkoleyahoocom

    Man that sounds good

  35. Doug Tarnopol

    That's a sick version. The motherfucker on trombone should get a goddamn prize for that nasty solo.

  36. Kelly Cox

    Good solos considering! Poor guys had only one chord to play over. And over. And over.

  37. Thomas OMeara

    Solid ! Slide trombone is WAY out of sight!!!!

  38. Obeijin

    You crank heads need to lay off the thumbs down !

  39. Curt Brennan

    This is the same Jeff Beck from "The Yardbirds" fame?? Love the look on Jeff's face while watching that AMAZING trombone player!
    And here's another great rendition of this song by the Blues Brothers:--->

  40. Rockin' T.C.

    Man this is RED HOT! Keep on "Rockin' " boys!

  41. Tony Sanchez

    Who are these guys , wow get it on son rock,man, sorry kinda speechless daddy

  42. Bill Nastali

    Shoot! This is one cool Gunn!

  43. Odin029

    I just realized that I didn't know how to play this song in E until about a minute ago

  44. C&D Gaglia

    Trombone Shorty?

  45. norberto bonomo


  46. Jim Hall

    What a great song ! never get tired of the Horns, they make the song !
    hail 1958 when the song was a big hit !!!!!

  47. Dane Hart

    i miss the hell out of the brass in music , grit and harsh song

  48. Chris Bowen

    Wow! The definition of fantastic!


    Love a good drummer with an attitude.........

  50. Mrs Wilberforce

    Sorry, but Trombone Shorty kills it!

  51. TheVenturesnut

    Wow! And Blue Lou. Too much.

  52. Gulliver Combetto

    el baterista me mata!!!...

  53. glenn h Friedmann

    totally cool

  54. afr malatesta


  55. trackdog90

    What year do you think this is ?

  56. rooster1113

    smoking .............

  57. warren3427

    Henri Mancini was badass

  58. Henrik H

    That's Beck for you. Always copying.
    Give me Ritchie every day of the year.

  59. alan tyler

    Great cover, only better ive heard was from a local Detroit guy,"Ralph Koziarski" years ago, who played two saxophones at same time....but since I love Detroit Talent I might be biased :)

  60. Michael Ferris

    The bass player and other guitarist in the back are from Imelda May's band.

  61. Shaun Kelly-Kenyon

    musta been cold, jeff got sleeves

  62. ray vargas

    A Great,Great , JAM!! FANTASTIC!!

  63. Carl Dryden

    Wow!! What is this from?? It COOKS!!!!

    David Morrison

    It's from....."Jeff Beck Rock'n'Roll Party: Honoring Les Paul" can get the DVD or Blu-ray at Amazon. There is also a  "Rock 'N' Roll Party: Honoring Les Paul [Live]" CD on Amazon to purchase if you are interested.

    Jeff Gaumond

    @David Morrison The whole album is great. Jeff and Imelda do some Les Paul/Mary Ford numbers just like they did them and the results are just awesome. Imelda's band is really good too.

    David Morrison

    @Jeff Gaumond I completely agree....another great album by Jeff Beck is called Emotion & Commotion but get the Japanese import CD version it has a bonus track on it called Poor Boy, sung by Imelda May that is fantastic and it is not on the regular domestic Emotion & Commotion CD.

  64. Shelby Kindred

    Is that Trombone Shorty on that nasty trombone? Love it !!!!!!!

  65. masktv

    Leo green on tenor one of the most underrated players around

  66. Joyce Mccandless

    Wish my husband, Peter, was awake to appreciate. Epic.

  67. Steve Wember

    Whos In Control ????


    Best version of this ever...........all the brass really makes this even HOTTER


    Its nice thought but i really prefer Duanes Eddy even better than the original :D

  69. Joseph Obenauer

    Only one Jeff Beck.

  70. Petr Slivinski

    Beck is wearing some great threads here.

  71. Charron Sikorovsky

    Alright😱😳🤔This is my favorite version ever!!!😆🤣😘😍😃🤗💙😊Complex much to see & hear😘😘😘😘❤️❤️That sax is wicked!😁😁The trumpet is killer😆😆😆😘😘😘😘😘But the group makes this song the best!🤗🤗

  72. Trail Blazing

    Henry Mancini composed us all

  73. Sam Arthur

    Man, who is the drummer, some hand speed on show

  74. Kasper Kjærsgaard

    Every second you’d expect Carrie Fisher to enter the room with a rockett launcher,,,,,, 😂

  75. The Bishop !!! Of Westshore

    Very Good !

