Jedi Mind Tricks - The Worst Lyrics

[Verse One: Vinnie Paz]
Don't be scared- Be prepared for the worst
Before I let a round of shots burst
You the opening act so rock first
Trust me, multiple shots from Glocks hurt
And I think there's been enough said
'Cause your body's gonna leak like a mothafuckin dust-head
Burner love to see the blood red
And you pussy-clout rappers can't sleep until a thug's dead
But I don't plan to die
Until it's my time
Soldiers keep playa hatin from the sideline
It's divine rhyme
Jedi Mind time
It's rap cyanide
Study the guidelines
Yeah on my last few twelve inches
Walk around with a long knife-twelve inches
That's real sharp for cutting ya skin
Tie you up make you watch while I'm fuckin' ya kin

[scratched x4] ("Don't get scared, be prepared for the worst")

[Verse Two]
I have an iron force
Robbin' you on the iron horse
I'm a lion that's relyin' on the Mayan's thoughts
I'm spittin' iron darts
Until there's more dead
Then I'm seeing triple sixes on your forehead
I don't wanna die anymore
I don't wanna cry anymore
Lie anymore
I just want y'all to be dead
I just wanna get rid of all these sick thoughts in my head
I stay ready on the frontline ("Anybody wants mine, that's when it's lunchtime")
And I'm a threat to the whole land
Man fear God
But God fear no man
That's the mothafuckin program
I could feel snakes just from handshakes from a cold hand
Time waits for no man
And that's word bond
Throw 'em in a ditch
Bury 'em the herb gone

[scratched x4] ("Don't get scared, be prepared for the worst")

[Verse Three: Vinnie Paz]
This is war rap similar to Jacob's ladder
Walk around like Thor with a sacred hammer
Yeah you don't really want the guns out
We some vampire mo'fuckas
Burn when the sun's out
Y'all are traveling the bum route
Talkin bout whips standin on the strip with your thumbs out
But that ain't me
I don't care about a whip
Y'all are fake money just another counterfeit
While y'all are on the block thinkin bout your pipe dreams
I'm Slick Rick style thinkin how my ice gleams
Thinkin how I'm gonna make this money
Take a visit to the Bing and embrace my dunny
I guess this is just God's plan
Beware of the beast undercover in the marked van
If you a smart man
Use your voice to sing
Cause that's the only fucking way to avoid the Bing!

[scratched x4] ("Don't get scared, be prepared for the worst")

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Jedi Mind Tricks The Worst Comments
  1. nelson lerena

    For the worst

  2. Mookie Stewart

    If you a small man use your voice to sing cause that's only way to avoid the bing........he's straight telling hood fax with that

  3. water hoo

    Who's blasting this in 2019?

    Mookie Stewart

    Nigga us real hip hop heads be out here!! Haha na mean

  4. shinratensei

    god bless u, big Z

  5. ienjoyblazing

    I was around before the ming son, I fucked the khans.

  6. ienjoyblazing

    cant do it now son, you just separated yourself wit this celeb shit, i on the other side dawg. you aint a gang member, you aint a fucking fighter, sit down and take a fucking Xanax.

  7. Bryan G

    Men fear God, but God fear no man

    Mookie Stewart

    Your idea of God fears men like me

  8. fuck you lookin at

    Beginning sounds exactly like GTA San Andreas

  9. carlos Lopez

    2018 still bump 👽

  10. Rodney Burton


  11. Buss Laden

    rest in peace Prodigy, love u.

  12. Brian Whitman

    Vinnie is such a great MC

    Luis valencia-saez

    Meek mill is better

    Ismail Ghedamsi

    he need better production for his solo albums

  13. MrSanctuarys


  14. Biteofgod

    hahaha to the Picture and the "Music". Sounds like Music made for small children.

  15. Justin Kline

    Oh, the bum route . . . .

  16. mr7ego Productions

    props jmt for always dropping dope for us.

  17. John Segin

    Top 3 tracks ever created by a human

    Luis valencia-saez

    Top 4 man

  18. Sol Gomez

    Good shit

  19. HighVisi0n

    Production is 🔥

  20. Kevin Malone

    whoever thumbed down needs a cranial rearrangement *ch-ch*

  21. Emilios Powerballer

    Man fear God
    But God fear no man
    That's the mothafuckin program
    I could feel snakes just from handshakes from a cold hand
    Time waits for no man
    And that's word bond
    Throw 'em in a ditch
    Bury 'em the herb gone
    PAZ IS AN AMAZING SPITTER, jedi, so much inderrated, no great mentions them

    John Doe

    The hurt is gone !
    Not the herb is gone lol

  22. machinegunrap

    dont be scared

  23. Monique Noel

    when is the next Jersey or ny show...anyone know

  24. Monique Noel

    I can feel SNAKE shit from HANDSHAKES by a cold hand...


