Jeff Beck - I'm A Fool To Care Lyrics

I'm a fool to care
When you treat me this way
I know I love you
But what can I do

I'm a fool to care
I'm a fool to cry
When you tell me goodbye
You left me so blue
When you were untrue

I'm a fool to care
I know I should laugh
And call it a day
But I know I would cry
If you went away

I'm a fool to care
When you don't care for me
So why should I pretend
I'll lose in the end
I'm a fool to care

I'm a fool to care
When you don't care for me
So why should I pretend
I'll lose in the end
I'm a fool to care

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Jeff Beck I'm A Fool To Care Comments
  1. nyg1954

    Good to see Jeff back on the Les Paul.

  2. Venita Banerjee

    Fabulous singing by Imelda...& Jeff is just great as usual on the guitar...thank you

  3. mistyblues07

    Magistrale de version !
    Best Musick regards to Jeff Beck & Imelda May and friends !

  4. Rose Erna

    Love the song and video Frank :))


    Thanks Rose.
    Enjoy your evening, Frank.

  5. alexandrinamoraisdossantos morais

    canta muito lindo

  6. Jane Doe


  7. Lloyd Cox

    Wonderful friend. Happy weekend!!!

  8. Shungabali

    great! love Jeff Beck and Imelda. HQ sound 

  9. Jutta H.

    Hallo Frank, ein wunderschöner Song und  Video...********
    Wünsche Dir einen schönen Tag....liebe Grüße Jutta

  10. Dreamer8girl

    ¸.•*¨*•¸☆ Dear Frank,
    Imelda May is fantastic! Jeff Beck is amazing as always.
    Great up! Thank you. Enjoy the rest of your week!

  11. Isabel Rebelo

    Amazing! Great artists! Thumbs up.

  12. Gloria Franchi

    Awesome video with superb song.
    Have a great rest of the week!!
    ~ Ꮆℓσriα ~

  13. clairelille

    Beautiful song , great performance
    Thank you Frank for sharing :)

  14. Stefan Grossmann

    Beautiful track, like it!

  15. MissMarilyn1962

    'A very lovely Song' dear Frank !  ********

    With Love,

  16. nomadtraveller100

    Such a Wonderful singer and Jeff Beck always Good!

  17. Ali Aseels

    Great song! I like it a lot. Thumbs up

  18. serena0001912

    Impeccable & beautiful video dear Frank, simply magnificent! Absolutely thumbs up!

  19. Alex saile

    !!!!!!!!!!!Awesome! Thank you friend:)

  20. Germán Stratocaster


  21. Monica Albu

    I enjoyed so much your video, thank you my friend!

  22. SpiralBlue Andromeda

    How so heartwarming song!
    How so magnificent performance!
    Thank you so very much my dear friend for sharing all this magic with us!

  23. Rossella Cavaliere

    Sophisticated!!!! :)

  24. reekashade

    Awesome job ,LOVED IT  (¯v´¯) that was Fantastic my friend……BIG LIKE!
     •.¸¸.•´¸.•´¨) ¸.•*¨)    BIG HUGS       •.¸ ¸. OF •´¸.•´¨)    Respect                         ¸.•*¨)
     (¸.•´ (¸.•´ ..♥♥ Love,peace,harmony & light,always & forever… Reeka ♥♥(¸.•´ (¸.•´ ..♥ )

  25. Melody Angel

    Wonderful creation and amazing song Frank**********
    Wish you a beautiful evening
    Warm greetings Melody Angel xxx

  26. Zoi Pana

    Excellent!! Thumbs up! ...5

  27. Eugenia&Robert


  28. Larisa Shik

    Thank you for this video my friend!!! Wonderful performance!

  29. hanyaa11

    Jeff Beck & Imelda May
    Gorgeous duo!
    Thumbs up!!

  30. walkoARTvideos

    Very good :)


    Thanks, have a great day. 

  31. Olga Novakauskiene

    Enchanting music ! Bravo !!
    Thank you dear Frank !!
    wishing you wonderful week !!

    Olga Novakauskiene

    @Yvonne P M  Thank you dear Yvonne !! 
    Wishing you Happiness and Love