Jedward - Fight For Your Right Lyrics

Kick it!
You wake up late for school man you don't wanna go
You ask you mom, “Please?” but she still says, “No!”
You missed two classes and no homework
But your teacher preaches class like you're some kind of jerk

You gotta fight for your right to party

You pops caught you smoking and he said, “No way!”
That hypocrite smokes two packs a day
Man, living at home is such a drag
Well your mom threw away your best *beep* mag (Busted!)

You gotta fight for your right to party
To to to party to to party
Kick it

Don't step out of this house if that's the clothes you're gonna wear
I'll kick you out of my home if you don't cut that hair
Your mom busted in and said, “What's that noise?”
Aw, mom you're just jealous it's the JEDWARD Boys!

You gotta fight for your right to party
You gotta fight for your right to party
To to to to party to to party
Party party

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Jedward Fight For Your Right Comments
  1. Allinka Pemberton

    JedwardTv I like that song as well wow cool John and. Edward jedwardtv

  2. Daniel the shmaniel

    The original is better, but this is awesome. Fuck the haters :D

  3. Robert Amos

    Total shite their parents should be smothered in shite for giving birth to this pair of fuckwits


    well there parents and true fans love them idk what the point was in this comment if you have nothing nice to say just don't say it .-.

  4. Feedback Aftermath

    Why would you listen to this when you could just listen to the original? Theres no difference in the structure of the song, its just less good.

  5. Solo Crimson

    3 albums, 3 tv shows, many music awards, fanbases around the world and thousands of fans* ;)

  6. jms15

    i didnt my sister did

  7. Jade Williams

    well dont go searching for them then!!

  8. jms15

    more like jedshits


    jms15 thats very rude im calling god

  9. flargis4

    Wow... Jedheads..... thats sad. Ripping the Dead off like that.

  10. Jade Williams

    TOO ALL HATERS dont click on the video if you dont like them they have a huge fan base they have a new album off their OWN SONGS and they are just amazing to all us Jedheads we clicked on this video so we could enjoy it stop making them seem like bad people and stop annoying us Jedheads

  11. XxCherryPie100xX

    Well its not like they could say beastie boys is it?

  12. monkeymatt543

    These two pricks are literally my least favourite people on Earth. RIP MCA.

    Pickle My timbers

    monkeymatt543 yes monkeymatt i hear you

  13. coolbeanzz98

    omfg are you serious? -_-

  14. google customer

    Oh boys....... come to America and sign with a record label so you can get some good songs that will show your talent.

  15. Dimitris A

    not their song..

  16. LoveKpopNathalie

    I love them but i klicked on the wrong buttom :'(

  17. JedwardJulia

    LOVE the song!! *__* <3

  18. siisuk

    but i don't wanna party... :( well if it were a party with me and you two, i'd definitely be in :)

  19. gibsongibbons

    bb rules, this doesn´t

  20. Directioner4eva111

    To all jedward haters:
    Dear jedward haters,read this..Okay,well we know that you don`t like jedward but,bothering why you are listening to jedward`s songs,watching interviews in them,and looking for jedward videos,and dislike doesn`t mean anything,and if you type something bad for them then go off from the video,and search something other,they aren`t gay,and if you think their voices is terrible fuck off cause no one listens to you,and the hair doesn`t count here.Those hairstyles are in fashion.

  21. Holland Palmer

    Okay everyone who's thrashing them, it's called a COVER for a reason! They made it their own by putting their own flare to it, so if you don't have anything nice to say, just don't comment. One thing I love about Jedward is they have so much Passion in what they do, and don't care about what anyone thinks, hence, you haters. They have true fans to love them for them.

  22. victoria henderson

    The only ones that should sing the blackout is the blackout
    And btw it fight for your right not fight for you right to party

  23. uzithrasha

    they sound horrible. Leave this song to the americans please

  24. Anna Kimura

    @matrich1983 i don't live in any world. it's what i think. they don't do covers any more, so you can't complain for long.

  25. Anna Kimura

    matrich1983 i don't live in any world. it's just what i think. i made that comment like a MONTH ago! its old. who cares what blink182 think.

  26. Matt Richmond

    @Anastasiya13J19 what world do you live in? they take good songs and RAPE them! bet Blink182 would love this pair of fannys!

  27. Matt Richmond

    @welshdancer1 yes, i would really really actually like to find some facts to prove myself WRONG that this pair of twats are not just a talentless piss poor pair of fuck tards that cant sing!

    but unfortunatly i cant find any!!

  28. Matt Richmond

    @xxbeth94x which mental hospital are you stationed at?

  29. Dies ist nicht Alina! Geh bitte wieder weg!


  30. Anna Kimura

    I love jedward... they have a talent for making better versions of songs that were already made by other bands. Like, I never really liked blink 182's all the small things, but now i can't get enough of it! I love this song already!

  31. RandomPiglet

    I get so happy when I hear this song, this really shows that jedward ROCKKKSSSS <3

  32. Magkaev George

    Best song of Jedward. It's fuckin rock! I shoked...

  33. catalinaTRR

    I love Jedward !!! They are cool :))))

  34. Kerry-Ann McGlone

    They can sing..Like seriously! No i don't have a bad taste in music

  35. Ima Lex

    this is a pretty cool cover. i think i like them better than the Beastie Boys

  36. Fatima Althani

    @ImmobileLizard SO WAT THEY SANG THE SONGS OF YOUR FAV ARTISTS ? !??! why do you waste ur time listening to their version ?

  37. Immobile

    Im sorry if im being a hater but most the songs ive heard are covers by my favorite artists

  38. Immobile

    They didnt.... What the fuck now I hate them they dont deserve to do this cover

  39. MsDeirdreMurray

    i LOVe JEDWARD like CRAZY!! :D keep goin boyz....ya rock !!
    i hAVE all ur CD'z nd ya dun a gr8 job on ANOYNMOUS!!! if only ya nicked my camera... LOLxxx

  40. Sally Snape

    To Haters ............................... Yess They are soo shit that they have a 3-year contract with universal studio's and have an album and a fan base ......... If your Going To Argue WIth there Fans Get facts to back up your argument not just " THERE SHIT" now go do some research please as its clear you like to type jedward in search boxes on the internet , k? thanx bye.

  41. Ciara Mc Donough

    Guys Please reply to me? Iv been outside the olympia all week :) Remember me :P ciara ;) Gave ya bubbles and rubber ducks? xxxxx

  42. Annie Fish

    i will listen to bring me the horizon and the used, proper metalcore bands sort of thing.
    then, my itunes will go to jedward.
    and i'll stop having a mini-mosh-pit with myself, and just listen to them.
    ask me which i prefer?

  43. Hannified

    @TheMollyJones1999 @leahmcguinness96
    stop being so stupid hahha
    you're supporting jedward by getting them more fans
    stop fighting you silly uns :)
    you're both jedward fans, might i add me and accept that lots of people love them

  44. Ellie Byrne

    i love jedward...but they shouldn't be talking about porno mags..they're not like that ! :[

  45. Jetsbff

    Did the Use a BLEEP???????
    I thought they were good boyz

  46. Jess Winfrey

    Hehe xx