    Almost mate...

    Dr. Agon Brät

    I can feel SNAKESHIT from HANDSHAKES by a cold hand....

  25. andre austin

    find out

  26. Steven Bedford

    Don't be scared just be prepared for the worst!!!

  27. Heavenly Divine

    we some vampire mothafuckas burn when the suns out!

  28. Turglayfopa

    i throw my axe at your feet but miss and hit the water valve to that runs the water of yugoslavia, dont be scared just be prepared for the worst.

  29. Dui Champion

    multiple shots from glocks hurt

  30. Lak Gun

    one of rthe sickest white rappers alive! make new music bro!

    Janek Hansen

    Jaime Escobar
    Italian is white buddy.
    Some southern italians have moor admixture though

    Victorion Greyjoy

    Lak Gun better than any sub saharan you could name.we got this rap game locked .casino bastards all italiano and flier than any black man.we hold the blood line you try n steal we chop your neck.napoliworld !!!

    Nick Hass

    Cause him being a dope rapper makes you that much better right? (Yes sarcasm) I've heard of guilt by Association but success by Association? That's some new stupid shit


    One of the best rappers period!

    Hassan Abdul

    One of the sickest rappers ever PERIOD! Nobody I've came across makes me laugh in pure disbelief of such genius/gangsta lyricism.

  31. Trevor Siders

    man fear God but God fear no man

  32. JE3STER666

    this instrumental tho like what happened to these beats now a days probably one of my favorite of all time

  33. anakin singh

    omg all my love vinnie i sleep at night to this lol

  34. pear head

    This got me through court, a tough time where I lost everything. Don't be scared kids be prepared for the worst.

  35. jdbankshot

    i adore jmt & vinnie & stoupe, but this track needs a phat bassline.

  36. Some guy you're not familiar with just yet

    One love to all my vampire muthaf!ckaz.

    Dr. Agon Brät

    Hhahahaha oh my.

  37. Samuel Count

    men fear God but God fear no man

    Luis valencia-saez

    I fear no one

    Brian Mosser

    @Luis valencia-saez dont be scared be prepared for the worst

    The Crook

    Man fear'd time yet time fear'd the pyramids.

  38. SkyFrom Dsquad

    fuuuuck guys, we really shouldn't be listening to this, it's for press use only

    Ry Rez

    Tom Hollins hehe


    SkyFrom Dsquad for press use only babygrang records, after awhile its catchy

    Stoogie Hat

    SkyFrom Dsquad lmfao you dumbass, humor is everything


    The same record company is the one that posted this up

  39. Cristian Hernandez

    Whos the man burning,on d cover?What the fuck is he protesting to light himself on fire?

    Andrew Howard

    +Cristian Hernandez its from bum fights. they gave him $20 worth of rock and half a 3 day old 40 oz.

  40. Patrick Yoko

    #JedimindTricks these nikkas speak truth!

  41. Colby Cookson

    It's rap cyanide study the guideline! Ric Flair wooooo!

  42. arsalan2231

    "don't be scared just be prepared for the worst"

    Rico Risken

    RIP Prodigy

  43. Shawn Mercer

    Love The Mobb Deep Cuts.


    straight up nasty

    Dr. Agon Brät

    DW i got a problem for that ~

    Joy Triplett

    Beasts and Bully's as good as they come

    Dr. Agon Brät

    But I'm The Sword of The Crow!

  44. xxxjj88xxx

    So much relevant truth to this song...

    Luis valencia-saez

    Aint relevant anymore

  45. Emerald_009

    Man fear God but God fear no man - Thats the Muthafuckin program .

  46. A dot S

    We some Vampire Mudafukaas Burn When The Suns Out...

  47. Jam Deg

    remember before this baby grande shit? remember when vincenzo was fucking RAW-

  48. MrBrioke

    One of the greatest tracks ever made. True perfection

  49. rdlett1pp yup

    Dope beat, dope verses

  50. NeverGiveUp007

    ill ass song

  51. akselmani

    Why the fuck The Orchard Music Group had removed so many AOTP videos off youtube. Those fuckers claim every video on youtube uses their materials.

  52. wassup589

    I do every day

  53. Riaan van der Merwe

    loving the 90's beats

  54. dazb82

    I love this shit!

  55. Henne C

    i hope you guys diden't remove remix's of the verses

  56. derionone

    I just wanna get rid of all these sick thoughts in my head.... no1track

  57. rajajonconcon

    bad comercial movement BG,

  58. Hagiiiiiiiiiiiii

    Brave ass boxcuttahpazzy.

  59. JuiceBox2211

    i could listen to this whole album all day!

  60. Joel00123

    internet monopoly