  76. Dave Anderson


  77. tom collins

    Shorty got to it with the trombone.

  78. James Ross

    Sounds great smokin hot love it

  79. phil r

    Fantastic drumming!

    Carl Upthegrove

    Who is the drummer?

    phil r

    @Carl Upthegrove dunno

  80. Greg Giles

    Fantastic trombone solo by trombone shorty beginning at 2:45

  81. Craig Newcomb

    Every time I hear this song, all I can see in my mind is the Spy Hunter arcade game...

  82. Tom Thalon

    Always loved when Tom Sizemore put down the pipe and played drums with Jeff!

  83. Equal Opportunity Offender


  84. Baudouin Jeanmart


  85. PPaco N. Martinez-Garoutte

    yep = my kind of band: 17 guitar players 10 drummers

    Kasper Kjærsgaard

    PPaco N. Martinez-Garoutte
    And one Jeff Beck. 😊👌

  86. Mohammed Akram

    Mind blowing !! A perfect theme for new years eve

  87. Huh What

    Wow, that's awesome. So many versions of the theme. Jeff Beck is so talented its scary...Horn section ROCKS! Great performance fellas

  88. mizzula1984

    That sounded so good! The horn section was great and Jeff Beck is one of my favorites.

  89. Peter Jeffery

    Love the way he stood back and let the horns blow....brilliant!


    Peter Jeffery
    Beck was one of the best live performers of the time, what he did without a pick made him a real pioneer in R&R.

    Peter Jeffery

    @WARMONGER So true and he is a pioneer...and a hell of a auto mechanic!. His Blue Wind album with Jan Hammer was amazing. All that zingy high energy other worldly music from another sphere...but what KILLS on that album is his soulful, mournful, raging version of Mingus's "Goodbye Porkpie Hat". I can't think of another piece of music that moves me like that one does. It's rock it's jazz it's soul and something completely new and different all at once.


    Peter Jeffery
    No doubt, if anyone has a doubt about how great he is, just listen to what the other greats of that era have to say about Beck.
    Clapton, Page, Richards don’t have a negative word to say about him or his playing. When Richie Blackmore says he never gets more frustrated than trying to play the way Jeff does should tell anyone all you need to know.

    Peter Jeffery

    @WARMONGER What gets me about Beck is his absolute virtuosity. He can switch from speed of light frenetic picking (weep Richie weep) to soft and spare with long nuanced single string tones that don't need any embellishment. Matchless technique aside, Beck knows when to let the guitar whisper and the song play through. I've never heard better.


    Peter Jeffery
    Yes sir, he knows the value of the empty space between the notes.

  90. sysypet

    The drummer is Steve Rushton!

    Chris Hunt

    steve 'the power' rushton now i think!!

    Growth Curve Marketing

    Um, I doubt that. Not only does Rushton have a head full of hair, he's one hell of a lot thinner.

  91. Carlo Duncan

    That drummer's really into it!!

    ted ritola

    The tv show Pete Gun got me here SOOOOO GOOOOD Justin beeeber who ? lolo LMBO

  92. Beata Kuno

    Excellent 👌🏽🔝💯❤

  93. Icono clast

    It's Peter Gunn theme, not Peter Gunn's theme, dumbass!

  94. Giovanni Paolo

    There´s no version like Emerson, Lake & Palmer.

  95. Paul Blakey

    Great stuff but who is the drummer?

    Brian Buday

    Paul Blakey drummer bass and the rhythm guitar player are with Imelda May. Very tight group

    Paul Blakey

    Hello Brian Buday Thank you very much for that information, much appreciated.

  96. william jc

    the song is actually driven by the bass. Listen to Mancini 's original. By the way, won the very first Grammy for best album, "music from Peter Gunn". 1957.....simplicity is very cool :) the drums , in the original are almost non-existent.

  97. chip tmcc

    Who is that gangster playin' the drums?

    Joe Zinobile

    Rocco Gandolfini ;)

    chip tmcc

    @Joe Zinobile spoken like a paisan :-)

    Brian Buday

    chip tmcc he's great 😎

  98. Kristyn K

    The drummer seems to be the leader of the band.