Jedi Mind Tricks - The Age of Sacred Terror Lyrics

[Vinnie Paz: spoken]
Yeah baby yeah
Jedi Mind Tricks
Legacy of Blood
Nothing but dirt out here
Fucking Philly baby
It ain't a game baby
It's fucking war out here

[Vinnie Paz]
I'll make you bleed with knives
I was born with all-seeing eyes
I could snatch a rapper heart
Before it even dies
The caveman still believe in lies
You don't want no blood or no beef
Like you was vegan rhymes
You like to sleep with guys
You a gay maggot
Listening to fucking B2K, faggot
Go to raves faggot, put a hole in your heart
Destroy everything you that you know and you thought
Destroy everything in Babylon
You fucking fake rap I hate rap because you babble on
You fucking fags are gone
I'm a hate monger
That's the reason that you talking to the to the Jake longer
Put the snakes on ya, now you die there
And who gave you the fucking impression that I care
I could thrive here, but I choose to die
On a fucking steady diet of booze and lie

It's the age of the sacred terror
A communist revolutionary Che Guevara
Take your chedder, take everything that you care for
Murder everybody, that's what they was there for
And therefore you getting wet from the heat
Take the food from your plate-ain't letting you eat
Ain't letting you do nothing I don't want you to
You a crumb and that's why I like to fuck with you
I don't care about anybody except me
Until my main man Mafia is set free
You waiting for the revolution to start
But you ain't on the front lines taking two in the heart
Ellusively smart, that's why I hide from the feds
Jason Voorhees style, five severed heads
Five corpses, five state troopers dead
Licking shots in they face til the room is red

Fuckin crumbs, worms, noodles, yeah

If you serve God for money you serve the devil
Claim to be in the war, never heard the metal, yeah
Never even been in combat
Never even felt the supreme love from a warm gat
I'm on another plane
You could stand in front of your fam
But I'm shootin right through your mother's frame
I got knuckle game, but I don't use that
Fuck a fair one, where the two-twos at
Where the nitrous oxide and balloons at
Where my motherfucking Uncle Howie goons at
This for everybody holdin hammers
If you come into our shows then you go bananas
And holding banners
In support of Mumia Jamal
Run up on you fucking pigs with the heaters and all
I'm decieving Allah, that's what I'm here for
The reason why I'm drinkin' all the fucking beer for

Yeah, yeah baby
Jedi Mind Tricks
Legacy of Blood

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Jedi Mind Tricks The Age of Sacred Terror Comments
  1. Krizz Illa

    Homosexuality is unfortuantely embedded into the weakening strain of (in
    our case) human geneology. Like any genetic anomoly, it is a clear
    sign that our species is evolving, whereby it would seem we are reaching a critical mass.
    Much like war, famine, disease, natural disasters & changing climate etc. Its all
    part of the natural progression of biological existence. Sure we will
    instinctively attempt to resist what we determine to be threatening or
    unusual, but many also understand that all we can do as a species is to
    continue our lives, using all means of creativity to express the myriad
    feelings each and every one of us experiences as a conscious presence.
    Accept the fundamentals and life may become boring yes (think Buddhism),
    but then we know our only goal is to attempt mastery of survival.
    Failure or success is truly irrelevant for the massive forces that shape
    everything also have an undeniable path. If said path is to cross
    ours, it will without regard for us. I personally envy all the small
    thinkers who can focus on themselves, being wide-open is a curse...

    P.S. L.O.B still the JMT stand out for me after all these years- Paz'
    literal passion, Stoupe audibly 'stoupe'endous! Love this album to the
    bitter end.

  2. TurboDolphin

    Back when you could call a faggot, a faggot.
    Vinne was so underrated

  3. vigilant verse UK


    Garrett Jones

    Favorite line of all time. I heard this when I was 15 13 years ago and it gave me chills!! Still does

  4. milovanovicc

    For press use only

  5. seedleeaa

    He gives necro a shout out!!,,shits tight.

  6. seedleeaa

    This album was so fucken dope when it drop!,few years after they came to AZ,phx and i seen them,was fucking dope!

  7. Hondo Ake

    "I got knuckle game but I don't use that, fuck a fair one where the two twos at"

  8. TheManWhoLaughs 666

    whos his "main man Mafia"?

  9. TheManWhoLaughs 666

    tho the shits homophobic as fuck, you can feel the hate through the speakers. it must have been a hard for vinnie back then. its great to know hes better now. vinnie is a great individual if you read between the lines and are to look past the fassade of pain and hatred

  10. Benjamin Froussos

    Remember listening this whole das long

  11. bjc215

    ..I listened to this on repeat for the year of 2011..

    Ravinci Codex

    I know right

  12. gunay205

    real hip hop

  13. Scott Goulet

  14. Brian Whitman

    I got knuckle game but I don’t use that, fuck a fair one where the 2-2s at? of the realist lyrics I’ve heard

    Jan Hamza

    Brian Whitman co-sign.

  15. Alma Osuna

    jedi 4life !knocking this on phone at2am

  16. Siderico

    Fuckin' crumbs, worms, noodles.

  17. Siderico

    We need more pissed off music like this

  18. Mr. Towers

    I don't give a fuck,
    Bout absurd words one would say,
    So why give 2 shits,
    In what you believe,
    Iike merlin I'll turn both your hands into shovels,
    And magically bury you deeper than the roots,
    Of your family tree...

  19. Tim t6589

    There needs to be a new term for "homophobic". It implies fear of gay people. I don't think anyone's afraid of gay people. Except those over 6 4" with a tendency to take sex forcefully

    Jan Hamza

    Tim t6589 oh yes I'm homophobic, because it's spreading like wildfire so I fear this influence for my people.

  20. Zen Starwalker

    Funny, they thought this would faze me LOL! In fact it just made me more fiery for my diss back haha

  21. vigilant verse UK

    that sum fuckin lyrics!!!!

  22. ronald tyili

    IH my days

  23. Anonymous Watchers

    All JMT is underrated.


    No they are they are well respected.

  24. Steven Bedford

    This dirty like a fat chick!

  25. Jeff Trevor Dickson

    Who else thought that was Uncle Howie on fire from the thumb nail?

    astro joseph

    fu k that

  26. vigilant verse UK

    hard and dark as fuck!! nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. mike LaBroly

    Vinnie Paz and Cassidy Mixtape! Does anyone want to see that?

    Benny Tops

    both are fiyah

  28. Hardisk

    For press use only

    Nicholas Sharma

    Hardisk babygranderecords

    Lightbulb Head

    Best rhyme I ever heard bro

  29. Andy Howard

    wow vinnie so homophobic in that first verse

    love it

    Jan Hamza

    Wtf I love Vinnie now, no homo.

    Vinyl Lover

    Just wanna clear out that Vinnie's not actually homophobic and he's confirmed he doesn't care about people being gay, he just uses homophobia to examplify radical Christianity in his eyes.

    Matthew Kynaston

    Bullshit. You can't use homphobic language and then say you mean something else. It's homophobic plain and simple. Maybe his opinions have changed since, like a lot of people, but progress comes from honesty and that includes honesty of your own history.

    TheManWhoLaughs 666

    @Honey Pig really tho, does he? he only had 3 homophobic lines. idk. i mean dont get me wrong, i used to hate him because of it. but you grow up. you understand wheres hes comin from. and look, vinnies a big hardcore punk head. he aint really homophobic

    Brian Mosser

    Yea take into account the time this came out tho gays weren't as accepted as today then.

  30. Bobby Rod

    "Fuckin crumbs! Noodles!"

  31. militant verses

    best jmt tune!

    Andy Howard

    agree, what a beat

  32. militant verses

    i lost my copy of this album! WELL PISSED! "fuckin steady diet of booze an lies"!!!!!!!

  33. Nondogmatic Yesh

    Is it me or is this towards Technique?


    +Nondogmatic Yesh Yes, but I don't believe Vinnie would be that shady or childish to diss him. His personality seems like he would just tell him straight up. He ain't no bitch. neither of them. Who knows.

    Nondogmatic Yesh

    @2313rafa Yeah, but I personally gave up on Technique.


    me too, kind of, weak beats.

    Malicious Tactics

    @Nondogmatic Yesh Sellout? Dawg you're fucking dumb. The Third Passage is Revolutionary Vol. 3. You'd know tht if you were a real head. He's matured, not sold out.

  34. Jorge Rivera

    strong mind weak body


    this beat tho

    Mamang mika

    GODBREW thx to hahaha

  36. Castro

    PH aka Pumpkin Head
    Rest in Peace ....

    I Rage

    pumpkin head will never die

  37. PX xXT


    Dr. Agon Brät

    yer screams betray it seems

  38. anthony troso

    this is one of the realest songs from stoup and the pazmanian devil

  39. don afonseca


  40. Mason Lang

    This song is very anti-gay.


    rhymin bout flowers and shit

    Vinyl Lover

    He's not homophobic, he uses homophobia as a result of extreme Christianity.

    Vinyl Lover

    Restoration Europe "Put a hole in ya heart, destroying everything thatcha knew and you thought."

    Brian Mosser

    @jdbankshot ha ha ha i like you no homo ha

    Garrett Jones

    I know it's fucking awesome haha

  41. Bryan Dunn

    This is what I listened to before every football game in high school, makes you want to fuck shit up.

    Jake Joe

    I listen to heavy metal kings before a fight


    My track was the worst ;)

  42. Willie Ellis


    2 wizzy

    @***** it depends on ,.. if you give water to a cow it makes milk ,.. if you would give the same watter to the snake you get poison ,.. point is ,.. what will you do with the milk or where do you use the poison for ,.. 

    Yo Lo

    thats deep but u should really work on your english, it would really help with getting your point across

    Anthony Cuffee

    Willie Ellis >

    Dane Stinson

    I took 2 too the heart in a sense. words still speak true and will continue too, why rail off guns when when all you need is a mouth too leap and destroy.

    jaybird -

    You do realize this is anti America right?

  43. Mustard Gravy

    is there a lyric video for this shit?

  44. Val Skillmer

    i didn't know jmt was homophobic. a huge disappointment to discover.

    Spencer Stewart


    Vicious Warmong

    Val Skillmer lol

    Jan Hamza

    Val Skillmer was, was.

    Vinyl Lover

    They're not, they use to examplify what radical Christianity does.


    Cool, enjoy Lil Pump

  45. Jack Mythos

    Jedi Mind, K Rino and Aesop Rock = My inspiration to rap


    K Rino is like the only inspiration one needs haha

    SkyFrom Dsquad

    @VeratisAequitas word

    Dr. Agon Brät

    there's also this douchebag tha's my own rap persona, called -CROW$WORD- check it out if ya wanna have a laugh or so, altho... what's in a name - except for infame, and i bet yours will be the fame if mine's to be the shame ?

    Cole Wolfsson

    sick combination

  46. Tom Kershaw

    Still a hot ass beat! Raw lyrics too!

  47. Ross Adair

    It's the age of the sacred terror! A communist revolutionary che guvuerra! Vinnies got nasty bars yanooo!

  48. dankinator23

    vinnie makes me wanna punch someone in the face

  49. Arsenal Gunner

    best there is , brilliant

  50. Nebojsa Srb

    greetings from Serbia!

  51. Sergio Giant

    This is real music

  52. vwrdccsdcsdc

    Good job with these video, easy to find on youtube for iphone. I subs